I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 130 Chapter Celert Genius! (First!)

Camp of the seventh class.

When I arrived back, I took a few fish.

Perhaps the three little guys in the seventh class are hungry, the whirlpool is hungry, and they solve myself, and I will stay in the original navigation.

Yuxi Bozuo saw the original Nairou, picked his eyebrows and asked softly: "You finally came back, I went around and didn't find your trail."

"I met the big snake pill."

When the expression on the face was suddenly a bit heavy, he looked at the seventh class of several people's expression. He smiled for a while, he continued: "Just, he is in your surroundings of our main examinations ... "

The Sakura's face suddenly scared, and he was tense to swallow his own saliva: "The main examination did not overcome him?"

The face next to the whirlpiece and Yuxi Bozuo are not good.

Obviously, the shadow that the big snake pill gives them a bit big.

Shangji nodded, Shen Sheng continued: "The big snake pill is the three endure of the legend, once is one of the few people standing in the peak of the wooden, and the main test of the exam is just his student. "

Shangji Nai, I thinkped the performance of the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans and added: "It is estimated that the student of the most comparable ..."


The seventh class sets into silence.

Chunye Sakura and Unechebra help the consciousness to look at the whirlpool, obviously whirls have always been the student who is the least organized in their collective.

The whirlpool is angry and turns back in the past: "Hey, Sasuke, Xiao Sakuo, what do you mean!"

"Means nothing."

Yischo Sasuke and Chomo Sakura were slowly recovered, and after he was in the same way, he gently shake his head, and the movement was uniform.

"Okay, take a break!"

Shangyuan Na was laughing, patted the vortex moon's head, whispered: "Tomorrow you have to continue to grab the enemy's reel! Who is coming to night? My mental is good, I can accompany him with him in the evening."

It does not come out of the original navigation.

The whirlpool is sleeping for an afternoon, and the self-discourse will raise his hand: "I am me ... I am coming! I have a long time, you can stay up late!"

When I got a smile, when I got a smile, the Spring Sakura next to it was shook his head and refused his proposal: "Naruto, you and Sasone will also fight tomorrow, let me come!"

After that, Spring Sakura is still restored to his fists: "And I can't do what you are doing today ..."

The smile on the face is gradually a bit stiff.

What is the little girl in Spring Sakura? Now I am thinking about my teammates.

Yiszo sauo took a shot of the woman's shoulder, rushed to him, whispered: "Naruto, let Sakura Night ..."

Sasuke is a bit worried about spring wild cherry, anyway, with it to make Sakura, it is better to let her do something can do. After a while, the whirlpiece will only agree to the spring Sakura. .

At the end, I watched the Sakano Sakura.

When the head does not go, it should not be taken when it is.

What is the use of the night with the spring wild cherry?

Shangyuan Needeling is really wishing to talk to the whirlpool, a few people, actually wanted to bear some of the responsible Spring wild cherry a chaos!

Some quiet nights.

The spring wild cherry is thinking about the original Ninja, after all, as a newcomer, Spring wild cherry is still very willing to get some experience from the predecessors here.

I didn't think about her, because she broke her own good things.

Let's talk about a little girl with a powder. If you can talk to the whirlpool, it is good, even if Yuxi Bo is also available!

Chom Sakura's emotions may have problems. She did not detect the indifference of the original Nair, but they believe that the powerful ninja is a bit proud, Sasuke is the strongest newcomer of this year, usually to my classmates. .

"Upo the predecessors, what is your rain in Yin Village?"

"It's raining every day ..."

"I really like rain!"

The face of Spring Sakura is slightly red, and it is a little in the eyes: "If you can take the same umbrella together every day, you will be very romantic?"

Shangyuan Na was able to respond weakly: "I looked at your wooden drain, it is estimated that the rain in the next week, the leaves will be flooded ..."


The expression of spring wild cherry suddenly passed.

However, she did not be discouraged, soon, I changed another topic: "Is there a person who likes the top of the original? I have seen your squad before and a very cute predecessor ..."


Shangyuan Nai slowly lifted his eyelids, staring at Chunye Sakura, and scared the little girl's body.

Shang Nai is looking at the spring wild Sakura, his tone is gradually spooked: "Although he is beautiful than you, he is a man, is your brain circuit Is the same year?"

"Hug ... Sorry."

Spring Sakura hurriedly wiped the sweat on the front, whispered: "Where is the two teammates who Shang Shang?"

When I heard the Shanyan Sakura, the eyes of Shangyuan Nae gradually became a big thoughts, as if to see the heart of Shanyan Sakura: "When you get the reel, you will meet them when you get the reel, you will meet them."

"Yes ...?"

Chunye sakura is dressed in wings.

Shangyuan Na's face is rare to show a smile, and the friendly eyes narrowed: "Is your own intelligence? It seems to be a bit of ninja, Miss Sakura!"

"No ... isn't."

Spring Sakura was busy shaking his head, tensely explained: "I just think that if the teammates are not around, will the predecessors will not be a little accustomed? And the predecessors also saved us, how can I suspect the predecessor!"

"Is that right?"

The original Nair is overlooking the spring wild cherry, and the fingers are gently moved.

It seems that he can try it next to the side of Spring Sakura?

After Shangyuan Nae, I will intend to start the topic of the topic immediately: "Hello, Spring Sakura, I saw the whirlpiece and the big snake pills, his state is a bit less right."


The Sakura Sakura has a touch of worries, and the head will continue to say: "I don't know what the Naruto is going."


The top of the Shangqi Na will immediately immediately immediately.

He faintly affectionate, there is a feeling of this kind of Sakura, this kind of thing is not to understand the ninja, it seems to be perfect for his rhythm.

Xin Xi suddenly came up with a bunch of routines, and the results didn't know anything, they were directly forced by one sentence!

Mom, it's really a kitchen!

He is a genius ninja, encountering this kind of question, such as Shanyan Sakura, unless directly leaked the intelligence, the girl of this powder will not think about other directions at all.

I feel that I have to die!

"Seniors, what happened?"

Spring Sakura saw that the original navigation is not very good, and the light will continue: "Is it what I said wrong?"

Shangji, the urge to swear the urge to swear, turned to show an elegant and unlucky smile: "No, I want to be quiet now."

The hearts of Shangyuan Na will faint feelings.

In accordance with the IQ of the seventh class, I want to use someone to use some routines, I am afraid that it is not easy.

In addition to Unechebra, this person is easy to be set out of the road, the whirlpool and spring wild Sakura may not be hooked.

Not because their IQ is too high.

But because they are too stupid.

Fortunately, there are some other tuning tonight.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the display function of destiny, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and White have not yet been able to break through their defense.

Even the strongest, I love Luo, also retired, with his brother's sister, rest in the high tower, seems to be waiting for the opportunity.

The big snake pills and pharmacists are in private ministers.

In addition to this.

personally led a large number of dark ninja and endurance to teen the death forest, almost partially gathered the elite ninja.

Escape the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans and Pill Xingzhou reported the situation to the sky, praise a wave of original navigation, let the heart of the day are slightly relaxed.

"It seems that the children in Yuyin Village helped us very busy!"

When the sky is coming, he has already taken off his fire. It is shaped on a shirt. His expression is still a little dignified: "There are many allies who participate in the exam, and now they can not stop, dark and junction classes. Always monitor the irritability of the death forest, report a situation to me every hour! "

The royal hand washed red beans. "But the Nuger Shadow people, if we don't go in to catch the big snake pill, he will escape!"

"It is the most important thing to maintain the stability of allies than the big snake pill."

I frowned, I watched it, I looked at the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, Shen Sheng: "After waiting until the end of the exam, I will send people to continue to search his traces."


Sen Naii also followed, he also asked: "How to deal with the original navigation? He is the uneasiness of the exam in the interference!"

,, It is good to handle him. "

What's more, this is the only person who takes a good idea to emit a good idea to the wooden leaves, but his identity is important, strength is also very powerful.

For wooden leaves, as long as they wait until the original naval is going to stand up, it will become a natural allies of the leaves, how can it easily open? The wooden leaves also expect Yu Yin Village to help support the pressure of northwest Rocky Village!

Sen Naiyi hit his head to the flagmark, Shen Sheng: "Kasi, do you think the guy is reliable?"

Because Ibi She was nestled by a rebellion to Yu Yin Village, he had no feelings of Yu Yin Village.

"It is not very reliable in character."

Flagkarcasi thought for a while, I thought about it, I wanted to go to the wooden leaves in the wood, whispered: "Should you still stay on the character?"

"Cough cough ..."

After the aggress of the agglomeration, the agglomeration has a few times, and the sound response: "This little guy is really bad, but it is still possible."

"It's a good person."

Royal hand washing red beans and took it. "If it is not his words, maybe I may die in the hands of the big snake pill."

The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans is not known, just within the death forest, the big snake pills and pharmacists have just exchanged their plans, they are secretly married.

Before leaving, the big snake pill left and carefully took a pocket: "Pocket, the guy is far away from the original naval, don't be like a red bean, if you are too close to him, the guy relies on strength, and the mood is cloudy and clear. , I will lose my life. "

"Yes, I record, big snake pills."

After the pharmacist smiled and nodded, he looked at the big snake pills and gradually disappeared. He pushed his own glasses, and the smile on his face was more rich.

My new boss, I still don't understand it?

When the drug teacher now thinks of the original navigation, I feel that my neck is faint.