I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 178 I can do the task of doing a child, but also to participate in the allied talks

Shangyuan Nairou also claims so much, and seizes a bunch of snake pills under the guidance of the pharmacist, and the time-to-time exchange time is thrown into the exchange list.

In addition, the pharmacist is not idle.

The pharmacist also allowed the original NG to deal with the experimental instrument that did not use the big snake pills, which were used in the future to open biological science laboratories in Yuyin Village.

This guy always likes to insert your own private affairs in the event.

Shangyuan Needan is not careful, even wants to further: "You said that I will take it away! Anyway, this big snake pill hits the wooden leaves, and the master is estimated to send people to the enchanted village!"


The pharmacist looked with the original navigation and pushed his own glasses. He had a little doubt that the idea of ​​playing this base is in the original navigation!

First, I will fight the attention of the Luo Sangmen Tongling contract and the big snake pills will attack the leaves, then let the big snake pill back in the black pot during the process, and now hit the name of the big snake pill base again. Empty snake pill base.

After all, in the past few years, the main energy of the big snake pill is in this base.

Here some scientific experimental instruments are made by the big snake pill, and the endurance is not available, and even people who can reproduce can be reproduced.

"Ok, then I will take it away."

Shangji took a large pile of seal rolls, and waved his hand and pharmacist after moving the experimental base of the big snake.

Before leaving, the original Nairi was talented out of Yuxi Bo, let him put the big snake pill, the beginning of the year, and the second-generation fire.


The Big Snake Pills looked at the back of the original navigation, and smashed his fists and slammed his fists: "Shangyuan Na, I haven't followed you!"

"Next time it is counted!"

At the end, I walked back to the eyes and looked at the big snake pill, revealing a friendly and kind smile, instantly disappearing in front of the big snake pill.

"It's time-free, I'm taking the time!"

The brow of the big snake pill wrinkled, and the look is ugly: "No wonder this guy suddenly appears, just talk about it!"

"Big Snake Pills ..."

The pharmacist took the big snake pill, and the expression was a little. "Nairu adults all empty this experimental base."

The big snake pill did this pay attention to the secret base of Yinyin Village has been empty. When a fire suddenly came up, he couldn't surpass his anger!

Unfortunately, he can't rush to pocket with the pharmacist.

After all, the pharmacist has no strength to stop the original navigation.

"I ... forget it."

The big snake pills have grown the fist and gradually released. "This time I went to the leaves and exposed the whereabouts. It is estimated that the apeer will send people to the enchano village. This base is no longer can't hold, we go Northern base! "

Big snake pills have predicted the arrival of the crisis.

Woody Village has decided not to end and rock in the grassland in the grassland in order to tune the adequate person.

In order to avoid the outbreak of the Became Wars, the agency began to use political and diplomatic means to resolve, and decided to launch a league talk.

In addition to the country of the country and the country of the water, the country of the country and the country of the country, also received the invitation of the Outline.

The five-generation fire is more stronger than her teacher. The way to use it is used. The way the woman is really a bit not face. It is not a way to do this country. You can only gray face. Adjust her request.

The leaders of the most powerful national woody villages don't have faces, this kind of thing is really nothing to say.

Yuyin Village.

It is still a rainy rain.

When I arrived in the village, I was returning to the village. Xiao Nan's hand was looking at an invitation sent by a wooden leaves, and her face had a little complex and hesitized.

When Xiaonan heard the movement of Shangyuan, he had hesitized his face, his eyebrows couldn't help it, and smiled: "Needel, you are back."


The expression of Shangyuan Nae is slightly confused. He is still not very habit, this is not angry when he returned to the village.

This still doesn't hurry hot iron?

Shangqi Nairi smiled and handed out the book of the seal, and he handed a small South: "Teacher, this time, give you a gift!"

The smile on the small face gradually fades, only a wonderful doubts and unexpected: "This ... Who is the body?"


Shangji ranted with the book of the seal, whispering said: "This is the book of the seal of Wumi Village. The big snake pill is not hitting the wooden leaves before the a few days. That guy should grab the book in the seal at that time, just me I have been able to get into his base, I found this. "

"Well? Do you secretly trace the big snake pill?"

When Xiaonan's brow wrinkled, it is necessary to open a few sentences in the educational navigation, and it closes the mouth.

After a moment, the expression on the small face was slightly relieved. It sighed and sighed: "Since the big snake pill, the anti-thesis is caused by no injury, and the strength is different from the past, don't It is easy to get yourself in danger. "


The original Nairi nodded.

Xiaonan slowly picked up the feet, reach out his palm to help the original navigation to finish his pre-hair, whisper continued: "You didn't say the official member of Xiaoxiao? I have agreed with the long gates. Just recently have a busy task requires people, but when you go out to perform the task, you must wear a hood, hide your identity. "

"Good. What mission?"

"Wooden blade of the grass in the grass."

Xiaonan put down the reel in his hand, and took out another reel, whispered: "The three generations of Dashiwu put forward a high-cost entrustment, letting members of our members help them attack the mully-eyed area, and to destroy the five-generation Rigang sponsored "

This pen is the maximum single task received by tissue.

However, this task needs a lot of people, after all, we must launch a full attachment of the mully in the woods around the grass. One day, all the woods are driven out of the grass, not a small team can easily Completed.

What's more, I have to destroy the way to destroy by the five generations of fire shadows, the high-rise and actual Power of the Miyun Village and the League of Mid Million, the Sandy Village Consultant, and the League of the Takin Village.

The easiest way, the talents need to disperse to all over the place, killing or slamming them with the team of Mido and Qianyi and others.

Hazard is much higher than the task of past.

"League State talks?"

Shangyuan Na will finally be happy after you can become a member of Xiaoyu, it is a little curious. He has not received any news recently.

"This is initiated by the five generations of fire."

Xiaoshan took the reel before placed on the table, handed it to the original naval: "The location is in the country of the grass, the time is two weeks, the wood leaves are also invited to participate in us, let alone Let you or the mountain pepper, but you have to do this task ... "

Xiaonan slowly looked at the original naval, whispered: "To tell the truth, I am very willing to let you participate in this talks, just allow the endurance to admit that you are the leader of the future, just the door, let yourself make a choice…"


The reel is held in Shangyuan Na.

After a while, the original Nairou suddenly looked up and smiled: "I am going to participate in this alliance talk, and I will implement the task together!"


"If you just look at the map, whether it is rocky village or the wooden leaves, we are very dangerous to our country, so that we have almost half of the borders. They are involved together. "

Shangyuan Na was touched his chin, thinking for a while, slowly lifting the head: "The members of the organization first attacked the woods in the dark, and rushed out the darkness of the woody village, and the wooden village affirmed It is impossible to give up, the League State talks will definitely continue? "

Shangji, I pinched my fingers, laughed: "Then I will go to the allied talks, see if I can reach some terms, such as some defense."

This is equivalent to eating two heads.

It is only one side to use the task of taking the tissue and rock village, let the leaves fall into the disadvantage in the competition of the country; use the rainy ninja to help the leaves of the grass, the way village.

There is a lot in my heart.

The area of ​​the grassland is not in the country of rain, and Yu Yin Village can get a part from inside, it is already good, it is impossible to get too much.


After a while, Xiao Nan was silent, and suddenly held his palm. The other hand touched his cheek. The corner of the lips bent, and smiled and said: "The door said yes, the neighbor is right, Needs are still really long. Big! "

"Hey, okay!"

The Shangyuan suddenly felt that there was a little hot on his face, and his fingers were gently smashing the fingers of Xiaonan. I only feel that Xiaonan's fingers slipped.

The rain outside the window is getting bigger and bigger.

A girl with a head bun is back to the outside of the window: "Angel adult, we just patrolled here, found that someone invaded into ..."

"Well? Ziyang flower?"

Xiaonan consciously retracted his palm, slowly turned his girl and loudly explained: "No people invaded, it is back."

"Need to come back in the seniors?"

Ziyang flower stopped in the window for a while, after pinching his own little fist, rushing to Xiao Nan smashed away.

"Hey, are you patrolling so heavy?"

Shangyuan Na is a little curious about Ziyang flower's figure into the rain: "Isn't it always perceived by the rain tiger?"

Xiao Nan shakes his head and whispered: "It is always necessary to cultivate the habit of ninja in the village. Yue Yin Village is so late to rely on yours."

"how could be?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, laughs and shakes the head: "Xiaonan teacher is just 32 years old this year! It is very young!"

This is the truth.

About thirty years old is the most mature time of women.

Xiaoshan's face is cold, whispered: "Okay, since it is back, go to see the long door, he must miss you very much."


Shangji nodded, whispered: "I also brought him a gift, just it should be able to help him."

"and many more…"

At the time of the original navigation, the small man's palm suddenly was told, and a sheet of paper was in order to give a paper umbrella. He handed a big navigation: "There is a lot of rain outside, don't wet clothes again. "


Shangyuan Na was a little bit of words, and said that such a large rain outside is really useful?

What's important to use his physique, how can it be afraid of rain!

After leaving Xiaonan's office, the original Nairou looked around and looked at a group of rainfelled tolerance.

Three people hold two oil umbrellas.

The purple yang flowers are in the middle, and they seem to be poor Baba.

Oh, since he left, the funds in Yuyin Village became so tight?

"Hey, take it!"

Shangyuan Nair handed his paper umbrella to the middle of Pisuyang flower, whisper: "You still have to continue patrol, I went to the central tower to see Payne, not very umbrella."


Ziyang flower stretched out of the palm, open the mouth: "I don't want your things, but I know that this umbrella is doing the angel, so I will pick it up."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

So do you like Xiao Nan, don't like me?

What is wrong with the little girl in the endurance!

Just when Ziyang flower reached a palm, I took the original nailed paper umbrella, I saw Chakra on the simple paper umbrella, and the whole paper umbrella was scattered, and a white paper fell in the water. .

Ziyang flowers slowly lifted his head, and the eyes gradually exposed a sorrowful anger: "Neuri, is you deliberate?"

Who doesn't know the worship of Ziyang Flowers in Xiaonan!

The original destroyed paper umbrella made in Xiaoshan!

Shangyuan Na Lu slowly turned his head to look at the window of Xiaonan office, where there is a tall figure to look at it, except Xiaonan no second person.

Shangji Look at the sorrowful little girl, shook his head and sighed: "To tell the truth, you may not believe, I also want to ask my teacher."