I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 140 The night before the exam, and the group being killed (the third! Please subscribe! Please refer to the recommendation!)

The night is black.

The whirlpools left the Spring wild cherry.

In fact, there is no dark part in monitoring the whirlpool, and the people pretending the darkness is going to another place with his new boss.

The pharmacist took off his dark part of his body. It shouted softly: "It is a nevertheal adult, thinking that there is a very good news, a person to talk about, always telling his news more credible."

To be honest, the pharmacist has a bit amazed when he is accompanying performance.

He has always thought that the original Nairou is a pro-wood man. I didn't expect to go to the original na.

This new boss, in addition to the emotional business, in the respective aspect of the intelligence and Inelive is the top.

If the whole role occurs in the future, the pharmacist does not doubt his new boss is a black hand that drives this after the scene!

"Oh ... Basic operation."

The original Nairou laughed, picking down the fire on his head, take off his royal gown on his body, he didn't know that the whirlpool was later leaving with Spring Sakura.

Because they still have a big matter to do.

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his fingers, whispered: "How, do you want to go to Zhun Town tonight?"

"of course."

The pharmacist smiled and nodded, whispered: "Now Zhun Tuan is still waiting for tomorrow's big snake pills to kill the three-generation rigs, sit on the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the woods! He is better than anyone Wooden crash plan! "


Shangyuan Nai laughed, and hooked his mouth: "Then let's go to the five generations of half-shadow of this wooden leaf!"

Woody village.

The secret base of root tissue.

It is far away from the dusty and bustle of the wood, and has been hidden in the edge of the wooden leaves.

Tonight, Zhidun Group is somewhat nervous.

Not because of another reason, but because the tomorrow's wooden crash plan is successful, it will be when he is most likely to ask the fire.

So tonight, the pharmacist took him to negotiate, and Zhidun Tibetan specially came, and it was afraid that there would be any changes tomorrow's plan.

He has been sixty-nine today!

If you still don't sit on the position, this opportunity will become more and more embarrassing with his age.


The sound of the heavy object in the ground is transmitted.

This sound sounds a bit like the body falls on the ground!

Zhi Village is hidden and looked up and looked at the Department of Communications, and the cold voice told him: "Take the root, see what happens!"

"Yes, adults!"

The oil woman taking the root flying toward the direction of the sound, and then his body flew back, someone hit him!

The body of the oil woman suddenly hit the stone column in the base, and spurted a blood, and there was no sound after a while.

It's not careless to raise your head and look at Zhidun Tibetan: "Long Yang is famous! Woody village group hidden people!"

"Rain tolerance!"

The brow of Zhi Village is a wrinkle, and after the coming people, I realized his identity in an instant: "You are the Shangyuan Na, you came to participate in the tentative exam!"

"This is right,"

Shangnai ran out from his own endurance package, wearing a ring in his own hand, whispered: "Now let me tell me another identity! I am the intern, Shangyuan Naqi! "

After the voice falls, the figure of Shangyuan Nae will instantaneous appear behind the group hiding, and the head is to screw the head of the village group.

Zhun Village Trendered racks his tutor, blocked the attacker of Shang Shang, his voice had some low departments: "So fast instant ... No wonder dare to assassinate me."

"Your move is not slow, the group is adult!"

Shangqi Nai's knee suddenly raised in the chest of the group, looking at the old man in the old man to spit out a blood, the situation of defense instantly disintegrates.

Shangqi Needle, one foot, kick him!

"Is it still a master?"

The face of Zhidun Group has become extremely uncetrophic. He feels that his bones don't know how much it is in the original Needle, so there is no way to fight.

Zhi Village is hidden to pull out a knife, and a knife cuts the sealed iron utensils, and a white hand aroused with a cryopretelite.

A write-eyed eye on the arm quietly closed his eyes.

"Is this started?"

Shangyuan Na Rou hooked his mouth and looked at Zhun Tibetan in the ground as a vain. He looked softly: "Then let me feel it again, and I feel anyone in a row!"

The use of Yuncun Tibetan is the ban on Yuxi Bo.

This ban can be a goddene, which will make the monotony will be unfavorable to be a illusion, thus avoiding any injury.

Even deaths.

The cost is naturally a blindness of writing.

However, the Zhi Village Treasure is full of writing round eyes!

In the next moment, the figure of Zhun Group has suddenly drilled out of the air, and a knife got up the throat of the original Needle!


Tarrels were interrupted by the original navigation!

A broken poison knife in the break was held in the original navigation, and it was inserted into the throat of Zhun Village, and wanted to solve the life of the group again!

Unfortunately, the group seemed still in the duration of Evil, this trick did not cause any harm, and the original Nairou can only fly a few steps.

"Wind, wind blade."

Zhun Village Tibetan also retired at the same time, unplugged a bitter, and re-manufactured a blade with his own wind Chakra.

Originally, he wants to kill the original navigation with the duration of the evilness. It is unfortunately by the original navigation to rely on hard strength.

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "Can you still have any injuries in your duration? I really have a similar skill!"

In the next second, the Shangyuan's figure was once again instantaneous, and the voice was in the mouth of the sound: "But we are different!"

After a huge force, behind the group, the body of almost the bodies of Zhi Village, showing a bending state of a human body!

Obviously his spine is broken!

The village group bite bites the teeth, and the written eye on the arm closed again.

Shangqi Nai Loud laughed and opened: "There are nine left in the wrote on the arm, plus the hidden in your eyes is ten, just, I don't think about how to kill you or take you. "

"go to hell!"

The figure of Zhun Group has once again emerged from the air, and the blade of the wind in the hand is only the difference between the original navigation. He wants to kill the Shang Shang with the remaining time of Yi Evone!

However, a figure blocked the action of the group.

It is an appearance of a pharmacist.

Shang Nai is looking forward to the pharmacist of the appearance, whispering: "There are ten write-eyed eyes in Zhun Group, up to 10 minutes of Evil, I can open a 10-minute invincible style, the rest Give you it. "

After that, the Shangyuan Na Run raised his hand on the kids of the pharmacist, followed by the Shangyou himself to release a smoke disappearance without trace.

The invincible of the Tree trimming can last for 3 seconds, and the minimum consumption is 100 points Chekra, but the two blazing angels can reduce this Chakra to 50 points.

Shangji, I took 10,000 points of Chakra released the Tree, just able to provide a ten minute invincible time for the pharmacist.

"Thank you."

The pharmacist looked gratefully looked at the original navigation disappeared in the smoke.

The face of Zhidun Tibetan hidden face became incomparably ugly, he looked at the pharmacist to bite his teeth: "Do you want to kill me, or the big snakeball guy murder me?"

"No one in the endurance does not want to kill the Tibetan adult?"

The pharmacist pushed his head and push his own glasses. His smile gradually became a bitter, horror: "I just want to kill the monks, it is used to pay homage to the dean ..."

"Are you for the pharmacist wild?"

Zhun Village is cold and coldly looked at the pharmacist, but also looked at the golden mask that could not break through. After the flying back, I released a rumor: "Feng Yi · big breakthrough!"

He wants to blow the smoke by the help of the wind, find out the position of the original Naqi!

As long as you kill the original navigation, you can naturally disperse the invincible style on the pharmacist.

However, after this group of smoke dissipated, the expression on the face of the original navigation became a bit unrest: "Don't wait for too long, don't let him bother me."


The pharmacist nodded, green Chakra surgery knife appeared in his fingertips.

Although the pharmacist has no powerful strength, it is difficult to kill the village group, but he gave a powerful boss!

Sometimes, a person's eye is very important.

The village of Zhucun Tibetan hiding this guy is a bit narrow, Zhangkou Mu Ye closed, and did not truly recognize the changes in the endurance in this life.

The commitment of the pharmacist has been in Shangyuan Nair, and it is natural to dare to go, not to mention, even if he is dead, it also believes that he can resurrect.

Zhidun Group is not the same ...

Write the wheel eye is one less!

After ten minutes.

Until the pharmacist pockets within ten minutes, I adopted a fight against life, and the remaining nine write-eyed eyes on the Zhumata group army were closed.

The Zhidun group had a must, looking at the column cells that broke out on his body, can only sword over the arm!

At this moment, the Zhidun Group has only one of the people who take the water from Unecao Water, which is his last chance.

"... ... ..."

Zhidun Town is gasping, torn with his bandages, showing the way to write the eyes, now he must make a choice.

Who used to use anything about God?

However, the next sentence of the pharmacist made the face of the Zhun Group Tibetan: "Needers, I doubt that the Word of the Word is that there is another way to write the eyes of Yuxi Woshi, after all, the Zhi Village, the group, can not be casually transplanted three hooks ... "

"How do you know ..."

The face of Zhun Group is very ugly.

The pharmacist has a soft way to continue to open: "This is the news that the big snake pill makes me pay attention to the news, let's kill you, just to grab this only God!"

"Is the big snake pill make you do this?"

The face of Zhidun Group has suddenly calm down, he slowly unlocked his clothes and sighed: "It's a meal with the snake, it will be anti-alive!"

"Want to launch four elephant seals?"

Shangji, Lei Village, Tibetan, slowly opened: "Fortunately, the big snake pills have studied this ban, taught us a way to crack four pictures of sealing and stress, soile not to be destroyed by you."


The eyes of Zhidun Group have changed.

Next moment, the old man has a face, and he fierce his teeth and reached his hand and grabbed his eyes. The hard student was buckled down.

Then, the Zhun Town hide, hitting the written eye into a broken meat.

For the Barbecai talents of the big snake, it is not surprising that the way to crack the four pictures of the seal and strange.

Shangqi Nai Lu hurriedly extended his hand, and his expression was nervous and looked at the movements of Zhun Group. He opened his mouth: "Hey, don't!"

However, after the Zhun Village, Tibetan hiding, don't write the eyes, Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "Oh, I just lie to you, in fact, I am not a big snake."


Zhi Village is hidden with teeth, and the Zhang has wanted to open.

How can this bauble rain? Then why he will know so many intelligence, just like it is the best of the big snake!

The Zhidun Treasures of the Self-destroy Grave Tomb almost wanted to vomit blood.

Mom, he just told the eyes of the eyes, and the two little bastards know?

Most importantly, these two guys add a lot more than him, but also lie to him!

They are not the Ninja, they have no heart.

Zhun Group hired hated and biting his teeth, self-esteem: "Forget it, as long as you don't harm the wooden leaves, the old man died without regret."


Shangqi Lu suddenly laughed and said: "Then you don't know if another is the hand of God, who is in his hand? The person is a big danger for the leaves!"


Zhi Village is hidden, raising his head staring at the original navigation. After a while, he shakes his head: "You have all the two guys who fare to assassinate the old man, even if I know how this news?"

"The monks of the group can be said."

Shangji shook his head, seeing the eyes of Zhun Village, suddenly, he smiled and said: "In fact, we assassinate you, there is really no heart ..."

The pharmacist nodded, his face also hangs a smile: "Yes ... Group Tibet, we just want to kill you, then come."

This is the fact.

Develop a plan to blew the Zhizhi Village, two of them say two words.

The first sentence is to want to kill the group.

The second sentence is to attract the group to hide the private meeting.

This is the disadvantage of hiding in the darkness. If the strength is not enough, it may encounter assassination.

The original Nairo went to the front, suddenly the opening: "This is not easy, the wooden village, I don't know how many people are waiting in line to kill you, there is no chance!"

"You ... you ..."

Zhi Village Treasures were sprayed out of breath.

Originally his psychological quality is very high, just because now lives in other people's hands, plus the original naval and pharmacist, poke his pain ...

Shangyuan Nai Luo also flashed in his hand, and the eyes flashed a bright: "Don't worry, tomorrow, your old friend will go with you three generations of fire."

Next moment, I was instantaneous appearance in the group, and I laminated in his ear: "Tell your secrets, I am going to push your wooden crash plan four years ago."


Zhidun Trial Treasures want to turn to the head.

However, a purple sword ran out from his chest!

There are countless resentment in Zhidun Tibetan eyes, slowly fell on the ground.

Shang Nai, I looked at the old man who was approaching the premium. He slowly squatted, sighed: "Oh, yes, in fact, we have no way to crack the four elephant seals ... I, just want you The full body, give it to others as a gift. "


The only movable in Zhidun Treasures, only his eyes left.

That eye seems to be convinced, and the evil looks at the original navigation.

Shangyuan Na will have shake his headlessly: "Don't look at me so much, I am small, I want you to look at the pocket, this guy is always smiling, in fact, my heart is the most dark ..."


The pharmacist smiled and didn't say anything.

If this boss just let him cool, they killed nine Zhizhou Group, and the strength is too strong. The pharmacist is really wanting to have a good heart with him.