I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 214, I can't fight, eat your embarrassment!

This is the first time in the long door.

When you have a collection of organizational tasks, the long gates always put a few laser guns, all people think that the long is a remote auxiliary ninja.

Today, the long door took the initiative to show a hand, he showed the fighting power of the far-stayed person. In just a few seconds, he made the flag-like Kakasi who made the means and didn't have the power. Now Kaki can only Looking like a dead dog is lying on the ground.

The long gate is overlooking the surface of the flag, Kakasi, the cold voice opening: "Some people say that the copy of the wooden leaves is a ninja that can be able to flatten with any enemy ... Now, it seems that it is awkward me. Looking forward. "

Balanced Ninja in the flag wooden carti, wooden leaves.

No matter how powerful enemies, the flag-like Kakasi will not play particularly ugly, and even find the opportunity to win; no matter how weak enemies, the flag-like Kakasi will not beat very good. There is even possible to turn over the ditch.

These are also the original navigation telling the long gates.

When I heard these, I thought this was too bad?

However, Shang Nai said that there was soon said that the long door can only choose to believe in the original navigation, and it is really a hint for the flagmark, I want to see this enemy who praises this Na.

It seems that the flagmarks seems to be worthy of attention.

"Caassi teacher!"

The vortex people in the distance take the lead to run towards the position of the flag, Kakasi, and start the finger starting: "Multi-shadow furniture!"

There are countless swirls of the songs, and they appear in the forest, and rushed over the long gates and the red sand!

"Shura Road!"

The long gate quickly won two robotic arms. I saw two arms turned into a multi-supplied machine gun with a long-term horrible, and shot a pile of bullets towards the shadow of the whirlpool!


A shadow is shot into a smoke by the machine gun!

Without any shadow, you can forced firepower in the two-handed machine guns close to the long gates and red sand, and even survival is extremely difficult.


The whirlpool morality looks like a mowed grass, the whole person is stupid: "Hey, Xiao Sakuo, what weapon is?"

"Naruto, come back first!"

Spring Sakura is also hiding in the wolf.

Fortunately, the Millennium mother-in-law set off the machine shield, and barely made a safe breathing place.

According to the awareness of the Chi Daying, it is probably a more strange organ weapon, and the power of the hidden in the hidden, which is different.

The entire forest was robbed by a machine gun.

After the rumors of the whirlpool, the young shadow is also eliminated by one by one, and the long-term talents will disappear between the two handles: "It seems that this epighel is good."


Red sand is standing next to the long door.

Since the two machine guns from the long gates, the Red Sands looked at the long gates and manipulated the machine gun and killing the four squares. The whole person was .

What weapon is this?

No, what is this hidden?

Mom, is the era change?

The red sand remilled them and the long gates, when the original nanyou group was active, it seems that these two guys can always come out some fresh things.

If you can put the two machine guns of the door on his ...

It will definitely be very interesting.

"Spiral Pills!"

I suddenly drilled a movie in the lawn in the ground, holding a spiral pill in your hand, just on the door, it is sneaking the swirls who have been shadowed to cover the rumors!

The long gate frowned, slowly reached out his palm, grabbed the spiral pill in the hand of the whirl, whispered: "Hungry ghost!"

Next moment, the Kutcra of the spiral pill was directly absorbed by the long door!

The whirlpool is down, and it is a horror that I have a handless wrist: "Wait ... how is this?"

"In this world, there is nothing is impossible."

The long gates turned over and kicked the whirlpool, and the face was not surprised to open: "It's not a good habit in the battle!"


In the spring, Sakura hurried forward, I took a whirlpool, saved my teammate, and opened his mouth: "Naruto, don't impuls it!"

The Szuo, which took this opportunity to break away from his own constraints, using the avutum in an instant, and rescued their captain.

All of them do, the members of the families have not blocked.

The pressure brought by the members that only knows itself is sufficient.

Nowadays, the strongest flag of Kamasi directly lost its combat power directly, only the young people in the past generation and the young mother-in-law.

"The guy of the trousers is very strong!"

The whirlpool is looking at the long door in the distance, and the face is thick. "Beyond imagination, in my feeling, the pressure he brought even compared to the pressure that once brought us, nor bad Where to go ... "

When I held my hand, the Naruto felt that she didn't have any efforts at all, but the enemy was just a precipitation.

The whirlpool is frowned, it seems to be looking for words: "I feel with him ... Just like we have been in the study four years ago, I met the original opponent."


Spring Sakura has suddenly become very ugly.

They have become stronger after four years, is there a enemy that can hit them?

"This is not very wonderful ..."

Millennium mother-in-law finger, manipulating his own two embarrassments, sinking: "We will follow the brigade and retreat, first close to another team! After I am disconnected, you have a few little guys to transfer!"


"How can this, let me go!"

"Don't argue."

Chi Dayi mother-in-law looked at the portrait of the two body shares in the vicious clouds, and looked at the air of Dida, whispered: "We can only do it again and another squad, these enemies It seems that we didn't put us in your eyes. "


Sakui also nodded, soft: "Perhaps the only gain, it is we surely find the trace of Xiao, but since it found it, it is absolutely not easy to let go, must be as soon as possible!"


The whirlpool scorpled his fist, his face was extremely strong: "If this time has not lost the trace, the next time we don't know when to find them, when can you save my love!"

Spring wild cherry is nervously watching the teammates around you: "Naruto ..."

"Don't worry, small Sakura, I will not let yourself fall into danger."

The whirlpool voice waved his palm and whispered: "You will return it later, and the next battlefield will give it to me!"


Millennium mother-in-law looked at him, couldn't help but show: "Although I don't know what kind of surgery you want, let me help you attack!"


The whirlpool swayed his head and stopped the idea of ​​the Millennium mother-in-law: "The next, I may have to use the power of the nine tail, it is very troublesome, or it is better than it, after all, I am not familiar with this trick. "


After the mother-in-one mother-in-law, I still manipulated my two, whispered: "Then I will find a way to introduce the kid, lest, what is the trouble of making you!"

"The enemy is given to me!"

Zuoi looked at the air in the air and slowly wrapped in this with Didara, took out a thick brush, and the pen was shown in his reel: "Super Beast Pseudo-Painting · Cloud Bird ! "

A giant bird raised from the Sakuo, he just looked back and said: "Next, I will hurt the blonde ninja in the air for a while, the ground is handed over, the Naruto!"


The whirlpool is nodded heavyly.

Chunye Sakura reached out for the treatment of flag wood Cardi, whispered: "Carti teacher's injury is very troublesome, I will protect him ..."

When I said, Spring Sakura suddenly looked up: "But the Naruto really has the reason for this?"


After the whirlpool told, I took a group of red Chakra, and a tail appeared behind him!

This scene caused a vigilance of the long door and scorpion.

That is the nine tail of Chakra!

"So violent Chakra ..."

The long door is moving, whispered: "It seems that it is already able to use the strength of the beast. If you are not afraid of delaying the plan, I really want to catch the nine tail now, after all, this is the most difficult to capture. Tail ... "


The corner of the Red Sand smiled and said: "You are, go to the leader, down your guy, one is really petting him!"

"We can only decide now, and he is the candidate of the future."

"Hey, I am not interested in listening to those who raise children!"

Red sand scorpion manipulates the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation wind shadow floating on his side, looked at the thousand generations of his tiger, cold channel: "It seems that it is going to start a battle with your mother-in-law."

"No, you and Didala exchange your opponent."

The long-door cooled sound interrupted the Red Sand, and continued: "Small South is over, the waste organization has made money to make money, if you can't play, then you will take all scrapped . "


The shape of the red sand is hysterested, and it snorted: "No problem!"

I don't know if this guy is saying that this battle is no problem, or it is said that there is no problem after the end of the battle ...

Next moment, the four generations of wind shadows were made out of a group of sand pads appeared at their feet, with his body and .

The scorpion is agreed, and immediately goes with Didala to change his opponent.

The air Didala saw that the red sand was faint, and the mouth started to mutter: "Hey, I don't want to deal with the martial arts, do you want to use the 18th and Jaha Luo fried the mother-in-law? "

"Don't try your best."

The red sand is worthy of being a toughness of the company, and the drainage skill is simply Zhang. "You just need to drag the time!"

Anyway, the three people now have to do only delay time, delayed to the original naval and another team of wooden ninja.

Always, the wooden leaves are also trying to delay the time, delay to the original navigation and their other team companions.


Didala did not want to nod, she raised the clay giant bird to the Millennium mother-in-law, and lost a string of clay spider bomb!

The whole air echoed Didarath's fast voice: "Ah, hahahahaha ... art is explosion! Drink!"


After the scorpion of Red Sand, I couldn't help but frown, and I didn't think it was not right.

Didara is his favorite teammate, the Millennium mother-in-law is his loved ones, the battle between these two is really no problem?

Unfortunately, it is not thinking about the red sand!

In addition to the Spring Sakura in helping the flag wooden Cassi treatment, the other people have already selected their opponents, and they have become a group!