I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 142, the big reaction, etc., come to the end (second more!)

The next day, the solar is raised.

Because last night, many people didn't sleep overnight.

After the root tissue base exploded, the Skille Japan and the dark ninja went to the survey, and did not find the trail of Zhi Village, I saw the talents of the group.

A big living person can't always be so gone?

In preliminary judgment, Zhun Group Tibet should be a fierce conflict with a fire, I don't know if it is, or missing, or being killed.

It is a pity that there is no clue all night.

After the disappearance of Zhun Village, the heart of the day is air falling. It can only be temporarily determined that Yisizhi is ordered to be dry. This means this endee examination, it is difficult to be three wooden leaf S. Does the rebellion will appear?

Unfortunately, today's name is expensive and the leader of Xiao Renni has to arrive in wood. Today, the Today's Treatment is going to go.

I can only converge your own complicated mood, let go of the group, and go to the middle-aged entrance to the test, waiting for the high-level personnel who come to watch the battle.

The high platform audience in the exam race.

Sure enough, this old woman!

In the case of Saha Yin Village, it can only be seen by the thousand generations of mother-in-law.

The Chi Dongni slowly sat down in his position, and he opened his mouth: "The fire is very old ..."

"is it?"

,, Get up! "

After that, after the arrival of the day, he continued to say: "If the Qiandunde can promote the five-generation style of Sandy Village in the age of sixty-nine years old, I must have a congratulations and participate in the successful ritual of the Qi Dynasty. "


Millennium mother-in-law meditated for a while, "" My age is already big, don't be such a greedy power in the House, the position of the five-generation style is handed over to the young man! "

"I can recommend one candidate for you ..."

"The game has not started yet?"

Millennium mother-in-law biting his teeth and transferred the topic. She suddenly understood why it has been in the past, and the outside world has always hated this Wang Ba Easter, who is called the Japanese!

The mouth can really say!


Yu Yin Village, Shangyuan Na, white.

Sandy Village, I love, handcuffs.

Wooden village, oil female, day, Ning, swirls.

Another one is Yuxi Bozuo, I don't know why, I haven't arrived at the scene, the whirlpiece and Sakano Sakura have been found for one night.

Shangqi Nai stood around the whirlpool, looked at his face, and asked verytely: "What happened, Naruto, is it nervous last night?"

"Hey, don't you?"

Nara Lu Pei also looked at the whirlpool and grinned: "Naruto, in fact, this is just a small scene, you will not be nervously not played!"

"I am fine."

The whirlpool is a little unexpected. He just shook his head, looked at the original Nara and Nara deer pills, and the smile on his face was a little calm: "Lu Pong, Shangyuan, this time my play will make you a shocked. "

"That's good."

I took a friendly shot on his shoulder.

Just as he still wants to continue to say something, the main examiner of their third exam went to their side.

"Yuxi Sasuo has not yet rushed yet, but our exam must be carried out first, others return to the preparation area, the first exam is left."

I don't know if the fire is in the fire, I read the name of the trial opponent: "Tolerate the test personal war ... Swirl sounds, the day is Ning!"

This opponent has already been determined.

Others have retired, and left the main stage to whirls and days, Ning, waiting for their results.

The whirlpool song slowly lifted the head and look at the day: "I said when I qualified, I will win this."

"is it?"

The day, Ning, is not in the attitude of the Swirl, quite arrogant: "When you see the realistic look, you will know what you are looking for ..."

"There are too many nonsense!"

The jar of the whirlpool is so difficult to capture the speed in front of the day, and waving his fists in the lower belly of Ning.

This scene is somewhat shocked down!

No one thought of opening him, he hit his hand!

White is shocked by this scene: "Shang, the yellow-haired little guy a month ... feeling like a backing bone!"

"Is this not normal?"

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, loudly and said: "Oh, black is stronger three times, where is it! Waiting to see it, the good play is now!"

On the court.

The whirlpiece is almost completely pressing the day. Ning.

"White eyes!"

On the day, I opened the white eyes, and I looked at Chakra in the vortex in the vortex. I even saw a red Chakra rushed from the vortex moon's body. What kind of power is what…

I looked at the whisker song that fidile flying, and I didn't start my masterpiece in Ning Ji. "Eight Diagrams, Hui Tian!"

The body of the whirlpool is flying out now!

The battle became more intense!

The whirlpool is like a mood of the wild, and the day is constantly launching an attack, even if it is repeatedly repeatedly, it has repeatedly forwarded!

With the fierce battle, the emotions of the whirlow are gradually violent!

The vortex is suddenly turned into a red eyes!

On his instant, a group of red Chakra, a red Chakra tail appeared behind the Naruto, this scene made all the high-rise faces present!

High platform.

Millennium mother-in-law looked at the whirlpool of the red Chakra coat, and there was a bit of a glimpse of the face: "Is that the nine tail of the wood? I didn't expect the first wooden leaves that were first mastered by people. The risk! "

After that, the Millennium mother-in-law continued to say: "It is also right, after all the nine tails of the year, but let the leaves lose weight ..."

: Give way!"


If it is just a tail, it is not necessary to dispatch, and it is only necessary to suppress the whirlpool.

What I have never thought about it is that the secret of the secret him sent out, but completely irritated the emotions of the whirlpool!

Several secrets have just stopped fighting, when you grasp the whirlpool, this Huang Mao joy raised his head, and his eyes became a vintage!

"The grandfather is finally unable to endure, do you want to kill me? But can I use the power of the nine tail now?"

"Swirl sounds, calm!"

"Why is it calm?"

The whirlpool rings out of his palm, visiting the red coat on the palm of the palm, showing a fierce smile: "This power is not what is the master of the fire. Now I am showing him. what!"

Next, the tail behind him suddenly bifurcated!

The second red Chakla tail appeared!

Article 3!

Article 4 ...

The whirlpool is thoroughly covered by the nine-tailed Chakra. The dark red tail beast makes him with half-tailed, and even his voice has become a beast!


The swirls in the four tail state have disappeared in the original place instantly!

Several tries to control his dark part of Ninja was smashed by him with a paw!

A turmoil on the audience of the entire stadium.

The survivors of the nine-tailed chaos were also in the eyes. Now, when the whirlpool is not exposed to the full state of the nine tail, it is only four tail to let them feel the evil and horror of Chakra!

"not good!"

When I saw the state of the whirlpool, this old man finally couldn't hold on the standstill, and I would rush to the game.

However, at this moment, a guard behind the Millennium mother-in-law suddenly appeared behind the day!

This guard has been boring in the throat of the day, revealing a long tongue, licking his own bitterness, the sound is hoarse, the mouth: "Millennium, I didn't expect the time than we imagined. It is more perfect, the wooden crash plan can be launched! "


When the sky, he immediately heard the voice of the people behind, his eyes flashed a smell, but forcibly suppressed his emotions, he looked at the thousand generations of mother-in-law: "The Qi Dynasty, you as a tail The presidency of the plan should understand the dangers of people's columnar, and your Ninja in Shawei can't be spared ... "

: "Before the negotiation has not been negotiated, the war is a very dangerous thing, especially in this situation ..."

"I don't know what you said."

The Chi Dongni slowly swallowed, looking at the whirlwired moon, whispered: "Although we can die now ... But if we don't start the war now, the sandy village will die!"

I am surrounded around the millennium, she is open to her part: "Sign in play, tell them, plan to start in advance, the war begins!"

"Yes, thousands of generations!"

A red signal is flying to the air!

Thousands of generations turned to look at the big snake pills holding the day, Shen Sheng: "In accordance with our agreement, the big snake pills, you are responsible for solving the highest force of the wooden leaves, right?"

"of course."

The big snake pill smiled and smiled: "My most important purpose is to send my teacher to the last journey!"

The high level is instantly chaos a group!

With the launch of the thousand generations and the big snake pills, the Ninja in Sandy Village also instantly started to attack the ninja in the village of the village, and the wood, ninja was heavy.

On the ground of the ground, the four tail whirls are still raging, and the whole wooden leaves are really revealed!

In the corner of a place, looked at the battle outbreak, couldn't help but ask: "Shang Shang, what should we do now, should we help?"

"Let's watch the show!"

Shang Nai lost his chaotic stadium, and looked at his main line schedule from 15% to 20%, whispered: "As a real big opponent, you have to wait until you can play!"