I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 148, Tiger VS, Tiger!

Myteki and his disciple Li Luoke a character.

Metekai prepared the seventh door · surprise, Li Luoki, prepared the fifth door, Du Gate, known as the victory of the doubt rogue.

In fact, it is estimated that people are gone ...

At least now that Metekai's battle is not an ordinary person to intervene, and the leaves of the leaves have returned to the high platform.

After the opening of the seventh door, after the opening of the throne, they directly broke the momentum of Maitkai, they left here only.

I don't know if the fire is in the fire, I look up at the roof high platform, the Mtiko and Shangyuan Na, the Gundate, and the white boxed white boxed white boxing suddenly wrapped from his side, and a stone column was instantaneous for fragmentation !

I don't know if there is thousands of fire in the mouth of the fire.

He slowly sat in his body and began to suspect life.

As the sympathy of Metekai, I didn't see the fire in Xuanshi, I have never seen this state-of-the-style Metekai. I have always thought that the Maitkai's guys will only be physically.

Now think about it, it is a big misunderstanding.

What is Metekai only body?

It is clear that the wooden leaves are only Mitkai, and they will be physically.

I didn't know the fire in Xuan, I couldn't help but wrinkled. "I didn't remember the wrong words, eight door armor still had the last ... now the seventh door has such a powerful power, Kay This guy has surpassed her predecessors! "

I don't know the mysterious relationship and I can't help it: "But the rain fingering guy, can you still block the offense of Kay?"

Some people always worry too much.

Shangyuan Needs to fight against Meteka attacks, even can initiate counterattack, he has never experienced such a hearty battle.

One punch, it makes people play incomparable!

The fighters in the free hand can we be called the romance of blood!

The combat skills showing Shangyuan Nair, is the novelty of Mitt Kai, and the Shang Shang's punch is extremely fast!

Even if Maitai fails to fly in the face of countless fists, they can only fight the rhythm according to the original Naida.


Shangji felt in the small belly of Kay, a punch, hit him, and the whole person slammed the sky, the knee hit the knee, the knee hit the small belly!

This is a pure vivo!

Shang Nai fell to his own unusual life energy, plus two gentle fighting skills, hard-born, and the Metekai in the throne state!

The seventh door, surprised, not enough!

The most is also barely hit a handwritten martial martial artimatimmon!

"Wooden bad rocks!"

Myrt Kaiyi hits the top of the Shang Shangyuan, and after standing away from the predicament, a whip leg will go to the original neighborhood.

The entire high platform was fell completely collapsed!

A huge smoke fly, everyone looked at their hands-on, in just a few minutes, two people have been attacked to each other!

"too strong…"

"Is this the power of Kay?"

"Today, it is finally knocked that rain ..."

Just as a wood leaf finally slammed a breath, they suddenly saw a movie in the smoke after the collapse of the high platform!

Shangyuan Na Ran is like a shellflow, and it is time to sway a punch in the air now.

Metekai is not willing to show weakness, and the pain has climbed up, and he also closes his fist. He looked at the Shangyuan Na. Highway: "This is my strongest move, I hope you can live ... Tiger! "

A group of fists who were attacked by Metekai, I was sprayed in the direction of the original Needle, and the air gaps in the waves were like a tiger that was transparent.

Shangyuan Na will not refund!

A golden chain is suddenly fleeting from him and his Maitko, and the top original shadow is stolen to the McTyl.

next moment.

Shangqi Nai's clenching double punches, launched the same gesture toward Mutte!

A group of white tiger-shaped air guns pushed out from his hands!

Two white tigers were in an instant together, a dramatic impact angle instantly swept a few kilometers of land around, countless buildings hit the air waves.

The nearby people cannot afford the impact of the waves. They are just being waves and can't maintain the standing posture, and even someone shocks the waves.

The whole tentative entrance is a flat place!

At the end of the air, he stood everything in the air. He wrinkled and wrinkled his own fist: "Is it now that Mittai has not cultivated the eighth door, only to steal the enemy's existing strongest Is the style? "

It seems that this is also normal.

If it is directly used to use his people from now on Yuxi Bo, it is not too normal to use his people.

After all, Unecheo Sasukes may not be able to learn from Dharo, in case the guidance of the original Nairo, Sasuke learned the knife of Yuxi Boss?

Just can steal the most powerful model of the present, it is already surprised!

Metekai welcomed the huge impact angle, looked up at the air, unbelievably opened: "How can it be? This is the body's imperative movement that opens the throne, how can he use it?"

"Nothing is impossible!"

Shangqi Nairou leaned up, a punch is on the arms of Mete Kaigue, even if he blocks in time, the huge power still puts his whole person into the ruins!

Eye people can see that the original Naid will gradually occupy the advantage.

Two sessions of the sky, let Mete Ka consume huge, but the last na will be in general, still maintain a quite high physical strength and Chakra!

This is also related to the powerful recovery capabilities of Shangyuan.

Mitt Kai smashed the ruins, the momentum of the body rose again: "A blood battle, this is the taste of youth! Beiling, I will recognize you!"


Shangyuan Na's mouth smoked, he is not walking the process now, learn Yis Zhibo spotted, May Mutkai is the strongest body?

Still, this guy can't remember his name!

Moreover, Metekai did not give him a mood. After the recovery, he immediately rushed to the top position!

Seeing these two human body monsters began to fight on the ground, and several dark squad leaders finally could not sit, and their own departments left.

"Everyone exits here!"

"Temporarily retreat! Don't bother their battlefield!"

"Special ending, always preparing to support Kay!"

Woody ninters have to retreat, and the ruins are rolling, and there are dust from high-speed moving in both people, and people can't close.

The talent also observed this battlefield, and he took the head of the vortex, after comforting this little guy, look at the battlefield: "It seems that Kai this guy Can not win, really let me come! "

"Good color cactus?"

"Optimistic, little guy!"

I also knocked on the forehead of the swirls, I slammed my palm, whispered: "I will use the immortal model, you have to learn, write down?"

"Is it a new tobach?"

"It is much stronger than tolerance."

The mouth is also a lot of color, and he smiled and said: "The power of Xianke can be much more powerful! Waiting us to solve the problem of this, I will take you out to practice!"

Taking advantage of Metekai and Shangnao, the time of fighting, and then thinking about simply accumulating natural energy, and a drum is lifting the original navigation.

In case, he will wait for him to end the field, and even if it is still not as good as Maite Kay, I am afraid that it is difficult to solve the top!

No matter how, the wooden leaves are absolutely unable to take defeat.

"I didn't expect, my little book powder will be so strong ..."

The color of the coming is also more agglomerated, and even a certain skill in the original Neolius: "When the little guy and Kay use the same move, should it be a copy or extraction? Similar to water mirror Is the nature of surgery? "

This religion is not quite.

Some rare quirky surgery is very much.

However, whenever you see this type, people still are still surprised. After all, it is really too weird, which is hard to notice.

Among the procedures of Shangyuan Naudai and Martai fierce battle, they also extracted natural energy, while observing their combat mode, didn't have a few minutes, and I saw a chain-shaped thing in the original Nair and Maite. Kay is flashing!

When you have a lot of eyes, I feel that I have collected the Journal of Shanguo: "Is that the anti-enemy sterile surgery? After using this epighel, he should use Kai's ability again!"

The guess is not wrong.

Shangyuan Na Rou and Martai were tensely fought for a while.

The original lookup was again sneaked again, and the brittleness was directly bombed out: "For the respect for a strong body, let me overcome you with your epidemic ... Tiger!"

Shangyuan Nairou's double boxing!

A white air gun is a white tiger, whizzle rushed to Metekai, and a hit will be completely defeated by Metekai that has on the verge of extreme!

Branch mission: Beat Mete Kay (1/1), the task has been completed, and the reward skills have no angry.

Endless anger: If a person is eager to fight, he should not fall in battle, immunized within 5 seconds, no consumption, no consumption, cooling time 55 seconds.

Branch Task: Defeat the scene of the scene of Mitkai (1/1), the task has been completed, rewarding skills Tianlei break.

Tianlei broke: The palm of the palm of the ground, manufacturing a super impact wave in the earth, the skill consumption Chakra 50 points, the skill cooling time is 5 seconds.

Branch mission: Beat the throne state of Maitkai (1/1), the task has been completed, and the reward skills are deliberate.

Deliberately borrowing: Dragon in a direction, the enemy within the scope will be hurt by boxing, the skill consumption Chakra is related to the scope, the minimum consumption of 100 points Chekra, the skill cooling time is 9 seconds.

What is this reward!

In addition to an endless anger, the remaining two skills are really able to enter the skill furnace.

After the end of this event, the original Needle is intended to finish your skills and only retain some useful.

When I got it on the original navigation, I was awarded the reward of the Weptian, but I saw the mackend of Mitkko to vomit blood, but still stood up!

Myska, does this guy? Is there no limit?

Can the system reward can't completely determine his victory?

I am afraid that I have already lost it, but can you still stand up?

Metekai has grown his fist, and he ranked a thumbs up toward the last Na. Want to try it, let you look at ... "

"Kay, you have done it, let me give it next!"

I suddenly appeared around Metekai, I gently patted his shoulders, just this hard, let Mete Kay u., obviously this bright beast really reached the limit .

"Then please, I'm also adult!"

When Ma Takton leaked a sigh of relief, he looked at his eight armor. He fell into the ground, and others quickly rushed over the scene.

Looking at Mitkai, after being taken away, turned and looked at the original navigation, whisper: "Little ghost, I didn't expect that I would have to fight with you one day ..."

"Laters and adults, I don't want to ..."

The face of Shangyuan Na will gradually downs.

Now, you are also full of fairy oil, and his shoulders are also sitting in the two body short , the two cactors provide nature energy.

This is the Miao Mushan Cactus.

This state is also his strongest gesture.