I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 168 talks about what love, is there a black hand after being a scene? (San More sent! Subscribe!)

I was broken.

The first thought of the big snake pill is this.

This is not too reasonable. After all, these ban have been banned in the banned room of the wooden leaf, never seen it, the original Naja is just a ninja of the country. How did he know how to break?

Just as the big snake pill began to suspect the drug teacher, I saw that the pharmacist suddenly opened: "Needar, the big snake pill has given the ban, if you suspect that our words, there should be this transaction ..."

"I have no doubts!"

At the last naval, I looked at the big snake pills and smiled: "I just let Mr. Big Snake Pills help me experiment, is there any problem?"

"Forget it."

After the big snake pills, after the bore of the big snake, he slowly looked up and looked at Shangji Na. Chakra can't control them. "

Shang Nai's face was stunned, suddenly laughed: "It doesn't matter, I can kill my pocket now, let you come to Huho to show his blood, until now, you still have a hard, then let me see Let's! "

"I can come by myself!"

The pharmacist took the original navigation, pushing his own glasses, holding his Chakra surgery knife, ready to cut its own throat.

"Stop, pocket!"

The face of the big snake pills stopped the pharmacist.

Because the scroll is originally fake, once he really uses a corpse to seize the printed gesture, it will ultimately reveal the stuff.

If the big snake pill is finally gotting to turn his face, it is still a life of the pocket, which will let himself lose a very natural medical ninja.

"Playing, then play!"

Shangqi Nai Lu laughed and looked at the big snake pills and continued: "Are you not telling me that this is a refrigeration?"

When I said, the smile on the face was in the face of the face, and a punch was smashed by the big snake pills, smashing the ground under his body!

Shangyuan Nair's face is like a clear ice, cold channel: "The big snake pill, the most important thing is to reputation! There is no contract spirit, how can you in the endurance? Even my young people are cheating, you are still people! "


The big snake pills have seen the original navigation.

How do this little king eight eggs say this?

It is obviously the last navigation of this bastard to force him this old man!

The big snake pill is cold and coldly looked at the original navigation: "If you don't want to ask my research results, I will not choose to lie to you."

After the expression on the face, the expression on the face was stiff after a second, Shen Sheng: "I can kill you and stop your resurrection!"

This sentence directly killed the big snake pill.

After a while, the big snake pill shook his head, some feelings of sadness: "Nair Loujun, a proud of a priest, for a ninja, more than his life ..."

The sound of the big snake said even trembled when it was last.

At this time, the big snake pill actually had some helplessness of the old man.

Shangyuan Nairies even think is that it has always been forcing the big snake pills too tight, this will not be a little too much ...

After a long time.

Shangqi Needressed out his palm, pulling the big snake pill, helping him to shoot the mud: "Okay, is it three banned psychic reels? No matter you are willing to pay Give me, anyway, I can kill you at any time. "


Does this guy really can't speak a sentence?

But it sounds like things, there is also a turn ...

Just as a bit of big snake pills, I have a little bit of a word. When I can't let go of the original Nai's heart, Shangyuan Na will continue to say: "Only you give me a reel, I will go to the future, I can continue to continue Research; if you don't give me the scroll, it will die now, and it is very miserable. "


The whole people don't know what to say, and the original neighbor is the heart of the iron.

It seems that I haven't mentioned it.

If you play, you have to take risks.

After all, there is a card under the end of the original, and even the battle will fight together. There is also a spirit of a punch.

The big snake pill sighed in a quiet place, looked at the parents, whispered: "Pocket, help me re-prepare three reels!"

"Yes, big snake pills."

The face of the pharmacist is very helpless.

The big snake pill is hard to force, once again cut your fingers, in one day, be sure to discuss the humiliation of today!

after an hour.

The three reels have fallen into the hands of Shangyuan Na.

Branch Task: Get eight-seipher (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Branch task: Get a non-corpse reincarnation (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Branch task: After obtaining the anti-translocking operation (11), the task has been completed, and the son of the prizes.

Son of death: Applying a death mark on the target head, slow harvesting the live energy of the goal until the target death; after the goal death, the soul of the slavery goals and the body continue to fight, the duration of 45 seconds, the skill consumption Chakra 100 points, skill cooling 60 seconds.

Big snake pills, their own tissue seem really unwelcome, the system only gives the minimum reward.

As for the son of death, this skill looks a bit of chicken ribs.

But if the slave is the physical and soul of the target, it is possible to make the goal to fight!

However, the original navigation has already hit the rogue, then this skill looks really a chicken rib!

The original Nairou took a hand and took a white, and Chakra in his hand entered the vitro of the vitro, so that this is only awakened.

Then, Shangyuan Nair took out the body of Unechyo, and took off the genitals of the genus of the genus.

Obviously, what he wants to do is ignorant.

The eyes of the big snake pills showed a hint of envy. He likes to collect any powerful ninja, although Yuxi Bo belt is not good, but no one will deny an Yisi Bo with a kaleidoscope.

"Oh, right."

Shangyuan Nai turned to the big Snake Pill: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, can you support me a coffin? By the way, give me a plum cell?"


When the melement of the big snake pill suddenly didn't look better, Shangyuan Na will take him what, have been this for him to win?

Half minutes.

After Shangyuan Nai Lu, the white in the mouth was injected into the column cells by the big snake pill, and successfully awakened the wood, this scene made the big snake spirit!

Unfortunately, this only awakened the white and the white is not too long.

The big snake pills clearly clear that I wanted to take this trend as a sacrifice, his face sorry: "A wooden rush, is it used as a sacrifice, is it unfortunate?"

"Only in this way can you make the strength of the villain!"

Shangji shook his head, slowly closing his palm, whispering: "If the power of scorpions is too powerful, it is easy to lose control, I certainly don't matter, but Mr. Big Snake Pill "


This issue does need to pay attention.

However, the last naval is clearly attacked in the speech. What do he gives to him, why do you want to humiliate him?

"Tolerance of the law"

Shangyuan Na's palm suddenly filled on the ground, only to see a striped spell quickly formed, appeared on the ground, and the body of Yuxi Bo belt soon was a group ash, and the package was wrapped out of the body!

Among the pure land.

When Yishiwei's soul is still in a mistake, his soul suddenly floated and returned to Yangshi!

After a moment, Yishibo belt soil will re-resurrect with this.

It's just a few cracks on his face. This is not a matter of reincarnation and second-generation rigid and second-generation rigid shadows.

The pharmacist sent his own questions: "Is it not qualified as a sacrifice that is a vibration?"

"No, it is quite enough."

The eyes of the big snake flashed flashed a fanatic fever.

Because the previous sacrifices are not qualified, the first generation of fires and second-generation rigid shadows don't play all the strength, and their strength is restricted.

However, the white can make them play a lot of power. If they can use the power too much, there will be some cracks on the face.

These cracks indicate that their power is large enough, and even the most qualified materials cannot restore their full day!

Obviously, Unexpello belt strength is not weak.

The emotion of Unechyo, the soil-soil face after returning, perhaps because he has never had a double-eyed kaleidoscope writes the eyes, he still only has the gentlewriting eye and a general three hook jade eye.

Shangyuan Needs will inevitably feel some regrets.

Yisi Bo is cold and coldly looked at everyone, and smashed his fist: "Betting, dare to reincarnate to bother me and Lin! You promised me!"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, the will of Yisi Bo belt this guy is so amazing, almost have to break away from the shackles of the earth!

It is worthy of the ten tail of the history!

It's just a single love for a little girl, you can make your will so much!

Shangji ranked his fingers, concentrated on controlling Unexpello with his strong Chakra into the coffin, and ignored the expression of the earth.

If you want to get rid of control, the debris must be strong enough to break freely, or so as strong to break free.

However, these premise is that the monoton does not compete with the control of the body.

If it is now replaced with a big snake pill, it is greatly possible to break freely with his will and strength, but unfortunately control him is the original navigation.

Shangqi brings the coffin board, so that Yuxi Bo has fallen into the sleep, and shooting the coffin sighing a gap: "Let's talk about what love, concentrate on the scene behind the side, is it a black hand? ? "