I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 232, a meeting, a meeting, a meeting of the organization (fourth!)

Shangyuan Needo and Sasuke after returning to the shore.

Dida took the lead to welcome it, hip hip hugged the shoulders of Shangyuan Na, Zhang Dou was a squad: "Hahahaha ... Shangyuan, it is your guy, it is easy to defeat three tails, what is Zhi Zhike strong More than! "

Yizhi Bozuo is a black face.

Shangyuan Nairou also smirkedly earned Didala's arms, this guy blew the opportunity to raze his chance, clearly took the opportunity to take the next black Yuto Zhiyo!

Unechebra helped his head to look around, suddenly some curiosity open mouth: "Well, don't you?"

"Oh, no longer ..."

When Shangyuan Na's face suddenly revealed a smile of a deep and long: "Because I wanted to betray the tissue, we buried him in my hometown, which is also a reward for him for many years. "


Yischo Sasuke's heart is a sudden.

This group of guys is really killing decisions.

Yuxi Bozuo has remembered that when he was in the country of the grass, he leaked the news to the flag, Kakasi, know how to treat him?


Before the strength is not strong enough, there is absolutely no longer anything to talk to the wood.

"Okay, let's take the three tail back to the seal!"

When I arrived at the shoulders of Sasuke, glanced at the surrounding environment, just when he wanted to call Yuan Ancient dragons, he saw that the red sand did not know when he was on the side of Orona.

It's a little more happy to talk.

Talk again, do you want to exchange the oil used with her ...

Shangyuan Nai Lu looked with this scene, erected the finger to disperse the magic of Oroliana, this is his !

The scorpion of the red sand, looked at the original navigation, and there seems to be some hesitized, softly open: "Shangyuan ..."

"Senior, let's go first!"

The original Nairi interrupted the words, led him to ask for unreasonable requests, waving to summon the ancient dragon to fall around them.

Even if there is an ancient dragon, it seems that it is not too easy to leave with a three-tailed ornamental, after all, this is a living tail, in case the midway rebellion?

Didara frowned looks at huge three-tailed opening: "Do we really do so big guys? It is better to find a safe place directly, let Payne call people to use the slide of the slide. Seal? "

"Forget it, we destroy the misty village, the country of Water is not too safe to us."

Shangji shook his head, looked at his skill panel, found a magical skill hypnotic bubble, this skill is still in the middle of the reward of Wellong in the mountains, has not used it.

The illusion of hypnotic bubbles is to be able to fall into sleep, but only 80 reviews every 3 seconds, this needs to be carefully calculated.

"You wait for me for a while."

Shangji is holding a tree branch in the ground to write paintings. Several people who have seen the present are inexplicably. How did this guy suddenly counts?

I sighed in the air, if I use a hypnotic bubble, his consumption seems to be a bit big!

Single only hypnosis of the Sanguanjijun for an hour, even if you remove the two qi angels, it takes four or less Chakra.

According to the original navigation, 250,000 Chakra can only control the time of more than five hours.

"I first hypnotize three times with illusion."

Shangji kicked out a foot, a cute bubble flew out from his foot tip, and fell on the Sanyuanji.

This scene saw a few people stunned.

What is this?

Is this also illusion?

I saw that the hypnotic air bubble hit the three tail, and the turns of countless flying birds appeared around the syllable, this huge tail beast slowly got her eyes, and it has fallen into sleep.

Shang Nai fell to shoot his palm, summoned the ancient dragon to grab the three-lastwood, whisper: "After five hours, remind me, I will re-exact illusion."

"…it is good."

Red sand nodded.

Fortunately, the arrival of the ancient dragon flying quickly. After a night, they rushed back to the base of the organization.

This time, the speed of performing the capture of the beast is not uncomfortable.

At noon the day before yesterday, Shangyuan Na was returning to the country of water; the corner of the squad also rushed to the fire temple.

Yesterday morning, the original Nairou destroyed the misty village, arrested the three-lastwant; the corner of the squad was rushing to the temple of fire.

Today, the Shangyuan Nai is twice that they have been captured back, returning to the base; the corner of the squad is still rushing to the temple of Fire ...

This efficiency contrast is not too obvious.

Therefore, when Payne uses the slide of the slide, Didara learns that they are still rushing to the temple of Fire, the provocation of the squad of the squad.

"Garbage garbage garbage! Stupid hystere! We have already captured three tails, you have not reached your destination!"

"Bastard! I have to give you the evil god!"

When the flying segment was violent, he was squatting, and after a while, he turned his head to the corner: "Hey, the corner, our movements will come back soon, can you call your psychics!"

"The right spirit is not looking for ..."

The corner didn't have to shake his head, Shen Sheng: "How can this kind of thing can be happy! Wait until we seal the end of the beast, then take a break again, continue to act."

"Hahahahaha ..."

Didara can't help but laugh.

"To shut up!"

Red sand couldn't help but help the forehead. It is really no way to take his teammates: "Whether it is to capture the three tails or destroy the fog village, it is the original Nairu and Yuxi Bozuo, we only go to travel A trip ... "


Didara's smile is stiff to his face.

He seems to have nothing to do, it is no wonder that his executive task is very relaxed.

On the words of contribution, it is not as good as Yuxi, and even less like Red sand. After all, I also gave it to the original naval, a seal white-eyed reel, but also reminded the original navigation to the Sanjiji to exhibit illusion!


The flying segment immediately grabbed the pain, ridiculed Didala: "Really, I am going to me! That can only explain that the stupid is not as good as Shangyuan this guy ..."

"To shut up!"

The corners can't help but jump.

If you can, the corner really wants to change your teammates.

It is a pity that other members of the organization have basically have a super-high reward, and there is no unsatisfactory body. The corner can't control the desire to kill the team friend, and can only endure this guy.

"All right."

Tiandao Peden frowned, interrupted their dispute, whispering: "This time we have to seal two tail beasts, save your body!"

Because the base of the tail is still the old purple, this time, this time you have to seal the three-dimensional care and four-tailed Sun Wukong, it takes a lot of time.

When the members of the organization are seal the tail beast, Xiaoshan has a little leisurely and confused in Yuyin Village, and it seems that there is not much striking.

Why did she feel that after her disciples become a formal member of Xiaoyu, it is like a fish, which is usually integrated into the organization, but one of her organizers, it seems that I haven't performed any task for a long time ...

However, soon, small south is no longer confused.

Because her whole person began to confused.

Ziyang flower appeared in Xiaonan's office, respectfully opened his mouth: "People in Xiaoman, the people in the villages, the hidden villages, sent a letter."

"Well? Fog hidden village?"

Xiaonan picks the eyebrows, after opening two letters, the face on the face is more confused, and there is a little doubt life.

These two letters are actually half-hidden in the mountain pepper, mainly to invite the mountain pepper half-hidden or the original Nairi to participate in the leafs, sandy villages and fog villages, the theme of the conference is how to threaten the ILII response.

After all, these two are confidential letters, but also to attract the attention of the mountain pepper semi-hidden, and can not disclose the plan of the true ambiguity of wood and fog hidden villages.

Xiaoshan sits on his desk and caught a long silence.

Last time, I was destroyed in Sandy Village. I caught back the tail of Sandy Village. I arouse, the leaves and sandy villages will send people to apply for aid to Yu Yin Village. I hope they can help me. I love. Luo.

This time, I was destroyed in the misty village, and I grabbed the Sanwaoyu, Wood and fog village sent a letter from the country, inviting them to participate in the theme of all the themes to be the theme of the theme.

To be honest, Xiao Nan does not understand these.

"Is my older age?"

Xiaonan once again took the two letters on the table, watching every line above, and finally her eyes fell on a line of mist in the fog hidden village letter.

Be sure to ask Nairijun to attend, and never think about the face of Nairijun, and is very expected to meet again with Nairo Jun.

The deposit is like beauty.

This woman is a bit!

Xiaonan picks the eyebrows, I remembered the last time I'm going to participate in the grass, I saw a side, and when I had two things happened at that time?

Xiaoshan's eyes suddenly faintly unbearable, smashed his forehead: "I remember the intelligence, this is called beautiful woman this year? Nairu is 20 years old!"

However, she is sure that she is sitting in Yuyin Village.

So after the public, the people of the organization was over the end of the beast, Xiao Nany used the slide of the slide body in the base of the base, and he looked at his disciples: "Shangyuan, the misty village and the wooden leaves sent a letter, invite you to participate League talks ... "


After the three-tailed and four tails were seal, all the organization of all the organizations were a bit sense.

However, after hearing Xiaonan, everyone has a spirit.

Where is the endurance?

Upo League is not just destroyed in the fog hidden village? The fog hidden village also invited him to participate in the allied talks? What is this fairy spy!

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, and asked softly: "Teacher, do they have the purpose of mentioning talks?"


Xiao Nan slowly swallowed: "How to deal with the threat to the endurance, that is, our organization of threats to the endurance."


Everyone in the organization, you see me, I see you, everyone's expression is some subtle, and even some speechless.

A how to deal with the threat of the organization, let the last navigation go to participate? Didara and flying segments laughed on the scene!

How can this fucking deal?

You have already taken the core members of the organization, the future leader pulls the past, how can you deal with it, how do you still want to deal?

"ok, I get it."

Shangyuan Na will turn over and stand up, quite a bit of the breath, whisper: "If the time is urgent, I will rush now."

"Not in a hurry."

Xiao Nan shake his head and looked at the original navigation: "You go back to the village to find me, I still have other things asking you."