I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 219 Let me see your strength, Yuxi Bozuo! (Subscribe! Third!)

I love is really young.

After seeing the flagmarks and the original Nairi indicated that this matter will be reported to the high-rise of the villages, I loved even something very ever.

The flagmarks believe that this proposal of my love may have a certain manner, so he decided to report this to the wooden leaves to report this.

Shangyuan Na Ruji I believe that my Ai Luo proposal is impossible, it is simply pulling, but he also wants to return to the nominal return of the mountain pepper half-Tibet.

They can only be respectively.

The whirlpool sounds smiles in their respectively, and enthusiastically waved towards the original navigation. I look forward to them again: "When we got next time, maybe I brought back to Sasher, then we have participated in it. The friend who is taking the exam can reunite! "


Shangyuan Needs also returned to a friendly smile.

The Shangyu's face is very happy, as for what he thinks in his heart, it is estimated that the opposite wood ninja can't think of it.

Even if their brain breaks through the horizon, I can't guess the idea of ​​Shang Shang.


It is reasonable to wait, waiting for them to make a seven tail beasts, let's let Saso help to catch the nine tails, and do not let this guy caught it, so excused to be deceived. It is not worth it.

Before that, I would like to solve the problem of Uzhi Hosi and Unechebra, and the battle between these two brothers may be nearly.

Yuxi Bozo has grown a lot recently, and he is now estimated that he is very low, so you want to have a long time ... But Shang Na Na Ruo and Cartill Tommatmill, you will know that the chance of winning is 100% .

What's more, the body is not very good.

If Yuxi Bozuo helps for a while, you may have to live his own brother.

This is also because Uzhi Hose doesn't want anyone to treat him, it is worried that someone is worried about exploring his secrets. In fact, he should be afraid that he will become a dragon, and if you accidentally put your younger brother, what should I do?

Yisi Pub will want to die.

Perhaps in the night of the energetic family, Yishi Houh has already died, but his brother has not grown up, so he will suppress his will.

Shangyuan Nairou is already good, wait until Urshi Hostel will threaten the nine tail with Yuxi Pub, otherwise it will be a blind man who is sitting in the eyes of Sasher ...

However, before that, I need to find a hidden danger. There is a crow that transplanted with other cellers in the hands of the Hiso.

The crow can be a big trouble.

Shangyuan Nairou must have a way to solve it with the crow, it is best to take the initiative to expose the crow to the crow.

According to the above known as the Shangyuan Na, Yisi Pubie hit the crow in the whirlley of the whirlpool, as the whirlpool, who can't persuade the crow in the stomach of the whirlpool. .

Of course, the crow is not used in Sasuke, but instead, it is to let Unexpello gear reincarnation.

There is no good result of the crow ...

In order to prevent it from falling into others in his hand, Yuxi Hosi used the sky to burn the crow into a virtual.

"Before this brother duel, you must think of a way to destroy the escurrent of the hidden hibernache.

Shangyuan Nai touched the Pakistan, still in the thoughts, what should he do to let Su Zhi Houchi

Do you turn itself into a niece?

It is estimated that it is not reliable.

Although the mental illusion is strong, ordinary ninja is hard to see, but once it is attacked, it will come out of his own body. Do you want to let the whirlpool eucalyptus, write the Yiszo's other words Is it given?

"It's okay."

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, fingers slamming his arm, thinking about his plan: "Simply picking this all this, first threaten the life of Unechebra, or deceive him once, can't Let him leak any of my information.

Use the name of Rainy Village to leak Utizhi Boosa and Sasuke information, let the leaves vortex people have hosted Sasuke and disclose the whereabouts of the Naruto, let them meet two.

If Yiszhipo is written to the whirlpool, it is allowed to help the brothers and Zhiso sagins, otherwise it can only use Uzecho Sason to directly threaten Yisi Bo. Take a gamble!

There is only other eyes, the threat is too big. "

The original Nairou quickly finalized his own plan.

Be sure to resolve the !

If you don't want to use it for Shangyuan, isn't it?

Although Yisi Pub will not pay attention to the little person such as the original navigation, it is necessary to prevent unwanted!

When I was so conveniently solved the eyes of Yis Zhi Pub, I was able to play Ukiko and Yizhao Sasuo, and I can use these two brothers at will.

After all, Unexpected Board and Unechebra, these two are definitely related to the principle of the main line of Shangyuan Na.

In order to ensure that there is no loss.

Shangyuan Nairou must arrange someone involved in the main line, so that it is in line with the identity of the big black hand.

Yuxi Bozuo helps this guy is actually very easy to use, just in the Night of Yuxi Bo, it is enough to splaish the woods.

When I arrived at the quarter of Xiwi Base, I just had a good corner, flying sections and Yizhi Houques have grabbed back the second tail of Yun Yin Village by wood.

I have to say that the collective is too comfortable.

A group of people can catch a second-tail column, simply as simple as the kitten, and easily complete the task directly.

Everyone in the way, I didn't encounter any trouble, that is, it is too easy to capture the second tail. It is a bit less accustomed. Everyone feels that the task of capturing people is not as good as attacking the wooden camp. The task is more exciting!

Xiao Zhiwei members collectively integrated, and the second tail is incorporated into the outer road.

at the same time.

The black is also reported to report about Sangwangwaoxico, which is more concerned about the progress of the tail beast plan than any member of the organization.

After a tail guard and two tails were sealed, after entering the outer road of magic, the black is just hoping that the organization is like a worker to capture the three sketching.

"This is the position of Sanjoji and heavy."

After the black voice handed a map of a water, the blunt of the glory: "The fog hidden village is very strict, at least thousands of ninja are defensive nearby, the fog has been blocked Around the three tails, all unrelated personnel are prohibited. "

"Hahahaha, can they like this to keep three tails?"

Didala just helped seal the second end, the body is still a little weak, this still does not delay his lively character: "Let's go to one more! If you don't have a few days, we can directly catch the three times. , You are right, Shang Shang? "

"Hey, what?"

The mind of Shangyuan Na will be a bit unsurprising.

It may be because his brain has been thinking about how to do it. Now you can provoke the battle of Unexpell Brothers, so don't carefully listen to Dadala.

Didala's hot temper suddenly couldn't help, whispered: "I said, we have to go to the country to grab the San Tail, and go to eat seafood!"

Telling, Didara really likes to go out to perform the task with Shangyuan Nairou, because the original Needar and the long door is not aun.

All the way is basically what Didara wants to say anything. Shangyuan Nairou will even make a few words, they also like to explode this stuff ...

They are also between the same age, and the common topic is quite a lot.

The most important thing is that the Tonglong beast of Shangyuan Nai is very drawn!

"Yes, the timing is an omder."

At the navigation, I got a little bit, and I looked at Didala: "But this time I don't want to take you together, the last time you capture a tail in Saha Yin Village, the movement is too slow. ! "

"Breast, what do you say!"

Didala's expression is hiked, and then violently waving his own hands: "I helped your busy, you just like this to abandon your companion! I have been very powerful!"

"Okay, take you to fly."

Shangyuan Na was in the top of the Tiandao Payne, sitting in the top of the outer road, whispering: "This time I want to act with the ghosts and the squad of the mortgage, Yisizhiso's team, after, the writing of Mr. Yusi is to capture the tail It is very helpful. "


After the Heaven Pene nodded, Shen Sheng told: "After you capture three satinating, you don't have to bring it back, find a suitable location to show the slide body, we will take the Sanji Shuixuan inges The outer road is within the outer road. "

"It's nothing to bring it back."

Dida scratched his head, turned to look at the original navigation: "I think it is still brought back to seal safer."


The original Needs to answer very perfunctory.

Didala looked at the original naval and was mad, and this person couldn't work. If he thought that he thought that the relationship between them became better!

Nowadays, there is still a half-dead four-tail columnal old purple, wait until the three tail capture, should catch the five tail ...

This collection is really fast!

In fact, the most waste of the organization is a sealing and printing, using the magic dragon nine to enclose the tail to enclose the outer road.

After the end of the seal, most people's physical strength and Chakra's consumption are very huge and take a while.

The corner is slowly swallowed, and the sound is open: "Since this capture of the three-tailed task does not need us, then I will kill a few people, add the organization's capital, this task, our road The fund is spent, there is a lot of food, you can't work! "


Shangyuan Na's brow jumped, looked up at the corner, he remembered the story of the horns and flying segments, and asked softly: "What is the goal of the seniors?"

"Let's take a look!"

The corner looks at the original navigation, quite freely open: "No matter the two thousand two, hundreds of thousands of or tens of millions of bountasses, I won't miss it!"

This guy is really a hometown!

Even if I arrived at the original navigation, I can't help but admire, the corner is worthy of the financial person in charge of the organization. He is really embarrassed to have the position of the people in the past few years ...

After all, I only know that I will pay for money when I doing accounting, and the corner can earn money outside!

The corner has touched the bounty manual in his hand, whispered: "This time I got the news, the land of 320 million, the land is in the fire temple ..."


Shangji picks up the eyebrows, turning to the ghost light full moon: "You have not seen any tasks recently? That's yourself, the elders are going to walk?"

To be honest, the ghost light is full of moon and peach, and there is still a little bit of reassurance, I feel that they can't protect the horns.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai will not do it.

The fire temple is not a good entangled place, especially very likely to attract a large number of wooden leaves, and the wooden leaves are for the information about the organization, just as curiosity as a cute smell!

It is still not waiting for the ghost light full moon opening and the original Needle to continue thinking. When the corner is boarded, it is a bit unhappy: "They will do it with me, and if you go, you have to spend more!"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

This fuck is really worthy of money!

"Is the money is still important?"

Shangyuan Needs to look at the corner: "The country of fire can be very dangerous, the wooden leaves have been looking for our traces!"

"But is your little devil not to turn over the first few days before the leaves?"

The corner snorted, and also vibrated that there was a word: "The world is of course the most important, I have a lot of life, but I want to make money is very difficult."

Shangji was quiet and sighed. "Your old man is really reasonful! That will let Miki, ghost, ghost light full moon and Lin Yuyu run with you!"

"Hey, do you haven't heard what I said? This group of guys didn't use it. I can solve the land-famous guy!"

The corner looks at the original navigation, dissatisfaction: "And you just didn't let the ghosts and the ghosts to catch three tails?"

"I think the newcomers organized should exercise."

Shangyuan Na's finger stiff stiff, looked at Unechebra, whispered: "Yuxi Bo Sasuke, can your write-eyed eye control to live in the end?"


Yuxi Bo saga will slowly hang down, Shen Sheng: "Unable to confirm, but with my own strength, it is enough to overcome a tail beast."

"Sasuke can't do it!"

Yuxi Hosi is cold, giving Unechyo, a good face.

Yisi Poshi ignored Sasuo's hard-looking face, continued to say: "So let Yuxi Boce help with me to help the neighbors!"


Unechebra helped on the spot to pull out his tackle!

However, when the next moment, I appeared around Sasuke, pressed his tutor and slammed his troire, and smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, anyway, we look at it, even if you encounter danger, I can save him back. "

Shangji fell to the shoulders of Sasuke, smiled and continued: "When I act with the whirlpool, he is now very strong!

I have to check our future talents. After all, Sasuke has learned for three or four years in our well-being. I can't always be like the rigmatics of the rigmatist.

Otherwise, why will I bring you back? Mushed, I hate you very much, I think that your talent is too bad, and you don't have any use of the group, now you can set your own use of yourself? "

On the other side, I said that my eyes were squatted. I looked at Unechebo Sasuo to show a little smile: "I am trying to pull you with you, this time I will be your examiner. ;

If you can pass the exam, I will apply to Payne, let the idle forest rain becomes your teammates, allowing you to become a formal member. "

Shangyuan Nai's palm fell on the back of Unechebra, and laughed and continued: "If this time you capture the three tails, you have no effect, in my eyes, it is not as good as the whirlpool, then I can only let Mr. I killed you and let him export bad. "

Yuxi Hose: "..."

"Reassured, I will grab the Sanwaixing of the Sanguan, let you recognize my strength."

Unechebra helped hate to bite his teeth. He is the first thought to play a sufficient strength to make it apart.

In the next second, Unexpello Sasuke continued: "When you capture nine tails in the future, I will take myself, bring the whirlpool song back! After the end of the nine-tailed seal, I and Yushuohe launched a life and death. War, let you see my revenge, kill the people of Sui Zhiyu, ""

"very good."

Shangji was gently drumped, and looked at the Unexus on the side. Like the opening: "Don't wait until you capture the nine tail, you only need you to play enough strength when you catch the three tails, Payne I will agree with the brothers between you! "

The original Nairi stared at the face of Utizhi, staring at the palm of Yuxi Hosi, and laughed: "Sir, do you have any comments?"


Yuxi Hosi slowly closed his eyes and shook his head.

Now this time is not wisdom, but the original Na Ruo, this guy, according to Penne, accounts for the initiative to rely on the mountain, and Yu Zhihe can only promise it to temporarily.

Shangyuan Nair's eyes slightly Yu Zhihe, slowly stopped on the mortal ghost, this shark face smashed his mouth.