I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 158 Are you playing me? (Fourth!)

Know the base.

Because the small south tube is too wide, I haven't been there for a long time for a long time. His heart is faint to have a kind of intimacy.

This dangerous thought immediately was previously pressed.

Have he recently made a long time, and it is a bit addicted in my heart?

After entering the base, the original Nairi-line talents found that today's people have a little more, and it seems that all related members are gather here.

Formal members: Payne, Xiaonan, Red Sand, Didala, Ghost Light full moon, peach and no longer, horns, flying segments, absolutely, plus the mortgage and Yisi Hosimoto, the official member is quite It is all in all.

The intern is only the original navigation, and maybe Yizha will become a trainee.

As for the outer contact person Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and the white are here, today they have a lot of fragrant phosphorus.

Wait, not too strong!

Shangyuan Nai can't help but look at the night Jun Ma Lu and white clothes, why are they wearing a well-known uniform?

According to the strength, in addition to Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and White should be eligible to become a formal member of Xiaoxiao?

Is it a big release of the uniform, open a formal member?

Shang Nai is in his face, I can't help but show a lot, and even the night, Jun Ma Lu and white can join. Is this not mean that he is also qualified to become a formal member?

Shangyuan slowly moved to his position, couldn't help but laugh: "How, what is the organization is to build a group?"

Red Sands raised the brain of the crimples, cold channel: "What is built? Isn't it to welcome a new member to join?"

"Will it be this little ghost?"

Dida Gramfackedly looked at the strange Unechebra: "It seems that this little ghost is not good, is there qualified to stand together?"

The corner looks dissatisfied with a smile: "Xiao Ke is not a kitten puppy can join! Don't always recruit these ten-year-old little ghost, is it to turn us into a kindergarten? ? "

When I heard this, Dida Lima was not happy, Zhang Dou refuted him: "That is better than turning into the old activities center!"

After all, Didara has also joined the organization in the age of 12, and this year, he is only about fifteen or so, and his character is too big, and it will not come.

After that, Didala is even more enthusiastic to draw another self-employed person: "Hey, Shangyuan, I am right?"

"... cough cough ..."

Shangqi Nai quickly coughed a few times, when I was talking about something, I looked at the small south of my side, I saw Xiao Nan's cold face became more and more cold, let him closing his mouth.

Since the original base, Xiaonan has not said a word, this can be a bit big different from her attitude towards Shang Shangyuan.

Moreover, silence is generally a precursor of Xiaonan.

This is also normal, after all, Xiaonan has always used to participate in the navigation, but the long-door and her opinions are quite opposed.

Looking at Xiaonan is so angry, there is a little accidental happiness in the heart, is it because he wants to become a formal member of Xiao today?

"All right."

Pene broke all the noise of everyone, transfer his eyes to the original Nairi, Shen Sheng: "Shang, introduce your new member for Xiaoxiao?"

"Introduce me, is it better to let Mr. I introduce?"

Shang Nai was in charge of smile, for fear of pilgrimizing Xiaonan's anger, he slowly looked up and loudly: "Perhaps the whole tolerance, no one understands our new members?"

Yuxi is silent for a while, and he turned his head to Sasuke, whispered: "This is Yuxi Bo ..."

"I am Yushuo Sasuke!"

Sasuke's cold voice interrupted the Yuxi foot, whispered: "The only member of the Yishabo family, I joined the purpose of killing Unexus and Yuxi Board!"


Didala is not full: "What is! It's an Yuxi Bo! You are not to run to Xiaoyu!"

As the hand defeated by Utilia, Didara is undoubtedly the most hateful, and it is justified that the organization is simply and Yischo.

I just had a forced sick escaping that Yishe Board, I heard that he also wanted to join in; now added a Zhiso Sasuke, such a way, only a few Unexpello, They have thousands of relationships with thousands of organizations.

The members of Xiaoyu have moved his eyes to Sasuke. Everyone's brows are not frowned by autonomous, and after a moment, they have fallen on the body of Yuxi. It seems that I want to see his reaction.

However, the Yisi hub face is not shocked, and it seems that it is nothing to say if I don't think about Meiss Zhiko. This is the confidence of absolute power.

The members of the members of Xi Xiaoyou suddenly retired half of the enthusiasm of the play, and he turned to look at the original navigation.

The red sand scorpion couldn't help but first asked: "Shangyuan, what a guy is, what is the enemy of the official member?"

"Hello, Seniors, this is not my idea."

Shangqi Lu Lu hurriedly shook his head, showing a smile on his face: "This is the priority of the husky, and the active recruitment has just become a rebellious Uneaso, I and the ghosts, the predecessors," "


Yuxi is nodded, and the opening responded: "My illusion needs to take advantage of a huge person with a spiritual energy. Just Hi Zhibo Sasuke opened the three hook jade writes, and there is a certain value."

"Oh? It seems a small genius!"

The red sand is shifting his attitude, slowly swallowing the educational education of the seniors Sasuke: "Hey, the little ghost, remember not too arrogant before people, if the Didala is like this, it is soon of!"


Unechebra helped him.

Instead, Didara was angry with thunder: "Hey, feed, Samn, I have been respecting you, I have been respecting you!"

"But your guy also blows me a lot!"

"This proves that my art is higher than the art of Scoris Dan!"

"Do you want to die?"

"Didala,, don't quarrel."

Payne broke their quarrel, Shen Sheng: "I will announce the new member of the organization! Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white, starting to become a formal member of Xiaoxiao today, code is bone and snow! "


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and the white face agreed.

After Penne got some nodded, he turned his head to the original navigation, but when Pethen saw the expression on the small south face next to the small south, it suddenly fell into silence, and it seems to have some card shells.

After a long time, Payne seems to be a determination, Shen Sheng open: "I originally wanted to delay for a while, since the original recruitment to Yishe Sasuke, then act as a formal member and Yizhi Boat together! "

"I don't agree."

Xiaonan slowly lifted his head, directly looking at Pethen's opening: "Nairu also has more important tasks, and he went out to be a big disaster this time ..."

"I also oppose."

Yisi Hoshen Shen Xiang said: "Although the strength of the original Needle is very strong, I doubt that he may have anything in this time the tenth of the exam, and it should also need to be in the supervision of the Senior of Xiaonan."

After saying these, Su Zhi Pubie added again: "And this time I need to bring Unecheo Sasher to the side, on the one hand, I can use him to practice, on the other hand, it is convenient to monitor him, lest this guy. Yisi Bo has the same defense. "

These words can't be more reasonable.

The angle of the martial arts hook, laughing: "Actually, I also oppose this, but I am not against the original naval to become a formal member, but think that Unecheo is not qualified to qualify and team."

"I think so."

"I don't agree!"

The corner is cold and looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng said: "I think it will be in the rain in Yuyin Village after the ghost." The man's hand is already enough! "

To be honest, after the arrival of the original navigation, the corner is still thinking about him.

Although the original navigation always collects the benefits of the money, it is also very refreshing every time the event is dial, this is much more than his teacher Xiao Nan ...

"I agree with the comments of my elders!"

"I also think that the neighbor is reason to say!"

"I also agree with my comments!"

One time, several teams have expressed their agreement with their opinions, which seems to be a victim of this kind of victims that have been dial at the small south.

After all, from a small life of a small life, naturally don't like other people to spend money.

Xiaonan is naturally not what they think.

I heard a group of people supported her opinion from the side, Xiao Nan Qing cold face revealed a little smile, her palm was softly fell softly on the shoulders of Shang Na, and she took her disciples and whispered: "That is Let Nea will learn from me for a while! "

Tiandao Pethen silently took a while, and got the people present, and slowly nodded: "Then let the original continue to learn from you, temporarily let Yuxi Bo Sason will follow the Yuxi House and the Cartills Ghost Brigade!"


Shangji raised his head slowly, looking at the Tiandao Petion's eyes, you said so much today, the result is playing me?

Xiaonan stood the palm of Shangyuan Na, and the smile on his face was slowly retired. She returned to a cold look.

"Needel, let me go, I have something to talk about."

Xiaonan is still angry.