I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 206 Let them see the horror! (Fourth! Xie Gongzi Qian Ji Daguu!)

Know the base of the organization.

After the two teams of Didara and the flying gates were quarreled, the two team members rushed to their destination.

Didara is still an indignant, looking at the two team members of the hiking road, grinning: "Hey, a group of waste, when they arrive at Lei Zhi, we have long caught it back!"

After that, he looked down a ugly clay doll, took a shot of his palm, laughed: "Hey! C2 · Dragon! Hey, look at my art masterpiece, we fly to Saha Yin Village Go! "


Three people have seen an ugly clay dragon.

After the Shangyuan Needan, after a while, the sound opened: "I also collected a psychic contract in the third year of the Big Snake Pill, or let me come!"

The red sand and the long gates have been invested by the eyes.

Only Didala is violent, waving your fists: "Hey, is you looking down from my art? This is, I spent a long time ..."

Shangyuan Na Ruo didn't pay attention to Didala, just closing his palms, 10,000 natural energy and Chakra energy instantly were deducted!

The original Nair is earnestly marked out a set of psychic prints: "Tongling's technique!"

A huge psychic spell appeared in the original Nairi!

Just as Red Sands and the long gates I hope that I will go to the original Na. I will go out, what dominee psychic beasts, the result of the spell, no appearance ...


Didara shot a laughter: "What is! Listen to the name is so powerful, I think is a guy ..."

A huge shadow suddenly covered them.

Didala's smile suddenly hysterested, slowly looked up and see when I didn't know when I suddenly flew away!

The body of this ancient dragon is like a beast, just a pair of wings, let it have the ability to vacanate.

Single only is a body, ancient dragon is even more huge than the outer road.

What is even more fear is that it is huge in Chakra ...

In the perception of everyone, the momentum of the ancient dragon is not dare to have a little unspeakable, this is the first time I saw Chakra so abundive beast.

On the head of the ancient dragon, a pair of horns were strange, and the brightening shining in the mouth seems to spray a blue flame at any time ...

If this is a role in actual battle, it is impossible to have any spiritual beasts that will not have any spirit in this endurance.

The red sand is slowly turned to look at the original navigation, slowly swallowed: "Shang, is it your spirit beast?"

To be honest, this moment of red sand is really an impulse that I want to make the original Nairo's spirit!

Unfortunately, this is relatively easy to face.

The red sand is owed to the original Nairi!

"Should it be my spiritual beast?"

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, watching the ancient dragon that is emptied above, rushed to the palm of his hand.

The Yuanyuan Dragon seems to notice the action of Shanghao, and the wings gave a moment in the air, and they stopped in front of the original Nairi!

In an instant that fell in the ancient dragon, the wind brought by the high-speed movement blows the body's body, so that they must use Chakra to suck the foot to stand.


Ancient dragon's limbs are set, and they are roaring in the sky!

Huge voices almost instantly halved the surrounding woods!

Then behind it, the tail of the thick and powerful tail is shaken, the tail slashes the Didala's clay dragon to smash!


Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Red sand: "..."

Chang gate: "..."

The three people were trembled, and they saw that the clay dragon was crushed by a tail, and he cracked him to look at the owner of the clay dragon.

According to their understanding of Dida, if someone dares to ruin his art, this little gold is estimated to be crazy!

Especially in the red sand, he knows how much Didara is for his clay dragon. It is Didara handmade, and he will repair the clay dragon from time to time, you can say this is Di One of Dalla's favorite artwork.

Now this hand-made clay dragon is smashed by the tail of the ancient dragon ... Didala's mood is imagined.

Red Sand Looking at the face of his sleepy companions, the sound of the sound is advised: "Didala, the mission is heavy, everything will be ..."

Dida Ruiro laughed, his face revealed a horrible smile, eventually became like to lose rationality and general madness: "Hehehehahahahahaha ... The bastard dares to destroy my art, ah. Ah! "

Didara crazy rushed to the ancient dragon in front of him, rushing to its toes, rushing it, it is a punch!

This is simply in the ancient dragon.

After a farce, everyone still jumped to the ancient dragon. Didara is like a big face, and closed his eyes and stepped on the dragon.

Didala sat in the ancient dragon, not cared for his mouth: "Hey, Shangyuan, this does not mean that I forgive you, destroy my art is not forgive! I just than the flying segment Complete our task faster! "


Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at the red sand and the long door, reached out and knocked the head of the ancient dragon: "Let's go!"


After the ancient giant dragon, I fiercely jumped to the air!

When it's a huge body where it drops, a huge wings open, slowly fan, with it flies in the air!

This is still bounced!

Fortunately, people present are ninja, can use Chakra to adine it in ancient dragon, and have not fallen by the ancient dragon.

After the success of the takeoff, the ancient dragon began to fly wings, and the figure quickly passed through the mountain river, flew in the direction of sandy village.

Didara stands in the top of the ancient dragon, and launched his own arms to spend a crazy: "Hahahahaha ... I will pinch so big sooner or later!"


Shangyuan Na, Red Sands and the long gates are opposite each other, lazy to ignite the golden neuropathy where they stand on the top of the dragon!

The red sand is silent for a while, and suddenly he asked: "Shangyuan, where there is such a spiritual beast life, I want to catch a cockroach ..."

Such a handsome spirit beast, who doesn't want to come?

The red sand is really wanting to be a huge embarrassment, and it will not have to take Dida's clay giant bird every time.

"Cough cough ..."

The long gates have cough a few times, some are sorry to open: "Well, I can transform it, let it become stronger."

The group of souvenir beasts is transformed by the long door.

In terms of biotechnology, the long gates also have some unique interest.

Shangyuan Nai gave them a glance, swayed his head without saying: "Nothing, I found the psychic contract found in the base of the snake pill, I don't know where I lost, after all, I will do not need to be beasts. "

Anyway, the big snake pill is half dead.

Even if you lose the black pot, it doesn't matter.

Listening to the original Needle, Red Sands were shaken with the long gates.

Although the ancient dragon has not experienced the battle, even if it is just a meat, it is enough to play a huge power, let alone the speed of the flight is very fast.

In the early morning, they started from the child base.

In the evening, they have arrived in the mid-meter altitude outside the sandy village.

Red sand is overlooking the distant sandy village, and the sound: "I remember a few spies in Sandy Village, the status should be low, I will summon them now, let them take us directly. ! "

Red Sands Arranged two spies in Sandy Village, one of which is lighten, and the other is Masaki, two people are endured, and even Maski has become a high level.

However, the Red Sands took a while, suddenly opened the mouth: "Well? Is there a problem that the lake sand sand is removed? Sure enough, how can the mother-in-law will not pay attention to the lake sand in the year?"


Shangyuan Na is falling next to him.

If you have not remembering the wrong, he used the identity of Zhun Tibetan and the sea of ​​Humble-Tibet, and sold a red sand.

Obviously the Qianli and the Hai Tibet attaches this very important, and it should be tested in all the endurance in the village.

Didala immediately broke the road: "It's better to fly directly! Anyway, there is no strong ninja ..."

Red sand scorpion shakes his head: "The peripheral defense is arranged in the bow. If there is something in the air, it will cause the protection of the village ..."

"Hey, it doesn't matter!"

Shang Nai stalls the boat, watching the ancient dragon road: "It should be completely immunized, we are not as good as directly to attack, defeat sandy village, and capture my love of the little guy."

"Not bad."

The long gate is also nodded next to it.

Shang Shangnai and the two people have strong strength, and even have the ability to defeat the sandy village with one person, and naturally do not want to waste time here.

What's more, they still have an ancient dragon this powerful psychic beast!

The long door does not continue to ask about the opinion, just look at the original navigation, softly open: "Shangyuan, act directly!"

"it is good!"

Shangji Looking at the small sandy village in the distance, I took the body of the ancient dragon, and I looked at: "Let's take a look at your strength, let the group of guys know, Xiao terror!"


Yuangu Qu Dragon fiercely!

Next moment, this dragon flew in the direction of Saha Yin Village, crossing the peripheral line of Sandy Village, cast a shadow of shadowing day in Sandy Village!