I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 182, we are yourself! (Three more delivery!)

The embarrassment of the endurance is always very strange.

Yiszo Sasukes joined the tissue, but did not know the truth of the extinguishing hystec, still in the village of Woody Village.

However, he doesn't think he still has the opportunity to walk back, so it is just that it is not necessary for the flag, Kakasi, and there is no necessary intelligence.

Sasuke After the information, I touched my predecessor, turned to other battlefield positions.

This scene has fallen in the eyes of Uzhi.

Yuxi Pub is a bit complicated to look at your brother. He probably knows what Sasuke and Kakasi have said, but the heart is hidden.

Although this is the battlefield, everything is in the distance of the last navigation, Sasuke doesn't know how to make a spy.

Can he really think that the battle is a symbol, can you get rid of suspicion?

Fortunately, the battlefield has other understandings except Uneers.

Flagkarcasi looked at the sakura where he was going to go, and he flew quickly in his hands and fiercely pierced the shoulders of Sasuke.

This idiot disciple!

Flag Kakaki looked at Unechebra, and slowly approached his side. He lowered in his mouth: "Sasuke, don't just disclose your information to others, remember, protect yourself, Naruto Still waiting for you! "


Yizhi Bozuo immediately realized his own mistake.

When Yishuo saw Sasuke injured, the flying flew over, and took a slap in his own body, he flew it out of the flag woodkasi!

The organization completely occupies the advantage.

Flagkasi can't open the situation, the front battle can not be confronted, the aerobics of the air can not be treated, so that the wooden ninters do not have any resistance.

Nara Luli finally didn't have a need for the retreat: "Tell everyone, collectively withdraw from the south to the border, resigning the three teams, the secret!"

Seeing that the leaves of the woods have tramined, the people of the tissue are not in vague, and then solve the darkness of the wooden leaves quickly, and chasing the tail of the wooden leaves.

Wooden ninja is completely collapsed.

The long gates pressed the fight on his head and whispered: "The big figure of the leaves until the complete collapse still does not choose to dispatch?"

The information that has a dive of the heart of the human space, showing that the wooden leaves have arranged a big person here, and the big people do not appear.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows and laughs: "The big figure can certainly be dispatched, probably on the border!"

The border of the country and the country of the grass.

There is indeed a big figure is nearby.

The guess of Shangyuan Nair is not wrong. The big man is one of the three tolerance of the leaves, but this is a coincidence.

After the rumor, I heard the rumor of the grass in the village, and rushed to the direction of the travel, rushing to the grassland country. They intend to wait until the end of the League State talks, and then continue to travel to Tang Renun.

Unfortunately, this League State talks cannot be held on schedule.

The original meeting location is the famous grassland of the grass. However, now the woods and ninies have been tested out of the grassland. How can this meeting held?

The rumors and the whirlies will soon see a ninja squad that defeated the border of the fire. They also saw the flagmarks and Nara Luojing.

"Kasi, what is going on?"

"Rocky Village hired the organization."

Flagkarcasy wrapped around the wound on his hand, Shen Sheng: "The organization has never set up more than a dozen S-class rebels to we launched a strong attack, and there is nothing to form."


Located, the face is flashing, some doubts: "The members of Xiaoyu should be a group of two people? Is it sure?"


Flagkarcasi is low, whispering, whispering: "Now the most troublesome is the allied talks of the rigs, we lost the grass, and the meeting to be held immediately ..."


The whirlpool is frowned, and I asked: "Carti teacher, since there are so many organizations, have you seen Sasuke?"


Flagkarti caught into silence.

Is this time when you ask?

Ok, I really should ask Sasuke.

The flag-like Kaki is nodded to look at the whirlpool: "Sasuke becomes more and more strong, the Naruto should be much better than now."

"Well, I know."

The whirlpool is kneading his fist.

Bankkaca is looking at this scene. I don't know if I should say that Sasuke leaked to his intelligence. After all, the whirlpool, the brain, the brain, I wanted to persuade Sasuke, will let Sasuke killed.

This is only buried in my heart.

Nara Lulu came over and whispered: "Kakasi, the people are also adults, if the homage of Yinyin Village is just to drive us out of the fire, in case, they also hire the attacker talk. What about members? "


"Will the organization have such a big courage to attack the high levels of various countries?"

"As long as they give them enough money, they even dare to attack a country, but they simply attack the high-level words, it seems that they are the most good tasks."

"If i remember correctly."

Flag Kakasi knead his own temple, whispered: "This afternoon, the Millennium will arrive at the grassland in the Mei Ming! I now send people to the route to support and remind them!"

"it is good."

Nara Lulu nodded and said: "The Nang Shadow people have learned that the news we exited from the grassland, let us wait in place to wait for her next order."

"What is the League talks?"

"The meaning of the Nang Shadow is to do in the country of the grassland! Even if the launch time must be held there, otherwise it is easy to let the same alliance in a loose!"

Nara Luli shook his head and sighed and sighed: "In addition to the fire guard guards, this fire. In addition to the fire guard guards, it also brought us a batch of support forces. It is also prepared for a long time, but I have never thought of it. Let's fight first. "

"Xiao Ke is not so easy to deal with people ..."

The flagmarks sighed.

If you don't break all the organization's members, the power they gathered is too terrible!

However, the fears of the flagmarks are not necessarily.

Because of the protocols of Xiaohe Yinyin, they only need to drive the wooden ninja to the country of the grass, so that the rock finger takes the opportunity to occupy the entire grass.

This task is completed very quickly.

From the beginning of the children, they started to the country of the grass, until they left, even if there was no more than one day, they completely sweep away the wooden ninja.

Since the country of the grass is occupied by Ji Yin Village, the program is definitely no way to organize a league in the country of the country.

Yanshan Village's Dahewa estimation is that the employment of the employment is really saving money than himself. After paying the tail refreshing, we sincerely invite the Treatment to exit the country of the grass.

After all, these S-class rebelliously captured the country in one day, and hundreds of wooden ninja army were defeated overnight, and the wild wood was not very relieved.

After the corner is finished, after the money is finished, some sighs: "Is it so fast? This money makes it easy."

If it is two people in him and flying sections, it is really not necessary to hit the wooden cornery.

However, members of the whole tissue gathered, even the original navigation and the long door wearing a fight, did not do it.

Easy, the corners are even more regret: "If you can come back a few such a big delegate."

"Reassure, there is a chance."

Shang Nai ran out from the endurance package, wear his head: "I went to the League talks held by the five generations of Huihui, and maybe she will invite me to watch the leaves. The country! "


The numerous members of the organization looked at the original navigation.

How good this person's mentality is, and when they conducted them out of the country of the grass, today, today, he glanced at the leaves.

One is a dark member of the tissue.

One is the messenger of Yuyin Village.

What is the brain circuit of this guy to go to the end? Can you play two roles?

Don't you do something well?

Do you have to make your life messy?

Members of Xiaoyou hit from the original navigation, everyone's minds, especially Unecheo Sasuke and Yishe, the two people are very complicated.

At noon.

The border town of the fire country.

The agency led a large number of renewal to arrive here.

Under the command of the pair and the two war old predecessors, the mirror hit the head, the ordinary ninja troops immediately followed, re-evolved into the country of the grass, occupied the grassland of the grassland.

Although there are several rocklers around the Damada, the big famous Family has returned to the control of the wooden leaves.

Most of the allies have received the news. After the original wood was driven out of the grass, everyone thought that the two wooden three endured and played a beautiful counterattack, Taken a site of the grassland.


The wood allies have rushed to the place where the talks agreed.

Fog hidden village, like beauty.

Sandy village, thousand generations.

, .

Yu Yin Village, Shangyuan Naida.

Life is always full of accidents and surprises, responsible for welcoming the Ninja, who is the original na, happens to be his old friend flag wooden Carti.

Under the leadership of Kakasi, Shang Nai fell in the heart of the city gate to the country of the grass. "It's a terrible! I didn't expect that the wooden leaves have such a powerful power. The time from Rock Yin Village from Rock Village. Small country!"


Flagkartai doesn't know how to answer.

Wood leaves have such a strong military force to be proud, but the reason why it will lose the country, it is purely because of his dereliction of duty, the grassland has been taught.

However, the flagmarks just have something to ask: "Hey, Shangyuan, the last time you bring the Hui Yushu to the Chinese tolerance, Jun Ma Lu and white?"

When I fought last night, the flagmarks felt that the two guys were familiar, and they were deliberately in their hearts. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to explore some intelligence from the top of the original.


Shangyuan Na's face suddenly squatted, cold channel: "Mr. Kakasi, your friend is really amazing! Take advantage of me to sign the treaty of the wood, attracting my two companions to refacting!"


Flagkarti twisted his finger.

Flagkartai is pressing his forehead again, asked: "How, do you know what you know?"

"Oh, do you ask me?"

The expression of Shangyuan Nai is very unrestrained, and there is even some sarcasm in the eyes. Obviously he is really angry: "Create a textbook, the person who has returned to the sizzling, isn't your friend Unechebra?"


He heard the soil, so that the flagmarks of Kakasi were some of the gods. After all, he did not have a relationship with soil.

"Is the organization created with soil?"


Shangyuan Nai fell to his eyes, Shen Sheng: "He has already raised the use of Xi Xiaomei to collect money for Yu Yin Village, and half hidden adults recognize his proposal, and send a lot of people to help him, and he betrayed half hide Adults, holding all people in their own hands, leaving Yu Yin Village. "

A woman standing in front of the original Nairi, cold tone: "No wonder I saw that this guy took the three foggy villages, the seven people were seven, isn't your guy to attract people to escape? This is also blame You are picking up, too believe in others! "

This sound sounds very hard.

Such a tough attitude is definitely the woman's woman.

When I was still in response to the original navigation, another woman's voice fell into the ear: "Well? The three rebels in our village are you hurting?"


Shangyuan Needo slowly lifted his head, it was a big white fair in the palm chest, then an angry face, apparently she was very unhappy.

It is another brown-haired woman standing by standing.

This woman has also seen it.

It is the beauty of the fog hidden village.

On the face of the beauty, there is still some questions. However, when she looked at the long position of the Qing Dynasty, her face was boiled: "It is your little ghost! No, ghost, full moon's rebellion is you induced?"

Although the original navigation has grown up, it is still able to see the outline!

Isn't this a little guy who I thought in the country of Water?

It turns out that this little guy is not eating garbage. When I first lured their villages, the seven people were defeated.

I have given it to the original naval!

According to Meime myself, I have vowed to say that if I can't go on the country, I can go to the village to find her!

And she also told him the name.

When you think, think about it, you feel shameful, and there is a sirloin!

Illuminated with the beauty of the gods, she looked up with Shangyuan Na, who had a high height, and reached out his finger to pinch his chin: "Little ghost, I have done so much things to the village, you still Dare to appear in front of me? "

"That is the harmful of Yuxi Bo."

Shang Nai wrinkled and frowned, overlooking the osteogenesis, and rushed to move the eyes, whispered: "Yuxi Bo belt soil controlled your country's four generations of water and shadows, and used the four generations of water forced three I have a seven people, I am a clear. "

Anyway, this is also the fact.

What's more, Yischo is already dead. Now, even the corpse is in his hand, I want to say it yet?

According to the beauty of the United States, I went to the original navigation. Some resentment he was directly exposed to the inquiry in the majestic in the inverse people.

In the next second, I suddenly turned into the head: "When I am, I have some things to talk to this chat, can I?"


The apeer nodded at the casual manner, turned and took the flagmarks to go, after a while, she turned her head, and he went to see the original navigation: "This is the messenger of Yuyin Village, don't worry about people in Yiman Just well. "

"rest assured."

Brown hair laughed with his own lip: "Our fog hidden village just has a old account to be calculated."

After seeing the agency, I pulled the original Nairi's body, pressed his whole person on the wall of the street!

The brown hair is slowly attached to the original navigation, and the lips are posted on his ears. I call out a hot stream in my mouth: "Little ghost, do you think you are a victim? At the beginning, I was still lie to me ..."

"You gave me the bag of biscuits."

The expression of Shangyuan Nair is a bit innocent, and the bag is indeed a white grabbing.

Asked Meimei, "Who is going to take it?"

Shangji stalls the stalls: "A wanderer found in the garbage."

"and many more…"

According to the beauty, I looked my own eyebrows, the cold voice: "Betting, do you think I am coming to your account with you?"

"At least you must wait ..."

Shangyuan Nairi is also slowly close to the ear of Mi Ming, like relatives in her ear: "Don't make it easy to move, we are a friend, I am a friend, you must not want him to expose, no one Want to see if you take him? "


It is silent when I am.

I have to say that the ghost light is very successful.

For Meynamel, the full moon of the ghost light is the necessary spy that las in the Xiaomi Tissue, and even the hope of rebuilding the seven people in the future.

His security is really important.

And since the ghost lights are informing the identity of Shangyuan Na, and he has become a friend, it is clear that he also believes that the original Needs are trusted people.

But you still need to test it.

After all, the whole fog hidden village knows that the ghost light is only a person, she is not too feeling that the ghost light will disclose their intelligence.


The beautiful red lips gradually closer to the ears of the original Na.

Just as the Shangyuan feels closer and closer, this woman suddenly stretched out his tongue and licked the Shang Shanghe's earlobe. Her voice was hot and entered the ear of Shangyuan Nairi: "Little ghost, what Do you want to go back to the village? "

Shangji wrinkled his own brow, and pressed the back of the beauty, like a silly, sweet, asked: "Hey, are you from his predecessor? He also entrust you to take care of you. ?"


It's a bit stupid as Math.

Ok, the dock is successful, and the original is a person.

But who can tell her what the ghost light is full? As a spy, why he will tell yourself all the things!