I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 165 Yuxi Board is dead (three more delivery, seeking subscription!)

too fast!

The speed of Shangyuan Na is too fast!

Even if the big snake pill also clearly saw the speed of the original navigation, it seems to be twice as fast as the past, and even the residual shadow could not capture, and they saw the brain of the thousand hands. !

After the Big Snake Pill slowly stepped back, when I just wanted to leave here, I came to the original Needle and said that he called him: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, you don't have to escape, you go to the underground recovery a few orally do your own experimental materials Let's! "

After a while, these trees will be upgraded to the top, and the future tolerance Wars still need anything about it. He can play 100,000 alone!

However, these white will not die, as long as the white body can use spores, it can be re-split.


After the big snake pill, I was surprised to see a painful pocket. Why did some surprises this guy lives in an explosion.

However, Shang Nai suddenly said a sentence: "Right, big snake pill, your pharmacist, I like it, it is better to treat him as my arrears, after all, I have also saved him!"

" ..."

After the big snake pill laughed, don't even see the pharmacist, I saw that the pharmacist took a little bit, and the big snake pills showed their loyalty.

After completing this action, the pharmacist pushed his own glasses and replied: "If it is a good loyalty, I have always been very willing ..."

"Ha ha…!"

Shangyuan Nair is not laughing, and the waving to tell them to a busy thing, the big snake pill is also undetective, directly accepting the .

After all, I will go to this guy, typically eat soft and hard.

Big Snake Pills believe that he has long seen the essence of Shangyuan Nae, and he must learn from the idiot. After the future, it will become strong, and then a pen will take the past. come back!

Shangyuan Nairu is also too lazy to pay attention to the big snake pill, and the body is falling around Uzhi Bo, looking at his injury, it looks that the body of the belongs has been devastated in two degrees. If it is not re-transplanted, it will not be recovered.

The original Nairou reached his palm, grabbed the written eye in Yisi Board, but saw his palm of the air!

The land is still trying to maintain the blunt of the Shenwei.

Shangji, I watched the eyes of Yuxi Bo belt unyielding. The mouth was slightly revealed: "Don't resist it, with the territory, this injury you can't support too long, it is better to give me your writing. "

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yisi Board's mouth was infiltrated with blood, and he looked at the original navigation of his teeth: "Is it chosen?"

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, after thinking about a while, identifying that Unexpello belt will definitely not escape his hand.

After all, he has a destiny skill, and it is ready to survey the position of Unexpello.

"You are wrong, with the predecessors."

When I arrived, I shook my head, whispered: "It's not chosen, but I chose it!"

"What do you mean?"

Yuxi Board's eyes showed a wonderful doubt.

Shangji wrinkled his own brow, watching the eyes of Unechebra, there is a little disappointing: "You don't have the forents!"


Yuxi Bo belt soed as anger.

In this life, he is always insulted for IQ. I didn't expect to be insulted by a little ghost!

"I have already checked everything,"

Shangqi Naqi came down, a word asked: "But what do I tell you? If I tell you the true plan, will you take the initiative to give me the god?"

"Do you think I will have another choice?"


Shangji nodded, laughed: "You can launch Yi Evone to escape, and then have been chasing it, so your eyes will be abolished."

"Tell me the truth!"

Yuxi Bo belt with soil and slammed the ground. Only one of the best eyes gradually said: "Even if I launched Yi Evil, it is impossible to escape too far ... I want to know the so-called truth!"

"The truth is ... Everything is fake."

Shangyuan Needo slowly close to Uzhi Bo, and laughed: "The unsatisfactory is all fake, Yisi Bume is also fake ... Month eye plan is not used to create a world, but will completely Destroy this world and erase everything in this world.

Have you seen the underground? That is what I used to be human! The moon is planning to turn all people into white, let them forget all the past, and become such war weapons without brains.

There is no so-called world that will never sleep in a dream, just will gradually die in a sleeping dream, there is no soul. "

After that, Shangyuan Na will add another: "Oh, there will be a little woman who has a little bit of taste."


Yuxi Bo has fallen into silence. This is something chaotic. He reluctantly understands some of them, but the last sentence is somewhat can't understand.

There is no doubt that the black and Yuxi shi defraud him.

Or,, black, deceived him and Yu Zhibo spots.

In any case, the messenger plan is a virtual dream, it is impossible to bring permanent peace to the endurance, but permanently silent.

What is the meaning of everything he did?

Then why should he stay in this world!

Shang Nai is looking at the expression of Unechyo, and it is not concerned, but she is thinking about him. Anyway, he has told the truth of the belt.

In order to be afraid that Unechebra has reverse regrets, Shangyuan Na will turn to threaten: "Yes, with the predecessors, don't lie to me, otherwise I will let the big snake pills reincarnate out of the wild, so that you are going to the pure land is not I can't I don't have her? The big snake pill is a very well-behaved guy. I will definitely listen to it. "


When Yishibo's face was suddenly changed, and the wildlin was his anti-scales, and he was in a narration of his death.

After a long time, Yuxi Bo will slowly open the mouth: "Due to trust you, tell you all things?"


Shangqi navigated his finger and whispered: "Black never trusts anyone, whether you are you, or Yisi Bao, or I, we are all the same, even if you squeeze it, just a host. "

"So where are you knowing the truth?"

Yuxi Bo has re-raised his head, and his eyes have a hint of hope: "Is your purpose to destroy the black plan?"

"If it is the ultimate goal, you can understand it."

Shangyuan Nair laughed and took a noddation, continued: "Senior, we don't have to waste time again?"

At the last naval, I looked at the eyes of Yuxi Bo, whispered: "Your eyes are very beautiful, I will make people use this eye, not to humiliate not your reputation."

This eye may be handed over to the pharmacist.

As long as the pharmacist is moved by the alley, the power of the kaleidoscope can be used to write the power of the å .

Yuxi Bo has slowly asked: "I still have the last condition ..."

"Don't mention too much condition."

Shang Qi Nai rose a finger shake, soft: "I am not in my writing, and even I don't need to care about your opinion, if you refuse to give my write wheel. I will not care. "

"This condition is simple ..."

Yuxi wave looked at the original navigation, the voice gradually weak, even the original navigation was close to him to hear: "That is ... you die!"

Yuxi Board's residual palm is close to the body of ä, and it is necessary to income him within the midnual space!

Before dying, Yisi Board has already wondered.

The original Nairou is a guy who is not in the black, obviously a bigger conspiracy is still hidden than the black, and this dehman has always been very good. It is clear that everyone!

The scourge you can bring by the original Needle, bigger than the black!

Before dying, he wanted to remove this little ghost, even if he was a threat to the translusion control of the wilderness of the wild, he also used his final power to solve the original navigation!


Shangyuan Na will slowly look at the crazy smile on the face of Unexpello, and let him incorporated him from the madness of the land.

The midst of Shenwei space.

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, launched his own time and space, "" time and space break! "

This is the reward that he got when he defeated the village group, and the role was able to let himself return to the position and state before four seconds, and form a space explosion.

Next, his bodybursement made a light blue ray, suddenly flashing out of the Qiwei space and returned to the previous position.

Yizhi Board did not dare to reply to the appearance of Shangyuan Na, his body was almost broken into a mess!

Yishibo has strongly supports his spirit, and his face is slowly and gloomy: "Even Shen Wei can't limit your strength, your little ghost is really able to hide your strength!"

"I never thought hidden, but I didn't expect you to use it so unused, even the thousand-handed rooms can't beat ..."

Shangqi Nae returned to the neck of Unecage Board, ignored the eyes of Hiwa's hidden eye, unscrewed his neck in one hand, and smashed his hand on his hand.

After you finished this, I was looking at the bodies of the belt to smile: "I almost forgot to tell him, although I promised not to resurrect wild, I have no promise. If you don't use it, you will be reincarnate. Enjoy it for a while! Wait until I launched the War of Incendat, I can't leave the help! "