I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 174 I am not killed, is very disappointed? (Third, there are two more afternoon)

Big snake pill guess is right.

The White Snake Cairy has a huge Xianli Chakra, plus the rich natural energy of the dragon hole, enough to make it in the inorganic material, which means that the original naval has not attacked the true body of the White Snake. .

The big snake will laugh and open the mouth: "The inorganic matter on the White Snake cacto is both a matter of material, and it is also a pure life. What can I don't effect?

"I understand, then it is destroyed!"

Shangqi Needan Hei took a sigh of relief, looking at the white snake cactus to patrol the snake body, and even now I hope that the end of the White Snake cactus is still the end of the dragon, is there a long, the Bai Snake cactus is estimated. ?

Life form energy rays!

Shangqi Nai faihily closed his palm, a purple energy ray sprayed from his binocular, this time, there is no skill, this time has played a huge power!

Inorganic reincarnation can give life for inorganic, and the energy rays of the original Naida can directly decompose all life!

When the purple energy was shot into the white snake cactus, they actually started to decompose the fog of it. This scene made the white snake fairy body shape!

"It's really a big ghost!"

Next, the white snake cacto turned an instant to countless thin white snakes, and the swims of the dragon caves were swim. Even the purple energy rays were strong, and they couldn't kill all the white snakes. Don't say to find a white snake cactus. Truth.

Just as the original naval is going to destroy the entire dragon hole with life-saving energy rays, when digging out the white snake cactus, only the thorns in the dragon cave faded!

A reel suddenly rolled out.

Obviously it is the psychic contract scroll of the dragon cooker.

This scene can see the original naval and big snake pill eyelids.

This fucking is what ghosts, when I have a chance to defeat the white snake cactus, it actually got it? How can it notice!

This trousers are taken off!

No, this is the original navigation to start preparing for a long time. As a result, the White Snake Cactus gives up?

One of your top three holy places!

"You want the spiritual contract scroll."

The cave reached out a old voice.

After the arrival of the Tong Ling contract reel, he suddenly opened the eyebrows and suddenly asked: "The spirit of the spirit I want is not a waste of Wan snake!"

"I know."

The white snake cactus hidden in the depths of the cave responded: "If it is your psychic, I can use the real body to help you fight."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."


This is too out of the way!

One of the three major cactors, just like to become a spirit beast of Shangyuan Na, your dignity is not?

" ..."

The laughter of the White Snake Cactus came out: "Snake creature is not always in the vision? Since you have a hurt my means, I don't have to waste my energy and continue to fight."

Obviously the White Snake cactors don't care about dignity.

Since I can't overcome the original navigation, even the original navigation and the means of fighting it, it chooses no longer arifting.

As long as it will not harm its life, it doesn't care into the top of the Shangyuan, this is very similar to the big snake pill, should it be true?

The most important reason is that the Bai Snake cactus is a millennium practice to use the inorganic package to be so big, just for a spiritual contract, it is not necessary to waste your own Xianke Chakra.

In case, there is a crisis that has been destroyed in the next day, and the power of a little bit may help it escape from birth.

This is the thinking of the snake.


Last Nai, I bite my fingertips. I wrote my name on the Psychic contract scroll, and laughed and continued: "Yes, there is something to find you when you look for you."

This matter, of course, the pharmacist is just a way to learn the cactus mode.

Branch Task: Get the Dragon Tong Dynasty Tongling Contract (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the Psychic Contract Yuan Dragon.

Tongling Contract: Summon from the ancient dragon, consume 1,hand Ketracra 1000 points.

This reward made the original navigation, and this Yuan Gu Yanlong is the ancient dragon he understands? Is that the kind of wings that can fly a few turns?

Up to the first time, I saw the spiritual beast that I could go out with Xianke Chakra. There is no other way to say that at least one of the more handsome spirits than Kario is!

Strength, it is sure that it is hard to imagine!

When you capture the tail, you will directly pull the people who tailored the organization. Let's take the ancient dragon. Directly destroy the five major countries to rush to the village?

The only unfortunate thing is that Shangyuan Na's cactus is not advanced, but this is not anxious, waiting until the pharmacist cultivates successful dragon fairy fairy mode.

Shangji Nai felt satisfaction and fingertips to look at the big snake pill: "Mr. Big Snake, since the matter has been proper, then let's go!"

"…it is good!"

The big snake pill has a face fee to see an eye of the dragon.

Although he also worried that the White Snake Cactus killed him, now the White Snake Cactus is so bad, the big snake will be a little uncomfortable.

Because he remembered that he took the original naval dragon ceiling hole, it was to let the white snake cactus killed the original navigation!

Why is the white snake fairy going!

You are a millennium giant, don't you just?

The big snake pill is faintly uncomfortable, why Why the white snake fairy is more than him, so he still thinks to resist ...

Mom, the end of the snake creature has such a big cactus, when can the snake creative can stand up!

The big snake pill is so cold!

Shangji Nai, I lost the expression of the big snake pills, my heart faintly smiled, but I opened my mouth: "Mr. Big Snake, if you don't want to go, it is better to stay with the White Snake Cactus, you should haven't seen it for a long time. Let's ... "

"No need."

The expression of the big snake pill is very good.

He left to narrate! If he left, it is estimated that it will be swallowed by the White Snake Fairy!

This is doing this.

The tiger's tail is a bit uncomfortable.

Big Snake Thinking about the white snake cactus of the dragon hole, there is a little blocked, even the white snake cactus can't solve the original Needle, what can he take this little guy?

Do you have to be threatened by him?

"What happened, Mr. Big Snake Pill?"

At the last naval, I looked at the face of the big snake pill. I smiled and smiled: "I am not being killed by the White Snake Cactus."

"how could be?"

The Big Snake Pill did not say something he did not believe in himself. He shouted his topic: "Well, take advantage of this time, the ninja in the country of the wood to the grass should have been transferred, let's just go to Wood Leaves, helping you take the spiritual contract of Luo Shengmen, from then on, no more, not coming! "

Shangyuan Na Rou smiled and hookped his mouth, looked at the big expression of the big snake pill, nodded gently: "How do you say it?"

Anyway, how to do it is his business!

The big snake pills clearly understood the meaning of Shangyuan Needle, and the face suddenly broke a few layers. When I met such a small king, the strength, the strength, I still have some stick people ...

Is this the first half?

Does this endurance really have a calendar?