Intelligence members is always very easy to be believed.

After all, I got the means of Identime, and the ghost lights of the ghost lamp full moon were still under her protection. She is very believed in the full moon of the ghost light.

The ghost light is full moon can be a family descendant of the second-generation shadow, how can it be betrayed in the fog hidden village to convey her false information?

After the ghost light, the full moon passed a bunch of information, and Lin Yuyu with serious illness was returned to the original Na.

On the way back, Lin Yuyu is from the last one of the endless people who have not been thrown, and the full moon is gradually curious about the ghost light.

The brothers are really like it.

Lin Yuyu is in the mouth of the friend's ghost light, his brother's ghost light is always a bastard, and he hates a traitor who can't kill.

It seems that the attitude of ghost lights is inevitable.

The ghost light is full of moon and has no brother's brother.

By the naive little partner of the ghost light, Lin Yuyu is still more, I want to know the ghost light full moon, the name of the genius who can pass the seven talents.

The ghost light is not a simple rebellion.

This man is like a mystery, can't help but want to know more.

Unfortunately, the mouth of the ghost light is very strict, almost no news is almost the way, the only thing to tell Lin Yuyu, that is, I can help her.

"Why do you want to find someone to help me?"

Lin Yuyu has led the eyebrows, and the corner of the mouth reveals a sharp little tooth: "The seniors are because I am the first female to bear the knife in the village, is your consecutive generation, or because I am a friend of the month?"

"... because someone needs your strength."

The answer is very straightforward, and even more than his boss is not inferior, and he added another sentence: "But I want to kill you directly, after all, your strength is not strong, even can't even hold adults. One hit, I don't think it is necessary to let you join us. "

"grown ups?"

Lin Yuyu is obviously more curious, she is staring at the face of the ghost light full moon, I want to see something from him: "What adult? The owner of the present now? It is curious, you can conquer the full moon "


The ghost light is lazy to get her.

Because Lin Yuyu is so fast, I will see the adults in the full moon mouth of the ghost light.

early morning.

Unknown lake in the country of rain.

Here is the nearby tissue base.

When the ghost light is full of the moon and Lin Yuyu, he saw a young ninja stood in the lake. He was just a simple printing.

Is this printer ...

When the other ninja printers are printed, they are afraid that their speed is not fast enough, and people can't see the gestures even can't see the action.

However, when this young ninja exercises, the speed is slow as if it is doing yoga, which makes people feel a lot of fire.

"Don't disturb adults."

The ghost light stopped the footsteps of Lin Yuyu, concentrated on the young ninja in the lake.

"Seniors, will we see this person?"

Lin Yuyu was looked at the young ninja in the lake. Her face suddenly became an arms, and the look was ugly: "If I have not read a wrong, he is learning the labeling of the water dragon bullet. ? "


The ghost lamp nodded.

Lin Yuyu has also seen the ghost light full of moon, hesitating the opening: "He just made a handprint wrong? Seniors determined this is cultivating?"

"Well, I saw it."

The ghost light is nodded again.

Lin Yuyu is more strange, her face is even a bit of understanding, or the predecessors of the ghost light don't care about this so-called adult?

According to Lin Yuyu's observation, the young ninja did not have a strong momentum, and even a bit like a foot.

Why is the ghost light to cast him?

next moment.

The young ninja by the lake completed the print gesture of ourselves, rushed to the lake, and the water: "Water dragon bomb!"

At the moment, the wind rises!

A Shuon, who has hundreds of meters or even thousands of rice long, is condensed from the youth ninja, but the water dragon is not only a huge body shape, and even the long phase is also lifelike, even a scales can be clear!

Lin Yuyu is a lightweight eyeliner!

The power of the water dragon bomb released by the youth ninja is absolutely more than ten times more than other ninja. Even if it is the advantage of lake by the lake, this is also surprised!

Single only the power of the Railin, Lin Yuyu did not have seen any ninja that was comparable to the water dragon bomb with youth ninja.

... ...

Just when Lin Yuyu is still amazing, the ghost light is already in full moon, and it is said that it is said: "It's terrible ... it's a big man!"

"Hey, I have known it."

The young ninja is full of fangs and hit the ghost light. It turns into Lin Yuyu.

After the words were finished, the young ninja took the shoulders of the forest rain, and a light shrouded in the body of Lin Yuyu.

Just when Lin Yuyu is shrouded by Lei Tian, ​​the young ninja suddenly reached out to her throat!


Lin Yuyu was amazed by Yan.

The youth ninja is screaming: "I don't know if my hand is wrong? Isn't I re-print? 44 prints!"

After that, the youth ninja simply reversed the neck of Lin Yuyu.

Until the consciousness is completely lost, Lin Yuyu can't believe it, she is just a mistake, is it to be killed directly?

What is this young ninja?

How to be more than a mock than their foggy?

Lin Yuyu is from the bodies of the profit falling on the ground.

In the next second, Lin Yuyu was re-returned by the awareness of profit, and he looked up at the head. It was like just a nightmare.

No, not a nightmare.

Lin Yuyu was afraid of taking his neck, and she felt that she was really dead, the soul is even more about to be separated from the body.

But I don't know why, she returned again.

The young ninja lesses over, watching the female ninsee lying on the ground: "How is your body? How do you feel ill?"


Lin Yuyu remembered the pain of the pain, but she didn't feel the pain again, but I feel that my neck hurts.

What exactly is going on?

Just is treatment ...

Or is it killed by people in front of you, and he is re-resurrected by him?

"It seems that it is good."

The young ninja loudly, kneeling in front of Lin Yuyu: "Since it is right now, would you not be willing to be my department?"

"If I don't agree?"

Lin Yuyu asked by lifting.

The young ninja face reveals a smile of playful taste: "Then I have been repeating a process, kill you resurrected you, then kill you again, anyone, anyway, I will see who we are more Patience ... "

Youth Ninja will continue to say: "The final result is either you completely gave up to me, or I completely give up and kill you."


Lin Yuyu is tight in the heart.

However, the next moment, this young ninja continued: "Of course, even if you die, it is not too good, I can control your soul."

Lin Yuyu looked with a young ninja, slowly cleared his fists, which also made her better!

Lin Yuyu took a while, suddenly smiled: "Even if I want to vote, I always know who my new boss is?"

"Hey, I called the original navigation."

Youth ninja reached out and put Lin Yuyu from the army, and praised: "Congratulations, you have made a correct choice."

Lin Yuyu is profitable: "..."

After seeing Lin Yuxi, after Join the original Nairi, the ghost light is full of the moon to open: "Adults, then I will take her to see Xiaonan and Payne."


Shangji nodded, and randomly recruited: "Her strength is not strong enough, let her follow you!"


The ghost light is full of forests with forests.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened his own system panel, and looked at the task rewards of defeating Lin Yuyu, this is his last defeated tolerance.

Branch Task: Get 40 own parts (440), the task is not completed, and the reward is unknown.

Branch task: Defeat the seven people (77), the task has been completed, reward hidden inheritance tasks.

Hide inheritance tasks: I will dance in your grave! Say a correct name.

This is a hero who likes to dance!

Yuxi spots will have a common language.

After Shangyuan Na, after a while, I mentioned the name that was hacked forever: "The blade dancer Ereather!"

The task has been completed, and heroic inherits open.

Edge: Get Chakra weapon front blade, can freely manipulate the front blade attack, each second consumption of Chakra during the presence of Chakra Front, each second.

Black shock: I am taking a charge to an enemy. Whenever you kill an enemy, you will re-refresh this skill, and the skill consumption is 20 points, and the skill cooling time is not.

Drake dance: Manipulate all the sharp edges appeared in our surrounding defense, relieve itself from 50% damage, skill consumption Chakra 70 points, skill cooling time is not.

Pioneer Blade: In the direction of the straight line, all Chakra Front is shot, and finally formed a piece of iron coverage, the skill consumption of Chakra 100, and the skill cooling time is not.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly lifted his palm, a strange black Chakra Feng blade appeared behind his, and these sharp edges were a bit like a root of the sword.

This inheritance is too weak.

It is really not used by the truth.

No, still useful.

Shangyuan Nairoured a handle blade and shot a tree, and then these sharp blade flew back and resuspended behind his.

At least this thing is very handsome.

This day, I woven a new member with low-key.

The fog hidden village lost their last troirers on this day, and lost the last buds.

However, there is a lot of mysterium in the foggy village far away, and the whole fog hidden village encounters new troubles, that is, Yu Zhibo's harassment.

The entire endurance began to withstand harassment of Unexpello.

And no one knows that Unexpello is thinking, this guy seems to just hit the village from time to time, and brush his own existence.

Of course, no one will think that Yisi Bo belt is just a sense of brush.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to face the harassment of Unexpello, and it is impossible to catch him unless it is ambush in advance.

But who can find the place where Uzhi Bo belongs?

At a point in the past, the reputation of Unecage Board is getting smoother.

Darkness also can't touch what is the purpose of Unexpello, but it must be destroyed to destroy the month of the month, so the black is getting more and more urgent.

Shangyuan Nai was stable as Taishan, because he knew that Unexpello belt was a pharmacist to use white coat camouflage.

Since the pharmacist has been cultivated for a while, successfully mastered the immortal mode, began to follow the Shangxian command to perform the task.

At the time of the three-tailed rebirth, I was also a time to collect the beginning of the beast plan.

In addition, the Shangyuan still ordered the pharmacist to continue to explore the tomb of those strong people, and slowly caused him to pay attention.

In this way, there is no choice.