I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 161 Do you not splash the water?

I'm very busy.

Now, Shangji is squatting in the periphery of this hidden base, and I am waiting for him to take the picture of him. By the way, use his very rough painting, painting the base map sign.

Shangyuan Needressed Map is abstracted than he bought in some small stores, basically written a rough orientation data, draws several iconic hillsides.

When the geographic location is drawn, from time to time, from time to time will be alternately open, and whether the exploration is emerging.

After a long time, the ground of this hidden base appeared in the ground. It used the

When this is only drilled out of the ground, it turns into a normal person. Suddenly someone patted its shoulders, holding a scribble map in front of it: "Friends, you hold this Can the map find your own home?


The vintage brow suddenly wrinkled, and it turned his head. It was a strange face, so he was low in peace of mind to see this map.

"What is this painting?"


"I asked what this sign painted?"

White is unfamiliar with a strange man behind him, starting to spray the scribble map: "What is this? Is this? What is this? Is this, what is this, the forest? This map painted what is messy, who can find a hillside in the forest? Still a few kilometers ... "

White said that the voice gradually lowered, it seems that there is something where this place is, this is the secret base of them and Yuxi Bo Tie!

White turned to see this stranger in an instant, I saw this stranger's face hung hidden a mysterious smile, and I saw it in my heart!

When the white heart suddenly felt bad, I plan to break away, when I arrived back to the base, its body was bundled by a vine!

The white face suddenly changed, and I asked: "Woodwise? Who is this guy? How can I do the Miki in the universal?"

"Oh, I am just a picture."

This stranger's face re-changed, and he recovered the original appearance of the original navigation. He laughed and said: "Well, now I seem to have no problem."

"Shangyuan Na!"

This is only disclosed, and the person who is often circulating in the base. Even secretly secretly surveillance in Yuyin Village, it is said that the black and Yuxi wave belt each quarrel every time because of this guy. .

This person should be their allies!

This is only a few years ago, I have seen the original navigation in Xiaonan and the long door to say good words. As a result, Xiaonan and the long gates are very stubborn, which is not willing to reconnect the belt.

This is only a little bit of comforting yourself, whispered: "Shangyuan Na, what do you mean? Why can't I grasp me, I still have to write down our secret base. Are you a long door and Xiaonanian inserted around us? Spy? "

"White is like you are so annoying?"

Behind the Shangyuan Nair, two pairs of white wings, Ä hide the trim and tied the truth, flew over the sky.

This is only a bit of a bit of fear, and it has been in the air.

Shangyuan Nai was arrested as he was high, and he knew that this is only a long time, and there is no embassy.

This is only to give the pharmacist.

Shangyuan Na will open this pair of wings, all the way to the vicinity of Yinyin Village, By the way, with a white way.

After landing, this is only a deep silence: "Here is the sound of hidden village, Shangyuan Na, what do you take here?"

"There are quite a lot of places you have been."

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and started to open the fate skills, soon found the position of the pharmacist, but the big snake pill is now in the village.

Since the mutual crash plan, the big snake pill seems to be inevitably in the event of Yinyin Village. The number of ninja in this village is getting less and less, and even the guards are not perfect.

This is also normal.

After all, the leaves have been tracking the big snake pills. They have only been hidden by the so-called code of the orphans, and they will wait until they are eager to come, they will find people to come to the village.

At least in the name, you should eliminate the village.

The big snake pill will not care about the movement of Hua Ye, the foundation of Yinyin Village is the big snake faders, as long as the big snake pill is still alive, he will also build a new Yinyin Village in the future.

Shangqi Nairies almost no strength, I found the pharmacist, just the pharmacist is carefully doing experiments in the laboratory.

When the pharmacist saw the original Nairi, I didn't feel particularly surprised. I have seen many times for the magic of this new boss.

But what is the meaning of the eyes of the original Bao Luo Lotus? Don't he plan to explode an experiment?

"Cough and cough ... Needer."

The pharmacist hurriedly interrupted the idea of ​​the original Needle, and he bowed his head and looked at the album of the original navigation, and his eyes suddenly looked up: "Is this white?"

"Well, live, or now."

When Shangyuan Na, it was as if it was saying a fish, he took a picture from his own endurance package to hand it to the pharmacist: "This is the map I painted, the above is the base of the white You have to guide the big snake pill to catch them. "


The pharmacist watched a map, he had a spy from a spy, he saw this map, but it was a little distressed.

Fortunately, the pharmacist has a lot of topography in the poor, and he obeys the map, nothing to say, but more put your eyes in this live white.

Since these days of study, the pharmacist and the big snake pills have been more and more eager to whitening, and the role of this kind of creature is too big!

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his eyes flashed a thirst for knowledge: "I will use this in the human body experiment with this white cell transplant!"

"Is there a column cell?"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai suddenly looked up: "You help me prepare a column cell, I want to give a swirl descendants to transplanted the chamber cells!"

It was originally thinking that I would like to give a column cells to the long gates. Since there is a column cells now, then you will take a copy here!

"Is it a fragrant phosphorus?"

The eyebrow suddenly wrinkled, his brain seems to have something to do: "Yes, the whirlpool is very vital and strong, they are also the most easy to carry the carrier of the column cells, and even very likely awakening wood rude ! Unfortunately, the descendants of the whirlpool are spread in all parts of the endurance. It is too hard to find, and it is too wasteful to do experiments ... "

"Don't mention these theories."

Shangyuan Na Lu glanced at the pharmacist, whispered: "This is only seen in my true face, can't let this guy live, and you will screw it down in the experiment of the completion of the inter-phase cells. ! "

"The original Needle, you, you, you are a despicable, shameless, dolly!"

White is now starting a series of hustlers, within half a minute, this is only described in the words of all the words of all the swords that he will know.

The pharmacist heard a blind eye.

In fact, the big snake pill will also secretly swear.

However, compare this only white, the big snake fellow is very qualified, come back to the complex, a few people who are dangerous, the non-human monsters ...

Shangyuan Nai failed to listen to all the way, and smashed his ear, and he won't pay attention to it. He just looked to help him pick the pharmacist who took the plot cells. "The big snake pill is where, he is not Is there anything? "


The pharmacist took a closed bottle and seal the bottle with a reel, and he was handed over to the original navigation: "There is a transaction to deal with the big snake pills and grassy village ..."

Since these years, Many of the experimental funds earned by Big Snake will come to the transaction between the harbinger, the small name, and the rich and rich.

Ziyin Village is also his cooperation object.

"Oh, I hope he will end early."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, and his face was said: "When I leave, I will go to destroy the grassy village. If the big snake pill is not able to get enough money from the transaction, he will have a forever The debt that is not returned. "

Pharmacist: "..."

Oh, this is not a pit?

A few days ago, the big snake pill occasioned a tool, it seems to be used in the war. In order to earn a stroke from Zhu Yushan, the big snake pill will talk about the price to collect data, but now it is estimated that this transaction is directly Yellow is rumored!

The big snake pill is not even from the grassy village, because he is too confident to his strength, and the small tolerance does not dare to marry the debt of the big snake.

But if this coblue is destroyed by the original navigation, then it is a real force majeure factor, even the big snake pill has no way ...

Everyone who took a little speech of the drug, I didn't know what to say. Why did the new boss always have to pit his old boss?

Shangyuan Na Rouked up the seal reel, kicked this or a living, whispered: "As for how to induce the big snake pill to attack Unexho, the base, the base, don't use me to help you think the reason. ? "

"Of course you don't need it."

The pharmacist took a light smile and shake his head: "I can easily solve this little thing. After all, I have enough reasons."

After that, the pharmacist looked at this whispered a little: "Unfortunately, this is only white, if the big snake pill can use it more ..."

"Ok, I will catch more."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of the drug teacher, a pair, I look like you look: "You have a good lur in the big snake pill, he is a toolman, your potential is endless, strive to reincarnate and dragon cave. The cactus mode learned to hand, clear? "

Throughout the entire endurance history, only the pharmacist learned the dragon fairy model, and the original navigation wanted to evolve his own cactus, only temporarily pinned in the pharmacist, otherwise he got to try to kill White snake cactus ...

Moreover, the pharmacist can also master the skilled embossed rogue, which is a potential stock, the drug teacher is also the highest in the three parts of Shangyuan, which is much stronger than the moon and ghosts.


The pharmacist nodded and said that the truth is the hoping of him, and the pharmacist didn't want to think!

"Oh, yes, there are still a few things."

Shangqi Nairou suddenly turned, pulled the shoulders of the pharmacist, and asked softly: "I want to put the white-proof base to the end of Yisi Bo, anyway, one of the loneliness now, as long as it is planted Don't believe him, do you have any way? "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "I will deal with this matter, Needers are good."

"In addition to these, there are also information about absolute ..."

Shangji took the shoulder of the drug teacher, continued to ask: "There is a black and white, and the white is just a group of waste, the combat power is low;

However, the black and tense claimed to be the will of Yuxi Boss, and its existence is for a huge plan, as for this plan, I want to know how to make a clerification, I will tell you again.

However, you can find a way to disclose to the big snake pill in advance, which is also leaked by Yuxi Bo, which is also given to you, is there a problem? "

Shangyuan Na was found to have a spy arrangement in the big snake pill, which is really good. In this case, he can directly give the information directly to the pharmacist, let the pharmacist will find a way to disclose to the big snake pill.

In this way, he does not need to train the identity of the big snake pill, which will be removed from the middle.

The pharmacist looked with the original navigation in his eyes. This is also thinking about how to edit it. Do you want to go to the body?

However, a subordinate literacy allows the pharmacist to know when to ask when should not ask, when should I answer when it is.

After the pharmacist is silent, it will slowly turn to the white way to die around him. "Needge," Neurone, I want to know more about this kind of creature, they are human thinking or belong Is the ancillary organ? "

"What you mean is to ask, this is only a good relationship with Unexpello, or is it better?"

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, and looked at this more violent white, whispered: "White things should be no brain, what do they want to do, maybe they are water inside their brains. ? "

"You have no bra!"

It's anger to be angry next to it: "Shangnai, you will fall, you are shameless, you are only water in your own encephalop!"

The pharmacist pocked slowly pushing his own glasses, whispered: "It seems that we can treat this white as a messenger who works with the Emperor Belt and the big snake pills, if they really cooperate, will Do you have a threat to Nerat in Needar? "

"rest assured."

Shangyuan Na was laughed and smiled confidently, spread his hand: "The whole endurance also can't pick a few people are my opponent, I can have any counter-means ..."

This is the confidence after the immortal mode!

It is strong, it will be stronger!