I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 185 takes a black pot to leave (three more! Thank you Cao Cao Cao Cao Dai! There is still in the evening!)

Grassland National Family.

Although the collapse high-level alliance talks have been concluded, they have returned to the village as the beauty and thousands of generations, but the fifth generation of the wooden leaves will be left temporarily.

There are still a lot of things that need her to handle it.

For example, the future wooden leaves in the country of the grass require the struggle between the woods and ribue, and the possibility of reducing the outbreak of the endurance war.

These are troublesome questions.

And the program is responsible for the emotions of the uniform.


On the position of the grassland famous, he looked at the flag of one knee, soft: "On the village, only you have no ministerial, and only you have a long captain. Job, this time is still from you to the grassland! "

Due to the three small guys in the seventh class, only the flag-like Kakasi will be more leisurely, plus his previous history, and the apeer does not withdraw his position.

After that, the apeer has opened up: "The dead country lost last night is the raid of the organization, and Luojing mentioned me, and all your processing is indiscriminate."

After all, there are more than ten S who can't be beneficial.

Flagkarcasi and Nara Luojing and others have reduced the loss of leafs as much as possible, and he is very good.

Flag Kaka West is headed down, and the heart is still a bit blame: "But I don't think of itself ..."

"Carti, you have to take responsibility!"

The apeer glanced at the flag-like Kaki, Shen Sheng: "Naruto is still in the country of the grass! You won't want to flee your soldiers in front of your disciples! At least you have to have a long time!"

"Yes, Naruto."

Flagkarcasi can only promise it to promise.

This is a satisfied point to nod: "After returning to the rock, I will return you to the wooden leaves and participate in an important task ..."


The flagmarks in the heart is quite gratified.

When he wanted to continue to report, the room suddenly came from a few urgent points, and the atmosphere suddenly became nervous.

"Enemy! Enemy!"

"All warnings! It is a rock spy mixed!"

"Sixteen classes, 19th classes, protect the Nang Shadow people, others go to catch him!"

After a short flustered in the Temporary Office of the Nhang Shadow, quickly calm down, and obviously, the wooden ninja in the outside is holding the enemy.

Unfortunately, the enemy of this invasion is not ordinary characters.

five minutes later.

The screams of the ninja wrestled and the scream before the death broke again, the apeer and the flagmithioli finally couldn't talk, and after the two people flew out of the door, they were attracted by the enemy in front of them. look.

A rocky uniform wearing a rocky uniform, the head wearing a mask, waving a knife in his hand, slamming the neck of the last wooden ninja!

In just a few minutes, a dozen wooden ninja outside the temporary office is already killed by the enemy!

This mall relieved the talents in his hands, and took a string of bloodballs, pointing to the apeer and flagmarks, the sound: "Five-Generation shot, copy ninja flag Kakasi, it seems that this harvest is not small ... "

"court death!"

The prime hand pinched his fist, and slammed into the rock, only the ground instantly broke a big gap, countless bricks in the hit of the fist!

It's just that the causing thing seems to be unaffected. After the flying air is avoided, the test starts to take a palm of the floor: "The earth is hiped!"

A crack is clear from the ground, and the crack gradually enlarges, and rushed towards the aperator and flag of Kamasi!

Flagkarcasi frowned, and taking the printing, even his episode is faster: "The soil is turning the earth!"

The cracks of the two land hit together, and the explosion was triggered!

"Nuger shadow, let me give it! Please command all the people! I doubt the country of the country where the country is not only one guy!"

Flagkarcasi stopped the aperator who wanted to rush, and she pulled out his own hardships after they were unsuccessful.

The apeer has not hesitized to him.

Anyway, just a rock spy in the district, she believes that the flagmarks can easily solve the enemy.

This time is a promonto.

Kasi this enemy knife is weak!

It took a moment to fight with the flag woodkasi, until the flag-like Kakasi made a small trick, only suffering from the enemy's defense!

The flag-like Kakasi hand has no flip, and the hand is smashed in the enemy's chest, and let go to solve his tutor!

"you lose!"

The barters of the flag-like Carti stabbed the enemy's throat, but was killed by the enemy, kicked him out, and smolding him out.

"Sure enough, I am still not good at the knife!"

This mute is slowly shaking his head, after closing his palm printing, the Zhang mouth spurted a flame: "Fire, the hero!"

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

The flag-like Kakasi's eyes flashed a surprised, almost simultaneously taking the print, released the earth wall to resist the attack of the flame!

Soon that the earth wall becomes broken under the burning of the flame!

"Snaps · Tulong!"

The figure of the flag-likekkasi disappeared under the earth wall. The next moment drilled out from the ground of the enemy, and a punch hit the enemy's chin.


This trick is that the rocky ninner has never thought of, after his face, the body is not from the autonomous place!

The flag-like Kakasi is rushing to the rocky hidden, reached out to pick up the mask on his face: "Haochun is so skilled, your guy will not be ..."

"Guess it, Kasi!"

This martyr's mask suddenly revealed the scarlet write-eyed eyes, and when the flag-like Kakasi's eyes, he slammed the shoulders of Kakasi, a knee hit the top of Kakasi. Chest!

The situation is almost instantly flipped.

This mute slowly took off his mask, showing some broken faces of Unechebra: "Kakasi, your knife is getting more and more stronger!"

"With soil!"

Flagkati's face suddenly changed.

This is the third meeting of Kakasi and Yisi Bozi.

Accurately, Yisi Bo, who is dead for more than ten years ago.

No, strict, this is the second time, after all, the first flag-like Kasi knows that Yu Zhiwei is still alive, he is encountered by others.

Five-year years ago, the flag-like Kasi finally saw Yizhi Board or a mysterious mask, and Kakasi only said a word, it was completely coma.

Now, it is true for the real hobby.

Just they have already standed in different positions, even live in life.

Flagkarcasi slowly stood up, there is no longer seeing the elder friend on his face, but the eyes are full of vigilance and alert: "With soil, why do you appear here to attack the ninja in the village!"


Yuxi Board has fallen into silence.

After the moment, the eyes of Yuxi Board flashed a bright light, and it seems to have been a person's authority. His mouth is grinned, showing a light smile: "Yesterday my group did not kill you, today I come Make up this mistake! "

The expression of the flag-like Carti has changed again, and the finger is clear: "Shangnai Luo Lu said that it is true, Xiao Xiao woven behind the scenes, the person is really you!"


The heart of Yuxi Bo has flashed in a bitterness. When the original Na, the bastard was given to him how much black pot!

This idea is flashed.

In the next second, the face of Unecy Board revealed a smile, softly open: "No, those people are all my companions! After all, they will not kill their teammates!"

This is purely pulled.

I don't know how many teammates killed.

Yisi Bo belt is just a salt in the heart of Kakasi's heart. By the way, add a pepper: "You can only know the ninja to complete the task, how can you know the companion? Don't use it The expression looks at me, Kasi! "

"With soil ..."

A drop of cold sweat has gradually appeared on the forehead of the flagmica.

At this moment, he didn't know what to say.

Even if you say something, Kakasi feels wrong.

Because the wilderness is on his Rain, this is unconfilled, even in his hands, it is also covered with Lin's blood.

As long as you do something wrong, it is a sophistry.

However, this time is definitely not silent!

Flagkarcarci slowly clenched the bitterness, whispered: "With the soil, what do you want to do? Kill me, do you have a revenge?"

"Do not."

Yisi Bo has slowly erected his fingers, and it is cold and loses the flag-like Kakashi: "I just want to rehabilitize ..."


The glamorous eyes suddenly tightened in an instant, and the sound gradually said: "Is it resurrected like a big snake pill?"

Yuxi Bo belt soil shake his head, spread his hand: "No, it is true resurrection, freely living, can enjoy fresh air!"

Yisi Bo has slowly reached his palm, laughing and opening: "Carti, then you are willing to join my organization?"

Obviously Unexpello is known to the answer.

Obviously, Shangyuan Nairo, which is behind the scenes, also known an answer.

Obviously, the flag-like Kaki, also known his answer.

"Resurrection ..."

The flagmark sighed, gave his own bitterness, no one bit in his chest: "So you can make the people you die resurrected? Watermen teacher! Seni Nether! And Countless because of your death! "

Wave-style water gates and whirls, Xinji undoubtedly become the head of Kakasi refuting Unexhoe, after all, the two people are also the most important members of the water door class.

"I just as long as Lin is enough!"

The eyes of Yischo belt flashed a little apology. After a moment, he returned again, a burst of madness: "Hahahahahahahaha ... Sure enough, this world is only a person still loves Lin!"

"Do you know Lin?"

The flag-like Kakasi looked like a crazy Unechyo belt soil, a word opened: "If Lin knows everything you are doing now, she will only want to kill you than now!"

"It doesn't matter, I don't care."

Yuxi Bo is slowly taking off the clothes of rocky, his voice gradually became unheattered: "I just want to kill each other ..."

Yuxi wave re-raised his head and looked at the flag of Kakasi in front of him. He slowly settled a handprint: "Then I will die here! First kill you, then kill the wooden leaves. The fifth generation of rigs, so that Yayin Village and the wooden leaves will never have peace! "

That is the opponent of the wood rubber!

The flag of Kakasi has become incomparably ugly, he slowly erected his fingers, biting his teeth: "With the soil, your guy is crazy!"

"Oh, then when you are mad!"

The palm of Yisi Bo has suddenly closed, and the kaleidoscope written in the eyelids quickly shot a gas stream, and a flame entered the airflow, moving toward the flag woodkasi!

"Fire · Explosive Dance!"

"Water in the water!"

Flagkarcasi combined print, water array walls were evaporated in an instant, and the smoke of water vapor merged into two people!

A smashing between the old Japanese friends completely broke out!

When this fierce battle broke out, he spokes to the top of this battle. He was able to rush to your battlefield, and you can retreat from your battlefield after about ten minutes. "

Yuxi Bo is fighting, while you ask: "What about your purpose? I thought you would let me kill the flag-like Carti ..."

"If you think, if you can, let you do it."

Shangqi Nairou reached a wild fruit and whispered: "As for the purpose? I just want to give a hand to leave an Yisi wave belt rate to understand the impression of the talents of the Wood and the rock war."

"Is it useful? People who have taught can cooperate with my action!"

"Of course useful."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, touched a ring, smiled and kind: "They will cooperate with your actions, who makes the agency, the woman does not agree, she will pay a heavy price of!"

ten minutes later.

Grassland National Family.

Yisi Bo Tong and flagmarks' battle have been close to the end, and the two have their own eyes, but Yisi Bo has a better battle!

What's more, he also has infinite Chakra!

This time, the flag-like Kakasi was beaten unusually fierce, and even touched the body of Unexpello, it was packed once.

Because the two people will cause space to respond, Yisi Bo will not dare to use Shenwei to take the cardi in the space.

Finally, after the arrival of the Wooden Army, the belt can only retreat helplessly.

The hand of the hand brewed a green Chakra dropped in Kakasi's body, helping him to treat the wound, asked: "Kakasi, what is going on? What is the enemy?"

"He is with soil."

The flag-like Kakasi louderly looked at the sky, and there was a bit of pain in the eyes: "Yesterday night, it was to attack us with soil."

This truth is hammer.

Yuxi Board has become greatly different from the past. He has an unprecedented powerful force and dismissed with him.

"That rascal!"

The master tested his fist, and I asked: "Is he coming to provoke the wood and rock war?"


The flag-like Kaki closed his eyes, whispered: "The guy with soil, it is completely crazy ... Rigs, I will stay in the grassland to continue to fight with him, next time I will arrest Live him! "

It seems that Unexpell belt is escaped, or I will take a black pot.


After the ahead can only silencely nod, continue to say: "After waiting for our forceding the village to retreat, it will start to encircle the big snake pill and Yisi Bo belt!"


Flagkari sighed a sigh of breath.

How can his old friend become now?

If Yuxi Bo is knew that Kakas is thinking, he must feel embarrassed, but fortunately, he did not control him to kill Kakasi.

With the soil in the battle, it will be clearly released, leaving the life of the flag wood Cardi.

When Shangyuan Na was coming back to Yischo, he was sitting in the coffin of the belt to eat wild fruit and showed very polite.

"With the soil, see the old friend, how do you feel?"

"Hey, or old, the guy is still so stupid."

Yuxi Bo has frowned and drilled into the coffin. At this time, his mood is very bad, don't want to talk to the original navigation.

Shangyuan Nai marriage sighted, helping Hui Zhi Board to cover the coffin cover, laughing: "Then you have to adapt, there are many opportunities you meet in the future!"


Yuxi Bo has a downsicient to lying on the coffin and closed his eyes.

Oh, let him deal with the flag wooden carti?

Fuck, I'm going to have the king of the king, and I can't do anything personnel!


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