I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 192 is worth you, even the dead god dare to use!

Xiaonan has little change.

No, still some changes.

The woman on the small south is more mature.

Just Xiaonan's mood is the same as the past, even when she is rushing to the original neighborhood smile, always unwilling, hiding a sadness.

"Slightly give some opinions!"

Shangyuan Nairi slowly approached Xiaonan, reach out of her hand, and handed her a glass of water: "The teacher is older, and I have to learn more, I have a good body."


Xiaonan's forehead jumped.

The little southern vision took the next to the next to sit down, and he hit some of the water cups in his hand. This person's disciple is really not cute. ...

Xiao Nan hugged the cup of the water in his hand, whispered the right thing: "Let Ziyang flower will go to one! By the way, let them collect the people's intelligence."

The expression of Shangyuan Nair suddenly hesitated: "Hey, Ziyang Hua is the kind of intelligence to collect people, what is wrong with the problem ..."

This is really not the original naval.

But the strength of the little girl is really a bit weak.

Shangyuan Nai fortunched once, the practice of Ziyang Hua, is responsible for carrying out a battle exercise with the little girl. As a result, if you do not use any tattoo, you only find Ziyang flower to find your teeth. ...

Mingming Ziyang flower has a powerful time-time spontaneous talent, but it is just a venture, a pile of white paper is used to block the Shang Shang's line of sight!

That little girl learned something messy!

"Do you finally learn to have a little girl?"

Xiaonan picks his eyebrows, don't have it to look at the original navigation: "Don't think that all the burdes is as strong as you have ..."

Yu Yin Village really can't pick any suitable candidate, in addition to the purple yang flower team, no other people are suitable for participation.

If you don't want your face, he can, you can also participate, just don't know that Sandy Village dares to let him participate ...

"Then follow the teacher's opinion!"

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, turned to look at Xiaonan Road: "Oh, yes, I will leave the village tomorrow."

"What to do?"

Xiaonan immediately wrinkled, as if I was going to do any bad things in the original navigation.

However, this time, this time, the navigation is to do a good thing, so he is also a bit of straightness: "Summary in the quarterly phosphorus said, the long-door adult hopes that I will accompany the phosphorus to the whirlpool. "

This sentence is also a semi-halving.

After all, the reason why the phosphorus mentioned the vortex family is entirely because of the original navigation to her, this little girl is also his department.

The pharmacist finally quietly came to Xiang Phosphorus. For more than a year, the big snake pills finally successfully found the way to break the corpus, which must be used is the death mask of the vortex.

Therefore, the recent big snake pills will plan to rush to the old land of vortex, directly crack the abortion, from the four-generation fire shadow door in the resurrection of the resurrection.

I'm going to get together and lively.

This reason is not easy to find.

Xiaonan looked at the original navigation for a while, low head: "The long door has never mentioned any requirements, then you will accompany you!"


The original nematic is in a hurry.

From Yuyin Village, I rushed to the old land, the recent road also needs to cross the country, this distance is not short.

Shangyuan Nae and Xiang Phosphorus used four or five days, and it has arrived in the country, the vortex, vortex village.

Because this country has lived in the ruthless ninja, it is said that the vortex of the vortex village is the creation of the ancestral seal and stress, and later the vortex village was destroyed by the war. Now it has become a ridiculous.

The fragrant phosphorus is not very interested in the eye, because she is born in the sinful grassy village, only when the pharmacist is rescued, I think I have got a redemption.

And the pharmacist has a little handsome ...

Shot of the fragrant phosphorus is sorted out because of the hairstyle of the road: "Needer, when will it come over?"

"According to their itinerary, it is about one day!"

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, whispered: "According to your knowledge of Chakra, after arriving, can you easily discover their traces?"


The fragrant phosphor is nodded, and the face is serious: "I am very sensitive to Chakra in the big people. If they arrive around us, I will discover their position immediately."

Shangji nodded, whispered: "Don't impuls, wait until the big snake pills break the ghost, we will do it again!"

"…it is good."

Xiang Phosphoric face looked at the original navigation.

The fragrant phosphor is not a girl who is not in the world. She is more intelligent than most of the tiers in the endurance, especially good at analyzing information.

For the original Nairou and the big snake pills, the fragrant phosphorus does not say that it is a clear two, and it can also analyze a seven seven eight eight.

At the last place, this guy clearly could put the big snake pill on the ground, but he was inserting the drug teacher in the big snake pill as a spy, using the pharmacist to guide the war of the big snake pill.

This boss, it is really sinister.

When everyone mentioned the big snake pill, it is the guy is a sinny guy, but the big snake will be placed in the palm of the palm.

The endurance water is too deep.

Because of the interests, fragrant phosphorus does not dare to continue to think.

There is no one in the vortex country, so they have been quietly spent overnight, and they have been arrived at the arrival of the big snake pills and pharmacists.

More than a year, the big snake pill became more confident than the past, perhaps because he broke the self-confidence that he himself cracked.

" ..."

The big snake pill took the lead in seeing the ancestral hall of the whirlpool, licked his own lips: "As long as it can confirm that the body can be used to crack the abortion, this means that I can use the power of the dead again. Next time I encountered the small ghost ... ... "

As long as the big snake pill determines the method of breaking the abortion, it is possible to combat the body without restrictions in the absence of a live white as a substitute.

This is almost equivalent to the bug of the card.

As long as the dead is unable to harvest his soul, the big snake pill can call the dead with his own soul, thus fighting.

Death, but the legend of the legend is not touch!

Big snake pills believe that as long as he can manipulate the dead, you can kill all the enemies of the whole endure, whether it is the original navigation, Red sand is still Payne!

Those people who have been guilty of guilty, from today, he wants to come back by their life!

Big snake pills stretched their tongue, looking for the mask of the dead god in the ancestral hall of the whirlpool, soon with the tongue to roll a long-term horror mask.


The big snake pill turns to his head under his belief.

The pharmacist nodded, and pulled out two trees from the portable pocket. One of them was the body used as the big snake pill, and the other is a sacrifice that is reincarnating as a breeze.

Now the two white have passed the transplant experiment of the column cells, and the two have been awakened.

"very good."

The big snake pills slowly elongated, wrapped in the mask on his own face, a smile of a smile from his throat came out from his throat: "From today, let everyone the most horrible gods Let me use it! "

Next, the big snake pills jumped up!

A tall vain floats from the back of the big snake pill, bit a huge short knife in this vain, with a pair of sharp corners on the head, and the long is very horrible!

This is the death of the endurance!

Even if it is only a vivid shadow, it is a bit fear in the heart, because it appears means that someone is dead.

However, today is different.

No, no one will die, and even someone will resurrect.

The big snake pill slammed his belly, and the wound was bloody!

The death of the death behind the big snake pills also slammed his lower abdomen, and suddenly an soul from his lower abdomen wound!

That is the soul of the four generations of fire.

In order to seal the nine tail, the waves of the gods use the dead power of the corpse, dividing the nine tails into two halves, half by him to seize their body, half by him in the vortex in the vortex.

The final wave wind gate and half nine are also swallowed into the abdomen by the death of the dead, as a sacrifice of the shift!

Seeing that the death of the death of the gods, it is about to dissolve the soul. Its paws can grasp the soul of the big snake, and the soul of the snake will swallow its appearance!

"Pocket, fast!"

The body of the big snake pill suddenly wilted!

I saw that the big snake pill slammed his big mouth. On the occasion of the paws of the dead, a little white snake slammed out from his mouth, rushing to the pharmacist's hand on the white mouth, wanting directly Take over the body.

This is the wonderful use of the big snake.

As long as he can jump out in time, death can't catch him.

Since then, he is not able to get the blister of the waves of the water, and even master the death of the dead.

This is the big snake pill, a person who dares to use the dead god.

This is really not to live!

Sure enough, the next moment is steep!

The little white snake has not come to the mouth of the white snake, and it is hit the sword in the ground!

... ...

A furcoured applause sounded in the ancestral hall.

A young ninja drums in the palm and brings it.