I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 228 Xiao's monster! (Third! Subscribe!)


The green body rolls on the ground ...

In the end, his body stopped in front of the beauty, the blood spurred in the throat flowed in the ground, and the blood red was stained with the beauty of the beauty.

"Qing Dynasty ..."

It exposes a grief in the eyes of the beauty.

Since she became a high-rise in the misty village, the Qing had followed her side, just like a predecessor, guiding her growth, respecting her order.

Because young, the Ninja, which is like Ming, is the future hope of fog hidden villages, and the double blood succeeds are enough to make the fog's hidden village.

Now, the green body is in front of the beauty, and the stiff face has a little amazing, apparent that he did not think that his sneak attack will be seen.

After all, he paid his own white eye as the price, and he assained the member of the kid wearing a hood!

"Hahahaha ..."

Didara can't help but laugh at his stomach: "What is the village, there will be the kind of idiots, who is the assassination of him?"

To be honest, Dida Grass is still afraid.

After all, if I arrived in the original navigation, it is estimated that the woman in Xiaonan will be crazy? In accordance with her pet to Shangyuan, maybe it may be blown into a ruins by Xiaonan, and he and his wife will be wearing a small shoe by the woman.

Now that since the original navigation is nothing wrong, it is of course arrogant!

Dida lanched his mouth, pulled out a clay from his parcel, his mouth in his hand swallowed in, and chew it a little bit.

The green unilaterally destroyed the agreement, that is, it is time!

"It's really not self ..."

The mood of Red Sand gradually succeeded, slightly there were some horrific margin, and after all, he had just reacted!

And the original belongings cut the green throat, and the body is not stained.

It should be said that it is a person who is optimistic about Payne and Xiaonan?

"Senior, borrow a reel."

Shangyuan Na Run waved the green, and the slows were borrowed in the hands of the slogan, and the white eye in the hand was sealed.

This is the most important.

In the future, I can give this white eye to the pharmacist, let him install it on the white coat, and must once again enhance the strength of the pharmacist.

The fog is looking at the original navigation, and there is a fear on his face.

This monster that is well-organized, as if it does not place the tricks just now.

Like the beauty, I told my teeth and commanded the dark part of the world: "Help me converge with the body of you, I will help him revenge."

Her voice is a bit calm.

It's just that you can hear an angry from her calm voice, just like the calm of the volcano.

A fog is not swallowed with a mouthful of water, recalling the horror of beauty, and the whisper should be said: "Yes, Like Million."

Da da…


The sound of high heels on the floor is somewhat crisp.

Take a step towards the members of the United States, and the mist and the whispering of each other is surrounded by each other. Ready to support her.

Shangyuan Na will hold a white-eyed reel, look forward to the Meynchronous Math, turning to the peach, no more: "Don't you, have you been so brave?"


The peach is no longer a nodding.

Just now, there is a expectation in the moment.

He expects to be the second boy to be successful, so he can reverse the water, directly attack the and Didala, and returns to the hidden village with heroic undercover.


The green failed, and it was very bad.

Red sand scorpion looked at the peach and did not scream, and looked at his head in his hands. He wrinkled slightly: "The peach is no longer, just the murder of your guy, is it for me? ? "


The peach is no longer in the forehead.

Shangyuan Na is laughing, and the opening is no longer resulted in the peach: "There is an enemy, and some things we have come again. After all, we must fight now, it is likely that the fog hidden village's future five-generation water shadow!"

The peach will not be relieved.

He wants to wait until the end of this battle is planning again.

If this time, this time, the battle failed in the misty village, then he immediately returned to the misty village, and he was able to live in the village in the village.

If this time, this time, the battle of the fog hidden village, then he immediately re-made a member of Xiao Zhong sincerely. After all, the number of people is less, but the combat power is very powerful, can really rule the endurance !

When I was a little relaxed in the peach, I was suddenly open. "Now let Mr. I can't kill this woman, prove my loyalty!"

Shangyuan Na's voice has a smile: "If he wins, then he still uses the value; if he lost, there is no relationship with us, explaining that we don't need him such a traitor and waste…"


The peach is no longer in the heart.

At the end, the bastard is more than him, and his people are still around them. The result is the original arrangement of him?

After the Shangyuan Na, he looked at the peach and didn't smoke and smiled: "Don't you, I believe you will prove your own, right?"

"Hey, rest assured."

After taking a cold and coldly, I took a big knife in my hands and rushed over the direction of Mercanture!

According to Meitu, I saw that the first one of the firsts of this side was, and it was not a peach, let her brow can't help but hurt.

According to her news from the ghost lights over the full moon, the peach will no longer be a good thing!

Red sand is looking at the back of the peach, whispered: "Shangyuan, the peach is no longer a very unused guy ..."

"So he is dead."

Shangyuan Na Ruo looked at the peach and did not swear the head of the big knife and rushed to the beauty of the beauty, and laughed: "The member of the member, there is no longer position, he just takes a period of time for another person."

"Well? Another person?"

Didala immediately somewhat curious: "Do we organize other people to join in?"


Shangji nodded, whispered: "After all, the power of the ghost light is full of teammates, it is too wronged ... Just, there is a little guy grows big, he is eager to get the big knife, also desire See the full moon. "

Shang Shang said is the brother of the ghost light full moon, the ghost lights.

The strength of the peach is no longer able to keep up with his ambitions, and it is timeless to have the opportunity to return to the misty village, master the power of the fog hidden village.

During this time, the membership of the organization is very active, and the threats brought by the endurance have increased, and each rural village is trying to collect information.

The peach will never let go of this opportunity.

The expression of the scorpion is some subtle: "Then you will join this kind of guy to join the child, and it is really a shame!"

"I thought he would change."

Shangji shook his head and shook his head and sighed: "I just didn't expect that this guy is still nature, and it is not as good as the user of the first generation of the big knife.

Shangji fell in the peach land that fell in the opening of the wind, whispered: "The power of the peach is no longer able to win the woman, then let him burial in his own Hometown! "

Didala's face revealed a taunt, and said, "Hey, your guy is really cruel!"

After Didara, it spreads out his palm. The face showed a more cruel smile: "But the peach will no longer think that when you are assassinated, this guy is not Forgive ... Even if he didn't die in the enemy's hand, I would also like to kill him in the regulations of the organization! "

"rest assured."

At the beginning, I watched the beginning of the mouth, whispered: "This guy is dead!"

as expected.

According to Meime's combat experience, it is not as good as the peach, but her blood is enough to make up for all defects, and even her will far exceeds the war will of the peach!

After all, a strength does not want to steal and slide the speculation, how can it be better than women like beauty ...

Especially this woman is still extremely angry!

"Solution · Dolly!"

According to the United States, I spurred a sputum, directly corroding the body of the peach, and the picking solution was actually corroded a big hole in his body, and even through the cave, I could see the organs in the body. !

The peach is no longer impossible to look at the big hole in his chest and abdomen. He turned his head in the first time to the original navigation, and he wanted to rush to Shangyuan Na.

Because it is very clear that Shangyuan Nairi is very strong.

As long as people are not dead, Shangyuan Na will save it.

However, when he made a desperate, the three families in the distance did not seem to have rushed over to support him.

Red sand, even slowly swallowed a Chakra line, and walked the peach and never smash the head of the chittag: "I didn't remember the wrong, the guy of the ghost light" seems to be able to use any one Handle? "


Shang Nai nodded, looked at the peach and didn't completely didn't have the sound. In a group of happiness, I slowly drove my palm.


... ...

Shang Nai, I looked at the beauty of the beauty, suddenly opening: "Thank you, I will help us clear the , the peach will not be in the same year, I have always wanted to collect the information, I plan to find a chance to come back. He ended his blood fog policy and his information came back to serve as the fifth generation of water shadows in foggy village! "


The whole fog hidden village is awkward!

Each fog is worthy of the miserable peach, and a face is changing, and they consciously think of the merits of foggy gangs.

It has not changed in the face of beauty.

Because she is very convinced of the judgment of the full moon.

The ghost lamp is still the room for the mortal ghost, and if you have to fight in the future, you can leave the martial artimatimmon ghost; as for the peach, you will not leave this guy.

Therefore, it is no longer killing the peach.

"Hey, in fact, I am saying that it may be true ..."

The original Nairou shook his head and sighed, and slowly stopped his own slap, long-awacked: "Congratulations, as the beauty of the beauty, congratulations, you will kill a member of our Xiaoyu, will get a lot of fog hidden village "


It's frowned by Meimei, she doesn't think there is a good thing, let alone this sentence is clearly insulting the village!

The sound of Shangyuan Na will suddenly change, and there is some depression before it comes out: "Reward is, let you see today's sun rising!"

When the voice of the original navy is falling, a round of red sunset rose slowly, and the first sunshine in the morning is sprinkled, followed by the slate in the misty village.

This is the first time in the misty village.

This village has been blusted by fog. Basically, it is a sunshine at noon. If it is not today, it will use a strong wind to blow all the fog in the village. They will not see this scenery today.

Sunrise, it is really beautiful.

However, the face of beauty changes!

If she has not heard the wrong words, now the sun is sprinkled down, then the next group of madmen must start attacking the village!

"Time is up."

Shangji was quietly speaking four words, and immediately, his body slammed down, he took the earth on the earth, cold voice: "The column of the fire!"

Next, the entire fog hidden village was drilled out of a root of Tianhuo, and even dozens of meters in the ground will appear!

However, these suddenly drilled the flame column, let the whole fog hidden village in just a moment of fire sea, some luckless misty village ninja is directly suddenly smashed out of the flame burned into the ashes!

Single only is the number of these flames, just a though calculation, and their numbers are even more than the Ninja in the whole foggy village!

Even if the foggy village is now the strongest beauty, the eyes are also faint, and some despair: "The inside of Xia ... What monster is it ..."