I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 218 We can join us to ask the list of Dafangmu!

The words of Shangyuan Nai said a little scary.

Up to the original Na Ruo as a person who was killed by Martai and flagmarkas, broke through the immortal mode, actually said that she is not a helpless opponent ...

What does this matter mean?

Just now, the whirlwind of the flag-like Carti and the beast is hitting, and only the original navigation can be reluctant to fight against him. As a result, the original navigation is now thinking in himself is not Sasher. Righteous opponent?

Flagkarcasi is on his own eyes, it seems to be what, whispered: "Sasuke ... Is it open? Is it open?"

Unless Unecho Sasukes got a kaleidoscope, the strength is impossible to enhance this extent to which they are afraid.

Of course…

Because the flagmarks didn't think about Shangyuan will lie.

Perhaps the flag-like Carti feels that the Shangyuan will not take Sashers ...

Shangyuan Na will slowly hang down, whispered: "Sasuke's eyes are terrible, just like I have encountered the same soil and Yishe Houli ..."

"Hey, it doesn't matter."

The whirlpool screamed his fist, full of confidence: "No matter what it turns out, I will bring him back!"

"Ha, it's really a strength!"

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shot of the shot, but sighed, softly persuaded: "Naruto, I just worried that Sasukes may not be willing to admit you, I have also want to chase Jun Ma Lu and white, but they But I don't know much about me ... "

"Sasuke him will not!"

After the vortex rumors, after the end of the saying, suddenly felt that this sentence seems not appropriate, a bit like a former teammate who attacked the original navigation.

However, there is no intention to arrive at the original navigation, and sigh: "I hope so! Naruto, maybe you are different ..."

"a ha ha ha…"

The whirlpool sounds smashed the back of his back, and he was seriously committed: "If I encounter Mun Ma Lu and white, I will help you persuade them, I will tell them, Shangyuan, you have been waiting. What is they! "

Shangji, I was in charge of my impulse, slowly low, and the voice sounded some sad: "Nothing, don't care, we have already divesed it."

If the whirlpool people see Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white, let them two turn back, it is estimated that the two little guys will be a face!

Shangyuan Nairies in the status of Xiaoyu and the status of Yuyin Village are not low, even Pethen's words dare to refute, except for some people outside Xiaonan dare to provoke him.

After talking about the teammates of each other, it suddenly somewhat embarrassing, and everyone's mood seems not very good.

"Shangyuan, have you still have some detailed information about Xiao? It is best to help the information."

The whirlpool is a little serious on the face: "We will still come back to the country in the near future. Next time, we must do this evil organization."


Shangyuan Nai can't stand the low, Shen Sheng: "We have also difficult to search for the trail, but the only known thing is that if Yuxi Bo sagsu helps, his brother impelim must be dispatched together, two The power of a hi-wave is very horrible! "


The whirlpool begins to bow down.

The seventh class is uniformly begins to think down. After all, the Unechebo, who knows they know, can not hate Yizhi Hosi into the seventeen paragraph, how can it be so many years, and the relationship with Utizhio becomes?

"Don't think so much."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of the singer, whispered: "If our people discover the information about Sasuke or Sui Zhi, I will pass it to you!"

"Okay, thank you!"

"Thank you for the top of Shangyuan!"

"Thank you."

After the seventh class, the people of the seventh class have given birth, and the style of Sandy Village, I also made a promise, and he also wants to help.

At this point, wind shadow is over the battle.

Everyone killed the millennial mother-in-law in the Sand Heroes, because they took the fifth generation of wind, so they also accepted the grand welcome of sandy ninja.

To be honest, the mood of Shangyuan Needs is slightly subtle.

I really want to see that these sands know that he is a fierce that destroys sand hidden villages, what express will they expose!

Undoubtedly, that expression must be very interesting.

But now, they are still very grateful for the original navigation.

A murderer who killed the four-generation style, but helped recovering the five-generation style of Sandy Village. This moment can be said to be a grievance between them.

Even some sand is also very high in Shangyuan Na, after all, the four generations of windbras invaded the country of rain.

Search Jiu Lang hugged his arms, and he was so angry with the original navigation: "Thank you, if you don't think about it, help the chase of my love, it is an unimaginable village that lost the vertical shadow. loss."

He learned from his hand to what happened.

If it is not the original naval to provide them with the information about Xiao, they can't find the place where members are.

If it is not the original enemy of the organization, they can't take back my love from Didala's hands, and there will be no chance to give birth to a child.

Strictly speaking, Shangyuan Nai is really a big benefactor of Sandy Village.

Ma Ji also took the initiative to come, respectfully, won the ritual: "We apologize for your hostility in the past ..." Thank you for saving the vegeter. "

"There is no relationship."

Shangji shook his head, a face solemnly opened: "After all, it was that we were confident that Yishe Bo will let him derive this kind of evil monster tissue.

Nowadays, the organization has become a toxic tunity throughout the endurance. Every time they will make a huge harm to the peace of mind, they will start to work around for a few years, and they did not expect this to threaten the wind shadow.

We have been hitting the tissue in the past few years, just to make up for the mistakes that we have committed in Yuyin Village, we underestimate the ambition of Unexpello. "

After that, Shangyuan Na will turn to the next look : "Mr. Kakasi, we believe that Unexpello will not easily touch this, he is sure Members who will continue to send a larger wind waves in the endurance. "

This is said that it is old shirk responsibility.

Flagkarcasi heard some sweat. After he listened to the original navigation, he did not think that Yu Yin Village had a big mistake, but thought that his wood's responsibility was greater.

Who let Yuxi Bo belt soil be a wooden leaf?

And it is still teammates who have once, even Yisi Bo belt soil is the most dangerous person, because Kakasi did not protect the good Lin ...

Some self-blame in the hearts of the flag-like Carti.

Of course, on the surface, Carti is still to maintain the image of the wooden leaves, whispering said: "The five generations of the Hiss Hiss have been sending people to tracing the intelligence of the belonging and the Xiaoxiao, but unfortunately, our darkness is more active in our country. I don't dare to involve the area of ​​Northern Rocky Village, which is from the conflict between the two countries ... "

This black pot is directly pushed on the wilderness.

After all, the big wild wood did in the grassland incident, in order to occupy the advantages of Yin Yin Village, the members who have hired the sophisticated, and even the money is definitely low.

In the grassland, more than a dozen S-class rebels are dispatched together, and they can't say less!

Shangyuan Nairou also fell in the flag, Kakasi, directly put the black pot on the big wild wood: "We have also guess that Yisi Bo belt after being expelled by us, perhaps the support of the Three Generations of Danwak ... "


Flag Kakasi also continued to say: "Wood leaves also have similar guess, or have enough evidence. In the beginning of the grassland incident, Dashewa is almost unhappy to use the knowledge to reach its own purpose. "

In the past year grass.

Xi Xiao woven swept to the wooden ninja troops, and the ninja in Yinyin Village took the whole grass, and the leaves can only hit the rocky hidden to retraffy the land.

So coming back.

If the wooden leaves are divided into the country of the country, in exchange for the paramulk of the ninja half-gods and pepper, but may now be in the quagmirs of the grassland.

I love my arm and see that this look, Shen Sheng: "Maybe we can join us to trigger, ask the three generations of Si Shado, a member list and all of its information."

This is purely thinking about it.

How can I be so easy to succumb? Isn't that a great reduction in a majestic?

I love this style is too young!

Take a step in step, even if the wilderness is willing to make the list of the blessings, he gave a list? Finally, don't you still have to die with yourself?

The expression of the flag-likekkasi is a bit complicated. He lightly said: "I also need to report with the fire. After all, if I really got it, I can help the village."

This is serious.

The village of fog hidden is almost not hidden.

After all, the four generations of water shadows are controlled by Unexpello, and the miserable blood mist policy is implemented, so that the fog hidden village.


At the end of the original Nairi, he nodded, looked at the flag wood Carti and I Ai Luo said: "I am the same, I have to go back to the half hidden adults and make decisions ..."

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, I sighed a little: "After all, we will be in the threat of rings in the village. In case it is angered the three generations of Si Shado, even if the strength of the half-hidden people, it is impossible to defeat tens of thousands of rocky villages. Ninja army! "