I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 127 I represent the teacher to accept your challenge! (The third! "Also adds more!)

The night is getting late.

The moon overlooks the ground in the sky.

Shangyuan Nai's figure shuttled in the death forest, he did not choose to touch the fish, but quietly appeared in a hidden corner, observing several people under the moonlight.

Third class.

Note Ning, Daily, Li Lock.

Their plan of their ninja team is very interesting. When you are in the day, you can't do something, but it is waiting until the night is coming.

I don't know what they think.

Their guidance does not teach them in the strategy?

The day of the first day, Ning, throws a hand in the ground, Shen Sheng: "Now all the opponents are resting, dish, we will go to the direction of investigation, and you must make a convergence here, dissolution ! "

"it is good!"


Three people have selected a direction that leaving the original place.

The direction of the choice of Ningji is the tower, and the enemy that may encounter in this direction is fast, and the risk of danger is relatively high.

Only the day, Ning, thinking that he is the strongest in this squad, naturally assumes the responsibility of the strong, and he can use white eye investigation.

What's more, he is the strongest newcomer in the previous year!

The nine newcomers of this kind of wooden leaves are too bad. Even if Yiszo Sasu is not good, Sasuke the guy even lifted by Li Luke.

Therefore, in the candidates of the whole, the day, Ning, did not think that anyone can defeat him, and a team will not be able to defeat him.

When I was flying in Ning, I suddenly saw a shadow on a big tree in front, and that figure seems to look at his position.

The day frowned to Ning, which means he has exposed!

However, the day is estimated to Ning, he should be the strongest person in this time, so there is no special panic.

In the next second, the figure on the big tree suddenly disappeared.

"White eyes!"

On the day, I opened my eyes in Ning, and I looked at a person who welcomed his speed. It was only the huge Chakra, and the color of Chakra came to Ning's face suddenly changed!

That person's Chakra intensity is the powerful never seen!

When I went to Ning, I saw the person's face, and his expression became a bit: "It is the guy who is called Shangji!"

The guy who is very arrogant!

On the day, Ningjun also commented that the arrogant ninja at the original navigation is simply impossible to pass the second death forest. I didn't expect people to be arrogant because of arrogant capital.


At the end of the original Needle, he greeted him. He hit the chest to Ningji with his arm, and he took the day to kill the day!

The white eye genius spurted a blood, and there was an angry and weakly looked at him. I could only send a desperate question: "I am lost? How can I be so big, even the enemy Hand can't resist ... "

"Facing me such a strong person, you can hold a trick, don't you explain my strength."

Shang Qi Nai Lu smiled and picked up the collar of Ningji, and reminissed the day to Ning back to the collection points set by their third class.

Looking at the eyes of the white eye genius, he was so laughing and comforted him: "Don't worry, I will send your teammates to accompany you."

The day is deeper to Ning's face, biting his teeth: "Your guy ... Is it always monitoring us?"

"Yes, maybe, seem?"

Shangyuan Na was squatted, and it disappeared in front of Ning.

After a while, I was returned to return again, and I lost my day to Ning, and then I lost again.

Note Ning: "..."

This is a bit not face?

The original naver settled only, he was on a boy, and even if this kind of little girl is also bullying.

On the day, Ningjun lamented, it is estimated that Li Luke will take it along the original navigation!

The third class has not yet probed what information is taken away!

A bit shackled ...

Just wait for a long time, the day, Ning, did not wait until Lilo's arrival.

Shangyuan Na will not catch Li Luke because Li Luoke has encountered Pillow with ancient times, and this old age is in a message to listen to his news.

Even the ancient times is still talking about his bad words.

"This is a very poor guy."

When I chatted with Li Luoke, I said that I was subjective and somewhat subjective: "I doubt that he may be eyeing these little guys, may just simply want to overcome you, get the pleasure on the soul "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

How did the old grandfather get the conclusion? Although the new people who bullied the wooden leaves are really very pleasant, he is mainly for the task!


Li Luok quickly put a gesture: "I have to meet any enemy! Especially the enemy of this personality harsh, if I meet him, I will tell him with youth and blood. It is the right way of the ninja! "

"It's a beautiful ..."

Pill Xingshen looked at the tights in LiLick, softly sigh: "Seeing your little guy, I remembered a guy who had been to me for many years!"

Unfortunately, the next midborn is in the war.

It is said that he broke out his strength before dying, defeating the strongest team of fog hidden village to bear the seven people.

"Youth, it is to be bloody!"

Li Luoke slammed his fist, Shen Sheng: "Seniors, I can't continue to delay youth!"

"Want to go?"

Pill Xinggu is a nodded point: "It is good, be careful, if you encounter the ninja called Shangji Na, you can play this signal ..."

After that, Marou Xingfu handed a signal bomb to LiLick.

However, it is still not waiting for Li Luke to pick up the signal, a speed of the speed will be able to cover the signal!

"Seniors, be careful!"

Li Luke's face raised a vigilance!

The look of the pill is also beaten seriously. He pulled out a hand of the sword, turned into the direction of the card. "Hands in the sword!"

There are countless dense Ma Ma, the sword is in the air, almost hovering the large area, if you need to be in the area, absolutely unsalvated!

Li Luoke looked at the countless hands in the moment, couldn't help but praise: "The former sickness is really powerful!"

Not waiting for Pill Xing Ancient Answers, a young man's voice rang: "Swords in the hand shadow, the sterilization of the three generations of Huayi, of course, can not be small."

A figure came out of the forest, his face with a good smile, reached out and greeted them: "Lao Master, I am so good to you, you like to say my bad words in the back ?"

Pill Xinggu shook his head and sighed: "Although I know that your nature is not bad, doing things don't really do it ... three new people in the nine new people and sandy villages of the leaves should Leave only a seventh class is fortunate? "

"They, I have another arrangement."

Shangyuan Na Lei shakes and shakes his head, reach out, pointing to Li Luke, whispering: "Expectant, can I fight with this child?

I have always heard that the Metaki, the wooden leaves, is an individual master. He is the strongest body master of the endurance, so I really want to challenge him.

Unfortunately, there is no chance, now I can challenge his disciples is also very lucky to me, Li Luoke, are you willing to accept my challenge? "

Pills wrinkled and wrinkled, Shen Sheng said: "Shangyuan Na, go to the high tower ..."

However, the pill is still not finished, I saw the Li Luoke he jumped by himself, and the air turns of three hundred and sixty degrees fell in front of the original Na.

Li Luoke stretched his thumbs up, and his eyes were almost hot, and confidently revealed a cool smile, and his teeth faintly ligated in the moonlight!

"Well, I first represent the teacher's teacher to accept your challenge! Before you fight, let me feel your youth!"

After the words were finished, Li Luke even reached a slap.

At the last time, I watched this smile and I couldn't bear to see it. His forehead couldn't help but jumped, patted Li Luke's slap, reached a battle agreement.

When he just joined the tissue, he smiled like Li Lock now, it is so cool, no wonder the rebellion No one likes him ...

Mom, it looks like a blood stupid!