I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 202, is it a soaking? (The third is more delivered!)

The second generation of the village in the misty village is only four people, and the mortar ghosts, the peach is no longer, the ghost light is full of moon and Lin Yuyu.

Among them, Lin Yuyu is just a person who is the last one who has become a seven people. She is the last one of the original navigation needs to be defeated.

Since I got her news here, the Shangyuan naturally can't miss, in addition to completing the task, I want to pull Lin Yuyu from joining the organization.

What's more, this is also mutually beneficial.

In addition to the original navigation, it is estimated that there is no one who can cure Lin Yuyu.

Under the leader of Shangyuan Na, in the leader of the drug teacher, after visiting the North Base of the Big Snake Pill, they did not continue to stay, and they returned to Yuyin Village.

Originally, I wanted to take the heavy in the northern base, but the pharmacist also needs to improve the natural energy of the body to improve the probability of cultivating the immortal model, so they can only be done.

After returning to Yuyin Village.

Xiang Phosphorus immediately rushed to the base, conveyed the order of Shangyuan Naoli to the ghost light, and the merits of the ghost lights. After getting the brother's news, the ghost light is not ambiguous, and it is in a hurry.

Night night night.

It is still a mist in the fog hidden village.

In the office of the beauty of the shadow, after the job of the spoaches, her work gradually became a bit irregular.

Recently, I am a little upset.

Because the brother of the ghost lights in the full moon, the moon privately left the village for two months, almost sent a list of rebels, and she felt this.

A few days ago, the ghost lights finally came back.

Just the first thing after this little ghost came back, I would like to be anger. He actually asked her that she didn't know a good one named.

This little ghost is really bigger, the less taught!

Just after the beauty of the beauty, he smashed his temples, and a string of water suddenly slipped in the spit of the spoacter's office, and appeared on the desk of the beauty, this precise operation is never general. Water refaries can do it!

So far, only the guy of the Ghost Lights Full Moon will deliver messages in this way.

According to Meimei, I gradually formed a head shape of the laden size on the desk. This small water man rushed to the beautiful scene: "Seniors, I got the current situation of the water from Nelenting, I also learned Lin Yuyu was seriously ill, so she rushed back to take her to cure the disease. I will send it to a strong medical ninja. Let her come back after she recovers. "

This little water man immediately turned into a flower, obviously, Chakra has been exhausted.

Just after listening to the beauty, I immediately intend to rush to the misty hospital, a screaming of the whole misty village!

"The ghost light is full, I have to kill you sooner or later!"

Listening to the sound, it is the brother of the ghost light full moon!

When Mei Ming, I turned to the direction of the voice, but only saw the ghost lights that were scarred, and the fourteen-year-old teenager was desperately rushing a tall building!

just now.

The ghost lights have sneaked into the misty hospital, and the forests of severe illness were hit by the benefits and seized her, and defeated her brother ghosts.

After all of this, the ghost light is not going.

Now the ghost light is still onto that high floor.

He is a serious illness in his hand, looking down on the desperate younger brother, full of cold and indifferent: "It's still so stupid, the water, the eyes of the ghost light, I thought you would kill this woman. Take away her thunderstorm, come to me to revenge, I didn't expect you to accompany your idiots. "

"Bet! Guan you fart!"

The ghost lights took out a knife from a coma's fog, and he had to rush to the tall building, but his physical strength is not supported. If you haven't taken a few steps, you will be weak, you can only use it. The knife supports yourself will not fall!

Even if you can't fight, the momentum of the ghost lights is still not willing to be weak, his face is full of madness: "The ghost light is full, I said that you put her down!"

"rest assured."

The ghost lamp is watching the movement of the water and snorted.

The ghost light is looking down to the Lin Yin rain in his hand: "This woman as a master who is recognized by the thunderous knife, I will give her enough respect, but I will let her know the facts, whether it is the handle Tarrel, only loyal to the ghost light! "

"I said that you give me down her!"

Chakra on the ghost light is finally completely broke out, the whole person is a huge hydrated giant, and it has grasped the ghost lights on the high-rise!

However, the ghost light standing on the high floor is just a unconstims of lifting his arm, and the giant who is only hit is, "the water of the water!"



A burst of water sounded!

The huge hydrated giants were huge by a punch, and the appearance of the ghost light is the same, and his physical strength is finally consumed.

The last scene before the ghost light is coma, is his brother's ghost light full moon, the smile and the support of the beauty, at least Mi Ming, the old woman is not a problem.

The ghost light is completely coma.

According to the beauty of the ghost light, after checking his body, he looked up and looked at the air of the ghost light full moon: "Hey, you always bully him every time, even if I pick it in the future Ming Dynasty, his careful eyes will hate you! "

"I do not mind."

The ghost light shakes his head, flying in their side, whispered: "If you can, I hope he will never know the truth."

"Your brother is really fulfilled!"

According to Mei Ming, I looked at Lin Yuyu, who took the ghost light in the month, whispered: "I originally got to send Lin Yu Yu to the wooden leaves over time, let the five generations of fire shadow will help treatment, But after the palm, there is no way to cure her. "

Due to the Woody Covenant of Wood and Mug Hidden Village, it is still possible to make the agency to help, but the apeer is indeed a force that Lin Yuyu is profitable.

After the ghost light, he nodded, he looked at the younger brother on the ground: "After I heard this matter from Nairu, I asked him to help, Nairu, I'm, I am a medical, I. people…"

"Upper?"? "

It's frowned, whispered: "The last time I met him when I was talking about the League, did you tell him all things?"


The ghost light is nodded: "Nai Luo is a friend who can trust, although the character is very bad, but as long as he is honest, he will be recognized, he will be a very easy to get along with friends."

Looking at the ghost lights at the full moon, shook his head: "But I can't see it completely, he has the characteristics of a friend ... will you be cheated?"

"There is no possibility."

The ghost light is full of moon her face.

After two people talked about someone, the ghost lights were ridiculous to disclose some news about Xiao, but this time is good news for Meime.

Xiao Wi-woven internal architecture is relatively simple.

Yisi Bo belt is the behind-the-scene leader of the organization. All members are just those who have been with power or money, and there is no loyalty at all.

All members have been tested by the ghost lights. They are actually not careful about the orders of Unexpello.

After so long, I got a good news: "So, as long as we kill Unexpello, will Xia Zi's unscrupulous crisis?"

"Theory is the case."

The ghost light is hesitant to nod.

Although the ghost light is not understood why the original navigation is to let him say this, but the order of the boss, the ghost light is full of moon.

"there's one more thing."

The ghost lights slowly looked up, looked at the beautiful mock in front of him, and the sound of the sound: "If the Sanhe etchorn is reborn after the country of the water, the former is necessary to send all the Ninja in the village to be near the three tail, otherwise the organization secretly If the three tails, the consequences are unimaginable! "

This sentence is also a special manner.

If you are arrested, you should arrest the three tails, the less the enemy is, the less you are? Why is the original navigation to let him propose all the ninja in the fog hidden village?

Does Shanghainese are also undercover of a village?