I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 175 Women in the Blood Bathroom (thanks to the reward of the son Qianji!)

Woody village.

During this time, the wooden leaves have taken a lot.

After the misty of the wooden leaves, the fifth-generation fire shadow was in a hurry, even didn't sit in the position of the shadow, and was caught by a cousin orphan of the darkness. It was hard to gradually gradually. calm.

However, the news that the grass in the grass in front of the grass is again transmitted. The apener has to dispute the secrets of the madness to the grassland to explore the country, and assain a batch of ninja to the grass and rock to the rock, but also want to hide. The village reached a decoration agreement.

Since the terrain of the grassland is highly enlarged by the country of the fire, there is no resuscitation of the negotiations of some strategic points, bridges and other control regions, and a pair may open the role of the endurance.

The prominent is really busy, and even her new disciple is born, Sakura, is pulled, and she started her.

Compare these things, Yisi Bozuo will help the news of the rebellion, which is equivalent to a wave in the sea, just picked up a group of bubbles.

In addition to the 12th small and other people who are still paying attention to Sasuke, others in the village have long been there a rebellion.

However, due to the persistence of the whirlpool, the fifth-generation fire shadow did not issue a wanted order about Sasuke, she also recognized the concept of whirlpool, waiting until the wooden leaves were destroyed, and then brought the saber back to the wooden leaves.

Just, I didn't expect that the wooden leaves once again got the message from accidental, but found that Sasuke did actually joined the organization, and Yisi Hostel.

This is a little magical.

Fortunately, the whirlpiece has been taken out of the wood leaves, and it is estimated that this news is not known.

Wooden barbecue shop.

There are some confused chopsticks in the mountains in the mountains: "Why is it together with his brother? It is clear that they should be the biggest enemy!"

"Who knows!"

Nara Deer Pill sighed and shook his head.

There are too many cases of leafy leaves, Nara Laoli can only analyze the spider silk horses he know, saying that there is a greasy in the cry of Unexpected.

Unfortunately, this darkness cannot tell the wild.

The conversation between the tentgers did not have too much secret, and two people heard this news in the table of eating near them.

They are the big snake pills that sneak into the wooden leaves.

As the high-rise of the wooden leaf, some spies are inserted in the wooden leaf, the big snake pill is naturally as directed by the wooden ride, so they have quietly entered the wooden leaves.

After coming in, the two changed his face.

After listening to the two little ghosts in Nara Lulong and the mountains in the mountains, the expression of the big snake pill is very good, and he suddenly stood his own chopsticks, and he looked at the original navigation.

Just in the woody barbecue shop, there are more people, the big snake pills are lowered by their voice: "Nair Loujun! Sasuk this thing doesn't matter with you?"

"Oh, how can I have a relationship with me?"

Shangqi Lu Lu smiled and shook his head, and even lifted his chopsticks, I was crying for the big snake pill: "Mr. Yusi said very toughly to let Yuxi Boato will join the tissue, but others have discarded the strength, So sir will take the Sakuo in your own side, saying that it is used to temper your own illusion ... "

Shangyuan Na is telling the big truth.

Even if Yisi Hoste is, you can't pick anything.

Of course, Yuxi Bozuo does not add a text, Shangyuan Na, and the martillant ghost will screw the head of Sasuke as a ball.

This kind of thing belongs to the organization confidential, there is no need to talk to the big snake pill.

What do you have to get the big snake pill?

After eating, the two directly rushed to the wooden banquet. The big snake pill was a bit surprised: "Needeling, you already have a good spirit of the white snake cactus, and also need Luo Shengmen's psychic contract? "

"Oh, this kind of thing is much better."

Shangqi Needan Like the opening: "Mr. Big Snake Pill does not master a lot of tolerance? Until now I am still learning new tolerance!"

"This is my ideal."

The expression of the big snake pill is very serious.

Shangyuan Nai laughed, and the expression was a light float: "The same, my dream is also collecting some wonderful strange spirit beasts ..."

Due to the internal emptiness of the wood rubber.

There is no dark ninja around the entire ban, there are only a few ordinary ninja to guard here, Shangyuan Na Ruo and the big snake pill are easy to sneak in.

However, when the big snake pill opened the door of the wooden blade, it suddenly smelled a wine that was emitted in a lot of wine, which also mixed the woman's aroma.

This is the ban!

How can there be a wine and aroma?

Is the woman who sleeps too much last night?

The look of the big snake pill change, slowly closing the door, a white palm suddenly caught the door and opened the door of the ban!

The rich wine is coming!

"Not said yesterday, don't you bother me today?"

A woman's good face and a full body appeared from the door, her voice faintly dissatisfied, it was a little sleepy inside, apparently her attitude would want tough, but because of the sleepy, it seems to be a bit soft.

I heard a little bit like a command.

Listening to it is a bit like spoiled.

Shangyuan Nairou and the big snake pill were opposed, and they also looked at women in the door. Two women are really known.

The five generations of wooden leaves, a hand.

Why do the program will appear inside the ban!

According to the big snake pill, this woman should not appear here, after all, the apeer has always been interesting to the messy room of the wooden blister, she only likes to study some medical nipplers.

However, in fact, this matter is actually a weird snake pill.

If the big snake pill is mastered, it is reincarnating, and the embarrassment of the first generation of the first generation and the second-generation rigid, the apeer does not have time to find a way to crack the earth in the ban.

Moreover, you must find an except for the corpthrics. After all, the apeer just succeeded in the fifth-generation rigid. In case she will arrest the sacrifice of the big snake, the leaves may be directly collapsed.

So every night or idle time, the agency will hold a wine bottle in the wooden blister, find a way to leave the regeneration in the thousands of hands.

Now I suddenly saw two strange ninja, the eyebrows were screwed, and the wine was done, and the cold voice asked: "Which class is you!"


The big snake pill is worthy of the character playing master. The next moment, his face is, and a fake face will return to the road: "Advisor adults ask you to meet, we are to inform you!"

The dress appearance of the big snake pills and Shangyuan Nairo is nothingordual, and it seems that there is a look like the wood ninja.

The agency picked the eyebrows and looked with two people. Suddenly hookped his mouth: "I know, you can pack it here."


The big snake pill is low and promised.

Shangji Look at the expression of the play, quietly sighed: "The big snake pills, the adults have seen our flaws."

Next moment, the original Nairou flew away, his face slowly became a picture of the pharmacist, and people who knew that he was just a big snake pill.

One is a big snake pill.

One is a small party.

Who will choose from the woman?

Even if I use Maitko, I will definitely prefer to entertain my old friends!

Sure enough, the agency was in the moment of the big snake pill, and the knee slammed into the face of the big snake pill. He hit the big snake pill and flew out, and the mask on his face also broke!

After seeing the face of the big snake pill, the woman's expression has become fierce. "The big snake pill, you dare to come to the leaves!"

"Why don't you dare?"

Big snake pill slowly wiped the blood of his mouth and looked at the hand and laughed: "The temper is still so violent, the master ..."

The big snake pill slowly boosted his hand, looked at your old friend's hard-looking expressions, smiled and continued: "Opener, we just don't want to cause trouble, you will sneak into the wooden leaves, you think I didn't want the second time I didn't destroy the wooden leaves. Does power? "

The look of the big snake pill became awkward and cruel. "Since being discovered, then kill you, take things away from the ban ... I really have, the Weili, the Woody Will Sweeping it! "


The program is pinched to pinch your fist.

"Unfortunately, your opponent is not me."

The big snake pill smiled and shook his head, turned to look at Shangnao: "This woman is handed over, I am going to find ..."

The sound of the big snake pill suddenly stuck, the whole person's figure suddenly stiff!

Wait, what about people?

Just a few words, I didn't have it?

Why do you want to run, although they are in the wood, but they must have the possibility of strong robbing a reel with their strengths!

The heart of the big snake pill gradually sinks.

They rushed to the road of the leaves, the little king eggs were also full of sincerity cooperation, the big snake pills even thought about it, I would like to believe in the original navigation.

After all, the strength of Shang Shang is very strong, and it can help but make a lot of things privately, but also let him be from chasing the tissue.

Before the psychic contract of the Rochengmen, the big snake pills even thought about it. The sneak attack on the original naval!

It turns out that the big snake ball thinks too much too much.

The big snake pill has failed again, and the old king of the little king will pit him again.

No matter how much, flying towards the big snake pills in the direction of the big snake pill, and calling the support: "Communicate my order, let the elite brigade come quickly, block the big snake pill, absolutely can't let him escape ! "

The card's voice is very loud, and the periphery of the leaf ninja will support it.

After seeing the support, the aperator added: "Arrange other small teams to search for the drops of pharmacists, never allow the spy to escape from the leaves!"