I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 134, a set of intimate heaven, come over to help! (Fifth!)

The pharmacist has a very understanding of the process of enduring the exam.

As a cubbing of the big snake pill, he participated in the Chinese tolerance for three consecutive years, and the rules of the Treatment of the test were simplified in the rules of the test.

Regardless of these, how many people are fighting for the second world, and the leaves will be streamlined in the third exam, and choose a powerful endure. I want to make the battle to make the battle wonderful.

After all, there will be many big names to watch the finals of the third exam.

If you move the flip to the flip, come on the scene, come to the shape of your hair and twice, just afraid that the audience will give any prejudice for the occupation of the Ninja.

"Cough cough ..."

A face is pale, and the eyes of the eyes are a bad-floating wooden, and after a few times, they will open a few times. "I will announce the rules of the qualifier ... Cough and cough ... Everyone will divide one The group made active. "

After that, this guy has coughs a few times, and a disease is going to die.

This wooden, ninja is the main examination of the third exam.

After waiting until the moonlight blown God, he continued to say: "The battle will not ban you from using any means, only one party falls, death or admission, a battle will end; but I am thinking that the victory has been The situation will take the initiative to intervene in the battlefield, so that innocent injuries will be left. "

However, under the bottom of the bottom, the moonlight is untrustworthy.

The main examiner clearly looks like it is ill, it is always possible to fall, it will die first than they will die!

White looked at the eyes of the original navigation, I asked softly: "Shangyuan, you seem to be very interested in him, this main examiner is strong?"


Shang Nai lost his voice and shake his head.

No one can judge whether the moonlight stroke is powerful, but a little is recognized, his girlfriend is very beautiful.

Shangyuan Nai is not the value of the best in the moon.

Shang Shang more care is that the girlfriend of the moonlight, the thrill of the moon knows that the truth of Unechyo belt, but she does not seem to disclose any secret.

For example, Yisi Bo is hidden to death.

At the beginning, the original navigation personally fake Yuxi Board self-explosion, but the most critical cases of this murder were not detained.

This secret is covered by wood or Kakasi.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai have been slightly more than everyone, and there is a new plan in his mouth.

However, if you still don't wait for the original naval, when you have a row, the wood rubber is gave him a happiness!

Moonlight knife glanced at the battle screen, loudly, the first game player: "The first, Hui Najun Ma Lu is in battle for the battle!"


Everyone's eyes are not from autonomous night, Jun Ma Lu and Shangnai Lu, these two rain is undoubtedly this session, all the candidates, the strongest combat power!

Do you let them start from being killing from the killing?

Yingsyun Village touched this, and the mouth flashed sharply: "Hey, I haven't sent it yet, you will start it!"

Other eyesight are also slightly surprised.

The strongest two started to kill in the qualifier, if this is purely coincident, it is too low to avoid probability?

"I surrender!"

Hui Night Jun Ma Luohao did not surprisingly announced the admission.

If it is facing the original navigation, whether it is from the identity or from the strength, Jun Ma Lu can participate in this battle.

As for the original Needers.

When the moonlight wind is announced, the top of the Shangyuan is not moving, and it is clear that he has already known the choice of Huamen Lu Ma.

Only white somewhat is somewhat unpacking to comfort the teammates around: "Unfortunately, if Jun Ma Lu has not encountered Shang Shang, he will be able to advance."

"It doesn't matter."

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu does not care.

The pre-selection of the inherent exam is in an orderly manner. In addition to the first game, the other opponents seem to be normal.

"The second game, the handcraft battle every day."

This battle has almost no suspense. Every day, this endured rich, the endurance of the handcuffs, the handcuffs of the handcuffs, almost no hand, the hand is easy to win, even if there is a few free heart .

Unfortunately, the next battle has changed the face of the handcuffs.

"The third game, the Jiuro is helpful!"

This battle is a lot of wonderful, but unity, Unecheo Sasukes directly use the fire to burn off the line, playing Jiu Lang without helping the power.

"The fourth game, the oil woman is in the wild mountain in the battle."

This oil girl is even don't even need to do it, a piece of bug is forced to pay the mountain in the wilderness of the mountain.

"Fifth, Qiuxi Ding Ding is the battle Nai Liangluo!"

The two sides have just come out, the unsolve of Nara Laoli will take the lead in raising the hand, the Qiushi Ding is first sacrifice himself, shouting out: "I admit!"

"Sixth, whirlpool people to the dog teeth."

This is a taste of a taste.

With the advantage of the canine, because it is too sensitive sense of smell, smelling a smell, and it is easy to defeat by the whirlpool.

"Seventh, the day, Ning, the war day to the young."

Perhaps it is a team in the death forest. The day, Ning, did not have any hand to the day, but still defeated his little girl with his little girl.

Shangji lost his day to the young field, and then looked at the day, sighed, and sighed. Anyone who made a young field. How many lives can you live?

Shangyuan suddenly remembered what he had done in death.

Anything that defeated other wooden leaves is very strong, and there is no doubt that it is very rich. When you play a young field, the system only gives one hundred gold coins.

Nothing, he will not die.

Even if he is dead, there is also a resurrection skill.

"Eighth eight, Spring Sakura is white!"

The sound of the moonlight blast interrupted the thinking of the original Nairi, he looked at the white side, which means he nodded at him. "Don't waste time, solve the speed, I want to see a game. "


White turned over to the ground.

Single only is the flexibility of body surgery, people can see his skills, plus white good cute appearance and ice rude, causing someone who caught the corner of the game to lick your lips.

The disguise becomes the big snake pill of the sound, licking his own lips, looking at the youth ninja under the bottom: "Whether this is a small ghost or the little guy called Hui Ning Jun Ma Lu, Good container! "

The ice and blood succeeds and bone bloods have been eligible for his container.

Unfortunately, I want to win the bodies of glow night Jun Ma Lu and white, and it is difficult to win the body to win Unechebra.

After the Spring Wild Sakura is a little less confident, even if the two teammates desperately inspire her, but still falling under the white.

This pre-selection of the tentative exam finally arrived at the final weight!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai Lu slowly turned, looking at the two Ninja who was beaten by him, respecting my love and Li Luoke, and couldn't help her mouth.

The last battle is the most exciting!

Perhaps only the end of the original Needle and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu has failed to be able to compete with this battle.

Opened Du Gun's Li Luok to break down my armored armor of my love, in ultimate, because the physical quality could not keep up, helpless defeat.

Since then, Li Luke should be sealed.

No one thought that when Shangji was returning to the hotel, Jun Ma Lu and white back to the hotel, the two people found the door when they gave a month before the start of the test.

The flagmark Kaki knocked on the door, looked at the original navigation at the door: "Shangyuan, just listened to those little guys and red beans, your medical tattoo is very high, can help to treat the one in our village child?"

It is not really no way, listening to the handwrapping red beans and the seventh class, the little guys praised the Shang Shangjun, Cardi will not find it.


Metekai flashed from the back of the flag, Kakasi, and he went deeply, and the tears opened his mouth. "Please rescue the child, we are grateful!" "


Shangyuan Na is a bit hesophiliated.

He is not very sure that his treatment is useless.

After all, Li Luke is hurt, but what is the bone, it is said that the woman is helping the woman, what role can he play?

Although there is indeed a branch task that helps treatment.

And the trouble is that Shangyuan Na will be a little worried about creating a Li Luok here, and will fly out of an eight small Li, and look back in him.

Fortunately, he still has several resurrection and invincible skills ...

Anyway, as long as you have a high number of layers.

Flagkarcasi looked at the original navigation, helping the forehead, whispering: "As long as you can promise to help, a set of intimate paradise signature collections, and the latest series of intimidation violence…"

"Do you think I am?"

At the last navith, I watched the flag-like Kaki, frowned: "Okay, take me to see the situation, I can't guarantee him ..."