I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 194 makes this place into the invasion of big snake pills (add more for the Qingli Mni "!)

People in general neurodeline are very good.

The wave of winds that have just been revived and resurrected are also thinking. His face revealed a mild smile: "That ... Can you tell me what is going on?"

"Still don't!"

When Shangyuan Na's face suddenly hesawned: "After all, even if I tell you what is going on, you can't solve the problem!"


The wave style was almost killed by a sentence. After a long time, he recovered his own temperature and look: "Maybe I still have some ways, I still have some research in some tolerance, it is a crisis ?"


The original nodded is nodded, and the spoken explanation said: "I use the biphesis of the second-generation rigging to resurrect, the purpose is to control your harm to the endurance to destroy the wood, the facts, I told you, Can you change this in front of you? "


The face of the waves of the waves is cold.

The guy in front of you is enemies!

When the waves of the waves came, he said that he was so good to speak well. He really thought that the friend of the leaves!

It is clear that it is the most moderate attitude, but it is the most cold, this way is really familiar ...

The body of the waves disappeared, and he appeared in the hands of the original Na, and a spiral pill was generated in his palm, and it was necessary to fall to Shangyuan Na.

Shangqi Nairou almost at the same time, his own fingers were raised, and the wave of water gates stopped the action. His face was full of this golden flash: "I am afraid that there is no use of flying thunder, the speed is also Soon! "

"How is this going…"

The body of the waves of the waves can't move, and I can only look at my palms and hold the spiral pill on the wall!

Shangyuan Na was turned to God, looking at the wave of the waves before his face: "How do I say this? If you don't grasp your words, then why do I want to resurrect you? Pocket, take a pair of places Pack! "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses calmly.

Standing in the fragrant phosphorus next to the pharmacist, it also pushed his own glasses.

The feeling of fragrant phosphorus is not bad. She and her pockets wear glasses. At first glance, it is still very matched!

However, the face of the fragrant phosphorus suddenly flashed a surprise, she fiercely looked up and looked at the original Nairi and the pharmacist: "Needers, the big people, some people come over, it is a quad team. ! "


The double-eyed eyes of Shangyuan Nai flashed a golden light. He immediately opened the hunting right, and he saw four signs in the field of view.

This team should be a daily patrol squad of a wooden leaf.

I'm not troublesome at all, even the fifth-generation fire, I have to come here, and there is no big problem.

"Pocket, stop!"

Shangji, I was looking at the pharmacist who had just got a pair of places, and turned to the wave of the waves that could not be moved, hitting the corner of your mouth: "Just resurrected the four generations of fire, there is someone to help let us Test your combat ability? "

Shangyuan Needressed Renained his fingers, manipulated the wave wind door to the door, laughed: "Let me see the golden flash!"

The bitter written by the sword of the love of the love is never being covered with the waves, and then the wave of the wind is disappeared in front of everyone!

After three seconds.

The wave wind door appeared again in the bitterness of the sword of the love, obviously exposed a little pain, in which three seconds, he easily killed the Ninja team that came to investigate.

The ninja team didn't even have time to observe his figure, followed by the wave of the water gates, all players were killed!

"So fast!"

In the eyes of the fragrant phosphorus, it shocked, waited until she re-perceived it again, there was a drop of cold sweat on the cheek: "The enemy's Chakra has disappeared ..."

"Call, it is terrible ..."

The pharmacist pushed the glasses on the nose. The corner of the mouth revealed the relaxation and laughter: "For a few seconds, even if you can't come blink, a member of the Ninja team is even easily killing!"

The original neighborhood was nodded at the waves.

Well, this wave does not lose, from now on, he has a big card.


Shangqi Nairou patted his own slap, praise whispered: "Come, applaud! Celebrate our four-generation fire home opening!"


The pharmacist slammed the palm of the incense.

The wave of the water is hot and looked at the original navigation, biting his teeth: "What is your guy ..."

This is an extremely dangerous enemy!

Although the wave of the wind gate and the original neckline are very short, this four-generation fire has been aware of the danger of the original Needle.

Non-strength dangers, his mental state is more dangerous.

Where can someone applaud after the death of the enemy, is it not to lament the death of innocent people?

"Hey, strictly talk about it."

Shangji shook his head and shook his head and sighed: "My teacher is also a disciple of a big person. If you count, we are still your own!"

If you count for time, a few of them are also the first disciples who have also received their own disciples! Even if it is a wave of water gates.

"Who are you!"

The wave wind door shakes his head, and the look is very utcient. "If your teacher is a disciple of the teacher, he can't teach people like you!"


On the face of Shangyuan Na, he suddenly revealed a smile of playful taste. He looked at the wave of water and laughed: "If you come, the four-generation fire, the disciple who knows the disciple of our disciples should be what the disciples should be like?" ? "

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, continued to laugh: "I remember that the four generations of fire is also the disciple of the big people! Let us take a look, what you teach, what you teach!" "

Shangqi fairy quickly closed his palm, one palm was taken in the ground, and a coffin drilled out of his spiritual array: "Tolerance, Tongling, reflow!"

This coffin cover is slowly opened.

Yuxi Bo's voice came out first: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, if you don't let me go out, you should starve to death in the four-tail column in the Shenwei space!"

"this is…"

The wave wind door looked confused to the coffin.

I saw that the pair of cranes slowly fell, revealing the figure of Unexpello.

The first eye of Yuxi Board did not see the original navigation, but saw a familiar blond shadow, and his attitude of his life was in an instant.

"Teacher? Water door teacher?"

Yizhi Bo is immediately anger.

Hello, what ghosts!

Why is the original navigation to resurrect the water?

Is this guy who didn't know if he didn't see this teacher?

The shock on the face of the waves flakes, and he didn't dare to confuse the land, he he he he left: "Do you want to bring soil?"

"…is teacher."

Yuxi Bo has the face of the face.

Shangyuan Na was turned into the Cofford board of Yuxi Bo, and smiled and said: "How, the fire is, this is the disciple you teach. He is a person who looks like, I will not introduce, you can Talk! "

Shangyuan Na Rou waved the coffin board of Yuxi Bo, took the forehead of his own: "Reassure, I believe you will have a lot of topics!"

"Hey, Shangyuan Na, let me go out!"

Yuxi Bo belt is desperately tapping the coffin, and the emotions are obviously anger: "I have promised for you, why do you want to disturb the soul of the watermen!"

"what happened?"

The smile on the face is not minus: "It's not your guy to make the nine-tailed chaos, kill your own teacher? I just resurrected him ... You shouldn't thank me!"

"Betting! Bastan!"

"Water masters, sorry!"

"Teacher! Teacher! Teacher ..."

Yuxi Bo took the soil of the coffin, and some sorrows were crying, but his will fundamentally flexibly resists the original navigation, and only the coffin gradually sinks into the ground.

"see it?"

Shangji is open towards the wave style: "That is the disciple who taught in the rigs, we should be under the door of the adult, do you think is his evil? Or I am evil? "


The wave wind door is still digesting the news you get.

The chaos of the nine tail are a key vocabulary. He immediately thought of the heavy wooden leaves lost, and the night was dead ...

Why is the original Nairi to say that Yizhi Bo is made of nine tail?

And just that Yishibo belt soil has not denyed?

"Well, you can think slowly."

Shangyuan Nairo stepped into the coffin stepped by step, and lid him on the coffin board again, and smiled and knocked on the knockout with his fingers: "Reassure, today you see it is only the first, you will meet you again Go to a lot of people! "


Pharmacist pockets and fragrant phosphorus did not dare to speak.

These two people know that they understand the ways to control others in the original navigation, no, or tortured others.

That is the embarrassment of emotions.

This is exactly different from the wooden leaves.

The wooden leaves cultivated the feelings of Ninja, let them build friendship or love, so they can't abandon their friends, teammates and hometown.

Shangyuan Nair is also using this kind of embarrassment.

Just he will use this kind of arbitrary enemy.

The fragrance consciously wiped the sweat on his face, using the enemy's feelings to torture and defeat the enemy, this means is too cruel?

If the original navigation will be held in the future, it will fight the waves and come, and will not be a nightmare for the teacher ...

This boss is simply a real devil!

If the original navigation is known to know the idea of ​​fragrant phosphorus, it will definitely dismiss it, how can the wave of the waves of this level can be used to deal with them!

Is it not good to bring a whirlpool?

In the future, the whirls tonsted to participate in the nine lama model to participate in the role of the war, and the resulting father and Dad also opened the nine lama model to fight ...

Hug, the picture is available.

Shangji shook his head, turned to the pharmacist: "Well, pack it here, then throw the snake skin of Dabin Pills to the body of the wooden, the body, Mr. Big Snake Pill Snake the wooden leaves in a time ... "

Pharmacist: "..."

His new year really can't do your personal personal?

Big Snake Pill is now already forced by you, there is only a small white snake, and it is like this, is it going to him?

Shang Nai, I looked at the body's stiff pharmacist, and suddenly picked the eyebrows, and I was dissatisfied: "I will work hard! Why do you solve it? After I solved it here, I still have other tasks. Conquer you! "


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