I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 164 is a black hand in the original Nairi! (Subscribe!)

The plan is more smoothly better than imagination.

Since Uchi Bo belt should choose to take the initiative, the original Nairou will certainly not block him, or even a grateful look.

Before leaving the ground base, the face of Shangyuan Nairo revealed a meal: "The words of the seniors, really have no problem? The first generation of the big snake pills and the second-generation rigs, I saw them in my own eyes and pressed the three generations. ! "

"This is normal."

Yischo has slowly opened the stone door and whispering: "The first generation of fires and second-generation rigid shadows may be the strongest in the past, the three generations of fire years old, and even you can sneak attack him, two Position is also normal. "

Shangyuan Nairo shook shakes, I feel that I have been dissipating immediately for Unexpello, this guy is really not talking!

Shangji was tightening his finger, whisper: "No wonder I feel that it is easy to kill the three generations, his strength is indeed weak, and even feeling that Mr. Kakasi is more troublesome, his writing I can put my tickle ... "


The body of Yuxi Board is stiff of a second, after a step forward, the cold voice interrupted the original Nairi: "Okay, I will go out, you are waiting for me here, lest my hind leg! "

Yisi Bo belt soes feel that the original naval is really not talking. I don't know if the flag-like Kasi is he given?

Since Kakasi learned to use the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, the eyes brought a lot of trouble, and there will always be more inexplicable things in the Shenwei space.

When the last Unecho has entered the Shenwei space, he actually flew out a few cards, and even a few cards had exploded!

Mom, what messy things are sent inside!

Shangyuan Nairou did not seem to be violent temper, his face showed a smile, quietly looked at Unecy Belt, tweehed stone door, whispered: "Then, please" "

Ground above the ground.

The big snake pills and pharmacists hoped from the stone door in the cave, and came out of the shadow from Shimen. This scene made the big snake pills.

Because people come out is Yischo belt.

The big snake pill saw the fan of the land, and the corner of his mouth revealed if there was a smile: "Take, you will talk to him! Although I don't care, the time and space of Yuxi Bo belt is still very good. Trouble! "


The body shape of the pharmacist has been stiff for a second.

Obviously the attitude of the big snake pill is to let him send it.

This is the nature of the big snake, when he encounters danger, he will stand in a safest position and put those people who are willing to pay for him into the danger.

Until no one willing to pay for him.

The pharmacist's hand suddenly suddenly took a detonation, he couldn't help but turn to the big snake pills handed him a detonator, I saw the big snake pill smiled at him mysteriously.

Obviously, the big snake pill also thought of using the mutual explosion, the Kwairy space, as long as you can unlimited psycho, it is still very useful to cross the explosion.

The detonation of hundreds of psychic out is enough to let Yuxi Bo belt mandidate.

I am sighing in my heart. When I step by step, I asked Uchi Band, whispering: "Mr. Yuxi Belong, we are looking for cooperation, not to seek war, believe in cooperation meeting More beneficial than war ... "

"If you rely on you?"

Yischo took the land to grab the neck of the pharmacist. Since he got a kaleidoscope to write the eyes, in addition to the Yi Zhiso of the kaleidoscope, Yisi Board has no longer gotting someone else.

However, the pharmacist did not flash, whispered a sentence to let Yisha Bo belt the body stiff: "Mr. Yuxi Bo, is you not curious from four years ago, who leaked your identity And intelligence? "

After that, the pharmacist has added a small sentence: "And this time we got your hiding place, who is not curious to give us the news?"


The eyes of Unechybo Tong gradually exposed a fierce, and his teeth were squeezed out: "Isn't it you?"

"Where can we get news?"

Pharmacist pockets a sentence to let Yuxi Board fall into silence, he continues to add: "I don't know if I have heard of a person, it claims to be a metrical will, and I have always guided us, this time it Let's guide us with you ... "


The first thought of Unexpello belt is that the pharmacist pockets in a lie, how can it be sold?

Wait, how can I sell him?

Since the beginning of four years ago, no, even earlier, the black is beginning to blame him to act too reckless, such as directly to Xiaonan and the long door claim to be Yisibo spots, rather than hidden their identity.

But what is the reason for selling him?

"Forget it, grab you first, then go to the black system to ask!"

Just as Yuxi Bo belt should take the pharmacist to income the kinematic space, but seeing the pharmacist does not avoid it, and suddenly took a detonator to stick his body.

This scene makes the eyes of Unexpello, can't help it!

Next moment, Unecy Boel has stopped the ability of Shen Wei, he seems to think of some unhappy things, such as a fireworks four years ago ...

"Big Snake Pills!"

The pharmacist fed back, and the high voice: "The task is completed!"

This plan is also in line with the heart of the pharmacist. It is only a bit of faintness. After all, the biggest hobby of the spy is the first defraud, and the enemy feels the desperation of betrayal, so that people can get a double happiness.

Unfortunately, the big snake pill wants to do it directly.

The big snake pill outside the hole is not a vague, and it is fast to set up his palm finish: "Forbearing, mutual explosion!"

The bombing of the detonation is once again!

Just this time and the past ending.

Yischo has eaten a lesson. It is enough to have a pain that is taken up to hundreds of millions of fireworks and firecrackers. I have long been prepared. I saw a general three-hook in his eyes immediately and the eyes were immediately faint. I was able to launch an evil.

Yischo belt soil is brought about from the unscrupulous time brought by Ivin, and rushed toward the big snake pill, anyway, the secret base is the secret base, ready to replace the written eye.

"Don't think about escape!"

Yuxi Board has a big snake pill with a hand, and the space vortex appeared on the side of the big snake pill, and I want to solve him this threat!

However, the arm of the big snake pill seems to have a soft animal, and the arm actually fell soft to the ground, so that the face of Yuxi Board is very difficult.

Mom, how can I have a big snake pill?

Although Unexpello has no hit, but his heart is not panicked, after all, Yi Evai can provide him with the invincible time for him for five minutes!

This time, no matter who kills is enough!

However, the next moment, a coffee showed the side of the big snake pill, and a trembling person came out of the coffin!

It is the second generation of rigid shadows.

This is also the top card that the big snake pills dare to deal with Unexpello.

Slowly looked at Yuxi Bo with soil, and the eyes were sluggish, and it was unconsciously opened: "Well, this is the evil guy of Unexpello?"


The smile of the big snake pill is very proud: "This is the rebellion of the wooden leaf, it is said that he killed the four generations of wood leaves, causing the murdere of the weakness!"

"Hey, thousands of hands!"

Yuxi Bo took the earth and looked at the thousand hands. Just like a thousand hands, it is not used to be a Zhibo, and there is not much man of the whole Yushu.

Even if Yuxi Board has already betrayed Unecho, he has been tempted for so many years in the family, and it has been taught by Sui Zhihu. Naturally, there is nothing to feel!

Next moment, the soil must reach out to grab the thousands of hands within our own Queen!

However, the body of the thousand-handles disappeared, and it was used to take advantage of the flying thunder, so that the palm of Unexpello belt was in the air.

A Yuxi Bo and the Thousand Hands of War are again reproduced here!

One side of the Yuxi Bo belt has a five-minute invincible time of the Shenwei Pupil and Yicheng. The other is the unstead of unsatisfied and infinite Chakra.

If so, I don't know when I will have a result, but the big snake pill has added a sentence: "Second generation of fire, I have a lot of intelligence about Uki Boi!"

"…give me!"

Thousands of hands are tonized, and they will receive it all over.

Of course, after receiving the intelligence of Udi Wazi, the thousand hands is still open, and the big snake pill is opened: "Your evil ghost is not a good thing!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha…"

The heart of the big snake pill is extremely good. He didn't care about the thousand hand, just looked at Yuxi Bo Tong Road: "With the soil, let me remind you that even if the montage, the dirt is also willing. Continue to run! "

"Reassured, I will solve this old thing in Qianli!"

Yuxi Bo is cold and coldly looked at the big snake pill. He understood the meaning of the big snake pill, just cold channel: "After I solved him, come to you again!"

Five minutes later.

The invincible time of Yi Evil is over, and Yisi Bo has not encountered the body of thousands of hands. His forehead gradually begins to appear cold sweat.

Yisi Bo belt is finally aware of a problem. Unexpectedly, Yisi and Yisha Waiti always ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,, ,, ,, ,,, ,,,

In particular, the thousands of hands after returning, it is estimated that it is difficult to get wrap better than he is alive!

After ten seconds.

Yischo has finally found a chance. In the foot of a flying god, he grabbed the shoulders of the thousand hands. The kaleidoscope was mad, and they would try to put the thousand-handed revenue!

"Little ghost, why do you know why the old man will develop a reflow?"

The thousands of hands are not afraid, and a detonator has dropped from his body: "Because it is only a non-dead body, it can cooperate with each other's use!"


A heavenly crackdown explosion is in the ear of everyone!

Even if it is a big snake, there is a little obvious, even if he has already been ambiguous, it is also hurting each other.

When the pharmacist watched the shock of the explosion, he had a golden shield on his body, so that he was a little a little, it seems that his true boss did not intend to abandon him.

How can I give up the pharmacist's so useful chess pieces.

As for the positive Unexpello, even if he interrupted the Shenwei space, let himself be in the blurred state, still blown half of the body by the first wave of detonators.

The most trouble is, this time he has no evil!

After a long time.

The whole earth was blown up a big pit by the multi-handed mutual explosion, showing the darkness of the underground denseness, and even some vads.

After all, under such a great explosion, even if it is the original navigation, I use a defersalive skill. How can someone watching the lively white?

The body is slowly recovering, and Yisi Bo has a scar, and it seems that the defeat has been set. dead.

The big snake pills he suffered from the seriously injured, spit another self, and recovered all his injuries with the replacement of the big snake.

Since it laid a winning party, the big snake pill is inevitably smiled and smiled. "It seems that everything is not exceeded."

"It's a battle that exceeds expected!"

A familiar voice makes the big snake pills!

The eyes of the big snake pills fiercely looked at a ruins. The idea of ​​the proud of the face, the expression on the face gradually downs: "Shangyuan Na, how can you here!"

"If not my words, how can you appear here?"

Shangyuan Na Rouked opened the crusher collapsed in the cave, slowly climbed up, showing a ridiculous battlefield, and the eyes slowly stopped on the body of Yuxi Bo: "Advance the order of the seniors, killing the wooden spy Yuxi wave belt ... "

This sentence has a summit, so that there is a person who is in the hearts of all people!

"Whatki Wood Leaf Spy!"

Yu Zhio, who is lying on the ground, has changed his eyes, and looks at the original navigation and asked: "Shangyuan Na, this is really a quotable conspiracy? Do you want to betray me!"


Yizhi Board's heart fell!

He didn't choose to use his own Shenwei kaleidoscope, because he knew that the original navigation was nearby, perhaps the original navigation to save him!

Unexpectedly, the original Nairou is actually killing him!

"Maybe because you always have enough accidents?"

Shangyuan Na was squatted, and he smiled and smiled his mouth: "The predecessors, the times have changed, you have no use value."

The main line task progress of the Shangyuan did not move forward for Unexpello, which means that Unexpello has no use.

Yushi Board can die.

However, the identity of Urcho belt can continue to use.

A handle is not suddenly shot to the original navigation!

"Fei Lead!"

The figure of the thousand hand is tight as the bitterness appears to be around the original Needle, and I can't pierce my body!

Although the second-generation rigid shadow did not know the specific identity of the original Nair, he once saw the original navigation and killing the day, it must be the enemy of the wooden leaves!


The brain of the thousand hand is broken by Shangyuan, and it is not a few dust debris!

"Don't use this trick in front of me?"

Shang Nai fell to shoot the ashes in his hand, looked at the big Snake Pill: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, tube, after all, there is still a arrears, don't add too much to yourself. Interest! "