I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 193 will help the four generations of fire, you will prepare a good coffin!

Shangyuan Needel is really admired by big snake pills.

If the future of the fourth endurance battle, the Big Snake Pills did not be washed, but used to fight against the gods, at least three times more powerful.

Shangji is gently drumming his palm, looking at the big snake pills that have been turned into a pouch, and looked at the little white snake.

"Mr. Big Snake Pill, don't you know me?"

Shangyuan Na was touched the head of the small white snake, and looked at the furious white snake, bite him, and quickly retracted his palm: "Hey, how can you bite people!"

" ..."

This little white snake is the body of the big snake.

Obviously it has already recognized Shangyuan Na, the mood will not be good, especially now it is the most weak.

So, when you are so weak, you will encounter your biggest enemies, what will you feel?

Probably is not as good as death!

Throughout the big snake pill, it has been bullied by the original nectic.

At that time, when I went wrong with the tissue, the big snake pulse and fought it, I was caught by Shangji, and a bunch of sickness was sold.

When the wooden leaves were over, the big snake pills held the first generation of the sun and the second-generation rigs. When the strength is the most powerful, it is also forced to hand over the original navigation and no corpse.

Now the big snake pill has just studied how to use the corpse to block this ban, by the way, the way to resurrect wave wind doors, and replace it with the body of the body, Shangyuan Nae Rash.


Is Shangyuan Needo to restrain him?

How can this guy always bully him?

" ..."

The little white snake broke away from the hands of the sword.

It slammed into the white hand of the pharmacist, the big snake pills clearly, he must first get a body, in order to change the current situation!

However, when the big snake pill should rush into the white inside, he seized his body in one hand, and he lost him on the ground.

" ..."

"I don't understand the snake". "

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, looked at the little white snake on the ground, showing a smile on his face: "But I know, you must want this right?"

After that, I immediately fell into the white hand controlled by the pharmacist.

The little white snake is in a hurry: "Swings ..."

"Okay, I get it now."

Shang Nai fell to the palm of his hand to twisted the white head, this scene saw a little bit of crazy!

It is just that it also has a sense of reason.

In order to be able to reincarnate the resurrection of the four generations, they brought two trees, and the other can make it occupy the body to recover!

Obviously, it will not give it this opportunity.

When I got up, I flew up a feet, and I kicked the little white snake!

Then, the top is reached again, and I took a bitter from the incense phosphorus. I slammed the body small white snake of the big snake pill!

The big snake pill is turning!

The small white snake in Chakra is going to expand speed. He can actually use the eight-semi-desperate, but this is the final kill, and it is used to deal with the original navigation is not enough!

"Silent fear ..."

Upper Naqi stretched out his palm, two light blue Chakra falls on a small white snake, and this white snake is weak, and it is weak to have its own head.

In the face of powerful illusion, the big snake pill is difficult to resist.

This is the sequelae brought about by no corpse.

Within two seconds, the big snake pills have experienced the most horrible nightmare in their lives.

That nightmare is that he just escaped from the death of the death. When I was replacing my body, I was called the original nailed born with a hand sword!

It turned out to have just made a nightmare ...

The big snake's body small white snake spirit decadently struggled to wake up, slowly looked at everything around, the man of the head is good, it seems to be the original navigation ...

Mom, that is not a nightmare!

That is the reality!

The big snake pill was once again angered, and when he wanted to start the eight-seiphery, it was once a super illusion that was soared by Shangji.


The pharmacist has a little hesitant to open: "What is this illusion?"


Shang Nai nodded, looked at the big snake pills who have just experienced illusion of illusion, and only see it wake up again and retreat.

Shangqi Nairi had to apply a magically illusion over and over again. There is still a little proud of the mouth: "This illusion is to experience the most terrible thing in the life within two seconds. What do you say that the big snake will be afraid?"


The pharmacist did not dare to speak.

In fact, the pharmacist is thinking, it is estimated that the big snake pill is afraid of you?

Until the body of the big snake, the little white snake did not resist the power, it seems to be finally recalled, and Shang Na will put down his arm and give up the continued use of illusion tortured the big snake pill.

Shangyuan Nai turned his head to the pharmacist around him: "The body material of the four generations of fire and the other white?"

"it's here."

Pharmacist padened the things respectfully gave the things to the original navigation, softly open: "Nairou adults, the big snake pills have the advantage of anyone who is comparable to anyone in science research, even the end of the beast Cultivate ... "

The pharmacist wants to ask for the big snake.

Anyway, the big snake pill is also his leader, and it has been saved him, and he rescued him from the group.

And the pharmacist is not wrong.

Big snake pills are almost unmanned in scientific research, and this guy even only brought eight tail of Chakra with the organs that have been got from the tail.

If you give the big snake pill, he may even cultivate a whole beast, maybe there is no soul of the beast, but Chakra, the tail beast is absolutely possible!

"Let him get him first!"

Shangyuan Nai went to spend the waving, showing that the pharmacist will dispose of himself: "Now you are the successor of the big snake pill, how to place him, you are doing yourself."

"Yes, I understand."

The pharmacist nodded carefully.

The pharmacist opened a small pocket, won the little white snake from the wall, softly persuaded: "The big snake pill, please come in! After we leave here, I will prepare a new body for you."

" ..."

The little white snake rushed to the pharmacist, and it was estimated that it was a traitor in the priest of the drug, and finally it was drilled into the pocket of the pharmacist.

The attitude of the big snake pill is really a bit collapsed.

Fortunately, the pharmacist is still a person who knows grateful.

Looking at this scene, I am sighed, "Hey, the snake is not dead, it is biting!"

" ..."

The little white snake spitted his snake core.

This is the bastard is afraid that he is not dead?

At this time, I have to attract the pharmacist to kill him?

But all individuals, even if you don't understand the snake language, now you know that the big snake pill is definitely in the mouth vomiting, saying a pile of chaos and seven torrential silence.

Shangnai Na Richeng speculated that the body of the big snake pill should be, after all, he will force the big snake pill, is it a goodbye to see him next time?


Shangqi Nairi, put the little white snake into the small pocket of the pharmacist, and raised his head: "Pocket, put your pet."


Xiaobai snake zesezo into the pocket, don't dare to have any words.

Although the little white snake did not dare to say anything, but the heart of the big snake pill has passed the original navigation from the head to the foot.

The pharmacist nodded in a complex place.

Although the pharmacist also knows how to make sense, he still wants to leave the big snake pill, but when it is right, it can restore his original appearance.

After all, even the big snake pill is now recovered, and it will only be used by the original Needle, and maybe it is to be mad. ...

Shangnai Looking at the material and an active white, slowly smallering his palm: "Just let me go to the resurrection of the four generations of fire, after the future, Hui Zhibo belt and wave style The two people get along well! "

Pharmacist: "..."

Oh, his boss is improper!

There are more complicated relationships between wave winds and Yisi Bo, which is more complicated. It is much deep, this new boss really doesn't know?

Really watching the lively, not too big!

Unfortunately, the pharmacist will not dare to refute, can only be said to be his new boss? Everyone else is eliminating the dispute, Shangyuan Na is a dispute ...

"All right."

Shangyuan Nai's eyes flashed in a touch of persistence, closed his palms, flying quickly, and fiercely took the ground!

Shangji fell in a rune to give birth in his own hands, the mouth showed a smile: "Let me see how powerful power in the legend, I have the force, I'm reincarnation!"

Countless smoke friaries wrapped in a vitious body!

Next, a blonde man wearing a wooden leaf bauble white robe has taken out from the smoke clastic, and the golden flashes of the bellows.

This resurrection!

After the waves were resurrected, they immediately wrinkled their own brows, and slowly lifted the people who were present, and asked: "Where is this ..."

"Welcome four generations of watching the shadow to return to others."

Shangji fell to shoot his palm, expressed warm welcome to the resurrection of the waves, the pharmacist pocket and the fragrant chasting face helplessly took his hand.

In the case of such a boss, they really have no way.

Even if I arrived at the second year, they have to follow.

The wave of the water gates looked at the original navigation, but also fell on the pharmacist pockets behind him, and there was a little curious when he was on his face: "You are ..."

"We are all hobby people."

Shangyuan Na was recruited to recruit his palm, told the pharmacist around him: "Pocket, å Help four generations of hot shadow, you need a pair of sleeping coffins, you have to use good materials, only luxurious coffins are equipped with Identity! "

Wave style: "..."

Pharmacist: "..."

Xiang Phosphorus: "..."

This person is really sick!