I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 147 His people! (Three more delivery!)

The moment of the flag-like Kaki and Shang Na will take the battle, immediately found the flaws of the original Needle: "This guy's sword is very bad ... is a chance!"

The flag-like Kakasi waved, and it is necessary to take the flaws to the sword to show the flaws directly, try to live a trip to the original navigation.

However, the original Nairou slammed the purple wandering in the ground, and the hands started to combat printing, released a conjunction defense: "Aiyi! Soul!"

This neighborhood will directly prototypely.

Even if Kardi and Mutte are desperately trying to attack, it is also blocked outside the championship, and can only have an upper contest that continues to be printed within the junction.

After two seconds, the comic community collapsed.

After two seconds, the original Naternity was completed.

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

With a scream, a thunderous cloud storm is generated in the top of Shangyuan Na, a lightning tour is in it, and it comes from the flag-like Kakasi and Martai!

Flagkarcasi and Mait Kay are faster!

Compared to other ninjas that were encountered, their battles can drive them easily to avoid the first lightning strike.

It is only a bit of a bit of the flag wood Cardi.

What is the reason why I was returning to this guy? He remembers this thunder, is not so printed?

As a ninja, I have a nair, I have a nair, and Kasi clearly remembers those who are chaotic printed.

Unfortunately, now I don't think about it. The flag-like Kakasi should teach Metekai to face this attack speed-intensive thunder: "Kay, don't stay in a position for 0.5 seconds or more!"


Metekai nodded quickly.

Many Ninja suddenly became more and more, after escaping the first lightning attack, it will be in the second thunder, once it was fired, the remaining countless thunder is still not taken away.

So every lightning strike must escape!

Soon, the original Nairi is just the end of the thunder that is released with a few hundred points of Chakra, he just just wants to take this test to Kasi and Metekay.

"Quality Playing!"

When Mahatko flew up with his own speed, he bought a cement land, and he came to the kick!

Shangyuan Nair raised his own arms to block the body, opened the spiked defense, and an orange-yellow grid-shaped defense cover appeared around him.

Obviously, it is the most suitable imperative, facing the body's ninja.

However, when the next moment, Mete Kai slammed, wrapping the body from the original Nairi, actually forced to interrupt your own attack.

Mete Kai fell in the ground, Shen Sheng: "I have been paying attention to your fight with Li, this trick will rebound our body attack, right?"


At the end of the original, the face changed, and he slammed his head to the other side of the flag wood Cardi. He saw that Kakasi has completed the printing!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

A group of fireballs came toward the original face, especially Kakasi's distance from the distance, this group of fireballs almost could be almost invasive, and even did not have a printer.

Shang Nai was biting, biting his teeth, gathered his palm, whispered: "Water, !"

Huge waves from the sky!

The surgery between the momentous ball is overwhelmed by the waves!

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

This waves are quite more than a sturdy, but they are blocked by him to have a soothestation wall that is ready in advance.

The flag-like Kaki's nose slowly sesamed a layer of sweat, couldn't help but sneak: "When the last time I encountered this guy, he used his eyes to print, you can use a powerful water. Subject ... Can you only have a handset now? "

Fortunately, he also has a teammate.

Upogenic Nairou and the flagmark of the Qikakasi end after the end of the rising, Muttek's vital attack is coming again!

When the Maike body is unable to succeed, the flagmarks will release the tissue by means of Mitki.

The cooperation between their two has no gap.

"Then there's no way."

Shangji randomly opened his palm, and quickly he took the print, he watched the past, whispered: "Torked the space!"

Five-stand-shaped strange columns from the ground!

A space cage quickly relies on the five pillars to generate around Metekai, and bond him in it!

The time of this cage is set to 20 seconds.

This time, you are enough for him to defeat Kardi!

Shangyuan Needs to instantly appear after Kakasi's body, and a punch is to smash him!


A rock quarter five cracked.

The flagmark, this guy is still ready to prepare more.

Shangyuan Nai's figure is unpredictable, when he is in Kakasi, just when he wants to continue to attack, the flag-like Kakasi returns to the hard work!

The invincible defense of Shangyuan Needs and I didn't want to open the Tree sanctuary. Because he had to leave the invincible skills to fight six, seven or even eight-door state.

Shangqi's blood splash!

However, his recovery ability is very strong, this is not a matter of injury.

When the flag-like Kaki thought it was able to have a hand, Shangyuan Na will hold his hair, and a knee hits it on his face!


A line of lightning entered the body of Shangyuan Na.

I don't know when, the flag-like Cardi even condensed a righteousness. These endured genius always used all kinds of separation. This time, this time I will give it a lot of losses.

"You are always a strange tactics that these genius ninja are always strange."

Shang Nai was frowned, I was inexplicably thought that Su Zhi Hosi was covered with Unexpello, and the forward came to him by Kassey.

Can this bear it?

The original nerves fly quickly to combine the print, a small hurricane appeared on his side, this group of hurricane turns started to expand, and the entire high platform was covered in an instant!

"Wind and hurricane whistling!"

This is not enough!

Shangji is returning to its own hands, a group of waves roll out from his feet, and the waves flow into the hurricane.

Hurricane wrapped in the waves, I took the flag-like Kakasi in an instant!

This group of hurricane waves move along a straight line, and instantly destroyed a large number of buildings, everything through the way is completely destroyed!

Shangji Looking at the figure of the flag wooden Carti to drift in the hurricane waves, it seems to lose no resistance, and his heart is relieved.

However, the next moment, the flag-like Kakasi unlocked the written eye under his mask. The above three hooks were crazy to turn into a kaleidoscope. He actually slowly pulling the hurricane waves slowly inhaled an inexplicable mystery. space!

"I can insist on Kakasi ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of angry, the flagmark of Kasi is always in the end of the extreme, and I have a little surprise to his enemies.

"Ping" ... "

The flag-like Kakasi is on the ground. He just didn't let the hurricane waves destroy this game, almost exhausted Chakra.

It is even rare to use this to write the ability to write.

This will have to mention it. When the flag-like Kaki met the Shang Zhiwei with the Shangqio, the flag is the same as the problem of writing the eyes, and the flag-like Kakashun has studied some, finally Open the ability to absorb the absorption.

"There is no Chakra in the body ..."

The flag-like Kakasi single knee is half a knee in the ground, and looking at the ground, he looks at the original navigation. I saw that guy or a very energetic look.

Whenever this time, Kakasi will envy the enemy's Chakra.

A card moved in the direction of Kakasi!


Flagkarcati approaches the limit ground over the body, trying to absorb a card with him.

"Kakasi, I said that you haven't finished it?"

However, at this time, Shangyuan Nai fell in an instant, a punch was on the brain of Kakasi and made him on the ground.

Branch Task: Beat the flagmarks (11), the task has been completed, reward a hidden inheritance task.

Hidden inheritance tasks: Take the way, also apply, to capture the power, not outside. Say a correct name.

The flagmarks is the seventh class teacher, and his reward is really rich enough.

Is this bad line ...

Shang Nai was frowning, cold channel: "Gu Su Murong Fu ... calculated, freezer Salas."

mission completed.

Heroes inherit open.

Ying energy chain: a new Chakra weapon, existing time consumption per second Check Kra, whenever you use an overlock chain to contact or bind to the enemy, you can learn Chakra on the enemy.

Its people say that in the direction of an enemy, a profitable lock chain is stolen, and the ultimate tissue of the enemy is used, and there is no consumption using this ultimate tissue, the skill cooling time is 40 seconds.

Ear earned!

Although the skill of hero is caused by two, the skills have been reduced by two, but these two skills are undoubtedly very powerful.

The profitable lock chain can steal the enemy Chakra, and the people can steal the ultimate stem of the enemy, and even use no consumption.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae returned to Metekai, waving the twisted space prisoner, and there were some excitement on the face: "The next is Metaki!"

"Beiling, can you put Kakasi first?"

Metekai pointed at the original naval, a coma, a coma, Shen Sheng: "If this is, the battle between our two people is likely to be with his ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Is it too profound of his good person?

How do Matchewan still think is this person?

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, one foot kicked the flag-Mikasi in the direction of Metekai: "Sorry, Kay, I am a helpless ..."

"Yes, I understand."

Metekai handed a dark part to a dark part, he turned to look at the original Na Rou: "Since heard Li, Tiantian and Ning times after your evaluation, I actually want to fight with you. But I didn't think about it in this case ... "

"I have never thought about it."

The original brother is somewhat sad.

Myrt Kaisi is squeezing his fist, Shen Sheng: "We always know why you fight, at least I want to know your will ..."

"I only want the wooden leaf to agree with all the agreement on the allied book!"

Shangyuan Nair's expression is extremely firm, and a pair of interests of Yuyin Village don't have all costs.

"There is no way ..."

Metak shook his head, his feet suddenly struggled with a slate, and the sound was serious: "So, please advise, this is the trick I intend to defeat Carti ... Bald Aproch · Seventh Door, thrilling · Open! "

Metai has directly opened the seventh door!

Blue Chakra, which triggered a wave of waves.

How much is the May Titko in the seventh door? At least he hits a mortal ghost, no problem!

Shangqi Nai's mouth can't help it: "You are the tricky trick to defeat the flag and woodcassi ... You want him to die!"