I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 187 Yuxi Bo is really easy to use!

Black is very pleased.

Fortunately, it attracted Shangyuan Nai, which was compared to the Yisi wave belt diagram that had been unwilling to hear, and even a rebellious Yuxi band.

And each time the report secretly monitored the original Nairi-lost intelligence, this little guy is always a concentration of tricking, trying to make himself stronger.

the most important is.

Blackding does not have to worry about the original portal.

After all, this devil does not have any blood, or some high-end blood, just an ordinary civilian genius ninja, ready to be replaced by others.

I will not grab the control of Ten Ten in the future.

Shangyuan Na Ruo knows how to know how to think, it is estimated that it is not as good as Yu Zhiwei with the life of his hand!

Shangyuan Nairo did not think so much. He thought of the black brain, this old guy was worried about Yuxi Bo, and he just made this thing, and he simply made this thing. The earth is pinched in his hand.

If you can let Sui Zhike have seized a few tail beasts, close in the Shenwei space, how to resurrect in the 10th tail, should I resurrected, the Shangyuan can accurately control this time.

as expected.

When the black left, Shangyuan Nai fell to the Tumor to Tu Yishe Band, since he threatened Unexpected Wave to the soil, Shanghao suddenly found a problem.

This person is really good!

Don't say anything else, you will have a first-class black pot.

Moreover, Shangyuan doesn't have to worry about Yischo belt to be caught or seen, because the existence of the Shenwei kaleidoscope writes the path, no matter who everyone wants to catch the band.

Shangyuan Na was turned on the coffin board of Yuxi Bo Tong: "Senior, do you know where the four tail column is?"

"do not know."

Yuxi Bo shook his head and whispered: "The trail of people is difficult to master, but the identity of people has already found almost."

"Black is definitely lie to you."

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, whisper continued: "The black is just told me that it has mastered some people's trains, this guy has passed the whereabouts of you concealing people, it is estimated that you will catch it early."

Shangji, I watched the sole belt soil, the eyebrows smiled: "Oh, it seems that the black is not trustworthy, this guy is not a good thing!"


Unexpello does not want him.

It seems that there is something like this guy!

In the view of the territory, the guy is already insidious, and it is possible to deceive the black Shangyuan Na, and his character has a lot of innocent.

Shangyuan Nai leaned against the landless coffin board, asked: "Do you want to revenge? Want to take the four tail column in front of the black?"

"Is there this opportunity?"

"Of course, there is."

Shangyuan Nairou slowly nodded: "You go to the national border of the earth, and when we act tomorrow, I can tell you the position of the four-tail column."

Shangyuan Nairou's hand is fraudulent, fiercely, squatting: "Wait until I first put the four-tail column, then you will use the Shenwei to appear in front of me, directly grab the four tails!"

"Do you sure to doubt?"

Yuxi Board has a deep doubtful, cold channel: "The track of the four-tail column is only you and it knows, if you leak ..."

"What about your IQ?"

Shang Qi Na Lu interrupted the words of Unexpo, frowned: "At that time, you are not just a little bit? And you will not say that you are quietly tracking us to find the location?"


Yisi Bo has nodded.

Shangyuan Nairi is a bit worried that Unechyo belt is broken, and it is soft and continues to guide him: "Remember to wear your pattern mask, free of debris to reveal the flaw ..."


Yischo's expression is a bit unsatisfactory.

Is this small matter to explain? Anyway, he is also a black hand that has been concealing for many years!

Shangyuan Needs and embarrassment, Many of Yuxi Bo belt, only leaving him with Shen Wei, and went to the border of the land to hide.

This time he can only use Yuxi Bo.

After the big snake pill, the corpse was over the end of the crack, Shangyuan Na will intend to kill the big snake pill, immediately support the pharmacist, let the pharmacist pocket the chamber cells and the Shenwei written eye to cooperate with him.

Upogenic Nairies controlled Yischo's belt to the border of the land of the earth, and the heart was put down and flew to the base.

Because today is a plenary meeting.

This is a meeting of victory.

This is a summary meeting.

This is also a well-known job to the next stage.

Tiandao Payne as the leader of the tie, took the lead in speaking: "The conflict between wood and rocky village, let us participate in the future expenses, next we can use this time Crouch, small south, some irrelevant commission can temporarily push. "


Xiaonan nodded, whispered: "Who is cultivating or studying the need to find me to apply, we will have two time to practice."

"At this time, it seems not to practice."

Suri shaking the head and swaying the mouth: "Yuxi wave belongs the terrorist in the grass is very active, I am worried that he wants to secretly capture the column of wood.

I think we should first grab the people outside the five major countries before the Ho Zhiwa belt. "

"But the tail beast is a big trouble!"

Didara frowned his own brow, whispered: "I have seen people in my own eyes, there is no reason, and their strength is not smashing ..."

If a person is stretched away, it is not easy to solve, and so many strong people, most can easily solve this problem.

Trouble is, it is very likely to go to the message.

After all, it is difficult to get rid of the column, in case some people have laid to the vicinity of the tissue base, they can discover the whereabouts of the human column.

"I will solve this problem."

Tiandao Payen hooks his fingers, Shen Sheng: "I will temporarily seal the artistic Chakra."

This issue is a problem for others.

It is really not a big happening for the long gates who have manipulated Wen, because the books of the seal brought by the original narate, there are some seals about their whirlpool.

Xiang Phosphorus has recently repaired two King Kong blocked, the long door than her talent and strength, and learning is even more effort.

What is the beast ...

Swirls are simplified.

"But the thing that arrested people in advance can never leak."

Tiandao Payne gave birth to everyone, whispered: "It is best to be able to cope with the possibility of honesty in other powers to rush to the village."


Didara drums drums.

Didala feels that the heavens Petion is in the target for him.

What happened to his surgery?

Did you really show your lively!

In addition to Didala, the red sand, the full moon, the horns, the horns and the flying sections are not suitable for arrest, the peach is not awkward, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and the white are not more useful, these three people are in the tissue A little bit like a number of numbers.

"Then go to investigate first."

The black turned around and glanced at the scene. When I arrived on the original nailed, I kept paused, and I continued to look at others: "If there is a chance, we will arrest, so we must have A combat staff go with me. "

"Let me go!"

Yuxi hub has become a scarlet, and I took the initiative to open the mouth: "The illusion of writing the eyes is also very gram of the beast. It should not be too big."

This person's mind is the same as the original navigation.

Since you can't prevent the process of grasp the beast, you must control the progress to control his scope, but also randomly strain.

"Let me go!"

Shang Nai, I looked at Wes, and I looked at Xiaonan and whispered: "After all, it is the first time, if there is any error, I can fly, I can fly, I will be more troublesome. Is it? "

"There is no relationship."

Yisi Hoski slowly turned to look at the original navigation, and the blood color in the eyes is a bit heavy: "If I am surrounded, I can kill my people directly."

This is really domineering.

I looked at Yisi Hubo and looked at Yisi. Yusong said: "But this time is mainly based on investigators. If there is a chance, I have to take it with a convenient person, the most It can be flying. "

There are only a few people who will fly throughout the tissue.

Didala must not be involved, because he is always awkward, it is a dozen to do it; Xiaonan will definitely not go, this woman has been in Yuyin Village, basically does not participate in any task.

"Then let go of the original accompany you!"

Tiandao Pen En fell to the navigation, and continued: "No, no matter what the enemy, Shang Shang can solve it."

Because Shangning Na will be able to go out to Petion, you can even pass his own medical nippery for six Paul.

At least in this era, no matter what the enemy is in this era, there is a six Petion to solve.

"As for others."

Payne came to the people around him, and the light continued: "During this time, you will temporarily rest or cultivate in Xia's base! Wood leaves are still chasing the news, so no one can not go out, lest Dear information! "

After seeing everyone in the scene, Been looked at the original navigation, and he opened him: "If you encounter danger, don't hesitate ..."

Don't hesitate ...

It is to summon six Petion immediately.

The original nephew is nodded.

If the sentence is not a human, the strength of the above, it should be difficult to encounter danger.