I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 145 The leaves have fallen into the dark!

"I am not intentional in the leaves for the enemy ..."

Shangyuan Na Lu said that after this sentence, the faint feelings are not very right. The body of the three generations is still on him, and this is awkward.

One of them wore a mask dark and cold voice: "Union of the snake pill killed the three generations of fire, still want to deceive us?"

"Kill him, revenge for the fire!"

Woody ninja suddenly got anger.

The original Nairou can only make a good choice, a punch, a wooden, not, on the one hand, for the decline of the dark harvest, and on the other hand, it is still waiting quietly.

In fact, it is the opportunity to wait for the outbreak of acting.

After all, this is just a group of dark and ordinary ninjas. Just a hand, I have taken a hidden alliance scroll, which is really a little false.

After waiting for a while, find a chance to sell a flaw, and it was sympathetic to take the reel, that is, his acting broke out.

This opportunity is not easy.

Some people have attacked them to the front of the original Nair, and they will go out to the original navigation. A reel will fall down with the original navigation.

The original brother's face is bigger, just starting to stand up!

However, this is too late, there is already a dark side to take a reel and see the above alliance book.

"not good!"

Shangqi Nai flying to the dark department, just in his strength, it seems that 'can't break through the number of defense lines, and only look at the dark side with a reel to find a boss.

Responsible for the mirror of the original navigation of the original navigation: "Block him, this guy is desperate to grab it, it must be an important intelligence!"


Shang Nai was helpless, finally started to desperate, and struck the spicy hands.

At the same time, the overall situation on the field has gradually changed.

Although the three-generation fire shadows have been killed, but the entire wooden leaves have completely occupy the advantage, and the hopes of the hopes of Sandy Village are not reliable.

A tail guard and four-tail whirlpiece played unshaul, Mti is still adding next to it.

The Ninja of Sandy Village will not be supported by the beast, and then, in addition to the ambush, the assistance is also repeated, and the withdrawal of the big snake pill, the sand is no longer supported.

Millennium Mother-in-law is forced, and it will not be able to take the flag and woodcassi once, only after the order is changed, and then retreat immediately.

As for the Millennium mother-in-law, it is no longer going to leave, intend to show the life of life, kill the flag, Kaki!

Unfortunately, a person's arrival is completely desperate.

One of the three tolerance of the wooden leaves also rushed back to the wooden leaves, and he first defeated the sourness of the peripheral, and surrounded the entire stadium with the aid soldiers.

"First sealing the nine tail!"

The first thing to do, the first thing to first seal the nine tail of the rush.

After all, the sand is just a sturgeon, and once there is a mistake in the nine tail, it is a devastating disaster for the entire wood.

Of course, the seal nine tails must be suppressed first.

"Tongling's surgery · The roof of the roof is broken!"

After coming out of the printing, it's a huge tattoo, sitting on the sky, sitting on a tail guard, overwhelming!

It is !

Even if you want to escape, you can't escape the clamping of , which is temporarily stabilized, and you can make a time to control the nine tail.

"Earth, Huangquan!"

It is also rapidly taking the print, and a huge swamp appears around the four-tail whirlpool. He surrounded by hair, and the body is entangled in the body of the whirlpool: "Forbearing, the lion" ! "

The four-tail whirlpool tonar is moving!

It is now carefully planned to apply a seal, and the lion hair is disintegrating!

The original four-tail whirlpool is behind a tail!

And this tail is getting more and more!

Five tails ...

Six tails ...

Seven tails ...


"Is it too late?"

The eyes are also slightly changed, and now there are more and more Jiu Takla in the vortex people, so there is no way to simply apply the seal.

It is still a desperate, and it is intended to be sealed, and the Jiu Takla in the whirlpool is suddenly saved.

It's a bit incredible!

Just like the tail you want to come out, I suddenly been sealed again!

The seal space is sealed.

When the whirlpool, he wanted to tear the seal, a arm grabbed his palm, a gentle voice fell into the ears of the Naruto: "Naruto, you really want to solve this Seal? "

"What can I do again ..."

The whirlpool is slowly turning his head and saw a warm blonde ninja, and his eyes flashed a bright: "You are ..."

The eyes of the Golden Ninja smiles and bends, like a small sun: "If there is nothing wrong, I should be your father."

It is the fourth generation of fire shadow windshield.

After seeing the whirlpool, the wave wind door did not hide anything, but simply said that the row of the s tail of the whirlpiece was born: "When you were born, there was a mysterious mask man hit your mother. "

"The mysterious mask is Yuxi wave belt."

The whirlpool sounds directly uncovered this secret, and he also added a sentence: "I referred to the death of Mu Zhiwei to attack the father and mother, that is, the three generations of fire, he is to take his power ..."


The whole person is stupid.

After a while, the wave wind door immediately wrinkled his own brow: "It is impossible, the three generations of rigs are not the power of the greed, etc., it is to attack us, this is more impossible, and the soil is the most kind person ... "

"I also thought that the three generations of grandfather were very kind."

The whirlpool has interrupted the waves of the Water Gate, whispered: "The last generation of nine tail containers are mom? Three-generation fire grandfather wants to take advantage of the strength of the nine tail, but you can't do this, so he refers to it. Yisi Bo has hill you. "

The whirlpool sounds will continue to add: "There is another thing, Yisi Bo belt is already the sage in the village."


The eyebrows of the waves are getting tightened and tighter, and his eyebrows want to be screwed. Something, he can't say it.

Now that if Yischo belt, if it has become a S-class, it means that he is powerful and harmful. This fact is can't get rid of.

It is indeed a person who is a greedy power.


Thus carefully, some places are very obvious.

The wave wind gate suddenly remembered that he was on the place of the fire, it was because the three generations of fire shadows were due to the disregard in the third endurance battle.

However, the daily day did not choose the big snake pills close to Zhi Village, but he chose his disciples.

Since then, the three-generation rigid shadows are still helping to govern the wooden leaves as a consultant, and the wave wind gates have been listening to his guidance.

"I have always thought that the Master of Huo is the only person who takes care of me in the village ..."

The jarlist of the whirlow is ugly, and he is said: "But he let everyone in the village are not allowed to touch me, so he takes care of me, always see me, I want me to rely on him."

"Four generations."

The nine tail in the cage reveals the fullness of the kid, looking at the two people and sons, and smiled and said: "These are this little ghost to hear, four generations, don't have a good idea to this dark village. "


The wave wind door is too lazy to pay attention to the nine tail, just support his son's shoulder, quickly ignoring his son: "Naruto, go to the teacher! He is my teacher, the only person I trust, I will find people. He tells him your life, he will definitely check the truth! Wood leaves into the dark, and the teacher will not sit still! "

"Is it a good color?"

The darkness of the whirlpool has gradually faded, I remembered the white hair: "Isn't that a super old-high-color ghost?"

"Hey ... don't pay attention to this."

The face of the waves of the waves is somewhat embarrassing. He touched his son's head and whispered: "Your name is from his book! The teacher is the most justified ninja, after leaving here, go to him immediately. ! "

"Yes, I understand!"

The figure of the whirlow is quietly disappeared.

When the whirlpool is leaving this seal space, the body of the waves is slowly dissipated.

He is already dead, and can only send his own teacher.

The truth is always so clever.

When the whirlpool is awake, the first look is to come, this white-haired man is worried about his clothes and checks the seal of the nine.

"Good color cactus!"

The whirlpool sounds hugged, and the tears slowly flowed down in his cheek: "Dad let me come to you, he said that the leaves have fallen into the dark, only find you can change this! "


The whole person is also stupid.

When does the wooden leaves fall into the dark?

And what is the Dad of the whirlpool?