In the evening, Sandy Village is a bit lively.

At this time, just a busy work over a day, all the ninja and the villagers are waiting for dinner, everyone's mood is very good.

Until a huge shadow fell on their body, all people in Sandy Village did not help but starly talk, looked up and looked up to the sky covered the sky.

"What it is?"

A sand sticks to the ancient dragon in the air.

In the world of sand, they have seen the biggest creature is a huge creature, and have never seen an ancient dragon such a huge creature.

"What is the monster?"

"Is there a monster in the country?"

"How do you look big more than the tail beast?"

"Go to report the wind and beauty!"

The face of a sand has gradually changed, and after a noisy, he rushed to the direction of the style office.

The stamps arranged in sandy village have also seen ancient dragons. They are obviously more sensible and reported to their superiors.

Sandy village of sandy village.

The fifth-generation style, I Ai Luo is still working overtime with government affairs. Although the management scope of Sandy Village is a little small, there is a lot of dogs.

The window suddenly fell into a shadow, and suddenly had a few seconds in the room, so that I loved the pen in his hand, slowly moved to the window.

"what happened?"

I love to look at the window.

In my love of my love, a big material slowly took off in the sandy village. After a while, it suddenly spurted a huge fireball in the position of the spray!


I Ai Luo was in panic, hurriedly manipulated his own Huangsha defense, but the scribbled sand wall was also blown by the huge fireball!

next moment.

The whole style office is instantly in order to be a ruin!

The fifth-generation style, my love, the body of Ai Luo, was hit by the shock, and there were many wounds on their body, and the blood was infiltrated ...


Finally, there was the first sand to take over.

This is a crying of the entire sandy village.

In just a few seconds, the police said that the police have spread through the village, and civilians have rushed to the refuge, and the Ninja returned to their own battle positions.


The ancient dragon in the air once again opened the blood of the blood, and a huge fireball fell on the ground!


More than a dozen ninja gathered together instantly flew flying with the fireball!

In the face of a group of ground, the ancient dragon flying in the air is too easy to suppress their pressures. It only needs to take a group of enemies!

The ancient dragon looked up, and a huge fireball fell in sandy village, and this quiet village between blinks is the wolf smoke!

Since they were flying in the Yuan Na, they flew high, the speed was too fast, and the Sandy Village did not discover, it was encountered this raid.

In the face of such a huge thing that can be flying, the ordinary ninja does not play a role.


A barely jumped to the high sand hidden, just to start attack, he was shocking on the scene of the ancient giant dragon!

Saha Yin Village hounched all this, hurried down to order: "Fast, organize remote troops counterattack, everyone attacks the monster of the air, the secrets of the secrets of the Naruto will go to the wind shadow office rescue wind shadow!"

In fact, I didn't have any hamper.

When he was blasted by the first fireball, he just wounded his arm and his chest. After recovery, I love Luo hurriedly manipulated Huangsha swept!

As a wind, he is going to protect the village when the crisis is coming.

"Sand's giant!"

A group of Huangsha made up a sand giant hand in the manipulation of I Ai Luo, and grabbed the ancient dragon in the air!

However, the ancient dragon just glanced at the giant hand, no happily smoked his tail, and smasted the sand of the sand.


A group of yellow sand rose on the ground, splashing the dust!


The ancient dragon once again opened a big mouth, spurting a huge fireball!

The fireball is like a meteorite!

I loved the big piece of Huangsha blocked in the sandy village, and the villagers underwent blocked the attack.

Huangsha was blown by the shock wave blowing!

Fortunately, the fireball of the fireball is blocked by the air shield wall composed of Huangsha.

I loved the heart of the heart and manipulated this group of Huangsha flights in the air, intercepting the fireball injected from the ancient dragon.

Even if some of the fireballs can't block, the core of Sahin Village is always in hand. What attacks will not be encountered.

that's enough.

Next is a counterattack!


I loved a little bit down, stepped on the saddle at the foot, flying to the air, in the face of the enemy that can fly, he can only find a way to lift this threat to sandy village!

To be honest, confidence is not very big.

However, such a creature has a certain weakness.

Because their body is huge, it will become a target of attack.

If you walk, even if you can't kill this ancient dragon, I love to grasp it.

However, after I love Luofei, he finally saw the real enemy, on the ancient dragon, standing four people wearing Xiangyun black robe!

Rock obsets Didala, sand obsttycks to bear the red sand.

And two unknown enemies wearing a hood.


My love has suddenly changed.

As the fifth generation of sandy village, I Ai Luo has already got a part of the information about Xiaoxin, and each enemy has an extraordinary strength.

Single only a team of a small team, you can make sandy villages to be tired, and now I have gone to send two teams to attack sand.

They still have such a huge monster!

This ancient dragon, you can completely do the ultimate weapon for destruction of a country, I didn't expect to take such a monster to attach Sandy Village!

Since the end of the grassland event, the tissue has been hiding.

I didn't expect Xi Xiaomei to accumulate strength, perhaps this giant dragon, is a well-being found in the past few years.

My love has become incomparably ugly, facing the four familiar members and the horrible giant dragon monsters, his fortune is very low.

On the ancient dragon, a person standing in a hood slowly came to come, looking at my love, smiling and said: "Oh, I really didn't expect that the goal will send it to the door."

"It's really great!"

The red sand is watching my love, and the sound is open: "A wind movie actually dare to appear alone in front of us ..."

There are two people in a total of four people, and there are two in the wind.

Shangyuan Needs and Red Sands are all veterans who have killed the shape!

Moreover, the hands of the red sand also hold the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation wind shadow, can fully play a few peaks in this desert environment.

To be honest, I love is not very wise.

If the four members present at the same time, now Sa Yin Village can be elected to the sixth generation style ...

However, there is a pride than a pride.

Especially Didala, already proud of proudly.

"Let me give it!"

Didala's hands playing with a clay bird, grinning: "Just let him feel my art!"

Just now Dida is a bit depressed.

After all, I have been controlling the aerial beast. I vote for a bomb. It is his favorite, but now I am grabbing the limelight by ancient dragon.

How can this?

Don't this be a lie?

Didala can not accept it!

Just the fifth generation of wind, I loved himself to the air, which is simply sending the air of the door, Didala just can take him.

Red sand is standing by Didara, looking at Didara with confident, I can't help but say: "Didala, can you determine? Although the wind shadow is a waste, but this looks no Too much ... "

"Let him go!"

Shangqi Nairou smiled and waved the waving: "As long as the Didala can't die, I can save the saving!"

"You bastard!"

Dida launched a sentence, he also known the meaning of the original navigation in his heart, and there was a reason for the original navigation of this medical ninja, which means he can fight.

A clay giant bird appeared at the foot of Didara, with him to fly in the direction of my love, and the two instantly launched a wonderful air.

Just the only difference is ...

Behind Didala has a teammate, you can let go, and I must find way to deal with the ancient dragon that takes the emptie.

After all, the Ninja of Sandy Village is not providing any assistance to I, but it has become a drag.

How did this fuck still make me love?

Of course, I will fight!

"Bowbow Force!"

Ma Ji stood near a group of bow troops, directed a group of ninja to manipulate the defensive weapons of sandy villages, and the sound was highly open: "Aim, take the enemy in the air.

Telling true, Ma Ji is a bit desperate.

The Yuanyuan Dragon looks not that they can be hit by these ordinary bows, even if they can cause wounds, it is estimated to be the needle to the ancient dragons.

But his disciple, I love Luo is still fighting!

Do you give up this?

Is it always necessary to do something?

"Sand, look at your face!"

Shangqi Na will stand in the top of the ancient dragon, cold voice: "Since there is already lost the will of battle, do you still want to rebellion?"

"Don't pay attention to him! Start attack!"

Maji urged all the bow hands to aim at the ancient dragon, in the eyes of Masaki, this dragon is more troublesome!

A round arrow is quickly shooting to the ancient dragon!

However, their attacks can't even pierce into the body of the dragon, they were blocked by its own scorpion defense.

A huge arrow fell on the ground, and the heart of the sandy naffee will sink.

Ma Ji quickly adjusted his own ideas, whispered to: "Conversion the goal, first attack the white bird, assist the wind and shadow!"


Shangyuan Nair is also too lazy to pay attention to, manipulating ancient dragon towards the bow troops in Sandy Village, spurting a fireball, and threatening the remote troops that Didala destroyed!

The ancient dragon cleaned all the bow troops, flying on the air, and fell into the sandy village!


The scent of the vibration, swept the whole sandy village!

Countless try to rush to the Yuan Gu Yanlong's sandy, one by one by the ancient dragon, shocked out!

"Wind, big breakthrough!"

"Wind, cashoth!"

Even if there are some sandes that have rushed over their own position, I released a bunch of Ibe to fall on the ancient dragon, and I didn't have any effect on it.

The ancient giant dragon slowly opened his own mouth, Zhang Dou spurtted a huge fireball, leaving a deep gully on the land of Sandy Village, like a scarf on this big country!

"It's relaxed."

Shangqi Na Lu sat in the ancient dragon, looking at this Tongling beast ravage in the sandy village, and also looked at your dark harvest in the crazy superposition.

This will become the capital of his future and six-level ninja confrontation.

"The next is Didara and the wind shadow."

The scorpion of Red Sand starts, looking at the air fighting, I love Luo and Didala, slowly swallowing the way: "I hope that Didarana guys don't play too long ..."

"Our time is still very abundant."

Shangji, I looked at the sand, I was flying with the afar giant dragon, whispered: "It seems that Sandy Village can threaten our, then let Didala player to have fun. Let's! "