I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 209 This is really a pot!

Didala's hand is still broken.

This person lives simply like a mental disappearance.

Even if the arm is broken, Didara is still happy, this guy is why there is such a good attitude!

This time, in order to defeat my love, Didala can only use a small skill, paying a price of an arm, and bunch my love to be seriously injured.

Shangji, I watched my love behind the clay giant bird, but the guy did not die, and then he looked at Didala.

The left arm of the blonde, was pulled down by my love, so now Didala's right hand holds his own broken left hand, waving in Shangyuan ...

Shangqi Nai's eye angle smoked, mother's mind!

Hand is broken, still laughing!

At the end of the Nairi, he fell around Didala, took over Didala's arm, silenced for a while, said: "I will talk, I haven't learned the peers ..."


Didala's smile is stiff to his face.

Next, Didala gave out his right hand to grab the collar of Shangyuan Na, and screamed: "Betting, you don't say that as long as I don't die, can I save me?

The bastard is not ill, can you save it? Can you save it? Now you tell me that you will not do this kind of surgery! "

Mom, what ghost!

A medical ninja does not limil!

Is this fucking to play him?

Shang Nai fell to the Red sand of the far away, he did not care, just explained: "The senior of the scorpion should be, the neighborhood, the neighborhood should also, they are still very good at this small surgery, I am It's really not, I have priority ... "

"You give me a good excuse!"

Didala scorned the upland collar, and he looked at the distant fierce's Red sand and a thousand generations of mother-in-law, and it was a true body: "Is it true? What is the length of his long? Young? Shang Shang, why don't you help? "

"No way to help."

Shangji opened his palm, whispered: "The seniors of the scorpion made himself, his grandmother thousands of mother-in-law saw that the grandson can't send his wife and children, so this is a home ..."

The original Nair is a breeze.

Didala face dignified locations, even let me know: "This kind of thing ... We seem to do not intervene ... Hello, Shi Dan, the mission is completed, come back!"

"Shut up, I know!"

Red sand rushed to the three generations of wind shadow and the four-generation style flying to his top, rolling up a black golden magnetic gold sand queue, a defensive wall.

This blocked defense is strong, whether it is any sorghum, the sickness or weapon can't break through.

Through this opportunity, the Red Sands jumped to the ancient dragon, and the Zhang did the beginning of Didala: "You are a little ghost, but let me wait for a long time!"

"Shu Dan is not so old and autumn!"

Didala looked at the young handsome little face of the scorpion, laughing and walked to the side of the red sand, took off his Xiangyun black robe on his body.

Didala is even quite curious to extend his finger to touch the hair: "It seems to be smaller than me! I used to always be an oldest and autumn."

The real body of the scorpion is too deceptive!

Even if Didara wants to treat him with his own respect, I always feel a bit of violating, after all, this is too young, it seems to have a teenager!

The red sand is covered with clothes, and the Didala is in the cold, and the eyes are full of murderous: "Loose hands, go!"

"Hello, feed, a little polite!"

Didala hugged his shoulders and drums his mouth: "You are so young, are you calling me Dida Grand Brother?"

"To shut up!"

"Why don't you know about courtesy!"

"Shut up, otherwise kill you!"

"How do you like this!"

Didara dissatisfied with his mouth, Zhen Zhen has a word: "I called so many years, you can't call me, don't you?"


Red sand is suddenly do not want to have noisy.

Didara guys is a mental compassion.

If you don't look at this little ghost, I have been respecting him, and I will go to him everywhere. Red sand is really wanting to give Dida.

However, in the eyes, Didala has a more needed place.

Red sand scorpion looked at the position of Dida puller break, cold voice opening: "Shang, let's go, find a place to connect this little ghost arm!"

"Tell me a Dida Grand Brother can't work?"

Dida pulls his mouth, holding his own monk, sitting on the ancient dragon: "Tell me a big brother, can you grie you?"


Red sand is silent for a while.

Next, the Chakra line in his hand suddenly popped up, and the tie of Didala's mouth tied, and he could only hespted.

The art of the art is finally unhappy.

Red sand scorpion is looking at the original Needar and the long door: "Okay, let's go, maybe there will be some chasing troops, I will give you!"

"Yes, I will not let sandy village have chased troops."

At the end of the Nairi, he nodded his head. He knocked down the head of the ancient dragon, smiled and told: "Well, now take us! Before leaving, you can finally go. ! "


The ancient dragon sent a shocking ground!

Next moment, this is almost the strongest spirit of the endurance, and fiercely jumped into the air, and the wings fell to the sandy village!

Millennium mother-in-law saw the black shadow of the ancient dragon, pulling his own line, trying to pull the limbs of Yuan Gu Yanlong.

However, this ancient dragon is not here, and the micro-power force will break the line, and even turned out a huge fireball, forced the thousand generations of mother-in-law to fly.

"Don't want to go!"

"The wind shadow is on that monster!"

"Take the wind and shadow!"

"Go chase!"

A group of sands shite together to become a partner team, as well as the export position of Sandy Village.

It's just that the ancient dragon didn't choose to leave. Instead, it slowly climbed his height. After climbed to the air high point, he picked up a huge fireball!

A huge fireball suddenly smashed in the height of thousands of meters, just in the center position of Sandy Village, the earth was shocked, and it was a dramatic explosion!

The pounds of impact angle swept everything in Sandy Village!

A solid housing is rushing between the moment, these are enough buildings that resist the winds and sands can't resist the impact angle of the fireballs and the explosion!

Whether it is the level of Ninja, all is flying out!

Even the defensive high walls in the periphery of sandy villages also collapsed after the air wave, one responsible for the ruins of the ninja to stay here.

Shangji, I watched an eye from the ancient giant dragon to defeat most of the Ninja in Sandy Village, his own dark harvested harvest, so that his three-dimensional attribute turned three times.

This is really cool!

Not too cool.

In the first day, Shangyuan Nai Lu originally only more than 70,000 three-dimensional attributes, and the dark harvesting directly exceeds 200,000.

Have to say, Shangning Nai can be harvested in Sandy Village. This black pot should make the leaves and sandy villages, and they will come back together.

After the end of the third endurance battle, the economy of Sandy Village had to compress the ninja, and began to cultivate the model of elite ninja.

Of course, they have not yet raised anything ...

Therefore, the military strength of sandy village is even at the bottom of the five major countries.

When the grassland incident, the Sandy Village flag stood in the woods and reached the task and allocation of the famous country in the wind.

In order to maintain the famous head of the five major countries, and the threat of the original neighsette of the new head of Yuyin Village, Sandy Village began to slowly recover their ninja prepared.

Now the Ninja of Sandy Village has a number of Ninja, which provides a three-dimensional attribute of more than ten thousand through the dark harvest.

Life energy: 210921

Chakra energy: 209790

Natural energy: 208790

Life energy recovery: 108 minutes

Chakra energy recovery: 108 minutes

Natural energy recovery: 216 minutes

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Remaining gold coins: 6430

Dark harvest: After each defeating a ninja, you will get a part of the power from the enemy. Each time you increase the energy energy 10 points, Chakra energy 10 points, natural energy 10 points. Current increased life energy 149630, Chakra energy 149630, natural energy is 149630 points.

This fuck is just away!

The harvest of five major countries is too high.

Destroying the grass hidden village is only more than 10,000, and now Sandy Village is more than 100,000!

Shangyuan Na, touched his heart, jumping a little, the endurance is at least 80,000 ninja!

Shangyuan Needa will not help but thank you.

That person is to be hidden by Zhidun, which is killed by him.

If it is not the original navigation, you will kill the village group early, and he will not get the dark harvest passive skills.

Shangyuan Na Ruo is getting stronger and stronger, the five major people will become a dark, which is all the pots of Zhun Group ...