I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 149 Two rebellious traces

The spoken in the immortal mode is also very strong.

If he is willing, you can escape from the top of the top of the six Petion, and if the information is sufficient, you can even kill a few Payne.

Nowadays, they are sitting and shoulders, the cactus and Zhi Ma fairy seem to have a short, and the fact is the highest power of Miami Mountain. In addition to providing him with natural energy to maintain a long time, I can help. He fights together.

Only after the Naja is defeated, after defeating the Maite Kelle in the throne, he is very improving, he is sure you can win.

If the original navigation is willing to desperately desperate, it should be his opponent if there is no intelligence?

After all, if you don't work, Shang Shang can also speak Trio.

Just is the relationship between the coming and know.

Shangyuan Na will not want to play too fierce, he just wants to take away the reward, after all, these rewards will definitely not be too bad.

Shang Nai, I watched my head and shook my head and shook my head. "I respect you, my teacher and the elders are very respectful, and if they know that I will be with you, I will be very unhappy. of."

This sentence is true.

Even the teachers are divided into rumors, the small south has always been respectful.


I also picked my eyebrows, it seems to have some interest: "Unfortunately, I didn't know a few friends in Yuyin Village ... Many years ago, I took three disciples in the country of rain, but unfortunately they They have already died in the third endurance war. "

"Small, also."

Deepening the immortal suddenly interrupted the communication between them, Shen Sheng said: "Don't waste Tongling time, Wen Tai guy is still lying on the bed! We have to solve it, I will take care of him with my wife!"

"Ha, is it too hurt? What is going on?"

There are some old friends who care about themselves.

I have a deep way to nod, whisper explains: "Well, Wen Tai said that a friend of Xiaowei injured it, it seems to be called ..."

"Shangyuan Needs."

Shangyuan Na Lu said his name, explained: "In fact, I just want to help people to take his spiritual beast. After all, the adults let me help, I just look at the big soup. Too smell, it is not too obedient. "

When a person, the eyes of two were suddenly stared straightly.

I can't help but take my forehead: "Hey, the little ghost, I don't do it at the time ..."

I am deeply dissatisfied with the immortal: "This devil is really a lot! Tongling beast is a partner of a ninja, and it is not a servant of Ninja ..."

Mysma Cactors couldn't help but started to pull up their little sleeves, and the road: "Small, this kind of little ghost should have a lesson lesson ... Don't waste Tongling time, so I will solve this battle!"


This battle is impossible to avoid.

The chaos of the wooden leaves must be saved immediately.

"Earth, Huangquan!"

It also combines the printing, and it will be under the foot of the original Na. It is a swamp, trying to limit the speed of the original Na.

However, after this episode, there was a little surprised to look at the original navigation, and it was not contaminated with some little muddy at all.

This guy has been holding a flight!

"Can you hang up the enemy flying?"

When the Mysma faith suddenly wrinkled, Zhangkou took a long tongue, tried to take his actions: "The tongue!"

"! Demide!"

On the hands of Shangyuan Needle, a purple Chakra exhibition, tried to break this elongated tongue, but attached to Chakra's tongue and touched his purple vast sword in Chakra's tongue.

"Water, water!"

A elongated high pressure water flows from the deep scorpion, and it seems that I want a stroke to divide him twice!

Shangqi Naqi simply released the purple vast sword in his hand, and the momentum appeared behind his own body, a punch, a punch!

"I have made this trick!"

The tap also turned into the Shang Shangjun's fist. I only felt a giant hit. If I didn't have a fairy model, he even felt that this fist is a bit difficult.

However, this still does not hinder the sputum: "Single is just your instant surgery, it is more faster than the mountain pepper, even more than the small guy than the water door!"


The moment of Shangyuan Needs is very fast.

If you don't know what to leave any flying thunder's imprint, there is even some suspicion of the original navigation.

However, since I caught the end of the original Nair, I certainly won't give up. The other palm quickly opened, and the palm had to take it on the original navigation: "Xianfa · Spiral pill!"


Shang Nai was used to use the other hand, he also slammed his palm. Feel the spiral pill rub the air waves, he slowly looked up his body is tall, whispered: "None Configuration Is it true? It's really a big thing, it's also adults! "

However, the next moment, the spiral pill suddenly dissipates!

A invisible attack will go out to go out!

The body of Miao Mountain's body, this ability can mobilize the natural energy attack to the enemy, and it cannot be noticed.

At the last naval, I watched a frog group to give him a harm. His brow couldn't help but fly the handset, a huge hurricane swirl appeared on his side: "Wind, hurricane whistling ! "

This group of hurricane moved quickly towards the direction of our talents, and wrapped the people in the hurricane.

I wrinkled myself, I could only attach Chakra to check my body at the foot, so as not to be involved in the hurricane.

In this way, they can only face the attack of the original Na.

as expected.

Shangyuan Na Lu has not let go of this opportunity, and his feet have floated a tasty waves, and the waves are running towards the direction!

"not good!"

Looking at the huge waves, suddenly the face is changed, can only cooperate with the printed defense: "The soil, the soil!"

One-sided earth wall appears in front of him!

Locating Chakra, walking along the earth wall, overlooking the sandy waves, and quickly drowned the position around the earth wall.

After a while.

The hurricane gradually dissipated, and the waves gradually faded.

Deepening the cactus and persuaded: "Small, I understand that you may want to stay this little ghost, but can't see you, this will waste us!"


Zhica Cactors also persuaded: "Immediately use powerful fairy! This little ghost is not good!"


Located, long-haired instantly, turned into a hard-working thousand, and went to the direction of the original Needle: "The fairy, the hair needle thousands!"

"Wind, the wall of the wind!"

Shangqi Naihui immediately settled a wind wall, blocking the hit of the hair needle, and two of them started the competition of the sterilization!

For each other, this obviously entered his rhythm!

After waiting until the wind wall disappeared, it quickly launched his own attack: "Forbearing, chaos!"

A group of white hair is outstanding, and after tightly bundled the body of the air, it has sprung it out of a fire oil: "Xianfa · Five-Waters ... oil bomb!"

With the movement of the rude, the deep embarrassment of the immortal is sprayed out, and the Mysual Masai spurted a fire!

The flame quickly burned the fire oil!

Wind is helpful, the oil will help fire!

In an instant, a round of flames flocked toward the original navigation, this land was also burned by this , even the fire oil also pulled the explosion!

The speed of the waves is too fast, and even the escape is not looking for opportunities!

And this is completely unable to resist the surgery!

It is never possible to cast these flames unless the foam is used.

Shang Nai wrinkled his brow, a golden shield appeared on his body, and his body raised quickly, escaped from the flame burning area.

It is the invincible of the Justice.

This is still his life and Chakra energy breaks, the first enemy can force him to use invincible enemies!

Sure enough, you can't take a little coming!

If you don't pay attention, it is likely that you will be turned!

The face has suddenly changed, looking at the air of the Shangshang Naji Naji: "What kind of surgery is similar to the defense of the hydrandope?"

"Sorry, I'm also adult."

Shang Nai was ramping his palm, and the mask floated a golden Chakra scream sword, he overlooking the ground, Shen Sheng: "You must tell you, this time you lose. "

A handle is flying toward the ground!

I have rushed over to avoid it, I saw a handle of golden light swords and injected into the ground, causing geodes inch inch, obviously not small.

However, after all, there is still two sides of the sword to rush to make the body of the cactus and Miamesehood, and there are questions to kill two campays!

Or, these Chakra scorders are originally rushing!


Two !

The natural energy in the body is gradually uncomfortable, and it has to be retired from the cactus mode. This battle is a bit difficult.

Since I now crack the cactus mode, I will never hesitate to go, he has taken a victory, and the reward of the immortal mode is also in the hands!

Next is through the hot momentum of just now fighting with Martai!

The original Nairou flying fell in front of the past, clenched his fist, and fierce a punch!


This boxing is just a shadow!

Then, the original naval is also kicked by another coming!

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly climbed up, patted the dust on his body, started to be dressed in his heart, how recently, is always an enemy's picture?

Since I originally saw Yiszhimo with the joy of the joy, he seems to have a back-fired. Today, he will be bullied by Kasi's mine and a lot of shadow. .

Looking at the Shangyuan Na, the mouth of the rose, the mouth is slightly hook, whispered: "Little ghost, I am a little curious, you can copy Kay's ability, why didn't the original use? Obvious you Is there a lot to be in Chakra? "

Shang Nai took a shot and took a look and looked at it, and loudly replied: "Because the ability of our adults is not worthy of waste, I use valuable surgery."

This is of course done.

Shangyuan Na Ru is thinking that the powerful fullness is on the spirit and beast, what should I do if I steal a psychic surgery?

When the expression, the expression suddenly came, he pinched his wrist, and the look gradually became serious: "It's a troubled little guy ..."

After losing the cactus mode, it didn't feel that my strength would be reduced. As an orthodox ninja, his battle will not be limited to a certain method.

The means of fighting is far more important than power.

The fairy model is indeed very powerful, but because of the passive and the two of the macarons, the cactus, which also limits the multi-variety of combat methods, so that he can't summon other spirit beasts.

Even letting itself in the body, must ensure that some people can't hurt two cactors who help him absorb natural energy.

In the face of the original navigation, this unconventional ninja has many genius ninja, and it is also believed that he must use some non-conventional combat methods.

"Take the Law, Tongling ..."

"Laters and adults!"

Just when I also tried to make a psychic, a few dark portions appeared around them, interrupted the battle between them: "Advisor adult hopes that you will go to see him right away, here will take over ! "

Dozens of dark ninja have jumped to their surroundings, and they will surround them from the moment!

Obviously this time is the wooden blade of the dark!

The head of the headband came to the side of the company, whisper explained: "The three generations of fires have warned, in order to calm the people in the village, the consultants believe that the next generation of wood leaves can no longer be failed, then we Will take over the things here ... Sorry, please give us a good disposal for the overall situation. "

This matter is the two wooden high-level consultants just decided.

Because the coming is also unable to overcome the original navigation, the two high-rise consultants who move in Xiachun and the water household in order to calm the people, they can no longer make the top of the woods.

In the strict sense, after the wood leaves, after the killing of the day, there is only the top of the top and power to coexist.

Nowadays, the time to fight with the original navigation is not short. In case, it is also very serious in the ditch, and the prestige of the wooden leaves will be very serious.

Therefore, the slow-moving Xiaochun and the water insignificant declined to interrupt this battle, no longer ridiculous and strong.

I have to say that in order to consider the entire wood, the two high-level consultants don't have a very cautious, but it can be reasonable.

After the three generations of fire, they urgently need a top force that let the villagers confident and let the enemy fear.

In case, the fifth generation of fires they identified are also lost in a rain tolerant, and the wooden leaves are not a sound sweep?

How to maintain the dignity of the first nature?

Especially the leaves now have other troubles.

"Nutary this kind of thing, I will never do it!"

I also shook my heads and shook my head. I didn't like the place of fire. I hate it later.

The suggestion of the secret: "Go back to tell them, I will help them find a suitable fire candidate!"


The captain of the dark department refused his own order and continued to say: "Laters are also adults, for the sake of wood, please follow the high-level order."


Looking at Shangyuan Na, who was surrounded by a group of dark, Shen Sheng: "Waiting for me to solve this ghost again, he is not you can easily deal with, step!"

However, how can the captain's arrival may not be prepared.

The dark team lost his hand to the last reel, Shen Sheng: "Advisor adults heard that all things that did not hesitate to achieve alliances, and the leaves decided to sign Yu Yin Village. League book ... "

After that, the captain of the dark squadroned: "As long as you agree, we will immediately contact Yu Yin Village to sign the League League ..."


Will the wood will so concession?

Why do they make such a rain to help!

At the end of Shangjun, everyone is a bit, and I don't understand why things will develop to this step.

He feels that he seems to move the stone!

Some of them are incredible to these concessions: "What is going on?"

The dark team is long, and the low voice: "" Laters are also adult, the perception of the two s scientific traces are found around the village, one is Yisi Pub! "