I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 213 I haven't experienced such interesting battles for a long time (third more!)

After a quarrel and after solution.

Everyone obviously felt a lot of alleviation.

At least the thousand generations of mother-in-law have chosen no longer use the enemy's gaze to look forward to the original navigation, and even faintly respected and appreciate.

This youth is not willing to be a small national ninja, but also recognizes peace, it is said that strength is also very powerful.

It is no wonder that Maji has said that the four generations of winds want to make up him, but unfortunately the four generations of wind shadows are unreasonable, but they don't grab this to the original navigation, but die under his hand.

"So we now go to the country of the bird!"

Flagkasi is divided into the search area of ​​the scene in the field, and it is also responsible for the fighting power: "We are now divided into two teams, respectively by me, Naruto, Sakui, Xiao Sakuo, Qi Dynasty, Hand is a team; Kai, Li, Ning, every day, Shang Quan Lu has formed two teams. "

In accordance with the recognition of the people of the flag, Kakasi, his strength is extremely reasonable, ensuring that each team will have a certain fight against the membership.

Flagkarti also plans all the action routes of the two teams, and the sound: "After searching this route for a day, it is integrated here;

If a team encounters an enemy, immediately move towards the second team's search route, the second team encounters the same situation;

If the queue does not appear in the first quarter, the second team immediately followed the support. "


Everyone nodded in the same way.

There is no problem with the plan to make a plan to make a plank in the flag.

After the detachment, Shangji is returning to the southern part of the Southern Mutter's team to the grass to the grass.

As soon as in the end, can you search ...

This is of course diluted, how can I find it!

Based on the original naval and Xiaonan developed, it was responsible for the wind and shadow, the Didala, Red Sands and the long gates, which should have not been dispatched yet.

Shangqi Na will find an opportunity to report the action route of the flag wooden Carti's team, report to the long door.

After all, they are the Maitkai, according to the estimated Nairi, the May 8th, is able to kick the long door.

What gods, explosive stone ...

Those who have faced the night is really useless.

The third class of Maitkai and Li Luoke, did his best to do his best when search, but they act mainly dependent on the white eyes of Ning.

As for the original Nair, fly to the air from time to time to sell some strength to investigate, it will come back to receive a glass of ice juice from every day.

Let alone talking every day, I have a very cute, there is no love in the character, it seems to be chatted with anyone.

Telling true, this life is a little leisure.

At night.

Ended the third class and the seventh class of the seventh class in a small town, everyone's mood is not very good because they have nothing this time.

Shangyuan Nai fell in a speech, saying that they will have to gain something the next day, after all, the whole bird is not big.

If you have a base in the country of the bird, they will definitely find that the strong ninja strong in the two teams is active in the country of the bird, and will be astonished, thus moving the organization.

The fact is really as the original Na Na.

The next day, the Mtikai family searched along the established route, and the flagmark, a group, finally discovered the trail of the members of the organization.

One of the young mother-in-law recognizes Didala once invaded Sandy Village, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "It is the guy to take a five-generation style!"


After the banner, the flagmark is nodded, and I am assigned to work: "Zuoi, you are responsible for tracking, we will follow your traces, handcuffs, you go to find Kai's team, let them close to us!"


"Yes, the captain!"

Zuoi waved a bird on the reel, and the sound of the hand is marked: "Super Beast Pseudo painting · Bird in the cloud!"

Next, Jui rides on the birds and rushed to the direction of Didara!

The seventh class and Millennium mother-in-law are below the Skoi and Didara flying birds, and their own vertical and horizontally pursued the location of Didara.

This will open this chart.

Didara stands above his clay giant bird, some regrets look at their own flying birds: "Unfortunately, there is not enough time, otherwise I will be able to pinch a big dragon! "

Although the leaves and sandy ninja behind the back, Didara did not panic, because they will arrive in their convergence locations, where he will have two aids.

Soon, Didara's speed plummeted.

The sky rides the picture of the birds, while slowing down your own speed, and launches a signal to the flag wood Cardi, and the enemy has been shown.

" ..."

Flagkarcasi finally found opportunities, when Didara's speed suddenly fell, use the Shenwei write-eyed to absorb Didara!

However, a dazzling radiant interrupted his action!

A laser gun shot from the forests, and directly in their feet directly, everyone couldn't help but go out of autonomous!

at the same time.

A black magnet, a golden sand wave, surrounded by them from both sides, I want to bury this brigade that will kill Didara directly in magnetic gold!


The flagmark's face changed, instantly manipulated the location, and learned a lot of magnetic gold, and strived a breakthrough.

Flagkasi and whirls, spring wild, Sakura, Chiyu mother-in-law hurriedly jumped out of the gap and hid through the surroundage of magnetic gold.

Millennium's face is very ugly, she slowly pulled out their own scorpion, Shen Sheng: "One is a scorpion ..."

"Another person identifies."

Flag Kakasi pulled his own ninja care, whispered: "But I have seen him in the grassland, although only once, but his strength is absolutely not to be underestimated, because he may be ... with soil! "

This thing is not blame Kasssi.

After all, the long door has generally wearing a hood, and it is to follow another person in the hood.

Only a few meetings, the flagmarks found that the two headed hooded ninja rarely shot, just like the high level of the organization, supervising the fighting of other members.

The identity of the Dibae is not general.

Strength is definitely stronger than general members.

as expected.

"Shura Road!"

The long door slowly walked out of the forest, and his back is inexplicably gotting a hand, which has gradually become a string of missiles, shot it towards the people of the leaves!

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

Flagkartai fly quickly gathered his palm!

A high wall carved with dog heads appeared in front of the missile, and instantly stopped all missiles, the entire wall instantly became broken.

However, the steam of the long door has not stopped. The robot arm continues to change, once again turned into a laser gun, directly shot down the defense of the soil flow!

The whole person of the flag wood Cassi is directly hit by the laser gun!

"Caassi teacher!"

Just when everyone panic, I saw that Kardi's smoke was dissipated, just an ordinary shadow!

In the next moment, the feet of the long door suddenly drilled the flag-likekkasi's figure. This white ninja waved hardless to the neck of the long!


Hidden under the hood hook hook his mouth, his palm quickly opened the bust of the flag, Kakasi, and a punch on the arm of Kakasi!

In just a few seconds, the long door directly broke the defense of Kakasi directly, and directly grabbed the neck of the flag of Kakasi!

Although the long-term talent has been healed for a few years, this does not mean that he is behind the body, after all, he is a genius who also recognizes the talent!

No, or say it is full!

Flagkarcari short body avoids the palm of the long door, is going to start attacking again, but he is kicking the lower abdomen by the long door, directly to the whole person of Kakasi.

"This flaw is too bad."

In the next second, the long-headed land recovered his feet and loudly said: "Is it a mine? What is you? Don't care ..."

"Of course, behind!"

The flag-like Kakasi fly once again jumped out of the ground, flashing with electric light in hand, the chest of the long door: "Thunder, Ray!"

There is no panic on the face of the door, just a sprinter, a shackles of repulsion directly hit the flag wood card, whether it is Kakasi's mine is still true, it is used by the long door. Take a trick directly!

The long door looked at the flag-like Kakasi who flew out, and slammed his palm. A gravity appeared from his palm, directly adsorbed the flag-like Kakasi could not help but fly in the face!

"What exactly is going on?"

The forehead of the flag wood Cassi is full of sweat!

In the last minute, he was directly hit by inexplicably giant, the body was like scattered; next second, he was directly pulled back!

His body is completely controlled!

The heart of the flag-like cardi, but it can only look at his neck by the enemy!

After seeing this scene, it relied on his air advantage, and he wanted to save the Carti directly toward the position of the long door and Kakasi.

However, a black magnet has been directly shot into the giant bird under the Zuo, forcing the Zuoi only turned over to avoid thousands of attacks!

Red sand is slowly coming out, standing around the door: "Although it is not the first time to see you, after each time you see you, you will be sighful, it is a person who is valued by the leader. "

The long gate pinching Kardi's neck, slammed him on the ground, slowly king, "I just haven't experienced such interesting battles for a long time."