I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 166 Big Snake Pill, I know your secret!

Yusi Bo is dead.

Although his flesh is already dead, his spirit will live in the endurance land, continue to ruin his reputation in the endurance.

Yuxi Bo will continue to be active in the endurance like a ghost, and take a black pot from time to time.

Is this because of the fruit wheel?

Yuxi Board has been in the name of Unexpell, and the bad thing is doing it.

Nowadays, I also have a bad thing to do with his name.

Shangyuan Naou shizes the body of Yischo belt soil, I plan to give the pharmacist for a while, let the pharmacist to choose whether to transplant his kaleidoscope.

It's time to receive rewards!

Yisi Bo belt soil as an anti-sent appearance can be more than the last two major anti-Zhimbo spots and big torch!

The four Yuxi Bo left in the endurance, the popularity is not low, and the task reward should be very rich.

Branch mission: Beat Unexpell Belt (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills to return to the desperate situation.

Roundback Desperate: Create an absolutely closed space area, put the goals and yourself to the space area, conduct a one-to-one battle, can be initiated, the skill consumption Chakra 100 points, the skill cooling time is 56 seconds.

This skill is a bit like Hui Yi's sky, which seems to be a person who specializes in time space surgery, and he finally has a Ninja that can limit the flying thunder.

It is a pity that the Ninja, which is good at flying thunders is dead.

This makes people feel very subtle.

If there is a day of the big snake pill, the second-generation rigs and the four-generation rigs, two flying thunder, he will give a big surprise to the big snake pill!

However, compare this reward, the next reward is clearly shaking the eyes of the original naval, and the Yisi Bo belt soes are more exciting ...

Branch mission: kill Unexpello (11), the task has been completed, reward hidden inheritance tasks.

Hide inheritance tasks: justice will be extended. Say a correct name.

The mood of Shangyuan Nae is gradually excited, and the palm is even faintly trembled. After seeing this line, he has guessed what he has to get.

"Virtual and unbeasy Casassin!"

The original Nairies said this name almost no doubt, because he already knows how rich rewards he got!

The task has been completed.

Heroes inherit open, void walker Cassin.

Virtual without serving: launching a virtual noble to the target, prohibiting the target for 3 seconds, using any tissue, skill consumption Chakra 70 points, skill cooling time 4 seconds.

Void Blade: Get a blade of Chakra condensation, after using the blade of the void, you will absorb 20% of the existing Chakra energy in the enemy body, the skill cooling time is not, the skill consumption Chakra is not.

Void walking: By passing the space to the target area, the longer the transfer distance, the consumption of Chakra, the minimum skill is 50 points, and the skill cooling time is 2 seconds.

From now on, other skills should be lost, such as! The waste skills of the twilled, all into the trash!

What is this god inheritance!

Mom, from today, don't want to speak loudly!

Nowadays, after Unexpello belt, it naturally needs to solve the other person in the field. As long as the big snake pill is willing to hand over some of his own tissue, ask if the pharmacist can get the power of the big snake pill ...

If you can, you will solve the big snake pills on the spot!

Since then, the pharmacist has a person to shoulder the position of the big snake flow and the duties of Urcho.

There is also a need to solve another trouble before that.

Under the bottom of the bottom of the end of 10,000 per hour.

Shangqi Nai flying fell around the big snake pill and pharmacist, these two people have made a few trees, but they still feel that they are not enough, obviously express some unexpected greed.

This is also normal.

A scientist discovered a treasure of treasures sufficient to change world science. Naturally, I can't wait to revenue my own bag, and take it to do a variety of messy experiments.

"Okay, don't pick it."

Shangqi Naqi flying in their middle, laughing and opening: "There is no chance after the future, you just bring a few, after going back, after changing, they will recover from the sleep."

"is it?"

When the big snake pill is palm, he can't stand it, a light blue Chakra is playing in his temporary, looking at some fathers.

After that, after I finished, I watched the actions of the big snake pills and couldn't help but attach it to the opening: "Don't let them recover now, otherwise I have to handle them. If you kill it too smooth, It may also handle you ... "


The big snake pill stopped his palm, turned to look at the original Nairi smiled and said: "Nairu, it seems that we have reached the purpose, you killed Unexpello, I got a white, happy, I will say this. "

"what are you thinking?"

On the shoulder of the big snake pill, the palm suddenly took the shoulders of the big snake pill and smiled: "Do you forget what you owe me?"

Shang Nai, the palm of his hand continued to increase his strength, his smile gradually began to be a horrible: "There is no one who can owe me, and I still want to arrear, I will kill you now, six cactors Also can't stay your life! "

"Needar, please let go of the big snake pill, there is any problem, we can discuss it!"

The pharmacist has been nervously extended out of his palm, and the light green floating in Chakra surgery is in his palm. He seems to want to make an eager to save the big snake pill.

Shangyuan Na was rushing to the pharmacist next to him, laughed: "Pocket, your strength can have no way to save your big snake pill, want to save him, otherwise, what will be today You die here! "

"Pocket, stop!"

The big snake pill waved the movement of the pharmacist.

The big snake pill is very clear, with the power of the pharmacist wants to counter the original navigation, almost equivalent to the idiotic dream.

However, the heart of the big snake will be a bit gratifying.

At least the pharmacist is still willing to desperately desperately.

The smile on the face of the big snake pill is unchanged. Let the shoulders are taken out of the blood, looked at the original whisper: "But I am in a hurry, you have to bring it on your body ..."

"Then you start writing now!"

Shangji opened his palm, slowly opened: "I don't want you to prepare for you? Write it with your own blood!"


Even if the conservation of the big snake pill is good, his eyes are also faint, forced him to use his own blood to write tolerance reel ...

Can you do this?

He can be a wooden leaf, how can he be bullied!

The most important thing is that there is no corpse to reincarnate and the bleeding can be the foundation of Big Snake Pills, how can it be so easy to take away!

Big snake pill did not expect to write a fake scribe to scam the original navigation.

The finger of the big snake pill is quietly closed in the wide sleeve. It is intended to summon the first generation of the first generation and the second-generation rigid and the original navigation.

"Do you want to desperate?"

Shangqi nesting his fingers, knead his wrist, and put on the palm of the big snake pill, there is some Chinese: "Hey, don't make trouble, otherwise I will pull your head and pull it out. Royal hand washing red beans ... "


What is the logic?

The original Nairi is still very easy to understand, what is the meaning of the following sentence, what is the matter between them, what is going to kill red beans?

Unless the original na, the bastard knows the secret ...

"The curse of the sky."

Shangqi Nairou is a little near the big snake pill, laughing: "I found a very interesting secret when I met her last time. Her heavens have your soul fragment, I am right?" "


The big snake pill slowly closed his eyes.

Although the big snake pills have not been made to wash the name of the disciple, it is just his camouflage, no one wants to live more than a long time than the big snake pill.

Because the red bean has his curse of his day.

The strength of the curse of the sky is unable to be completely sealed.

The curse of the sky can let him return to the dead, and let him return to the day of the sky, and slowly accumulate enough Chakra again, let him resurrect again.

This time may be very long, but it is the safest way.

Everyone thinks that the curse of the sky is a symbol of the evil power of the big snake pill, actually the resurrection of his proud.

When the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, I can't wait to unload eight teachers, but I don't know that I don't know that I have the key to carrying the reunion of the big snake pill.

This is the biggest secret of the big snake.

In the next moment, the big snake pill slowly opened his eyes, and he looked at the Shangyuan Naja next to him. He gradually became a little cold: "Shangyuan Na, you know too much ..."

A person who knows too many secrets is not too long!

Shangji opened his palm, hook his mouth, and smiled: "Yes, but how do you take me again?"


The big snake pill bit his teeth and thought that he killed the possibility of this king, the strength of the king, the strength of the first generation, the strength of the second-generation, but the strength did not reach the peak, I want to kill it directly to kill the original navigation The possibility is minimal.

Even the second-generation fire shadow has a flying thunder, you can chase the Shangyuan, but just in his performance, some of them makes it difficult ...

As for this kind of suicide means of explosion, Shangyuan Nair has been personally invalid to him.

And the original king's eight eggs use each other to explode more proficient than they are more proficient.

Plus, there is a spirit of the spirit of the soul, especially the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The expression of the big snake pill gradually became loose.

Even if the original like a chance to escape and even the chance of killing in the battle, he can't choose to turn his face.

Of course, if the big snake pill really tries, perhaps he will find that the probability of winning the original naval between the killer and the killer is also minimal.

After a moment, the big snake's face was squeezed out again: "Nair Loujun, what you want to say before?"

"Hey, big snake pills, do you know which point I like most?"

Shangyuan Needan to know that the big snake pills agreed to compromise, he slowly extended his hand to shoot the cheeks of the big snake pill, as if a bully is general, smile and praise: "Job, more than anyone."