I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 189 Is this a tail beast? A bit funny (third!)

Some words can't be too full.

The last second, the old purple also said to the four-tailed Sun Wukong, and the next second was used in a series of stericity to confront to beat the danger.

It's just a live version of the scene.


The young ninja smashed the old purple chest. After flying out, he slowly smashed his wrist: "Hey, should you be a good old age?"


Old purity wiped the blood of his mouth, gorge his hand, a shallow breath raised from his body: "Follow Checklaw model!"

This is his unique endurance.

The fusion of the Chekla mode will be bonded by Chakra into lava, which can improve the defense of old purple, and the strong defending power can almost ignore some tentative attacks.

Moreover, the hot lava of the old real body surface will also burn the skin of the attacker, avoiding the old purple in the war in the war.

When the fusion of Kra Mode is completed, the old purple has become a lava who is full of hot, and he will rush to the youth ninja: "The little ghost should be honest at home, not There is a trouble outside! "

" ... it seems to be terrible!"

The young ninja explored his palm, and the blade of the void appeared in his palm, and went up toward the old purple!

Treating this kind of Chakra is full of enemies sufficient to burn Chakra model for yourself, the blade of the void is the best choice.

The blade of the void can learn the enemy's body to use, in this respect, the mildew with the mildew in the hand in the hand of the milder.

Compared with the mildew, the blade of the void is also very obsolete.

Whether it is the lava or something else, the blade of the void is just a blackout!


The young ninja is short-made, and the empty blade in his hand has opened a mouth in his lava. He felt a case of Chakra entered the body!

"this is…"

The face of old purple changes!

In the next moment, the void blade in the hands of the youth ninja fell on his body. After a while, the original indestructible lava was cut off the seven or eight wounds!

What makes old purple are that his Chakra is under the strange talents attack, and it is rapidly attenuated, and now even maintains the fuse Chekra mode. ...

"It's okay."

The young ninja slowly raised the blade of the void in his hand, showing a smile in his mouth: "If you encounter Chakra more enemies, you don't have to worry ..."

Unfortunately, the blade of the void is Chakra, instead of the tail of Chakra.

Old purple somewhat weakly licking his wound, with the help of his four-tailed Sun Wuku, slow slowly, a tail appeared behind him!

This is the status of Borrowing the Tail.

Similarly, this tail is also equivalent to old violet, he can also fight with this tail!

It's just that the old purple face is not relaxed, but it is a little uneasy to take the talents in the hands of the youth ninja, and the knife can learn his Chakra!

That takes a barrier for people!

Youth Ninja looked at the tail behind the old purple, and the face floated on the face: "Blame ... monster ... you ... you are not a person!"

When the old purple face suddenly, he remembered his fist with his fists when he had experienced in Ji Yin Village.

"I am not a monster."

Old puri looked at the young ninja, and the word opened and explained: "Little ghost, I am not a monster!"


Youth Ninja did not answer.

In the next second, the young ninja suddenly disappeared in the sight of the old purple!

A figure suddenly appeared behind the old purple, at the same time, a blade also slammed the old violent belly!

The young ninja pushed the bodies of the old purple, pushed him to the ground, slowly pulling the empty blade in the old violent belly.

Youth Ninja looked at the old purple tail, sighed a little: "Oh, is it still showing it?"

Next moment, the young ninja slammed the tip of the hand and cut off the tail behind the old purple!

"What is your guy!"

Old violently fists in the ground, red Chakra gradually spread over his body, now he wants to get into the semi-oriented.

However, the young ninja still waves the blade of the empty blade in his hand, and then absorbs most of Chakra on the old violet after a few knives.

The handle can absorb Chakra's tacit knife, so that the old purple can't enter the state of half-tailed, even the injury of his body, can not resemble the four-tailed Chakra resend!

"My tentative experiment is done."

The young ninja squatted his body, looked at the weak old purple, and his face became gentle, and it was like two people!


The young ninja looked at the old purple face, narrowed his eyes, smiled and said: "My name is the original nair, a ninja dedicated to the peace of mind, this is the first time, please advise, four tails, four tails "


Laoyi moved his own chin, looking up at the appearance of youth ninja, full of fierce: "Little ghost, you have long knowing that I am a column, so I deliberately reduce my warning heart?"

"I just be a tattoo experiment, I feel interesting."

Shangji shook his head, the face was quietly explained: "Now I look very successful, I will remind me, even if I directly expose my own purpose, you can't overcome me."

After that, I went to the ground around him, and the sound opened: "The elder generation, can you count the four-tail column to capture success?"

"Of course, you can."

A pork cake drilled out from the ground and showed a brighter face.

The black and shattered, the original navigation, and looked at the old purple, yin smiled: "According to our intelligence, the four-tail column is not able to enter the complete and beast. Now he can't continue to borrow four tails. Chakra should be successful. "


The old purple clenched his fist and looked at the two people who were present, and suddenly grinned: "Hey, finally show the horse's foot! Then your information is over!"

Next moment, Chakra is extremely inflated!

His body almost turned into a huge red ve monkey, and the rich Chakra on the monkey showed its identity!

Four tails, Sun Wukong.

No one thought, the old purple leaves rocky villages, through the soul communication, I have made a tacit understanding, and they may not be 100% trust, but it is also a crisis that is crisis-dependent. Friends!

Old purple is even more believed in four-tailed Sun Wukong, so it is brittle to give it its body control, and directly releases the whole beast!

"It can turn directly into four tails!"

The dark voice is somewhat not very happy, Shen Sheng said: "Shangyuan, in this case, move quietly, you can't get it ..."

White is a nod, continue to add: "If this is the case, the Ninja of Rock Yin Village is easy to explore the disappearance of the four-tail column, which will be very troublesome to our future.

"I didn't expect him to be able to avatar for complete body."

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, looked at the absolute, whispered: "The elder generation, don't worry, just a head, I will find way to handle it, you will be far away!"

"it is good."

I nodded and slowly drilled into the ground.

After the need, the figure disappeared in the original place.

As an intelligence person, it doesn't want to be fierce battle.

Shangji fell to the beginning, looking at the huge tail of the body, taking the corner of his mouth: "My Tongling Sun Wukong was changed to Chakra ... I hope this time I can get a new Sun Wukong. ! "

"Little ghost, then you will be signed!"

The four-tailed Sun Wukong overlooks the original navigation, and slammed his fist, and a punch was smashed in the area of ​​the original Na.

Shangyuan Nairi disappeared in the original place, the next moment, he appeared in the distance of Sun Wukong, and closed his palms: "No, you are sourcing is you! Water resulin!"

A waves have emerged from the foot of Shangyuan Na, driving the original navigation is getting higher and higher, and the height is too much more than the mountain, there is a thousand meters high ...

After a while, the huge waves went, and the momentum of the four-tailed Sun Wukong was drowned. A wave of flooded it directly into the sea!

"Is this a tail?"

Shangnai, I watched the four tail Sun Wukong floated in the waves, constantly being touched, frowned: "It's a laugh!"