I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 151 can't have a reliable hand? (Fourth! Add finish!)

The high-rise of the wooden leaves feel that it is not a mental disappearance.

The terms of the Huiyub Village and Yuyin Village Alliance, will be done after the money, the front of those wooden leaves admitted that the semi-Tibetan is rain shadows and supports the conditions for the annex neighboring land, that is, no matter how much spent is not Arrived.

In essence, a rainy figure means that the wooden leaves admit that the rainfall is one of the great powers, whether it is on the prestige or diplomatic, the country has already owned the same position as the wooden leaves.

About this is the same as the five rogues in the later generation.

If a country is admitted to the five rogue, you can join the rogue club, and I am afraid that I will happen to jump on my brain.

If the mountain pepper is half-hidden, you have the opportunity to be ambiguned by the village of Waili. It is stirred up by the ninja in their village. I will unload this ninja!

In the back of Xiachun and the water, there is a strange smile, and the two of the two political old people secretly steady, the idiot of the original neighborhood.

After arrival, after the original naval leaves the leaves, they will find ways to let Yuyin Village give up the rain shadow. This kind of thing is spread throughout the five countries, and she is sitting on the mountain pepper half-hidden to kill the original navigation.

"Okay, then follow you mean!"

The sleeper took a slow-in and took the ground, the League book in the hands of the original navigation, and the secrets next to the secret: "Prepare a new agreement, according to this, it is possible."


The dark portion turned away.

"The funds of the orphanage, you can take it back first."

The sleeper is slowly re-sitting down, whispering: "As for the instrument to establish a biological science research laboratory, we will prepare for the recent agreement to bring back to the signed signed by the mountain pepper, and we will pay it. "

Ha ha…

When I was at that time, the head of Xiaoyang, who was called Shang Na, was also sent to the house, and as a lifetime!

After the navigation, I nodded, and a new little white negotiation, even some are detention: "Sorry, it is really trouble."

"you are welcome."

The sleeper Xiaochun slowly played his own tea cup: "Supporting the midrangement of the village, the responsibility of our wooden leaves."

Obviously this is a false big empty talk.

After a while, the agreement was sent back, and after the sleep, Xiachun and the water households made a sign of each other, it was obviously the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the wood.

Shangji got on the agreement, took a poverty alleviation of the orphanage, he was going to find a pharmacist!

This bastard, actually takes the opportunity to take private interests, although the orphanage and biological science research room is also required for Yuyin Village ...

When I arrived at the fire building, I left the fire building.

The smile on the back of the Spring Festival and the woman on the face is full of laughter.

The water house was pressed against his own glasses, whispered: "It seems that we will receive this little head ..."

"The name of the mountain pepper half-hidden by the ninja half-gods, has been the title of rain and shadows for decades, this devil is too young!"

The sleeper Xiaochun sighed, whispered: "Let him taste the taste of himself in the village before dying ..."

In exchange for peace with a ninja in the village, this kind of thing is uncommon in the big country, but not to say a small country.

Obviously, this is also aware of this.

So, I took the initiative to leave the fire building, and when I sent the original navigation, I left the leaves, my whisper persuaded: "Little ghost, take care!"

"Thank you, I'm also adult."

Shangji nodded, turned away.

The whirlpool suddenly drilled out from the corner of the fire building, whispered: "Good color cactus, I will go to the original bid!"


I have been silent for a while, I have nodded.

Leave the road of the wooden leaves.

Many people have gone to the original naval and whirls, and some people hate to kill the three generations of navigation. Why can't understand why he will let him go; some people hate the vortex people.

Shangqi Nae lost his head and looked at the Huangfa teenager around him, sighed, "Naruto, the wooden leaves still have so many people hostile you?"

"no problem."

The whirlpool scratched his head, showing some embarrassing smiles on his face: "I already know why this problem will have, I will let them recognize me."

This time, the nine-tailed stop, let the leaves hate his eyes more.

However, the whirlpools have not cared for this kind of thing, and the root cause of the root causes the day, and he believes that these will have changed.

Even many people hate the vortex, after the future, he will not betray, as long as the whirlpool is still a little and warm, it will be desperately close to the warmth, let himself go to the light.

The original Nairi looked at the vortex of the eyes of hatred, this time is the Chakra Salvation Field of the Wavelet Water Door ... He wants to see who is coming next time!

Forget it, this harvest is enough.

After leaving the wooden leaves.

At the first time, the first time appeared in front of the pharmacist pocket, took out the agreement to the body: "Do you know how much trouble? Other things, but also let the leaves support the rain, assistance Watch the organization! "

"Please listen to me explained, Needar."

The pharmacist sighed, and the lower head explained: "I thought this kind of agreement could not be reached, and the leaves generally won't be a small hinge to make this condition."


"I don't know, but I will temporarily stay in the vicinity of wood."

The pharmacist pushed his eyes and whispered: "If the wooden leaves really encountered what you have trouble ... Maybe we have the opportunity to capture the row of the rings of the nine tails."

"Don't think, this task gives up."

Shangji shook his head, whispering: "It's better to induce the big snake pill, let Yuxi Bo saga, I will help you."

Pharmacist: "..."

Why is this new boss always want to pit his old boss!

The pharmacist bowed down: "If I have not remembering the wrong, Yishi Hose is also taking the woven? This is true that there is something trouble?"

"rest assured."

Shangji, I pinched my wrist, whispered: "The future, I will say it later, and let me take the Sakuo and have benefits. So the big snake pill is staring at the body of Sasuke, and can force him to study. "

The Chinese tolerance test comes to a paragraph.

The next main job is to provoke the black and the big snake pills.

Shangyuan Needeling will take the name of the big snake pill, and smash the black news, let the black are shouting in this endurance.

"I understand."

The pharmacist sighed and nodded.

Shangji Look at the pharmacist to look at the pharmacist: "This action can be slightly slow, because Uzhi Boardi and Cartill Tommat Tommat Tommatoes are near the wooden leaves, waiting for them to leave the leaves."


"Let Bai and Jun Ma Lu bring incense to the country, they will stay too much here, you will help me prepare a hidden place!"

Shangqi Nai Rouhe said: "During this time, I waited for the state of the fire, you will help me sign the name of the mountain pepper half-hidden in the agreement, I am also waiting to bring to the leaves of the Biological Science Laboratory. The instrument is brought back to Yu Yin Village. "

The mother's face finally exposed a smile, pushing his own glasses, and it is not a welcome: "The hard nest of the people rushed."


Shangyuan Nai can't hurt him.

These parts are really a bastard!

If the pharmacist, the bastard, the bastard mentioned these chaos, why must he be so troublesome!

The pharmacist didn't think of a scroll. It is a good explanation: "Needers need money? I heard that adults have been using explosive consumption in the wood, and occasionally paying money from Kaka West, live outside After all, some is not convenient ... "

"No need to."

Shang Nai was frown: "I just got the money to build the orphanage of the orphanage in his hand, and there should be no problem at all ..."

"Public funds are still not tight."

The pharmacist shook his head and even took his reel with his reel to replace the reel of the original Na. "" These still sneaked to the white brought to Xiaonan! This is my private capital, it should be enough to pay for adults "

Shangji opened the seal reel of the pharmacist pockery, and the eyebrows must be screwed: "Your private contained? 500? This is worth the reel seal? Pocket, you let me drink northwest wind in the fire Straw mat ... "

"Cough cough ..."

The pharmacist has a few coughs, explains: "Recently, I have been in Zhou Ji, and the spending of the big snake pill gives me the funds, and I have a little tight on the hand."

"Forget it."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, whispered: "I am looking for a chance to take some money from others! I hope that the people are homestead!"