I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 215 Why do they believe in the original navigation!

The seventh class and the Millennium mother-in-law fight.

Third class and the original navigation, the day, Ningji is responsible for investigation, Li Lock and Maite Kay are unable to stay, they are two walking next to them.

Only when I was in the same day, I drink juice and eat someone to chat. Shangyuan Nairi also knows the preferences of every day. He knows that the female nintee who likes the agency every day, and knows that he likes to do every day, two people are very happy.

"Upo the seniors also like adults?"

Every day, I drank a juice. I showed a touch on my face: "Yes, how can I don't like the adults? Who Al HowEreentitamically, the top of the Shang Dynasty is a medical ninja ... "

"Well, um ..."

The original Nairi is a head in his head.

The woman's personality is very bad. When you talk, you will often have a sinner. You can't move a pair of old maiden's first look, and the hobby gambling is hot, and the shortcoming of the woman is simply unclear.


But the apeer is beautiful!

But the apeer has a beautiful skin!

But the apeer has a beautiful skin is also full of full body!

All the female ninists of the whole endure, almost can't find anyone to stand together with the program, and that woman is really eye-catching.

Every day, I sighed a breath, smashing and chanting: "Unfortunately, I don't have the talent of the medical ninja, I can't follow the adults ..."

"Oh, don't care."

Shangyuan Na Rouked up the small measis on the heavens, whispered: "Anyway, her medical sickness is that, with him, it is better to study it!"

"Not at all!"

After a few words, I was a few words, and I had some depressed: "But I don't care, I have already found the endure of myself!"

"Yeah yeah…"

Shangyuan Nai fell to her head, loudly said: "If you get the right tolerance, perhaps your strength will make everyone shocked!"

Well, this is a very free little girl.

Every day's leveraging is the illegibility of unbearable recognition.

Some people like to open, some people like liver life, some people like gold, in addition to this, there is a so-called Emperor ...

"Mr. Kai! Mr. Shangyuan!"

A sharp female voice disrupts the serenity of the forest.

A young female ninja suddenly drilled out the dense shrub, and appeared in front of the third class and Shangyuan Na, and he was open: "Mr. Kai, Mr. Shangyuan, we met the enemy of Xiaoyu, it is very important to support! "

It's rushing to ask for help.

Everyone's faces have a surprised look, and Metekai quickly convened all members of the group, moving closer toward the seventh class.

After the face of Shangyuan Na, after a surprise, the face was looked to ask for handcuffs: "What members of the organization have encountered the organization?"

"A total of three members!"

The face of the handcuffs responded very difficult to say: "The three familiar members have participated in the attack of our village and took away my love."

After that, the handcuffs also introduced the few members: "In addition to the rebellion of the Didala, the rebellion of the troops, and our village S-class rebel red sand, and a wear Take the ninja that can't see the face! "

"not good!"

The expression of Shangyuan Nair has changed, Shen Sheng: "Didara and Red Sand are ok, but all members of the organization, members wearing hood hidden identity are the most powerful, and can even do it With the half-hidden people to compete for a period of time! "

The ninja half-gods and peppers are half-hiding this famous.

After all, I don't have anyone who has seen the ninja half god, and people stay in the second endurance battle for Ninja Half God.

At that time, the mountain pepper was half-tibied, and the big snake pills and arrogant, and they gave them the title of their wooden leaves.

Anyway, it is very strong!

"Then you have to hurry over!"

The face of Maite Kai has also become a little downtown, and it turns into the original navigation: "Beiyuan Needle, here only your tentative can be flying, please rush to support Cardi first, we will arrive!"


After the navigation, he flew in the air, and flew to the air, moving closer to the travel route of the seventh class, looking for the position of their battle.

Because the country is not big.

Upward Nairi, with his own air advantage, soon found the seventh class and the three-person three-person fierce battle, the battle between them has entered a white heat.

Alternatively, it is unilaterally entering white heat.

Because the Millennium Mother-in-law, the guy of Nadala is powerless, even what seal and binding Chakrafa method, it will also be directly lost by Didara, and destroy the seal spell.

Didara guys occupy such a strong aerial advantage, can also be entangled with the mother-in-one mother-in-law, can not be able to play.

As for the sideline of Red Sand, it is simply in the palm of the shaft, and the three generations of wind shadows and the four generations of trends are just pulled out.

The most intense is undoubtedly the brothers of the long gates and whirls.

The blood red Chakla coat of the whirlpools has been condensed into the substance, and the four Chakla tail will return to his back. Now he has entered his strongest four-tailed form, even if the long door is also faint. !

The face of the long door is a little dignified, looking at the speed of action, strong attack power, I can't help it: "Nine end is the strongest tail, which is absolutely far from all the tail beast Chakra and strength Far beyond one level! "

The long-term nephew remembered that the original navigation once said that when the leaves were taking the exam, they saw the power of the nine-tailed runaway.

So the original navigation has always recommended that he don't want to try to capture the nine tail, but the most powerful end of the endurance is not inferior to the power added by all other tail beasts!

It turns out that Shangyuan Na will be correct.

Today's nine tail is just released the strength of the four tails, but also makes the long door feel a little trouble, its mobile speed and attack ability is too strong!

The door doesn't know.

The whirlpool is actually only the true nine-tailed Chakra ... who makes the legendary six immortals?


A energy gun directly falls around the long door, forced him to fly to avoid it, the energy gun of nine tails is not the average person.

Even the body of the long door cannot afford this power.

However, the long door is really not a way to cope.

Just wait until a suitable opportunity ...

This opportunity is coming soon.

A figure slowly fly from the distance!

The air flying Dida and Red sand scorpion reminded the long door with the sound of the mouth, saying that they prepared in advance.

"Hey, their aids come!"

"Yu Yin Village's Shangyuan Nairi is the born back!"

I don't know if it is not intentionally wants to jeel.

In short, this news immediately passed into the ears of the long door.

This is the signal that is about to shoot the whirlpool!

The long gates have visited the vortex of the scarlet evil, and they have led their palms, and a gravity directly pulled the nine tail!

The long door is short-term, and the arm is directly hit by the lower abdomen of the nine, whispering: "Hungry ghost!"

I saw Chakra jackets on the whirlwoman gradually ablated, Chakra on the nine-tailed coat quickly entered his body!

At the same time, the reason of the whirlpiece is also gradually completely awake.

The first thought of the whirlpole, still wants to continue to attack the long gates, and a punch wants to slam on the face of the long door, but the next moment is directly kicked by the long door!

The long gates closed their palms, and Chakra on the body increased, he opened his way: "Feng Xiang · Royal!"

A strong hurricane blows toward the direction of the whirlpool!

A hurricane seems to cut the mouth in the whirlpool!

As a 15-year-old, you can master the genius ninja in Chakra's nature changes. The long door is quite deeply accompanied by the wind, and a C-class style is in his hands. Grade tolerance is more powerful!

Non-but whirls suffered from the attack of the sky, the Miyu mother-in-law and the aerial Sakuo were unfair, and all the powerful hurricane waves released by the long door, three combatants were blown away by the wind!

Even if it is hiding in the back of the Sakano Sakura, it can only hold the flag-like Kaki, maintaining his body balance.

Just when a group of people can't hold it, a voice seems to be saved by Qingquan when you are thirsty.

"Wind, the wall of the wind!"

A wind wall fell on the ground and blocked all the invasion of the wind.

The spring wild cherry has a sigh of relief, and the face is showing a lot: "This is the endurance! Our companion!"

"Hey, Naruto, Little Sakura, Cardi, you are nothing!"


After the Sakura Sakura and the whirlpiece responded, after a hurry, he waved his hand toward the original navigation: "We are here!"


After the original Nairou responded, it was looked at the middle of their members and the talents of the organization.

Didara hipped down the clay giant bird, a very enjoyable look, laughing and challenged: "Ah, hahaha! Is this a little ghost? We now have three people now!"

The figure of Red Sand is also slowly falling from the air. After he saw the original navigation, he asked his face and asked: "The original minister, we used to have a very good, better than join us!"


The long door wearing a hood slowly closed his palm, Shen Sheng persuaded: "Shangyuan Needs, half-hidden small people are not worthy of your loyalty, not as good as join our organization, the leader is always very Like you! "

"Oh, shut up, I will not be with you!"

Shangji, I took a touch of my fist, just turned around, and turned around the Spring Sakura and other people who said: "You protect yourself, we can wait until a while, you can wait until Mr. Kai's support!" "


The seventh class and the Qian Dynasty are very convincing.

At least from the original naval and these members of the well-known members, the whirls sound, the thousand generations, Zuoki and Chunye Sakura can hear what they mean.

Shangyuan Needs is obviously a Ninja who has a well-known organization.

This is also normal.

After all, people in the scene have collected intelligence about the organization.

The establishment of the organization is because the mountain pepper semi-Tibetan hearing from the temptation of Yuxi Bo, and then gathered a bunch of rebellion. Among them, the last navigation did not help to pull it. As a result, this group of rebells were half-hit, and the Yishabo was treated. Belt ...

Think about it is sad for the mountain pepper half.

Wooden ninja and a thousand generations are self-thinking understanding of the mood of these rainy, after all, after all, the people who have worked hard, and the fruit is taken by others.

As for Didala, there is a little about it.

They also heard the whirlpiece, the Qian Dynasty and the Sakano Sakurae responded to the original Nairo, apparent that these people trust the original navigation.

Really can't understand!

Is the intelligence of this group of five countries in this group really no problem?

These people actually believe that a child's future leader is their companion?

The members of Shangyuan Nai, looking at the members, the words said: "Hello, Didala, the five generations of wind shadow, what do you say, otherwise, today you can don't want to leave here!"

"Hahahaha ... I will rely on you?"

After laughing in the Didara, I took the clay giant bird under my body, provocating the place to the next navigation: "The wind shadow is in my hand, if you have the ability Let's grab! "

"Don't talk nonsense with him!"

Red sand scorpion glanced at Didala, cold voice opening: "Shangyuan Na, now there is only you alone, let's open, we can spare you a life ..."

"Shangyuan Na, as long as you let a road."

The long door slowly stood in two middle, spreads its own palms: "Let us take the nine-tail column, the past grievances we can do it."

"That is really unfortunate."

Shangqi Needressed to stand his body, Chakra and the momentum were climbed up in a little bit: "The nine tail column ruts is my friend. You want to catch him, you must pass me this! "

"Shangyuan ..."

The whirlpool is a bit moving.

"Don't talk, Naruto!"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai gradually tighted, watching the clay giant bird under Dida, whispered: "Didala's idiot is very proud, disdainful, maybe the fifth generation of wind shadow The clay bird is inside! "

"It's okay in Shangyuan Hord."

The Chi Dayi mother-in-law also responded: "When I was arrested, I was put into the clay bird by the guy ..."