I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 208 My hand is broken!


Didara stands in the air.

A group of clay bomb flying birds around I arouse, a few wings, and immediately exploded by my love.

Unfortunately, the explosion of the clay bird is not enough to break down my love of the sandy shield, which can only make me pay attention to the threat of these little birds.

Didara guy, bombing a pile of things, not hurt, I loved, but I was chased by my love of the sand.

This guy is really happy!

Standing in the Shangyuan Na, the long door and red sand, the long door and the red sand, can only look at the sand, once again, and then easily defeat again and again.

The long gate frowned and looked at the surrounding sand, I couldn't help but ask: "Is Sha Yin Village so weak?"


Some stories when the Red Sand is.

After silence, after a moment, Red Sands finally found a reason: "These little guys have not experienced the real war. If the mother-in-law is in ruling, it should also organize a valid counterattack!"

This sentence is really a golden face on the face of ä grandmother.

According to the current situation in Sand Yin Village, I have encountered a raid of the two teams, especially the original naval and the long-door guys, don't say that he made his grandmother, even if it is the first generation, the second generation Shadow, the three generations of wind shadows and the four generations of winds are also useless!

Sometimes it is very fast.

After the Sands of Red Sands just finished this sentence, the two old people appeared in Sandy Village, which is the Millennium Mother and the old Tibet.

After the death of the four generations of winds in the past few years, when the mountains and the old man and the old man and the old Tibet of the Haiyin Village were laid, they were treated as a savior.

Now Sa Yin Village has encountered a raid of the organization. It has been in the crisis of being dominated. The sand is finally can't help but send some old people who will let the two remaining.

The Millennium Mother-in-law and the sea are not vague.

After the two old people saw the Ninja, they immediately came to sandy village, they witnessed the rise and fall of sandy village, how could be put on the village to fall into the crisis!

The Millennium Mother-in-law fell on a tower.

The old-fashioned old woman's wife looks at the Red Sands on the back of the ancient dragon, and the sound of the sink: "I haven't seen it for a long time ... Yu Sunshun ..."

Red sand: "..."

Obviously, they should feel that their TM organization has dominant.

But after hearing a thousand generations of mother-in-law, no matter whether it is Ä, it is still a lot of mood, and there is a small moment.

Mom, a teammate was shouted by the enemy ...

They still can't refute!

Shangyuan Needressed in the side of the red sand, turned to the top of the mother-in-law and a group of sand naute behind her: "Okay, now the Millennium mother-in-law is here, let us see how they organize counterattacks. Let's! "

"Let me come!"

Red sand scorpion stopped the Shangyuan Na, the ancient dragon, is overcast, and the voice is open: "If you deal with your mother-in-law, it is just that this dragon is far less."

After that, the Red Sands took out two scrolls from their own, and one of the scrolls wrote three, and the other scroll wrote four ã.

A smoke sounded.

The three generations of wind shadows and the four-generation style people appeared on the side of the red sand, and they quickly rushed to the thousand generations of mother-in-law under the Chakra line in his hand!

"Three generations and four generations!"

"It is the four generations of fire."

Every sandy hint is not to look at the two people!

I didn't expect to have two wind shadows in the village to protect the village, which actually became a weapon in the hands of the enemy and was used to attack sand.

"Sealing and printing · Open!"

The Qian Dynasty also refused to show weakness, and the hand opened two reels.

One of the scrolls is written, and the mother is written on another reel.

These two seeming that the color is obviously not too good, and she has been able to manipulate the three-generation rigid and four generations of fire!


Red sand screams, the four generations of wind and the magnets around the three generations of magnets are fast into a root!

Black and golden thousands of densely mastered the sky, the next moment, thousands of people shot in the direction of the thousand generations.

"Machine light shield!"

Millennium Mother-in-law suddenly manipulated his father and his mother fell in front of his own, into a shield, blocking thousands of dense Ma Ma.


Red sand is cold, looking at the shield, the finger is slightly moving, only three generations of wind shadows and four generations of winds instantly fly into the high altitude, sand gold and magnets are again condensed around them!

Next, the magnets and sand golden chemicals are a black golden huge waves, and they sweep them toward the sand in the ground!

I have to say that after the three generations of wind shadow and the four generations of wind shadows, the strength of the red sand is very large.

Two have a wind shadow of magnetine, and the role they can play is far more than 1 + 1 = 2 is so simple!

Even if the Millennium mother-in-law and sandhae are also can't survive in this Bosn-black golden spray, they can only fly quickly, so as not to overwhel.

"Chakra consumes great ..."

After the sigh of Sand, after a breath, he turned his head to the original navigation: "Hello, Shangyuan, to urge Didala's little ghost, I don't want to continue to waste time here!"


Shangyuan never looked with the red sand.

Big Brother, you can understand your grandmother, we can understand it, but can you put a little bit?

You are only two tricks with thousands of times!

If you don't know, I thought you had attacked two countries!


Shangyuan Na was returned to his own sleeves, slowly walked to him, closing his palms: "You step down, let me come ..."

The scorpion of Red sand shook his head and shook his head, cold channel: "Are you looking down on me? I just wait to be impatient! Dealing with my mother-in-law, your little ghost is still somewhat, but the teacher can not imagine that simple ! "

Even if he wants to put water, there is also a supervision next to it!

The red sand bite bites his teeth, flying, manipulating the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation style of the four-generation wind shadow rushed up, and the Millennium mother became a group.

The Children's mother-in-law can not be weak, even if she directly uses the father and the fare, the battle is slightly stabilized, but the situation on sandy village is unhappy.

After all, her arrival is to save the sand hidden village, not to come out of the terrorist member of the Sands!

"White secret skills, close ten people!"

Millennium mother-in-law waved a summoned past pine ten people, this is the most powerful ten embarrassment in her hands, each with their unique techniques!

"Still old!"

The red sand is looked up and looked at the neighborhood. He fiercely opened his own crimenta, revealing his own true capacity!

A young appearance of.

If you are in the age, Red Sands should have been more than 30 years old this year, but it is still unlimited with his teenage.

The Millennium mother-in-law has broken the truth, her body is slightly trembling: "You ... make yourself!"

"Only in this way can you achieve eternal art."

Red sand scorpio opens a reel.

Yes, Red Sands have made themselves.

It is precisely because he becomes a person, it can become not dead.

However, this is a matter of priests, even if it is to make the body of the body, it is already a banned, let alone the red sand, it makes himself a puppet.

Anyone in the field can see that the Millennium mother-in-law is very angry.

Shangqi Na Lu sat in the top of the Yuanku Dragon, touched himself down to the head and looked at the long door, asked: "Hey, this is the predecessor can not marry his wife and children, pass the leader! It is no wonder that the wife is so angry ... "


I looked at Shangyuan in the long door. Is it when they discuss this? Red sand can not marry your wife and children?

But say ...

The reason why Millennium's mother-in-law is so angry, it may be true to the original navigation, because the only grandson became a person, since then, the family decided?

The long door smashed her forehead. Why did he think of those messy!

No, this is not a mess.

The long shot took a serious shot of the original nailed shoulders, Shen Sheng: "Don't learn those messy ban, don't like the same, the future needs you to inherit.

Shangyuan, I and Xiaoshan, in addition to achieving the dream of Nishiko, in fact, the rest of the wish is to see you can marry his wife, this year, are you twenty years old? "

"Don't say this."

Shangyuan Nairo's face, slowly pushed his palm: "We also captured a column in Sandy Village, seriously, and put away your danger."

Chang gate: "..."

The entire battlefield seems to have only two of them!

The battle of Red Sand and the battle of the thousand generations of mother-in-law entered the white heat, and hundreds of shaped red clothes were flying out by him: "The barest skills, exercise!"

It seems to confirm your own resilience, Red Sands directly use their own proud ban, hundreds of puppets, and instantly defeat the sand around the mother-in-law, and the Trin Ten people became a group!

I haven't had a while, and I have a heavy loss of hundreds of red clothes.

The hundreds of drums and the pearls of the pine were all overwhelmed.

Just as Red Sands intended to continue to manipulate the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation wind shadow fight, the air Dida finally completed the task.

Dida pulled the clay flying bird fell on the back of the ancient dragon, and hurriedly shouted: "Hey, come to help me heal, my hand is broken!"