I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 136 100% can succeed in the Naruto plan (second more!)

Wooden barbecue store in the dark.

A group of people celebrated the end of Li Luoku Rehabilitation.

These little guys have agreed to cultivate with each other. After a month, they will win in the third exam, and several courageous and even challenge the original navigation.

After arrival, I bid farewell to them, returned to the hotel where I lived, and I slowly poured a cup of tea. I turned to a figure of the dark corner: "How is things to do, find that is the fragrant phosphorus Is a woman? "


The pharmacist has gone out of the dark, and the opening replied: "I have been placed in the town near the wooden leaves."

"Protect her, that but I want to give the elders' gift."

After the end of the nature, he will follow the pharmacist, continue to say: "When you have to endure the exam, you will catch me with me, if you can't catch it, we will kill him on the spot."


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses: "Needge, I have been responsible for the connection between the big snake pills and Zhun Tuan Tuan, I can use the name of the wooden crash plan, invite him to meet "

"It doesn't matter, he can't escape anyway."

Shangji took the right to his fists, a win coupon is in the style: "Zhi Village Tibetan Tibetan guys, when I returned to Yuyin Village, the gift for the teacher, even if I saw his body, the teacher will be happy. of."


The pharmacist feels that his new boss is not reliable.

When the assistant of the tissue of the big snake pill, the pharmacist had seen the small south side. He didn't think that the cold blue-haired woman saw the corpse of Zhun Village, would be happy!

No, any woman will see a body is your own gift!

Unfortunately, the original navigation is like a vowed, the pharmacist is not good to change his decision without authorization.

What's more, killing Zhi Village, is also a pharmacist.

"Okay, just right!"

After Shangyuan Nai waved, finally told a few words: "The next thing you have to do is to monitor the trend of the big snake pill, monitor his wood leaf crash plan smoothly, by the way, guide him to study."


The pharmacist wily licked his hood and disappeared in the night.

After waiting until the drug teacher left, the original navigation began planning their own plans. He must continue to find a way to let the Naruto black.

This task is too difficult!

Telling true, making it easy to defend the rebellion.

Today, I will feel that I will hook my fingers. Sasuke this little guy will leave the wooden leaves and become a rebellion.

Mom, Sasuke is really great!

As long as you have a hatred with Yuxi, and you can help him become strong, let him kill Uzhi Houli, Yisi Bozuo is willing to join.

Unfortunately, it doesn't want it at the place.

In comparison, the guy of the whirlpool moon's head is very good, and he really doesn't have any way to guide the Naruto Black, unless a person's identity leak information.

For about a month, Shangyuan Needs must be to kill the village group, then use the original and cherished principles use the identity of the group?

After all, I will wait until I arrived at the group, I have a backpoint in the endurance.

No, there is also a person who is near.

Three generations of fire shadows.

The mouth of Shangyuan Needle slowly hooked, and his appearance of its use of Zhun Village is exposed in the wood, it is better to use it!

After all, the market of the three-generation rigs is good in the second championship, and the black pot on the body is also stained, some washing is not clean!

This plan is almost immediately immediately immediately.

Wait until the evening before the exam, fake became the appearance of the day, let the whirlpool people find that his respected fire grandfather has always been a conspiracy home, a dark fire must definitely let the whirlpool belief collapsed!


Such a simple and straightforward plan, why bother to think about it.

The whirlpool is the heart of the shadow, once he saw the psychology of the three-generation noodles of the leaves, it will definitely back the leaves!

The dreams have always collapsed, and what is it?

The only trouble is that you can't reveal the flaw.

Shangyuan Naou needs to find a way to find a person to play, let the whirlpool people discover the 'three generations of fire' is a dark person, so that he will definitely believe.

And after the start of the race, the big snake bullets launched the wooden crash plan, and then let people go to the sun to the sorrow, completely put the arrival of the day is a conspiracy, the whirlpool is still How can you doubt?

Waiting for the big snake pill to kill the day, this is not a dead no certificate?

After all, I did a lot of darkness on the sky, as a leader of a big country, how could it be not good at all?

Shangqi Nairou excitedly smashed the hand, directly developed this plan: "As long as the plan can succeed, almost 100% can make the nunish black, I really is a genius!"

Since the plan is determined, the rest is how to splaish the three generations of fire, by the way, think about the black material of the sky ...

First, starting from the whirlpool.

In fact, when the nine-tailed chaos, the secret is first reported to the Safe Day rather than to the wave of water gates, meaning that the power of the dark department may still be in the hands of the day.

This is a bit greedy.

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, he intended to adapt this matter into a dazzling day, and refers to the mutation of Yuxi Bo to launch the nine tail, but the four generations of fires, and re-seize the power of the wooden leaves.

Second, start with the growth of the whirlpool.

I have to say that I have been paying attention to the growth of the whirlpool, I am afraid that he is influenced by Chicla, and therefore has been infused to infused.

Moreover, it is the case of the Jiuyi's column, but no villagers have no vortex, but no villagers have no rumors.

This is a public PUA.

This is the mental brainwash.

Shangyuan Nairies thought of for a while, intended to adapt this matter into a war weapon to cultivate loyalty to his war, so it will order other people to reject the sound, but they will guide the merits to accept fire. Just want to make the column power to be used for yourself.

Third, starting from the ringer of the whirlpool.

personally arranged flagmarks to take the first guidance of the seventh class, it should be the fit of Kasi and the seventh class. After all, Kakasi has both written eyes, and the four generations of fire. Disciples, will definitely protect the son of the teacher, educate the legs of Yuxi Bo.

This is the use of .

Shangqi Nairi once again thought for a while, intended to adapt this matter into a time to send the card, and can monitor the control of the Naruto at any time. The teammate relationship leaked out.

In addition to these, it is necessary to guide Yishusong in the dark, and order the prostitutes of the Murch of Suiwei also join.

After all, the Tibetan hidden helping the day, so many black pots, it should also be over!

After Shangyuan Na, after thinking about night, it reluctantly improved his own plan.

Now he has already done the plan to this extent, it will guide the nunny black and rebellious, if it is still a failure, then he will not do this task!

Oh, how can I fail?

After going back, I applied for two sets of uniforms to Xiaonan.

A set of twelve years old whirls, a set of herself yourself.

He immediately took the nine tail column, it is not worth a set of uniforms and official membership?

However, after the top of the name of the Naruto, he has a variable in his plan.

An old man returns to the wooden leaves.

One of the three tolerance of the wooden leaves, and the immortal is also.