I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 131 Do you think I am as easy to deal with like a big snake pill? (Second!)

early morning.

Three days have passed.

Shangyuan Na Ruo and the whirlpiece talked for many times.

Just every chat will go to the interruption, Shangyuan Na is in the whirlpool, and once again encountered a dilemma like Sakura.

Because the whirlpool is a purest blood idiot, it is really not a general high difficulty to make him black, after all, Shang Shang can't easily leak too much intelligence.

The whirlpool is only concerned about two things.

He must become a shadow and how much exceeds Unechebra.

To this end, the whirlpiece also gave a good speech.

Shangyuan Na Luo sometimes even felt that he was quickly convinced of the whirlpool, and since he had powerful power, why should I participate in the Chinese tolerance?

Go to the fucking Emperor, go to the fucking, simply avatar, to destroy the big devil, and rush forward toward a goal!

Tube, what is Yuxi Bouvelle Cotta Wooden Hui Night, but it is still desperate, and it is still playing!

Fortunately, he still remembers Xiaonan and long gates in Yuyin Village.

So the last nair and secretly give the pharmacist, let him search for a female nintee called a fragrant phosphorus in the death forest, waiting until the original return to Yuyin Village.

When you see the fragrant phosphorus, should the long door be happy?

After all, the fragrant phosphorus is also a jewelery.

As for what gifts should be given to Xiaozang, I haven't thought about it. If I don't work, I will take the village group to hide, I can't kill the group, bring his body back to Yuyin Village.

Xiaonan and the long gates will definitely like this gift.

But this is not anxious.

The end of the distance is ended, and there is another time.

During this time, the original navigation is a black-launched, or the people who have attracted people a rebellion.

Shangyuan Nai couldn't help but looked at the whirlpiece who was not far away. The expression on his face was more and more tuned: "Mom, how to make a protagonist black, the task is difficult to win the game?"

This task looks very easy. After all, the whirlpiece's life is in the trough before defeating Payne, but actually operates, more than the imagination.

Telling true, Unecheo Sasuke is still very good.

Now Yischo Sasuke is very interested in the original navigation, when you want to take some intelligence from him here, you will take some information about Uzhi Hose and Yisi Bo.

If the original navigation is willing, he can quietly destroy a few cardi's weakness and then induce a defecation.

Mom, this is what it is!

Nowadays, the entire death forest is under the monitoring of the darkness of the wood, and Shangyuan Na will not destroy his own people.

If you want to attract people, you can only find a chance.

Shangyuan Na was a whirlpag moon, and it seems that he has to wait until the end of the second exam, see if you can use the identity of the Zhun Village, Try the truth.

Use Unexpello to with soil.

Or you can try it with the identity of the day, you can also try it with Nae Iluka, just this easy to leave a flaw.

"It's trouble!"

Shangqi sighed in a quiet place: "If it doesn't work, it seems to find a chance, and I have changed my people into a small counterpart."

Just a small reaction, it should not be noticed.

And a small reaction, it is also easy to wash it, such as what he accepts the half-hidden order of the mountain pepper.

As a performance artist, Shangyuan Needs feel that this is quite simple.

On the way to the depths of the forest.

Yischo Sasuke and the whirlpiece slammed the enemy ninja, and then searched a complete set of full reels from the ninja.

Yuxi Bozuo asked slightly, and asked: "You clearly make a reel, how can you go to the high tower?"

"Hey, wait for you to know."

This team doesn't care, just looked at the seventh class for a smile: "I wish you good luck! I hope you can break through the two guys' defense!"

After that, they will leave.

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, and the doubts on his face had not been dispersed.

Every step of the Naruto is moving toward the direction of the nig.

The happiness of the Naruto is so simple.

The whirlpool taking a shot of Sasuke, laughing and opening: "Ok, don't worry, Sasuke!" Don't we get rid of the Tower now? Anyway, no matter what enemies in front, we must never stop us from completing the exam! "


When Yiszo Sasuke's brow suddenly opened, he didn't mention it to the high tower, but it turned to look at the original navigation: "Hey, the agreement between us is time to do?"


Shangyuan Nair squatted his eyes, pinching his wrist: "It seems that Saso believes that he has become stronger, enough to challenge me?"

Why did you like to challenge an enemy that you can't overcome it, this is really a big puzzle.

"If you can't even defeat your guy ..."

Yuxi Bo sakuo slowly pulled out a handle from his own tolerance, and he fiercely rushed up: "How can I have strength to kill the man!"

A palm is relaxed to seize the help of the wrist!

Shangyuan Na Rou is on the top of the knee, and the people hit the people in a moment. I looked up at the sky slowly swallowed: "Oh? What should I say now? Tasty, rain , Sasuke feels that he is okay? "


Yuxi Bozuo helped he heard this sentence, and the whole person turned into anger.

The attack of Shangyuan Nae is not too heavy. Sasukes climbed up. His eyes have become a scarlet, and the pupil is filled with two black hooks!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

A group of fireballs come!

Shangji fell in the giant flame, reached out, and whispered in the mouth: "Aiyi! Demolding!"

The purple Chakra wrapping appears in the hands of the top.

Next moment, this chakra wide sword fierce, and the flame of ± fireball is divided into two. If the original Needs are standing in the flame, if there is no matter!

"Single only fire, you are very far away."

Shang Nai is reluctantly smashed with purple swords, looked at Sasuke, and continued: "Yuszhi Pub, I need to use defensive tolerance to resist."

Unecheo is not discouraged.

Obviously he has long known the gap between himself and the , how can the four years of hard work may be so easy to catch up with Uven?

Even if Yiszho hate the teeth every day, he must admit that he has been chasing the footsteps of Yuxi Pub, and even his father, Yue Zhibo, has never thought he can catch Uzhi.

"I will prove that I will catch him, but I will definitely exceed him!"

Yischo Sasuo has a glimpse of the ends, his face flashes a fierce person, two fingers have their own lips: "No, I will kill him! Fire · Feng Xianhuo! "

A group of flames spit out from the mouth of Sasuke, and when they arrived in the last navigation, the temperature of the Fengxian fire was obviously low, but the number of fierce!

Yiszo Sasuke expects the shortcomings of this episode, he just use this type of time!

When I got up the Purple Broadlock, I took the power of the Purple Broad, I'm taking a few sorts.

Each handle is hard to wind with the elongated wire.

People can't detect the existence of these wires, and they will fall into the traps of Sasuke!

The eyebrows of Shangyuan Nai were picking up, looked at Yuxi Bozuo: "Oh? Do you want to deal with me with a hit of the big snake?"

In the battle in the past few days ago, the big snake pill was attracted to Sasuke, which was attracted to Sasuke's body.

Shangyuan Na's figure suddenly disappeared in the original place, the momentum appeared behind Sasuke, and kicked on the legs of Sasuke, felling to the ground in the ground!

Shangqi Needan to extend the purple wandering in the hands on the body: "You use tactics to deal with big snake pills to deal with me, is it too looked too much?"

"Then you can guess it wrong!"

Yuxi Bozuo took a row on the ground, and kicked on the original Nairi, I want to borrow the original naire to kick!

It is Sasuke copy of Li Luoke's body, shadow dance.

They have traveled before the exam, and the Sasukes lost very wolf, but they still learned some things.

Shangyuan Nair's body is like Taishan generally shaped silk, and even his face is slightly confused: "What are you doing?"


Yuxi Bozuo has changed his face, and the next consciousness will be flying back.

Just after the next second, I disappeared in front of him, and then appeared after his body, slammed the palm of the palm.

"you lose."

Shang Nai did not expose the end.

Branch Task: Defeat Unecheo Sasher (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills of the skill.

Fire of fragmentation: Release a group of directive fireballs, skill consumption Chakra 40 points, skill cooling time 1.6 seconds.

Branch task: Tucao Yuxi Board (11), the task has been completed, rewarding hidden inheritance tasks.

Hidden inheritance tasks: reborn in pain! Say a correct name (01).