I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 233 This is the perfect ninja you carefully cultivated! (Fifth!)

Yu Yin Village.

Small quietly sitting in the upper room.

Since I got big by the original navigation, I can independently respond to the task and govern the village, Xiao South has not been annoying for a long time. Today, she has some mentalities.

A palm suddenly fell on Xiaonan's shoulders, a familiar voice fell into Xiaonan's ear: "Teacher, what is it?"

"Well? Nairo?"

It was a violent origami on Xiaoshan, and wrinkled his own brow: "When did you come back?"


Shangyuan Needo, I watched the bottle of the bedside table in my room, inserted a bunch of new paper flowers, couldn't help but smiled: "Teacher, have a new flower? Well, this Is it a glory? I finally had a flower that I know ... "

Upogenic can recognize that the paper flowers in the middle of the South is not easy.

Because Xiaonan likes to fold all kinds of strange strange words with white paper, the original Nairou is basically able to call their names, and the wildflowers of the Morning bull are still relatively easy.

Xiaonan looked at the paper flowers in the vase, and looked at the original navigation again. He hesitated for a while, his face gradually became a bit cold and serious: "Well, it is a spectacle, its flower language is illusory brief love ..."


Shangqi Nairou fought a piece of paper, turned around: "The teacher made me back. Is there anything in private?"


Xiaonan watched the face of the original Needle, until I saw my disciple was a little confused, she asked: "You ... Do you think that the fog hidden village is beautiful?"

Xiaonan's heart is a bit nervous, she is a bit of tension, the original Nairi will directly announce what he has lived and listed in Meime, so she wants to try it first.

"Well, it is pretty."

Shangji nodded, this sentence can't be refuted, after all, he really saw the whole picture of beauty, the pair of green eyes were very moving.

Shangyuan Nai fell to a light smile: "If you just look like Million's appearance, it is completely like a woman who is a 30-year-old!"


Xiaoshan's face is black, not from independently remembering his age, this year she has been 30 years old, is this disciple feel that she is old?

After the Shangyuan Na, he immediately remembered a woman who had a 30-year-old woman, and quickly opened the remedies: "The teacher looks very young! Just like the time when we first met, there is no change ..."

Xiaonan did not continue this topic.

Xiao Nan did not forget it. She took advantage of the original navigation. When I apologize, I immediately asked: "What happened to you? What have you had in the country?" ?"


Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, whispered: "It should not be called! After all, we just talk to some questions about Xiao, I borrowed the opportunity, let the beauty think that I am a friend in the village."


Xiao Nan frowned the brow suddenly alleviated, she took a letter and handed it to the original navigation: "This is her letter, this woman seems to like you, but I think you are destined to be enemies. Her age is ten years older than you ... "


Shangqi Nae returned to the letter, it didn't matter to nod, it did not answer: "Don't worry, the teacher, I will not like any woman."

"That's good."

After Xiao Nan Song, he felt that it was not very right. Even quickly said: "Needel, no, we hope that your future life can be happy, not alone alone ..."

"I am only 20 years old this year!"

Shangqi Nairou looked at Xiaonan, continued to look down on the letter, after he was repeated, directly transferred the topic: "It is no wonder that Xiaonan Teacher will misunderstand, as the beauty, you should want to get some about Xiao Intelligence!

If I am in the United States, I will let her feel that she is very respectful for the mountain pepper, so it is intentionally to reduce the emperor of the mountain pepper. "

After that, Shangyuan Nairi smiled and smiled: "Even if she really likes me, I can't be with her. Yesterday I was destroying the fog hidden village, but I almost killed her!"


Xiaoshan has a little speechless look at the original navigation.

After a long time, Xiaonan is a little curious to ask: "Why didn't they be suspected of being suspected of semi-located, after all, have passed, half hidden, there is no endurance ..."

"I'm not so sure either."

Shangji shook his head, guess itself: "Perhaps because they think that the ninja half is not so easy to be killed! And I always file a half-hidden name from time to time, saying that it is still alive and the strength is also No decline ... "

The endurance has not found the death of the mountain pepper half-hidden in many years. It is really imposed on this black pot in Shangyuan Na.

In fact, no one guessing the mountain pepper half-hidden has not been able to move or have been dead, but the original nair is always in the face of the mountains in front of the persons.

If a talented talented talented talents, every time, it is a respectful time when it refers to the mountain pepper, never there will be no accident.

And every time I meet, I will take the famous song of the mountain pepper, and I will brush half a sense of existence from time to time. Who will doubt that there will be half a pepper half hide?

Who can think of a murderer who killed the mountain pepper, has been calmly expressing his respect for the half-collection of the mountain pepper?

"Time is still very nervous."

After the original Na, he finished the letter, knocked his arm: "After a week, he will launch a talk, this time the talk place places the wooden leaves, it seems that there is a need to have to take the talks, look at them What is the conspiracy ... "

A member of a known member participated in the talked talks of the big country, hosted by the country, listening to these big countries, what is going to deal with the organization ...

Really ...

Understanding of the extensive.

Xiaonan's look is somewhat serious: "But it is very dangerous to you, maybe we can give up this talks, anyway, there will be five tail beasts ..."

"No, we will not be dangerous."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "When I propagated in the outside world, I mentioned that over rainy village has always advocated the mental organization. If we absent, you will definitely cause their suspicion."

"Nair, I am more and more worried about you."

Xiaoshan has extended his palm, habitually helped to go to the original navigation, and the voice gradually somewhat soft: "Since you become a formal member of Xiaoyu, each time I have an extremely dangerous task in the organization, I regret that I will promise you. Ah ... "


Shangqi Nairo overlooking the small south, reach out his palm to stroking her hair, whispering: "Xiao Yucheng's little male teacher, the dream of the universal adults, and the ideals of my father, I can't absent."


"There is nothing different."

Shangyuan Nai fell to the neck of Xiaonan, let her raise her head, but she slowly lowered his forehead, gently passed her forehead.

Shangqi Nai's mouth smiled and said: "The Xiaonan teacher wants, that is, I want, I am your disciple, I am inherited is your will, we will not fail, believe me, teacher."


Xiaonan has grown his eyes, looking at Shangyuan Na, in front of him.

After a moment, Xiao Nan gently closed his eyes and slowly extended his palm, and took the back neck of Shang Shang, let the forehead of the two are more tight.

This disciple is a big one.

This disciple, poured her eight years of hard work.

This disciple is one of her most important people and is also her feelings.

Xiaoshan sniffed the taste of the original navigation, and the sound is low. "In fact, you can like it than you are older."

At the last navigation, the sound of Xiaonan's eyes was smeared. Some hekened said: "Actually ... we know that the cosmetics used by members are somewhat strong."

Two people are almost unhealthy.

Only, the sound of the original Nairo is slightly larger, and he is not a good thing, it is obvious that makeup in the dislike Xiantan today.

Xiaonan's face gradually became a black, she slowly released the back neck of Shangyuan Na, and took a few steps, cold tang: "You don't like things for those who have nail polish, do not represent others don't like others. , The corner, Yuxi foot, ghosts, flying segments, they all like it. "

"Yes Yes Yes…"

Shangyuan Na is a bit tired.

In fact, they are certainly don't like it, just seeing people who have joined the wells, they are part of the nail polish, they are all qualified ninja, will not make disputes for this small matter and organization!

"Okay, don't say this."

Shangyuan Nairi was transferred to the topic, whispered: "I will find a big man, discuss with him, just before the talks, you can act in the history of the corner, and you must unify the caliber inside. What troubles encountered in this league talk! "

"…it is good."

Xiaonan hurriedly nodded.

After arriving at the last navigation, Xiao Nancai made a breath, slowly moved his palm in the vase, carefully extend his palm.

I saw that the bundle of paper flowers turned into a white paper in the hands of Xiaonan.

After Xiao Nan frowned, suddenly, the bundled rose into a paper confetti, and the confetti flew in her palm, eventually became a bunch of roadside dog tail grass.

Xiaonan slowly inserted the straw into the vase, the expression on his face was refurbished, and the sound had a little low: "This is your careful cultivation ... the most perfect ninja!"