I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 139 Test the night, listening to the vortex moon

"Little ghost, don't want me to fight for you in the future!"


The whirlpool is scratched, and it turned around and looked at the original navigation: "What is it?"

Shang Nai wrinkled her brow, some are awkward: "Will it be lost to me anger? Is I doing something wrong?"

"No, how can it be!"

The whirlpool rushed to sway, even the voice: "No matter what to say, you also want to help me, maybe it feels too bad!"

Although the Naruto feels not to be inevitable ...

But think about it, there is no mistake to do it.

It's just that the result is not as good as it is, where is the problem?

Shangyuan Nai fell to harvest his own mission reward, this time to defeat , let Shangyuan get a spiritual contract.

Branch mission: Beat (11), the task has been completed, reward the Wang Tum of the Psychic contract river.

Tongling Contract: Summon the river of the river, consume Chakra 1000 points.

This contract is a bit difficult.

No matter what to say, it is always a chat.

The days of the wooden leaves gradually calm down.

Just in this calm, pregnant waves, especially after the third exam, the moonlight, the moonlight, the moonlight blown death.

In order to investigate what conspiracy in major alliers and big snake pills, the leaves sent a large number of secrets to the various countries to investigate.

Yu Yin Village has become the only allies worth trustworthy in leaves.

According to Kakasi's intelligence, Dashan Pills have stolented to rainy village, causing the chasing of Yuyin Village, and the original Nairou and the big snake pill have been tat it, and many disruptive plans.

Tolerate the test priest before the night.

Within the hotel room in Shangyuan, he shaped a imitation of the royal gown and fight, although he can use the natural illusion transformation, but this is also to prevent his true face when he prevents encounters fighting.

This dress and fire fighting are still a pharmacist.

Shangqi Nairou standing in front of the mirror, turned the collar of the rumor: "I like the small collar of the royal gown of the shadow, it is the first dress of the first leader of the village, compared to the ordinary member uniforms of our organization. It is also free to comfort it. "


The pharmacist wore a dark dress, standing around Shangyuan Na, helping him dragging the fake fire.

Because the original Natea can be 100% trusted, it can only temporarily let the pharmacist will serve as the supporting role tonight.

"Is the line remember?"

Shangyuan Na was dropped through the fire fighting, and he asked.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, whispered Xiao: "I have already remembered, I just curious Nairuant why do you want to be such a big one for whirlpool, it is not as good as Nairi Leaves him.

"No, I have to let him take the initiative to go with us."

Shangji shook his head and laughed: "The power of the whirlpool is far more than your imagination, waiting to be hit, he will make you a shock!"

"Needs to do the meaning ..."

"Just say this."

Shangyuan Na is laid on the fire, whispered: "After he leaves the leaves, I will bring him the base, the nine-tail person, the gift, Xiaonan teacher will definitely like it!"


The pharmacist nodded and put on a black hood.

I don't feel his new boss's brain!

These days, Shangyuan Nairou has been investigated, and there is no monitoring of the secret around the whirlpool, maybe because he has become a ninja, the leaves have not continued to waste the power to protect him.

late at night.

Moonlight is bright.

The whirlpool is rare, because he wanted to defeat his opponent under the inquiry, gaining the villagers' recognition.

Just when the whirlpool is insomnia, a voice suddenly passed into his ear: "The three generations of fire, the whirlpiece has slept, do you come to check his seal?"

"No, I just come to see."

A attacked voice passed into the ear of the Naruto, and this voice has been familiar with it, it is the sound of the three generations of fire.

However, when the next moment, the next moment, let the whirlpool people heard some uncomfortable: "How is the case of the whirlpiece, tomorrow is a large number of big names, will come to watch the end of the test, absolutely can't be seen because he does something wrong."

The whirlpool is dead, and is he in the impression of the day, is it a mess?

Obviously he has begun to learn to be a true ninja.

In the next second, the unfamiliar secrets continue to pass into the ears of the Naruto: "The rigs is relieved, once his Chakra is leaking, I will report immediately; but if his Chakra is usually until I think it is impossible to dispose of it. "

"You have the power to kill him on the spot."

, The nine tails in the body lead to a heavy loss in the village. "

I couldn't help but say a word: "Fortunately, the four generations of fires did not notice, and seal the nine tails to their son's body, so that the leaves were lucky ..."

"So I sent you to monitor Sonance."

slowly swallowed: "Twelve years have passed, the whirlpool, this little ghost doesn't have a way to use the strength of the nine tail, compared to his mother's whirlpool, is really a bad thing. Not buckled small waste ... "


After a while, the secret is silent, he only replied: "But the whirlpool will be loyal to the Naruto adult, his mother is just loyal to his husband's waves."

The two outside the door are temporarily caught in silence.

The vortex of the room was tightly covered in his nose, did not dare to send anything, his tears dropped down and wet the bedding.

The whirlpool ever thought that his first time he got his father's mother, it was like this to hear it from his own respected population!

Swirls are Hidden, this name is his mother.

Wave-style water gates, this name is his father.

But these two people are killed by the day!

The throat of the whirlpool is suppressed, and any sound is not dare, I am afraid that people who are outside are noticeable, but his emotions are gradually become angry!

However, the whirlpool is very clear. He forcibly endowing your grief, because as long as he has any movement, even Chakra has something too much, the outside of the day, the stranger will immediately kill him immediately.

After a while, after a while, the sound of the day was rang again: "You advise that I left the whirlpiece's life, it is so many years to monitor him, is the heart is soft?"

"Do not."

The secret of the secret: "I just think that the whirlpool is the most suitable container that holds the nine tail. It is not good to find new containers."

"Yeah, the descendants of the whirlpool are not looking for."


After that, I said that I'm so saying that when I said, when I was so whirlpool, I asked us to save her hometown, I should send people to the past, and I took a few vortex people. Nine tail container alternative. "


The dark part outside the door was silent for a while, it seems that I don't know what to say.

After a while, he opened: "During this time, the village seems to start someone to recognize the whirlpiece, your plan may have an obstacle, do you need to remove them?"

"There is not that necessary."

: "

"How to deal with Carti?"

This dark department continued to ask: "Before the Naruto got Kakasi left the secret, monitor the whirlpool, now he seems to be very concerned about the Naruto."

"do not worry."

The old voice of the day is full of confidence: "The flag-like Carti and Yishibo belt soil are teammates. He is just a whirlpool."

The voice of the secret of the secret: "The Naruto adult said that after all, Kakasi kills the people's parents, but has been quietly concealing ..."


After the secret of the secret, the whirls in the room were still can't still suffer, and the tears could not stand on the face. I couldn't help but send a syllable.

When the whirlpool is aware of his loss, he immediately hurts a big yawn. I took my tears and hid it into my quilt.

The sound of the outside is quiet.

After a while, the windows in the room were quietly opened, soon quietly, it was obviously someone to view his situation.

After a while, the sound of the arrival of the Japanese sounded again: "Since there is nothing here, you have a good monitoring of him here, tomorrow is a Chinese tolerance of the exam. All the big names will be present, must not let the whirlpool sounds . "

"Yes, Naruto."

The dark part outside the door promised.

Soon, it was quiet outside.

The whirls in the room bite their quilts tightly, but the tears, but they did not dare to speak, because he knew that the Ninja surveillance appeared outside.

Twelve years of dreams.

It is completely destroyed tonight.

The whirlpool's fingers are squatted with their thighs, and the legs are wound everywhere. He must desperately press your own emotions and do not let you have any abnormalities.

Over the years, it is no wonder that he is desperate to get a villager's recognition, but it is alienated; whenever he is injured, the day will appear in front of him, teach him to learn to bear the pain.

Everything in life and darkness.

It turns out that the old man in the fire is in the control.

The whirlpool is shaking slightly, recalling the scene of his own spirits, and his heart suddenly sinking into the boundless seal.

The whirlpool is full of eyes, slowly walks to the edge of the water, lifting the head to the huge figure in the water, and the sound is open: "The stinky fox, you are called the nine tail? You want to come out, Right?"


The nine tail opened the bloody mouth, looking at the young figure in the water, suddenly smiled: "Hahahaha ... Little ghost, if you let me go out, I will help you put the old thing and the whole wood. Leaves tearing a fragment! "

Obviously, all the whirlpools have heard everything, and the nineth tails have been heard.

Some of them have some hidden, and they are not particularly clear.

However, this is a good opportunity for the nine tail. The more dark, the more it is easier to manipulate the nun!

The nineth tail did not expect that the village such as the wood is so dark, it is a thousand-handed rooms and the eggs of the two yin quartes!

The people of the wooden leaves are always so good at killing themselves!

"No, this is not enough for them."

The whirlpool is looking at the nine tail and slowly shaking his head. The darkness on his body is getting more and more rich: "Tomorrow is an important day, accompany me!"

The nine-tailed face revealed a smile: "Little ghost, I really didn't expect that we will open the second time you will be open! Little ghost, you are smarter than the whirlpool."

The stinky woman, clearly has such a powerful power, not only how to use it, but only think about suppressing it.

Even in the outside, I have been angry, I also look for it to lose my temper!

Mom, because of the fruit reincarnation, the retribution is unhappy!

Nowadays, my son is suffering, as a whirlpool, Ni Nai, the nine tail, think it should guide the guidth of the whirlpool!

Tomorrow, it's its trunk!


Someone knocked the window of the room.

The whirlpool is turned to see, and I saw Spring Sakura standing on his window.

The girl of pink hair is a bit nervous: "I have never seen Sasuo, I have been examined in these days, and I am still in the family, can you come to find him with me?"

"it is good."

I heard the request of Spring Sakura, the whirlpiece immediately put down his mind, flying out of the window: "Little Sakura, how can you go to Sakuo at night?"

"Because I think this time should be home."

The Spring Sakura frowned, full of uneasiness: "But until now he still doesn't appear ... Well, Naruto, your face, you just ..."

The whirlpool tonarly brought the mouth of Shanyan Sakura, and the look was tightly erected his finger, and the so-called so-called all the darkness knows the situation.

The whirlpool smeared his face, wiped his face, smiled: "Okay, I will take you to find it! The guy is estimated to hide where to secretly cultivate!"

Some people, even if they have already become a thousand holes, but they still cover their wounds in front of people.