I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 184, the negotiations fail, then Putu Zhi Bo belt!

The apeer is not a threat in the name of the navigation.

She believes that as long as Sandy Village, Woody Village and fog villages are forced to suppress rocky villages, they will be able to force the three generations of Si Shadow wild wood.

Xiao Zhiwi is only employed by the mercenaries employed in Dafan.

As long as the three generations of Si Shado Wood will take the initiative to give up the country, the leaves can occupy this land in morality, and why bother to hit the organization?

"Shangyuan Needs, etc."

When I was looking at the original navigation, the aperator stopped his action.

This woman stood in front of the top, and the mouth hooked a smile: "In addition to the grassland, we still have a lot of things to discuss, such as the intelligence of the big snake pills and the organization, I am very interested in these."

"Oh, we are not interested in these."

The original Nah fly quickly shook his head and whispered: "Yu Yin Village has the guardian of the ninja half-thedered adults, Xiaomi and Big Snake pills do not dare to actively actively in our rain."

The famous landschestles are really easy to use.

Although the mountain pepper is half-hidden in the last four or five years, but the original navigation is in the forever, people think that half-hustle is still jumping in Yuyin Village.

The apeer looked at the original navigation, suddenly revealed a slight smile: "The age of the mountain pepper is half-hidden? Do you think he can protect you forever?"

After that, the apender is close to the original, the small channel: "If the strength of the mountain pepper is still in the peak period, why do he let you come out? Why don't you make a little ghost? Do any decision ... "

As a member of the Operator, she admitted that the power of the mountain pepper is half-hidden. After all, the guy defeated their wooden three tolerance and a large number of wooden elite ninja.

However, the life of the person has ended.

Even powerful ninja is no exception.

Even if the mountain pepper is half-tibbled, the ninja is half-god. His body will be aging, and his strength will fall, which is not reversible.

Since these years, the mountain peppers have never left Yu Yin Village.

Even from four or five years ago, half-hustle began to take the work such as Yuyin Village, all entrustted to the little guy.

The agency has reason to suspect that the strength of the mountain pepper is unable to maintain the name of the ninja half-god, or even the body may be involved in the poison disease of the mountain pepper, otherwise it will not let Shang Nai will be attended the level of this level.

Although the Millennium is not the shape of the village, it is not a spray of the village of the village, but their actual status and power are different.

This is equivalent to the level of the five shadow conference!

"Don't doubt the prestiguent of half-hidden people."

Shangyuan Nae is slowly low, looking down on the cheeks of the program, a word is seriously opened: "Huoji, don't forget, the wooden leaves are the name of this is half-hidden to your reward, his strong you should He knows the same thing. "

Shangji Look at the eyes of the program, Shen Sheng continued: "Everything I have done is a half-hidden adult, and Yu Yin Village is peace, but we will never fear any war provocation."

"Oh, if he is really like it ..."

The prime hand looked up at the original navigation, her face smiled unchanged, and the demults suddenly said: "On the first draft of the treaty of the wood and Yuyin Village, why did you mention that the wooden leaves help half a hidden tissue? ? "

The first draft is still on the fire of the wooden leaves.

It is said that the Treaty signed by Zhidun Tibetan invites the rainy ninja to assassinate the three-generation rigid, so that the leaves have lost a lot of money, one is to help Yu Yin Village to eliminate the tissue.

At that time, the wooden leaves really should pay attention.

"Oh, that kind of thing doesn't matter what you think."

Of course, Nairou can't say that it is a pharmacist.

Shangyuan Na was turned on his forehead: "Under the command of the half-hidden adult, we have rushed out of the Hi Zhi Board, and destroyed their secret base in the rain."

After Shangyuan Na, he looked at the aperary, I heard a news, Xiao and Dashan Pills launched a cooperation ... I hope you ask you to ask for Du Fu! The group of guys is very annoying! "


The expressions of the program are slightly ugly.

Next, the apender slowly put down his arm to block the upper arms, and let the Shangji went out of the venue.

Looking at the youth rain, I took a step by step, and the apeer suddenly opened: "The original mini, your change is really big!"


When I heard the ape, I went to stop and stopped, and I looked at the prime to laugh: "People, always change."

"It is bigger than I think."

The prime was sighed, and she whispered: "From your body, I can't see the young people who have encountered it!"


Everyone has put on the doubtful eyes of the prime man and Shang Nai.

At the end, I went on my forehead, turned and left the venue.

After seeing the original navigation, quietly walked to the program, whispered: "Adults, is this negotiation?"

"if not?"

The hand screwed the eyebrows and smiled.

Through a series of diplomatic means, the agency let three major countries have formed a short alliance, and this force is the most powerful alliance in the history of the end.

Even in Dashi, I don't dare to take risks!

Unless someone gives him a lot of courage.

After the Great Nairou, I left the grassland, I took the palm of my palm and whispered: "Impressive, Tongling!"

A coffin drills from the ground.

Yuxi Bo is lying in the coffin without expression, and it is cold and looked at the top of the Shangyuan Na.

This king is eight eggs, what do you want to do?

"There is a task to explain it."

At the last navis, I looked at Yuxi Bo, and the smile on my face became evil: "Help me to attack the grassland of the grass, the bigger the loss of the leaves, the better, I remember to wear the rocky ninja clothes."

Shangqi Na Lu Loud and continued to add: "If this is, you are like a shameless little person in the war of the Wood and Yinyin Village."


Yuxi Bo has been angry when he is so angry.

"Of course I can't control everything."

Shangyuan Nairo slowly acted near Yuxi Bo with soil, laughed and said: "Senior, I can control you!"

It seems that you still need to warn you once!

By the way, the one is in the middle of the world, is it called wild?

I know that she will definitely don't want you to do too much hurt, so if you secretly disclose to someone my intelligence, or maybe the wilderness will forgive you? "

When Shangyuan Na, he saw that the face of Yuxi Board was slightly, and his words suddenly continued: "But the woman will be resurrected by me. My control ... "

Shang Nai, I looked at Yisi Bo, and smiled slowly: "Now there are two options in front of you, one is to let the wilderness of the wild, attack the leaves by my control, one is You go to attack the leaves yourself.

With the predecessors, as a man, I guess you must not want the poor little girl's soul tortured, right? "

This suddenly said something somewhat.

If Yuxi Bo-terrase, the translocking body is selected to leak the Shangyuan information, and his heart may be released, but it is necessary to return to the wilderness.

Then how do he choose?

This is the mother still uses it!

Yuxi Bo has gone out of the coffin, and looked at the original navigation seriously: "Shangyuan Na, my soul is already unclea, I will be driven by you, there will be no more than any will, but you have to agree absolute Will not bother Lin's quiet ... "

"rest assured."

Shangqi Nairies interrupted the words of Unechyo, and smiled: "A wild ridge, a strong man with kaleidoscope, who knows who should choose?"

"it is good."

From this moment, the transaction between them was established.

In the future, Yuxi Bo will be under the control of Shangyuan Na, and re-become the black hand who disturbed the borders, no longer a rebellion.

After the last reminder, the Sui Zhike took the soil and his heart, he pursued no longer the forgiveness of the wildlife, but the soul of the wildlife.

Yischo, Yischo, with soil, in order to re-create all the means; now Yisi Bo belt soil, in order to let the wildlite can be in the ground, it is necessary to break into the darkness.

Yischo took the soil to look at the laughter of the original Needle, biting his teeth hate: "Shangyuan Na, you are really a devil, more scary than black ..."

"thank you."

Shangyuan Na Roung in Yuxi Bo Tong: "Okay, go! Go to the grass ninus of the grassland!"

After watching the vortex of Yuxi Bo Tong, the Shangyuan Nairou has evacuated his mouth and smiled: "Just, you can see your friends ... I hope this time, I will not let me down, card Mr. Casi, with the territory! "