I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 172 is so beautiful, there is no use!

Things are a little wonderful.

White Snake Cactus has been avoiding the evasion of the original Needle.

In the distance from the two people, there is only one thin white snake in the empty cave, and even one-piece bigger is enough to qualify for the long snake of the snake snake.

In the hands of Shangyuan Na, a fireball suddenly slammed a fireball, and the road was shot to the front, and he also pushed a group of small white snakes.

"What does it mean by white snake cactus?"

The look of Shangyuan Nae is getting better and better. His eyes revealed a golden color, and instantly opened everything nearby.

Shangqi Nairou looked at the small white snake swims to the cave, cold channel: "Even if the dragon cave does not welcome me, at least the snake is going to say? There is no reason, how do I think about it directly to face!"


The brow of the big snake pill is also slightly frowned.

To tell the truth, the big snake pill is also very curious.

However, at this time, a small white snake suddenly drilled out from the ground, climbed to his shoulders along the legs of the snake, and the snake core constantly spurted what.

The big snake pill looked at the little white snake on his body. The expression on his face was not very good. Obviously he understood the snake language that Xiaobai said.

"Let me drive this kid from the dragon hole?"

The big snake pill slowly turned his head to look at the Shangyuan Na, the eyes were slightly smoked. If he has this, he still uses the original navigation!

White snake cactus is clearly unclear!


Shangqi Nairou suddenly reached out the little white snake on the shoulders of the big snake, looked at the little things whispered, whispered: "Go to the White Snake cactus, it didn't come out to meet me, I don't have much respect for me, I want to Burn here! "


Next moment, this Sithers trembled small white snake momentum moment!

Just blinking, the long white snake, who has just been chopsticks, is actually a big python, and swallowed up a head of ten meters long.

This is really unscientific!


The original one punched on its head, and pulled this white giant's head with a huge deep pit. I was killed in an instant!

Shangyuan Na will go to the blood in his hand, and hooked his mouth: "Mr. Daba Pill, you saw it, this is the member of the dragon cave attack me first."


What is the truth of this fuck?

A guy who speaks such a arrogant, the mouth is humiliated and white snake cactus, and the mouth is going to burn the dragon hole. Why do people don't attack you?

After the end of this sentence, a group of fog suddenly rose from the cave, and turned toward the direction of the original naval and the big snake pill.

"You kill him."

An old voice passed from the fog into the original naver.

In the next moment, the fog fog took out three thick pythons, and struggled to go through the original navigation, each python almost all the body of the talents!

Each python is as if the fragment is the same, and sometimes the time is dissipated, and people can see some tongue!

Obviously these three pythons are not very general, should it be what to do in the Dragon Dragon Cave?

"It's stealth ... Void Blade!"

Shangyuan Na's mouth revealed a mysterious smile, slowly extended his palm, and a very irregular virtual blade appeared in his hand.

"Virtue Walk!"

Shangyuan Na's figure disappeared, suddenly appeared on the head of the giant pyth, slammed the blade of the void in his hand, and pierced into the brain of the giant pyth!

I saw that the scales on the head of this big pyth were extremely hard, and they were even in the blade of the empty, and they could only pierce a little, so that the original neck is slightly surprised.

The other two giants found his traces. After the figure was instantly invisible, the next moment of the big pyth, there was a top of the Shang, and the Zhang Dou would be swallowed into the outside!

"I am like! Smoke! Cactus mode · Open!"

After the smog dissipates, Shangyuan Na will quickly add his own Chakra. When Chacra energy and natural energy are consistent, the immortal mode is opened in an instant!

The two pairs of white wings have appeared from the back of the Shangyuan Na. His life energy is directly bursting. Whether it is strength or speed is far from these giants caught!


The rain falls!

A python was taken by the original naval.

Juli made this giant's body directly collapsed, and the sprouts showed a rift, and the blood wrapped out from the crack, letting it have a bloody, and it is not long.


The rest of the two giants have almost mad, and they will come over again, but their body is still moving when they are still stealth!

"Stop it."

The old voice came again from the fog.

Two giants are like a heart, I looked back at the fog, and I looked at the Shangyuan Naji of the four-wing in front of him. After all, I was unwilling to go.

Dashan Pill saw this scene, laughed and said: "I thought Neuri will kill them! At the beginning, I didn't eat their sufferings when I was in the dragon."

"Hey, these are all my future."

Shangyuan Nai's wings are swearing on their side, laughing: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, you don't say, as long as I win the white snake cactus, will it recognize me to be the master?"


The face of the big snake pill is suddenly stiff.

However, the fog in the cave suddenly changed sharply, and it is a personal clear owner that the owner of this road cave is now very angry.

Just don't know who it is rushing.

After a moment, the fog finally stabilized, gradually spread, and wrapped around the original naval and the big snake pill.

Then, this group of fog slowly dissipates.

Shangyuan Nai looked up around, I saw that they were already in an old tall temple, while the seat above the temple was on a huge white phosphorus big snake.

The body of this white phosphorus, the huge seat can only put it down some of the body, and its whole body spreads the whole temple, and even reached out of the temple, it can't see its true body. how long.

On the top of this white phosphorus, it is a horrible huge beast, and the mouth of the beast face is a huge reel.

The reel is written on the dragon hole.

The white snake cactus on the seat slammed the original navigation, and he slowly climbed it slowly, and he was jealous: "The new cacto? Is there a new fairy family? Do you want to challenge the power of the dragon hole?"

Since the millennium, there have been struggles in the three holy land.

In the strict sense, the wet bone forest is listed, and it is estimated that in addition to the Dragon Dragon Cave, the fairy fairy of the Miao Mountain, no wet bones of the cactus.

Only the soups of Miao Mountain and the snakes of the Dragon Cave will often play.

They are mainly to rob rich natural energy sites. For example, ..

The White Snake Cactus saw the original nectarian model. It is approximate that the original Nair is coming to grab the natural energy of the Dragon Cave.

The white phosphorus pills on the seat were slowly raised, and the big snake pills on the ground: "Big snake pills, I have given you the opportunity to sign the dragon's blood, the championship, the result of you But other immortal family attacking the dragon ... "

"Please let me explain."

The big snake pill smiled and opened his palm and shocked his eyes.

Originally, he has already considered an overate the strength of the original navigation. I didn't expect it to be over from it. This little ghost actually cultivated into a fairy model!

Even a group outside of the three major holy sites!

This seems to be normal, after all, the original naval, this family, there is a lot of powerful spiritual beasts!

Big snake pills are in their own emotions, continue to disaster the water management plan: "White Snake cactus, that is just a joke, the original navigation around me is a very try to challenge the genius of the white snake cactus, so I only take him. to here."

"No, I just want the Tongling contract of the dragon hole."

After the arrival of the Nairi, he slowly lifted his head to the top of the white snake cactus. The reward of the spiritual contract is definitely low!


The smile of the big snake pill is stiff on his face.

What is the meaning of this little egg? Is it because I can't think of the white snake cactus, when I am going to the eye, I have to pit him?

Is it always what this person is?

Shang Nai, I saw that the expression of the big snake pill was a bit collapsed. After laughing, the expression on the face gradually seriously: "Well, I am joking, the Dragon Cave of the Dragon Cave I want, the peak of the white snake cactus Beast, I have to! "

"The new blends always don't say so much ..."

The white snake cacto slowly returned to his seat, and its voice gradually lowered, and it did not respond.

Next second, I only see the topography of the entire area!

Shangji raised his head, only seeing this temple actually gave birth to countless sharp stuns, speeding up quickly, the most important thing is that this small area is not allowed to have the original one. point!

this is…

At the moment, I appeared in the hands of the empty blade in my hand, and I slammed a stab, but I still can't stop the formation of these stab!

Even the big snake pills are all thoroughly controlled.

Even if you have a ribbles, yourself is a sturdy.

It's just that its body can change at any time, and when it is time, it becomes smaller, and the dead jungle created by this stab!

"Immortal · Inorganic Rehabilitation."

The white snake cactus opened his eyes, and he opened his eyes and slowly swallowed: "Everything here is controlled, and there is no advantage, the little ghost, say your group!"

This sentence is not not based.

The dragon cave originally the Hui Snake cactus.

Here is the area that is best for it, no one can defeat it here, even if it is restrained, it can't do it!

"Fire · Flamestorm!"

A group of flames appeared in the hands of Shangyuan Na, burning the stabbed thorn, but these stab can't burn, still unable to change the battle!

A bit great!

If you have not remembering the wrong, the history of Chinese medicine teachers can also use the fairy law. Inorganic reincarnation, but it seems that there is no powerful force, and now it seems that the pharmacist has a good dish, and the white snake cactus inorganic reincarnation is too too much.

The inorganic reincarnation of the White Snake Cactus makes the original navigation and even a foot point can't be found. Even the stabs of these inorganic manufacturing are destroyed, they will regenerate faster.

Shangqi Luo fly quickly opened the Janarian moment, the golden mask instantly blocked a group of dense springs, couldn't help but frown.

Shangji arrived at the palm of the white snake fairy, a chain slammed between one person and a snake, and the original Nairou simply used his own way to steal the white snake cactoscope, see if there is any way to crack .

However, after the original navigation, he had to see the stylus of the stealing, it was necessary to directly swear the skills, why he steals the white snake cactus, it turned out to observe the skills of observing the history of the end of the past.

This fuck has a fart!

The novel is not said to the door, but the most important co-wood is a child, and the top is still a clear.

Void walk!

Shangyuan Na's body disappeared, and he appeared in the cave outside the temple. However, the entire cave has also been covered by densely numb!

The original Nairou can only waive the blade of the void for yourself, and he has finally got a full look of the White Snake Cactus.

A white phosphorus big snake that can't be seen at all!

Moreover, this white snake's body is fast and swim, and when the body is expanded, it will be reduced, and even when you pass the stab, it will also make a fog!

How do you play this?

Shangnai is not good.

The battlefield was unfavorable, and the White Snake cacto can walk in the jungle of the dragon cave, but the Shangyuan Needle is still needed to open up one place in itself with the blade of the void.

Even if he can't cancel the invincible of the Justice, otherwise it will be penetrated by countless thorn!

The White Snake Cactus did not play all the strengths, just used a sound inorganic reincarnation to give the inorganic life, and manipulated them to attack, let Shangji na will fall directly into a disadvantage.

Mom, change the battlefield, this trick is too annoyed.

"Establish, little ghost."

The white snake cactus slowly wrapped around a stab, and said that the sound said: "The little ghost tells me your ethnic name, I can see the new ethnic group, forgive your life."

"Hehe ... a long insembly."

Shangji rangly raised his head and looked at the white snake cactus, closing his palms and whispered: "Treatment of Tongling!"

This time he still tried to get out of Gario.

The white snake fairy shook his head and whispered: "The natural energy of the dragon cooker is too rich, and there is a psychic restriction of the psychic restrictions. In addition to the snake creature, any other tiery beasts cannot arrive here ..."

as expected.

Shangyuan Needle couldn't help but frown, white and white wasted Chakra, but did not see Gario's trace, and the white snake cactus should be more powerful, and even the spirit beast can't cross it!

Fortunately, he really has a snake spirit.

Ok, if the snake can eat snakes.

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

Shangyuan Nair is not anxious, but it is only to show his own spiritual surgery: "Let me see how beautiful the skin of the soul lotus!"

A smoke sounded.

A beautiful white tail slammed a stunger, a hidden female voice suddenly appeared in the Longfen Cave: "The environment here is really suitable for me!"

Shangyuan Nai can not stand up and look at it. I saw a lavender graceful robe in the eye, wrapped a delicate and exquisite body.

A woman tangled his mouth and smile, her face made people who want to find a word to describe, sexy, sultry, attractive?

Unfortunately, her lower body is a snake!

Magic Snake is the cards of Casio Poe (Soul Lotus)!

Shangji Looking at her body, there is a certain regret, but I can't help but remember two men, a surname, a surname.

How can this haird?

But now I can go out.

Shangyuan Nairi is finally loose, it seems that Casio Peya will not weaken, after all, is also a high-consuming Chakra, which is as high as Kario, can be psyken.

The expression of the whole person in the next second is collapsed!

The White Snake Cactus just looked at the virgin beasts of the original navigation. When the countless stripped spun penetrated the body of Casio Peya, directly spreading this new snake female to a smog.

Shangji, I watched the snake woman's tempting posture, and her face suddenly turned down: "So more Chakra Tong spirit came out, there is no different resistance, and I can't help it in the battle, let you Can you come out? "