I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 159 Covering the task of grassy villages (fifth!)

Lakeside side.

Xiaonan looked up at the original navigation. The height of this disciple has exceeded her, could not help Xiaodan people who persuaded her words and tongue.

The anger of the small south chest slowly retreat, reached out to help the original navigation to finish his clothes: "Nairou, tomorrow, I will arrange the successor ceremony of the leader of Yuyin Village, you are the Ninja of the rain, first slowly learn the shoulder A leader of responsibility! "

When I arrived in the face, I pulled it down, and I shook my head and I swelled: "Xiaonan teacher, Penne is the most suitable leader in Yuyin Village."

Shangnai is an early age.

Xiaonan did not want to go to the original navigation and now, but in accordance with her set of established routes into the leader of Yuyin Village, this is also the difference between the original naval and Xiaonan, and the difference between the long and Xiaonan.

Perhaps because there is too much suffering, Xiaonan always wants to arrange a bright tanks for him, but it is not these!

In the future, it is bound every day in a small scoracle, and is held under the wings by Xiaonan and the long gates. Is this a black hand behind him?

Shangqi Naqi grabbed Xiaonan's palm, Shen Sheng: "Teacher, I practiced four years in the village, I have studied a lot of Ibe, this time, I even have a big battle, I have not fallen into the wind."

"I know, your gut is too big."

Xiaonan slowly lifted his head and looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "And you are actually in the leaves of the three generations in the wood, in case you have something to ..."

"This is not a problem ..."

Shangyuan Na will slap his forehead, Shen Sheng: "I refused to follow the position of Yu Yin Village."

Xiaonan slowly reached his palm, stroking his cheeks, burning breath fell on the neck of the original Nairi, her voice is getting lower: "Needel, we want to give you the best thing, Why do you always refuse? "

"Maybe it is our idea?"

Shangyuan Nai was blinking, staring at Xiaonan's eyes, orange pupils were some beautiful, he made a slight opening for a topic: "That ... teacher, I will bring you a gift, you will love it. ! "


Xiaonan's eyes have some doubts.

Shangqi Lu faihi quickly pulled out a scroll from his endurance package, placed in Xiaonan's hand, he smiled: "I didn't tell you before? In the three generations of fire, I contacted it. Tibetan ... "

This is of course lie.

In fact, the stabbies must be more than it is more.

However, in addition to the pharmacist, others don't know the truth.

When Xiao Nan's eyes suddenly had some hesitized, her expression is very difficult to look at the reel in his hand: "So there is something in this ..."

Shang Nai was nodded, and the smile on his face was somewhat proud: "Yes, it is the body of Zhidun Group."

Shangqi Nair and sighed a sigh, continued to explain: "Zhun Village Tibet seemed to master a ban, his body transplanted a bunch of eyes, every time a write-eyed eye, you can do not receive any Injury, it is very feet ... "

This is also to make a vaccination.

In the future, Xiaonan or long gates have encountered Unecho to the soil, they must clearly have a write-wheel eye means there is an invincible time of Yivien.

There were some regrets on the face of the last navigation: "It's because of this, I didn't catch him back, I could only bring his body back."


Xiaonan's look is slightly awkward.

This moment is especially complex, I don't know how it is good.

Every time I go out, I will give her some strange strange gifts, although these gifts are in good intention, but always feel a little weird.

Yes, she does hate the village group.

But it is more important than Zhidun Group, which is the emotional business.

Anyway, Shangyuan Na will take a body to take a gift, is it a little less than a little less than a little, is her education?

"Okay, I have to go to the long gorgeous adult first."

After Shangyuan Nai waved, just broke the chat with Xiaonan through this opportunity, turned and left here.

Xiao Nan hesitated nodded, her eyes were reset on the reel in the hand.

The eyes of Xiaonan flashed a hate, and only one detonation on the scroll.

Xiaonan lost the roll that the explosive, lost into the lake, and closed his palms quickly: "Tongling · Take the explosion!"

Countless sheets of explosion, the reel is blown out!

Obviously, whether the reel or the body inside is used to debris!

After doing this, the eyes of Xiaonan quickly flashed a short release, a pair of wings opened behind her, driving her slowly flying over the sky.

Yuyin Village.

High tower.

The long gate was still grinding Roviro Payne, after hearing the voice of the door, he turned his head with a smile: "How? Xiaonan is still angry?"

"What happened today?"

After the end of the sea, she was hung up, and her eyes were suddenly put on the body of Suon Road: "Hey? Is there any new idea?"

"Well, are you not persuading me? I have now made it a one-time ... .. . "

The long-door is not careless to put Lu Luodao Payne, whispered: "When you go out, you will take a compulsory road! If you don't have Chakra, you can use your own treatment in its body input carat."


The original Nairi shook his head and swayed his head and provoke the topic before: "What is going on today? How can Jun Ma Lu and White become a formal member of Xiaoxiao? Hey, the long-haired adult, you have promised I, I want to wear uniforms! "

"The two children are big in Xiaonan. They naturally listen to Xiaonan's orders. I am not just helping you solve two secret monitors you?"

The long gates looked at him and sighed. "Shang Shang, if you assassinate the three generations of rigs


Shangyuan Nair's eyes can't help it: "But I assassinate the three generations of fire, don't you explain that I am more powerful?"

"But your courage is too big!"

The long door shakes his head and sinks: "The five major countries can don't think so simple, don't do such dangerous things, even if you want to do it, you have to put six Penne Tongli in advance!"


Shangji fell to the hook: "How do you now have the same as Xiaonan teacher, a big man, two of us is a camp!"

"It's too dangerous to with you."

The long gates glanced at the original navigation, and then continued to shake his head: "I know that you are so big, I am ..."

"Oh, it's okay, it's almost."

Shangqi Lu Lu hurriedly interrupted the long door, whispered: "Anyway, you promised me when Chakra newsmaked, let me wear the uniform, become a formal member of Xiaoyu!"

"This is just a small thing."

The long door took the arm of the original naval, Shen Sheng: "After I handle everything, you are the new generation of the leader ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

The three people of Xiaonan and the long gates are away from the lenders, a leader who hopes him to become the rain, a leader who hopes him to become a child, he wants to wear a uniform to complete a task!

"Give a task soon."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the arm of the long door, and he urged: "I am worried that Xiaonan Teacher will work for a moment to be a leader of the village. If it is successful, it may be difficult to leave the village, I will go out today. Hide a while. "

To be honest, Shang Shangyuan is a little dare to come back, Xiao Nan and the long gates have given him too much hopes, but he just wants to be a black hand behind.

Of course, the long door will refuse to agree, just want to refuse him: "If you can't find you in Xiaoshan, she will find me trouble ..."

"Do you help?"

Upper Naidou sleeve.

The long gates helped himself, whispered: "Okay, I just have a task here, you go to attack the grassy village, this task I originally wanted to give it to the Didara, now as Is your test ... "

"Is there reasonable?"

"Yes, the reason is very full."

The long door is nodded, and the sound of the sinking said: "The area of ​​the grassland is just connected with the country of the country, the fire of the fire, after the crowd of the grass, the two countries will definitely have disputes due to the land of the grassland ;

And after the country has no armed forces, the people who sneak into the rain in the woods and rock villages will also be sent to the country to reduce our exposure. "

The long gate slowly closed his palm, and the son sounds continued: "The last reason, Tiandao Payne heard a thing from Xiangtoukou, her mother is also a sirloin, but die in the grass. Under the abuse of the village ... "

Perhaps this reason is the most important.

As the relationship between the original Naid and the long door is getting better and better, the long door has gradually become more and more people, he gradually learns to be gentle, and also re-learn anger.

The fragrant phosphorus and her mother are the larocity of perspective, in a sense, the ethnic group, and he naturally has some minds to discuss this debt.


Shang Nai's face is solemnly nod, he also looked at the cultivar road in the room, whispered: "After I passed, I will take the road to Tongli!"

"it is good."

After the long gates, I added another sentence: "I heard that Zhu Yin Village has been in foreign war recently, maybe you can find evidence that they try to launch the war in Yuyin Village, you can make Xiaonan feel that you are doing Just thing ... "

"I know, come back to give you a gift!"

Shangyuan Nairou left the long-door room, only to see his face has become a dignified!

If he didn't remember the wrong, there should be an album of Unexpello to the earth, which is the place where Yuxi Boum is life. I don't know if it is still in the past.