I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 21, Sandy Village will be a friend who is loyal to Shangyuan

Wooden ninters are really dare.

No, I don't want to think, they dare to do it.

After all, in front of this terrorist strength, the first thing to seek more helpers are not unable to seek more, and the most appropriate is really Nabair.

First of all, Shangyuan Na will be born in Yuyin Village. He is not a good sense of tailor, and the people who are the most daughter of the whole endure. Because Xi Xiaomei is not betting the country, he also lures his companion Hui Night Jun Ma Lu And fragrant fettered.

Secondly, Shangyuan Nairou is a good strength, and his back is half-hidden. In the past year, the grassland incident is said to be a half-hidden in the organization and mountain pepper, and Shangyuan Na will have a war in the border of rain, two generations I personally shot a member who is expelled.

Finally, Shangyuan Needo and them are friends.

Also, Shangyuan Nae and the courts in the courts have been good, most people are friends.

Especially Metai and Li Luoke, even if I was playing to your teeth, I was in the past, I still recognized the movement of the original navigation for their own village interest.

Know the base.

Because Shang Nai, they have the relationship between the ancient dragons, nor is it outside to find a suitable seal location and go directly to the base.

The speed of this task is not too fast!

In accordance with this time, it is not even enough for the ninja in Yuyin Village to go to Sandy Village!

When Shangyuan Na, the first team caught a tail back to Xiao Zhiwi base, the second team of people still had a few days to reach the country of destination.

This is very embarrassed.

Originally, they hit the idea of ​​sealing one of the ends and the second tail. It is estimated that the second end is waiting for one day, then it can only seal a tail.

When the Tiandao Pethen was a member of the slide of the slide, Dida was very arrogant: "Hey, it is really a waste that is not help ... So many people go to perform the task, but did not see the second tail Human column strength! "


The flying segment watched Didala, opened the mouth: "Betting, waiting for me to go back, take you eight!"

"I am waiting for you!"

Didara made a ghost face in the flying section, hip hop: "Maybe when you come back, we have caught the three tails! Waste waste waste! Stupid returning!"

"I want to kill you!"

Two people were arguing a group.

After the flying segment ended Dida, it was difficult to look at the members of the second team. Except for him, the second team is a group of waste!

Their two teams have a speed failure, and they don't quench Dadala. The gap between the two sides is too great.

A team of captured a tail has been going to return, and the second team has not arrived in Lei Zhi, this is really a bit gap.


The red sand is speechless. Why can they catch back in the tail so quickly, this guy doesn't have some?

Although Didara guys caught my love of the main battle, but the red sand is still in the Didara, it is lying ...

After all, the original Needle or scorpion captured the tail of the column, perhaps it was more relaxed, and he didn't have to give the Didala.

Catch a tail, the column, can also break one hand ...

I am still very embarrassed to ridicule others, I feel that I am not shackled!

Dida Lad came to the eyes of Red Sand, wrinkled his own brow: "Hey, Shi Dan, why do you look at me? The eyes are very rude!"


The red sand of Red Sand shakes his head, just like a child.

After seeing the eyes of the scorpion, Didara's emotions were more violent: "Hello, your eyes are even more rude!"

"All right."

Tiandao Payne cooled the exchange of everyone, Shen Sheng: "Since you haven't trap the second tail, then you will first help the seal one!"

The tissue of the tiger, can also make members far away from thousands of miles to assist in Chakra.

Payne called the most powerful ten members, with a magic dragon nine to pull out the tail crane in my love, and then entered the outer road of magic.

The first tail beast successfully entered the magic of the outer road.

The great cause takes the first step.

When the organization successfully sealed the first tail beast, Chakra consumed a lot in the membership of the seal, and I was tired of breathing.

Xiaonan found the original navigation and came to him a message: "Nairou, the messenger of the wooden and sandy village came to Yuyin Village. They invited you to track the child, win the five-generation style of Sandy Village, I love Luo "


All members of the organization have doubtful eyelids.

This second, all members think that their ears have a problem.

The corner slowly lifted his head, looked at Xiaonan, and looked at Shangji Nai: "If I haven't heard the wrong, it seems that the people in the wood and sandy village want to invite the original little ghost to chase us?" "


Xiaonan's expression is also very difficult.

The role of the endurance is too magical!

The enemy of the tissue actually invited the future leader to the anticoam, just being taken from the original naval to take the stroke of the shadow, and actually sent people to request the original naval to take the trend.

Didara blinds his ears and turned to the Xiaoshan: "Hey, the seniors of Xiaonan, have my ear really do not have a problem?"

"should not."

Xiaonan knead his forehead.

"Ha ha ha ha ha, is this teasing me?"

Dida scorpled his belly, laughing: "That group of sandy villages and wooden intercouches will let go of the original to help them recapture the trend, and the Shangyuan guy can directly destroy the murderer of Sandy Village! "

"Shut up, idiot!"

Red sand scorpion couldn't help but hold his forehead. His hometown did so a group of idiot waste, it really made him feel a bit of shackles.

"It's really a disciple of Xiaonan seniors!"

The martial artifacts got mouth, revealing his full shark, and smiled and praised: "It can be entered into the five major countries and even gain trust in five major countries."


The ghost light is also added to the full moon. "It's a terrible! It's only a little one year old, but it can be so excellent ..."

"Yeah yeah!"

Lin Yuyu is also attached to it.

Shangyuan Nair glanced at them three people, these three people are all his faithful men, can't arrest the opportunity to praise the wave.

To praise a fart!

Who is he?

This little thing is also boasting?

Xiaonan will no longer pay anyone else, just rushed to the original navigation: "Naruto, the clicker of the wooden leaves, the handcuffs of Kakasi and Saha Yin Village are still waiting for you outside the rain, see them. It seems very urgent. "


The five generations of wind shadows were arrested. They didn't worry. If there is a day, I will be caught, Xiaonan and the long gates must be unruly!

Shangyuan Na will slowly stand, sigh, sigh: "Well, Payne adult, help me clean up the body of the five generations of style, I love Luo, maybe we want to use it in a few days!"

I also use value.

Just allow the original navigation to lay a good arrangement. It is a serious wind shadow. This time I definitely can't let Red sand.

This guy is too serious.

At the last time in Saha Yin Village, the drums of the permeators were actually played in the past, and they would also give him a new .

Playing racks is better than anyone.

It is necessary to have a lot of experimental funds.

After seeing the original navigation, Yuxi Bozuo couldn't help but hold his fist and secretly bowed his head: "Kakasi's idiot!"

I have been paying attention to the Sui Zhi Houki, and I can't help but frown, he is really a bit.

Although Yisi Posko has entered the inside of the organization, Shangyuan Na is equivalent to the internal part of the five major countries.

This wave ...

This wave is spy interchange.

The problem is that the UX Zhi's online has been broken, and even knowing the truth of Zhi Village and the arrival of the day is dead.

As for the last navigation.

He is a spy online.

Outside the village of Yuyin Village.

The Ziyang flower station responsible for patrolling is in the village, prohibiting the flag wood Cardi and handle, just help them prepare a rest.

When Shangyuan Na was coming to the village, the flagmarks and handcuffs held a cup of hot water and looked in the rain in Yuyin Village.

Shang Nai Lu Xun stepped to the side of Kakasi, and he stretched his palm of his hand, and his face was barted: "Sorry, Mr. Kakasi, the recent half-hatred, frequent assassin, the order is prohibited Others enter Yuyin Village ... "


Ziyang spent a look at the original navigation.

How did this guy !

According to the environment of Yuyin Village, the bones of the mountain pepper half-hidden bones are estimated. How to take the original navigation, you can do the mountain pepper half-hidden mouth ...

"Hey, we can understand."

Flagkarti is nodded to understand.

Half of the mountain pepper is a long-lasting ninja half god. What ordinals don't want to get down on your own village?

Shangyuan Needo turned around and turned a handcuffs, there was a sad look on his face: "We have been looking for the trails of Yu Yin Village, so we get the news of Sandy Village, the tragedy encountered for your country. We express sincere condolences.

The organization is the enemy of the whole, we will not be able to organize the same flow, so we will never start the war, even if you can, I am willing to go to Saha Yin Village to help you rebuild your work. "

"Thank you, thank you."

Holding hands holding the palm of the original naval, her face finally had a relaxation.

Handcuffs are actually not very wanting to come to Yuyin Village.

After all, Yu Yin Village is the neighbors of Sandy Village. It is the most likely to take advantage of the enemy of the country to invade the wind, and the original naval is still killed her father's murderer ...

Now I'm afraid of the foot of the flag-like Kakasi, at least let Sandy Village can put down, don't worry about the war of extra outbreak.

Flag Kaki is also relieved.

If they want to track the text, find the position of the style of my love, it is very important to understand the most important rainy village. The problem is that the contradiction between Yuyin Village and Saha Yin Village ...

Now Yinyin Village can not be considered, let go of the grievances of Sandy Village, and even unite with them, it is indeed good news.

"I probably knows your intention, in front of the evil mercenaries of the Anti-Missing, our rainy village is unshirkable, because we have been tempted by the earth to promote this horror organization."

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, he turned his head to the flag woodkasi, sighed: "But Mr. Kakasi, there is no rough, the Ninja, Yu Xiaoying, after all, after all, all their members are endured The fierce s grades.

Apart from our leader and half hidden adults can easily defeat the organization, the rest is only the members I can be barely counter-balance, and we are a small country. When the last week, our ordinary ninja is suffering. "

"I understand your idea."

The flagmark sighed, looked at the Shangyuan Na, took his shoulders: "Reassure, we have long been clear, half-therapeutive must be treated, the town, Yinyin Village, can be left Revenge, Shangyuan, we mainly want to get your help. "

"That's good."

Shangji nodded, loosened: "Because our rain in the country in the past few years, we launched a unilateral encirclement in the country of the grass, and let the woven losses, so they estimate that they hate us, half hidden people Can't be light. "

After saying, Shangyuan Nairi looked at Kakasi, laughed and laughed: "I have no task in this time, I can leave Yu Yin Village to support you, just I haven't seen wooden friends for a long time. "


The flagmark of Kakasi showed a smile. Although this guy has soled some life destruction, it seems still nothing to change!

The handcuffs are also relieved, respectfully rushing on the original navigation: "You can help us rescue my love, we are grateful."

"No matter how I love my friend!"

After Shangyuan Na, he said that the expression of the handcuffs was not right. He used to be in the past, it will be bullied, it seems that there is no friendship!

Shangyuan Needan Luo successfully changed his mouth: "Don't you don't know how! "

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, continued: "I will do my strength, make up for the wrong thing I did before I, I hope that after this cooperation, we can forgive each other, let peace forever stay in sand. Between the village and Yuyin Village. "

A set of sets of this guy at the original naval.

Just when Shang Shang speak, his expression is very sincere, and sometimes sighs for mourn, plus some limb movements, it seems to be sincere.

Don't say that it is a handcuffs, even the cold ninja in this heart in the heart, after listening to the original navigation, he also touches.

The handcuffs looked at the original navigation. He nodded in him.

"Well, but I want to be my commitment under my love."

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead, his face floated a smile: "So, in order to get the promise of my love, we will first discuss how to find his position, save him from the hands of the organization!" "