I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 188, a arrogant to buy a roast fish (ask for a monthly ticket!)

Go to the road to find four tails.

It is estimated that Yischo belt betrayal against the overshoot attack is a bit big.

In the case of the body, there is a bad thing in Unexpello, which has always been the opposite of the Shangyuan Nabi, which has been in the past.

"If it is not a traitor of Unexhoe, we will not act in advance, the safest way should be waiting until the three tails are completely reborn, and then send people to all the people."

White is sighing, quite a little helpless: "I really don't know why the guy is going to betray us ..."

"Okay, don't mention the traitor."

The darkness interrupted the words, Shen Sheng said: "Now the most important thing is to grasp the four tails and six-tailed people in the endurance activities, lest they fall in Yisi Bo. In the hands. "


Shangyuan Na was nodded next to it, and his face was a little dignified: "Although the ability to bring terrestrial predecessors has been known by most people, there is not much person to be easily cracked, and the column power may not be his opponent."


After nodding, he was laughing and comforted with the original Na.

The traitor wanted to take the column of people from the five countries in the hands of the five countries, but it is very embarrassing. "


The original Needar responded with a word.

At the end of the mouth, I could pay a black, and I secretly manipulated Unexpello, let him follow their footsteps from the border of the earth.

Because there is enough intelligence support, Shangyuan Na is not encountered in this way, it is easy to reach the current position of the four tail column.

It is said that the four-tailed column is called old purple. This guy's temper is extremely violent, and the character is also stubborn like the stone in Yingsi Village. Old purple is from the three generations of Si Danoma, simply left the village, and incarnate into a cloud tour. Monks.

Yunyun's life ...

In fact, it is still a bit bitter.

The current old purple is sitting in a small stream, cautiously roasting a few fish, because there is no money in the head, these fish is his lunch.

"Sun Wukong, don't you like to eat roast fish?"

"Don't like it? That's nothing."

"What kind of peach is not found here, and that kind of thing is also filled with stomach, it can only be eaten again."

When the old purple side said with a grilled fish, he said whispers on the four tails in the belly. Although he was in the outside, there was no delay.

In addition to cultivating meltub, communicating with four tails in the body.

In the past few years, the relationship between old purple and Sun Wukong is getting closer, he can mobilize some of the partial strength to fight.

Sha sand sand ...

Sha sand sand ...

A young ninja stepping on the stream to the old purple, he looked at the grilled fish of the old purple, showing a fierce expression: "Hey, the old guy, your grilled fish is good, I like it very much, give you one Zhang Dynasty, let me give me a sauce! "

The young ninja smashed a detonator, but he took out millions of momentum, and a good look, as if gave gifts.

This young ninja is the original navigation.

Old purple didn't know the original navigation, nor did he put him in his eyes, but he turned his grill without slowly, slowly opened: "Here is the wilderness, the explosion can be used ..."

According to the observation of old purple, this young ninja should be a task in a small rivole, after all, the five major countries will basically record him.

Old purple only when this young ninja is a guy who is not sensible and rude.

According to the law of the relief, the stronger the strength, the more you can bear, like this kind of rude guy, it is obviously not long.

If it is in the battlefield, the old purple believes that he can kill dozens of people who seem to be arrogant, but the power is extremely low.

Now, old purple is too lazy to take him.

"I am a ninja!"

The young ninja slowly leaned down, staring at the old purple in front of you, full of angry: "Hey, do you dare to fight the will of Ninja?"

The old purple shook his head calmly, and the waves did not surprise: "Ninja is nothing, but also looks like this little ghost, is not like a Ninja ..."

Is it so arrogant?

A ninja saw a person in the wilderness, what should be done is whether the careful investigation is an enemy, then determines whether it is fighting, instead of such a trade-in rushing out, arrogant from others from others!

"Do you dare to insult me?"

The young ninja is anger, and a punch is got to the old purple!

Old purple reached his hand, I wanted to seize the fists of the youth ninja, and even some regrets on the face: "Is the current young people become this?"

The next moment, the fist of the youth ninja suddenly accelerated!

When the old purple eyes flamed, the fist hid his defense, and a punch was on his face!


Old violet is flying out!

The young ninja screwed his wrist. He looked at the old purple opening. "Hey, this is the end of the sinful adults! Look at the crafts of your grilled fish, I will spare you today. ! "

Old purple stood up, patted the soil on the body, touched the scars on the face, watching the eyes of the young ninja gradually became serious: "The force is so strong, it is no wonder that you are so arrogant ... but strength can not determine the winning! "

After that, the old violently rushed in the direction of the young ninja!

After a fierce punch, the old purple was again knocked down by the young ninja, and the wolf is squatting on the ground!

The young ninja kicked on his waist, and the mouth opened: "How? I dare to fight with me? I am a ninja!"

It sounds very arrogant to our own ninja.

If it is not an ordinary person, it is estimated that this youth ninja as a person who relocates civilians in their own ninja.

However, the old purple himself is a four-tail column.

This time, the old purple finally missed where it was not very right.

How can an ordinary young ninja may be so strong!

And the body must be the moon cultivation for a long time, a ninja that can take a long time to look into the body, how can it be a person who grabs the fish?

This youth ninja has problems!

Mom, and have a big problem!

The old purple face gradually emerged, he flew over the bench of the young ninja, looking at the young people who made the light, the sound gradually became gloomy: "Little ghost, which village is sent? "

"Want to ask my village to tell?"

Youth Ninja smashed his ears, he didn't care about: "I don't care if you can tell you, my teacher is the high-rise in the village, and I will soon become the next lead in the village!"

After that, the young ninja watched the old purple road: "I used to use the explosion to buy your grilled fish, I dare to refuse me, the district, a cloud, I dare to do this with me?"

"Stop pretending!"

Old violet is not good.

If it is not the Sports confrontation, the old purple does not take advantage of cheap, saying that now he is really trustworthy, the young ninja is just a small guy who has passed, no reason, and arrogant and arrogant.

A young man who seems to be teen, can be able to win this temper for many years in the body!

Don't be pulled!

Old purple closes his palm, Shen Sheng: "Who is you sent? Is it a big wild wood? Is it still other villages ..."

"Dano ... this name is good ..."

The young ninja touched his chin, his face was changed, and it made a decline in Barbani: "That's not ... Isn't it the legend of the three generations of the three generations of the three generations of the three generations of Shanxi Village? You are Who ... How do you dare to call the name of the wilderness! "

After listening to the name of the wild, the young ninja obviously became slight, and it seems that he is very afraid of this name.

This performance is normal.

Five Daguo is a huge thing for the ninja.

Old purple biting his teeth, I only felt that the young ninja in front of him was the traces of the performance, and he was so angry: "Little ghost, don't play! If you don't say it now, it is very likely to fate for a while. ! "

Next moment, the old purple gathered his palm, and the Zhangou spurted a lava ball: "Murcase · Burning Rocky Rock!"

"Fire · Flamestorm!"

A flame is sprayed from the hands of young ninja.

The endless flame storm is swallowed with a lava ball, and the dramatic explosion sounds through the two people, and the shock waves swept everything around!

Among the gray smoke.

The young ninja is slowly gone. His face is still the expression of the martial arts, just some surprises: "Ha? No wonder you this guy will resist me, it is also a ninja!"

The young ninja smiled and closed his palms. I wanted not to say: "Then remember that the ninja and ninja are different!"

"and many more…"

The old purple stretched out his palm and stopped the next step of the youth ninja, and his face looked at him: "Don't you know me?"

"Who do you think you are, why do I want you?"

The young ninja got her mouth and smiled: "No matter who you are, dare to fight with me, hey, do you know who I am?"


The expression of old purple is a bit unhable.

Mom, is he really thinking about?

Why do you feel that this youth ninja is actually an idiot!

The old purple brain began to recall. Everything that happened to the youth ninja, obviously the young ninja seems really not what he is.

Perhaps it is a genius of a small fortune.

And it seems that it is still harmful to the elders.

This is also normal.

After all, Xiaojun is not easy, and the leader in the village is definitely in the mouth, it is afraid to fly.

"Isn't the enemy ..."

The old purpless is a sigh of relief, and slowly clears his fists and looks at the young ninja.

Just when the old purple is just going, the Sun Wukong in his body will remind: "Hey, old purple, don't relax! That of Chakra, Chakra, the imagination, I feel that his Chakra is very dangerous!"

"Well, rest assured."

Old purple full port should be under.