I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 190 Sorry, I have no predecessors, I have not stopped him (fourth! Search!)

The four tail Sun Wukong is a bit weak.

I feel that I can hang it up.

Shangyuan Needs to be confused, is it all the monkeys are afraid of water?

Since it is determined to easily defeat the four-tailed Sun Wukong, it is time to explode a wave of acting skills, and the four tail column will easily win, you can understand ...

But if you make a four-tailed complete body, like a child, it's not too uncommon to let it understand!

Nowadays, only one of the rushing stems that use Chakra enhanced, it has made four tailings Sun Wukong exhausted.

In the past, Shangyuan Needle relied on skills, relying on recovery ability, relying on intelligence fighting from being explored; now I can rely on my own Chakra, strengthen those ordinary skeletons.

The four-tailed Sun Wukong could not maintain his body balance in the waves of swept, and the wolf climbed up and turned over again.

Until the spokes of the roots of the roots, the seawater slowly saved, the four-tailed Sun Wukong finally climbed up, and Zhangkou began to condense his strongest sterilization!

Yin property Chakra and Yang attribute Chakra fly brisk!

This is the unique endurance, and the beast jade!

Shangyuan Needo slowly lifted his arm, explored his palm of his palm, whispered: "I can't go!"

A group of black and purple spheres took the lead in hitting four tail Sun Wukong, and directly interrupted its tail beast jade, and even closed Chakra flow in the body!

Four-tailed Sun Wuko knows that Chakra in his body is desperately trying to let Chakra run up, but it is only useless.

Fortunately, this time is only 3 seconds.

Shangyuan Na was a little bit of play, I saw a four-tailed Sun Wukong: "It seems that this type is not bad, can you interrupted? Then the future swirls moisture the spiral pill can be interrupted?"

In this way, the four-tailed Sun Wukong never dare to use the tail beast.

After all, the strength of the four tails is limited, it can not do the same speed like nine-tailed, the fox is almost very fast!

If you use the tail beast in the four tails, it will also be directly interrupted, which also makes it play?

Relying on melting tolerance? But the decommissioned squeezing is much stronger than it's melting.

"That takes you!"

Siyun Sun Wukong's limbs are borrowed, and a punch has been in the original navigation!

Shangqi Nairou flashed body to avoid the flying fist, sighed a good way: "Others can only knock down you only for a few seconds, don't I use a few minutes? But don't take a few minutes, I have a little problem with this person. "

I suddenly understood the pain of the actor.

Yuxi spots defeated nine tail beasts for a few seconds, because his strength is too strong; the original Needs to defeat four tails a few seconds, it is estimated that people have problems.

The most important thing is that Shangnai must make himself a weakness, in order to win the four tail column for the creation of Unexpero.

When I first started fighting, I saw the old purple vegetables. He only used a handle and no resistance.

At that moment, Shangyuan Nairou has already thought about the script that he and Yisi Board 'Wars' a "champion".

It is now estimated that old purple is really full.

After all, the four-tailed Sun Wukong has come out, and he has no stronger tolerance.

"Trouble ..."

Siyun Sun Wukong dull voice echoed in it and the spirit of old purple: "This time it seems to be an enemy!"

The two sides once again launched a game!

Just this time, Chakra, which seems to be in Chikra, and no longer release any powerful sickness, and played a few punches with four-tailed Sun Wukong.

Fortunately, I rapidly found a chance to fly to the sky.

"Shui Wai · Shui Dragon Bomb"! "

Shangyuan Needressed in the air closed his palm, obviously a few handprints can complete, he is a 44th handprint!

Until a huge water dragon with hundreds of meters long, whispering and hitting the four-tailed Sun Wukong, in order to uniform.

Shangyuan Needs also fell on the ground.

Ground above the ground.

The pig cages were re-dried, and they sighed in the air: "Even if the talent is better, it is rare to develop or learn to have a few powerful tolerance, the civilian ninja is still far less than the descendants ... "

After all, the black seoum is in the middle of the uniform, and I have seen the killer. The truth is manipulated. It is like a small chicken. I have seen the whirlpool. Sinna directly uses countless King Kong blocked The chain is bundled in the nine, not moving ...

Now I will take a four-tailed sunkoon, it is like a good thing to fight, it seems to be a bit distressed.

White is slight: "But the original little guy's smectic power is not small, but he is unfortunately his Chakra is not enough to support his battles ... Even so, the top original Shangyuan has also been in the rumor. More than the second-generation fire? "


The black is hard to say, "" "Talent and efforts are not lacking, each of the millennium has been able to leave his own name in the millennium, but unfortunately he lacks a suitable blood Follow


Shangyuan Na Run struggled to stand up, sitting on a rock, looking at the old purple, whispering: "Finally, it is finally solved."

"The beautiful, four tail caught is completely completed."

The yellow and yang face in the dark and the vitious, and there is no smile, and there is no violation of his own violation. Anyway, say a few words, no money.

Now I am willing to listen to the original navigation and mortar ghosts left from their order, and naturally should appease.

However, the black smile in the next moment is on his face.

A time space whirl is suddenly appearing around the four-tail column!

That is the landmark of Yuxi Bo, whether it is black or last, and it is a bit panic.

as expected.

The figure of Unechyo has appeared from the Shenwei space. His face took his own pastry mask, showing the surrounding battlefield, laughing and said: "Solve a four-tailed and desperate, Shangyuan Na, you The strength is really weak! "


Shang Nai is full of faces full of face, and his face has become a little expectation: "Now you, come to us, what do we do? I used to join the big snake pill to attack me, now I am apologizing?"

"Little ghost, you really are still so true!"

Yuxi Bo touched his mask, a while smiling: "Hahahahaha ... Black, see it? So really a little ghost, even if you have been attacking you, or look forward!"

"Shangyuan, don't have to hopes to bring soil."

After the black, after a sentence, after the original navigation, it is gloomy and looked at Yuxi Bo, cold channel: "Yuxi wave belt, what are you doing here? Why is your guy to check the merits of the month!"

"Because I want yourself to get the power of the beast."

Yuxi Bo has slowly lifting his head and looked at the black. It reached out on his heart: "Black, I don't want to be a chess piece of Yuxi spots forever, so I let the big snake will help me unlock the heart. , As for why come here ... "

After saying this sentence, Unechebel took the soil and pressed his hand on the old purple, and it was a madness: "Hahahahaha ... Since I want myself to collect the power of the beast, how can I let? Charge the charm of the arrest. "

Old purple figure quickly was incorporated by Unexpea!

This scene makes the black and Shangyuan never been angry!

In addition to Unechebra, others have no possibility of entering the mighty space, and even it has not yet touched the specific ability to write the end of the genk of the earth.

It is just that it is a non-combat person, and the real combat staff arrived at the original navigation, just in order to arrest the four tail, they can only look at the tail column of the tail.

Yuxi Bo has a light smile and continues: "Right, you will thank you for helping me defeat the four-tail column, although I can easily do itself."

"Yu Zhibo ... with soil!"

The black face gradually became awkward.

Obviously at this moment, it has anger to the extreme.

"It's simple to collect the tail from your hands!"

Yischo belt soil scratched his back, and smiled and opened: "Black, although I can't find your location, but I can track others ..."

Yuxi Bo took the soil recruitment, the whole person was disappeared, only a arrogant madness: "Hahahahahaha ... Next time, I hope that we will help me next time. One other tail beast! "

"... Bar!"

As a black hand of a millennium, he was drilled by Unexpello, and the ambition of the emblem could hardly contain!

Just as the black reflection should solve the problem of Unecy Board, the vortex of the tensile time and space will appear again!

This scene made the original naval eyelids, the next moment, he couldn't help but erect his fingers, and control the guys who jumped away from the Tulier Tongli.

However, Yuxi Bo is just a hip haha ​​and once again appeared in front of them, laughing and opening: "Oh, almost have a thing forgot to tell you ... Remember to optimize your outer road!"

After that, Yuxi Bo belt soil disappeared again.

At this moment, the image of Yuxi Board has become very bad in the heart of the dark, and I can't kill immediately.

"This idiot!"

The darkness of the darkness, the sound, the sound: "In addition to the long door with a round, no other people can manipulate the magic of the outside."

"Oh My God…"

The temporal intervail has appeared in the third time.

Just as Yuxi Bo's figure has just been exposed, the original Nairi sprinkled out a card, and his body was shot!

Mom, this idiot, Shangyuan can't stand it!

The attack of the Shangyuan is a matter of letting Yuxi Bo belt clearly. His appearance can be over. Sure enough, Yisi Bo has a lesson to eat enough lessons and never reappear.

Shang Nai is in the heart, I walked a few times, and I gotten the head and apologize to the dark: "Sorry, I have no predecessor, I have not stopped him ..."

After that, Shangyuan Na will slowly hold his fists again: "If I am not eager to solve the four-end waste, tooot Thati Chakra, it will never let the predecessors he arrogant ..."