I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 195, the standing team can get the benefits of it (fifth! Alliance plus more!)

Late night, wooden beverage.

The apeer is rare for a while, when you drink it here, a dark part appears in her side of whisper.

"Nangjie adults, the dark department has just been reported, and a patrol team is all killed, and only the people's skin left on the scene ..."


The fierce slammed his own wine glass.

This evidence is conclusive, no matter how couldn't be reached.

After hearing the secretary of the secret, the apecical wine was clearly awake, his face was gluttoned with his teeth: "It's a big snake pill. The two teams are immediately, and I will catch him with me!"


After the dark department agreed, he hesitated his mouth: "But the intelligence department of the captain reported that the four killed people were killed in an instant, Nara Luo Jiuzhang guess the fourth generation of fire grown ups…"


A punch is smashed on the table.

That table is clearly unable to withstand her distance, instantly become a bunch of broken blocks, screaming the guests of drinking!

On the face of the program, I piled up a smile, some are not sour mind: "Ah, hahaha ... Nothing, everyone will continue to drink, I am just too happy ..."


The atmosphere of the pub suddenly turned up.

After borrowing the money of the dark, after leaving the losses, she left the pub, and her face became gloomy: "Can you determine the fourth generation of fire, can you determine?"


The dark side shakes his head, whispered: "But according to Nara's class leader, there should only be four generations of fire, there is a strength. In the case of not exposing, kill four ninja in just one instant, Nara's squad leader and mountains The captains are all waiting for you in the Office. "

"... that born!"

After biting his teeth hated.

At this moment, she has hated the big snake pill.

In fact, the big snake pills inexplicably hired, now hate to teeth, but he hate is a pharmacist and the original navigation.

Through the gossip of the original naval and the pharmacist, the big snake pills finally knew that the pharmacist has always been the spy to arrange it to himself.

Even the big snake pills look for white and cracking the dead, all the original navigation behind the scene refers to the mother's pocket to guide him.

This ... Isn't it just playing with his life?

The big snake body small white snake hide in a small bag of the pharmacist, caught in a deep thinking, have he always controlled by the original navigation?

I thought I was a person who was truly pursued by the truth. I didn't expect that the truth of my efforts was under the manipulation of others ...

I thought I have become so powerful.

I didn't expect him to just control a piece of chess that was in the dark.

This religion is not worthy of him. Is it necessary to fight?

This thought is fleeting in the mind of the big snake.

Forget it, it is better to live.

As long as people are still alive, they can still chase their dreams.

As for the kid, although it has always been a spy from the original Nair, it is secretly helping him, and even for him ...

The mind of the big snake pills gradually became more complicated.

Shangyuan Needs, Pharmacists and fragrant phosphorus did not pay attention to the big snake pills. After they left the leaves, they found a secluded place.

Shangyuan Nair is not vague, from his own endurance package, I handed out a reel to handle the pharmacist: "This is the Shen Zhiwei Belt, the genital handle, you can mix itself with the column cells. "


The pharmacist nodded carefully and took the reel in the hands of the original navigation.

The write-wheel eye and the interpretal cells of the Yishabo family can restrain each other, and the pharmacist has also been involved in this study, and even the Zhigun Tibetan is full of writing rounds, or he personally sent it.

What I didn't expect to let the pharmacist, Shangyuan Needo is willing to write the eyes of a kaleidoscope. This valuable material is not good!

After the original naval, I watched the pharmacist to pick up the reel, continue to open: "I have seen the white snake cactus with the Dragon Cave, and I went to the Dragon Gloves to report my name, let it teach you Dragon Dragon Cave Model. "


The pharmacist nodded again.

Although the pain of the pharmacist is still very calm, but the heart has already caused an uproar, this is the right benefit of the station team?

The power of the kaleidoscope writes the power of the eyes, and they are all clear.

Especially the Shen Zhibo belt the mobility, its strange ability, almost makes the most people of the endurance, there is no way!

And with the big snake pills so long, the pharmacist also heard of the dragon caucasian model. It is said that the big snake pills seek for so many years.

I didn't expect to arrange for him to arrange it for him.

This new boss is too much too much than the imagination.

Don't say that it is a pharmacist, even if it is the big snake pill in his pocket, at this moment, it is not good!

Why can't I believe in all cooperation between people and people?

If you use this way to use this way with the big snake pill, you will definitely agree with the original cooperation!

The harvest of the pharmacist is too rich!

The big snake pill in the pharmacist pockets is simply looking forward to the water, the pharmacist can get the treasure of his dreams!

Shangyuan Nairou is a bit worried that the pharmacist pockets the immortal model, and takes the shoulders of the drug master, whispering: "Tell the White Snake Cactus, you are now the most trusted department now, don't let you cultivate the cactus mode. Infine snake. "


The pharmacist toldly nodded, and his face gradually excited: "I will not let Nealand people disappoint!"


Shangqi Nairou is very satisfied with his attitude, continuing to say: "From then on, I will arrange you with two identities, one is the heir of the big snake, one is Yuxi Bo, which is temporarily hard."

Since I commanded my hand to do the task, I naturally have to reward.

After the Shangyuan Na, after the task was finished, he opened the Pharmacist: "The orphans in Yuyin Village began to run smoothly. Now it is a paraphosphoric to help Xiaonan teachers do this. The orphans of the whole rain have been collected by the orphanage. .

And the biological science laboratory you want is also arranged, usually the fragrant phosphorus is taking care, the equipment is even more complete than you think. "

"Yes, Thank you."

After listening to the pharmacist, looked up: "Right, there is one thing ... Previously, the big snake pills have been worried that they cannot control the first generation of the first generation and the second-generation rigs, so they have not returned them to them."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses. He looked at the original navigation in his face: "If it is the reason why the neighters are in the past, it will control the two adults of the first generation of the whole day!"

"Is it?

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, suddenly came to a single interest: "Is there any of the first generation of fire, the second-generation rigs and the three-generation noodles, how are you?"

The pharmacist nodded and laughed: "Yes, and the big Snake Pills' collections are wealthy."

"Go and see!"

Shangyuan Nair is a little excited, even sounded: "In addition to those, there are other embedded materials?"


The pharmacist nodded and whispered: "I got the second generation of water, second-generation noodles and three generations of Lei Ying, just because the big snake pills worried about their own control, still let them sleep. "

"Those you will stay!"

Shangyuan Nairou doesn't matter to sway: "I only have interested in collecting nacies, you learned about it, then control them!"

As a person in the future, you can always fight against the fashion, you can't stand the battle, always have some combat power! "

The fourth endurance war in history, the pharmacist has resurrected many shadowers, which can be seen that he has already had the power of the control of these shadow characters.

If you are still in the beginning of the first generation, the soul of the second-generation rigid is still there, maybe the pharmacist will reincarnate them.

However, the pharmacist does not necessarily control them!

After all, the strength of the first generation is enough to use one person to suppress all other movie characters, and even if you don't have much strength!

The strength of the second-generation rigs is only under the first generation!

Even if I arrived at myself, I only confirm that I can control the second generation of rigid shadows. For the beginning of the peak period, I still have a little bit not sure.

The strength of the two people in the first generation of thousands of hand and the round-e-eye Yuxi blossoms, only under the combat power of the six levels.

Shangqi Nai Lu suddenly felt that his strength was not enough ...

Unless I open a role war, let Shang Nai will come to a 10D property overlay through dark harvesting.


After the original naval, she remembered the shoulders of the pharmacist, and she loudly said: "If one day you find the body of Yuxi Bao, there is no need to get the resurrection of the guy. ! "